Patrick Kane Removed From NHL 16 Cover, Marketing

After the Stanley Cup Final, it was announced that Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews would share the cover of EA Sports’ NHL 16 video game. Today, half of that cover was removed.

EA Sports subsequently tweeted an image of the new, edited cover.

58 thoughts on “Patrick Kane Removed From NHL 16 Cover, Marketing

  1. Awaiting the “HE HASN’T BEEN CHARGED WITH ANYTHING YET WHY ARE THEY PULLING HIM” crowd to come entertain me.

  2. I have yet to comment on this whole affair yet…but WTF???

    I think EA would have done themselves a huge favor by:
    1. Leaving Kane on as to not make a social statement
    2. If Kane is indicted or convicted, EA shows good intent by pulling him off at that point and creating a collectors item in the process. Or
    3. If Kane ends up not even being charged, EA could say hey….we waited for the facts.

    This whole thing boggles my mind

  3. If they had half a brain this would have been the cover all along –

    Cant take the credit for this one, one of our brothers on Reddit Blackhawks made it, I think it looks better than the original and the replacement.

  4. re: Mike – EA would have done themselves a huge favor by leaving a guy on the cover who, in the worst case scenario, is guilty of raping a woman? LOL… They made the safe, smart business decision and left the only teflon player in the NHL on the cover. If you think it’s a smart business decision to create “collectible” editions of the game by leaving someone on the cover, I pray for your accountant…

    If this boggles anyone’s mind, you’ve never run a business.

  5. Can you imagine how many people would be trying to get their hands on that collectors edition, though!? I could picture it on Christmas lists.

    “Dear Santa,

    All I want for Christmas is NHL16 with the rapist on the cover.

    Little Johnny”

  6. I wonder if any clubs are being opportunists and making inquiries to the Blackhawks regarding Kane …I’m sure 29 clubs could clear cap space in a hurry to accommodate…not a bad thing for us necessarily as they would assume the “risk” and what is likely a great deal….however, the Blackhawks wash their hands clean and go forward. Just wondering if anyone knows or heard of anything.

  7. If you were Bowman and you got a call from xyz and they offer a second round pick and a prospect, in exchange to take Bickell off your hands and assume Kane’s contract I think the organization would jump all over it. The xyz manager/club gets a steal and assumes the future of the outcome. It could happen, or am I way off?

  8. Right Tab…the NTC…maybe Kane’s lawyers and family could advise him otherwise and waive it for the good of all.

    EA Sports NHL did the right thing. He’s a hot potato ( potatoe).

  9. I think inside the organization there may be some tug of war going on. One one hand you have McDonagh who would probably love to make this and Kane go away. But then you have the actual hockey side who may think as long as he’s on the ice and not found guilty they may not care. They may want the best team on the ice, and as long as it’s not a locker room issue off the ice antics don’t matter…as much. I honestly dont know what the front office is thinking and if everyone there all thinks the same way.

    As far as EA ….. I wonder how Eric Ericsson feels? Personally I’m (in purple), shocked!!

  10. No surprise here at all. EA has to make and move product and time is of the essence. Added benefit of already having The Captain as one of the cover boys. Can’t go wrong there. Maybe some legal issues as to whatever financial agreements were signed with Kane for this marketing and branding issue will be addressed, but that will likely be outside of anything we’d ever hear about. Smart move by EA.

  11. If Kane gets out of his predicament with either a not guilty or no charge he could sue the accuser for lost EA revinue that really make it hard for rape cases in the future EA sport made a society mistake here in a no win situation

  12. EA made only call they could, I have ran a business for several years, EA is too big to not make this call. At very least Kane put himself in a bad situation, worst case he’s going to jail, word u have heard is Hawks brass is pissed off! Everyone knows he’s a party hound, his past issues to come into play with this issue. If you look at issue , the girl went back to the room, so assumption would be to have sex, not play spades. If she said no at any time he deserves to go to prison. No one should be a homer and defend rape. If she served it up and was pissed when he said get out the he’s still a pug, but not a rapist. You would have to think if the other girl collaborates the girls story, then Kane is arrested, without arrest it’s possible there is not enough evidence to out out an arrest, so that may lead to a grand jury. Either way it isn’t looking too good for Kaner

  13. Lets rub the cyrstal ball for a peek into the future:

    Dateline July 3, 2024
    The Daily Planet:

    After bouncing around the NHL for years with stints in New Jersey, Carolina, Vancouver, New York, St. Louis, San Jose, Montreal and Philadelphia, Patrick Kane has finally found some stability, somewhat, with a 3 year contract with the Las Vegas Black Knights. Vice President Jaromir Jagr announced at a press conference today that Kane would be the star of their popular intermission show called “Puck Tricks”.

    Dateline April 1, 2052
    The Daily Planet:

    The NHL Board of Governors today formally announced, that starting in the new upcoming NHL season for ’52/53 the ice surface will no longer will be used as a part of hockey and the players skates will be replaced with hoverboards. The previous ice surface will be replaced with a smooth shiny magnetic metal surface . Unlike the European hockey version, which uses one hoverboard, North American players will adopt 2 boards, one for each leg.

    There you go..

  14. JS- thanks for the “Christmas gift”- lol

    Hey, lets look at the bright side… Kane might be able to start a 2nd career as a rapper/rapist!!!

    M Man- can I have some of what you are smokin???

    I find myself – from time to time… thinking how one little decision/choice- here and there … has made/changed my life… I am sure Kane had plenty of “things/bars/events” he could have went to that nite/ or that hour…
    I know how I beat myself up over “tiny” decisions like that…
    If kane is not a sociopath … guy has got to be just sick to his stomach…. HOF/star/fortunes to this!!!

    It will be interesting to see how NHL/Hawks react if Kane is charged…
    3 years ago- He gets a slap on the hand… But I think Society is slowly changing/getting sick of the OJ’s of this world… who think they are untouchable…

    The NFL has certainly been more aggressive about protecting their Brand!!!

  15. Ernie- Glad you noticed.

    Wall- I’ll take that as a compliment!

    It’s a terrible situation all around and we are all just waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s a tough time to be a Blackhawks fan. We will get past this but it will haunt us for a long time I’m afraid.

  16. I agree with you completely Tab, they did what they had to do. Now the advertising dominoes will begin to fall. Guilty or innocent don’t matter when it comes to the almighty $$$.
    My only real concern is what happens to this team. Will it become this year’s version of the LA kings with the Voynov situation or will they, yet again, rise above it.
    I sure hope they do!!!

  17. Everyone here has made some great and albeit interesting points, but what is really at stake here is the reputation of our beloved Hawks and just remember what John McD, along with Cubs brass did to a guy named Sosa after he embarrassed an organization and what is Rocky’s last name?
    In my opinion, guilty or innocent, Kane will never where a Hawks sweater again.

  18. I want to qualify my last statement. I have personally known John McD since he was with the Chicago Sting of the old NASL back in the 80’s and he is one of the most honest and self righteous persons i have ever met in my life.
    He will do, along with the Blackhawks organization what is right for the team, the league, and for Patrick Kane in the long run.
    Not an easy decision, but that’s why he makes the big $$$$ also. This is a decision that many people will have a hand in and it will not come easily.
    We all can debate this for months, but that is what a forum like this is for.
    Thanks as always Tab for what you do!!!

  19. JS..That was not my comment. I had not seen another just “Mike” on this blog. BTW, this Mike has been in business 35 years…..

    I was with a freind last night that does not follow hockey. I told him about Kane and the investigation. He responded without hesitation….. Why would Kane have to rape anyone? Aren’t girls throwing themselves at him anyway?? I thought about that for a while and maybe there is some gold digging here. Anyway, the facts should be out soon enough.

    Bottom line: EA is not only smart, but the Hawks are fortunate they didn’t separate themselves from the team as well

  20. I just read that the woman “throwing herself at Kane” wasn’t the one who allegedly got raped. The victim was her friend, who was accompanying her at Kane’s house so she wouldn’t be alone. According to the article, the victim didn’t even want to go. If that’s true, then the victim is probably a good friend (didn’t want to keep her friend from doing what she wanted, but didn’t want her to be alone), probably isn’t drawn to fame and fortune (she didn’t want to go, her friend did), and is probably very attractive. There was also testimony from co-workers backing up her character, i.e. “I’d be very surprised if she made this up– that’s just not her.”

    Kane is in a lot of trouble.

  21. MIKE – I think the argument used against your question in cases like this, is that rape is about power, not sex.

    Wow, I cannot believe we are discussing this crap. I feel dirty now when I see the Indian Head. I really hate that feeling. I hope this all goes away soon.

    JS – Great santa joke. Too soon? Bad joke? Whatever, it was funny.

  22. One more thing… How much do you suppose this costed Kane? Quarter mil? 1 M? Do you think 2 M is too much for this cover?

  23. Mike… KID has it right… it’s not about sex… it’s about power… and not physical power… it’s about I get what I want, when I want, whatever I want… nobody says no to me!!! I am a superstar- and every one loves me!!!

    And – If there is a charge… he most likely get “away” with it … (which most accused do- statistically speaking)… only proving his point – I am “Invincible”…

    Society- is slowly getting tired of this attitude from the “stars”– NFL has realized this… and has taken it upon themselves to Police these Rich/famous guys – that can afford to buy their way out of almost any hole… and Protect their Brand/Image… really will be interesting to see what Hawks/NHL do here- if there is enough for Charges to be filed.

  24. Travis- I caution you to take that story & all others with a huge grain of salt.

    Until the authorities release a statement everything being put out there is conjecture.

    That being said, let me regale you with what I think “really” happened:

    PK ends up taking a girl back to his pad for a “romantic” evening. As they start getting “comfortable” PK discovers that she is really “a man baby!” Hence the assault complaint.

    Here’s where it gets interesting – The girl/man is………???

    Eric Erikson!!!! His evil plan was to blackmail PK into helping him get the UC in the video game!!!

  25. Wall is pretty much nailing it. Even if there is a charge, even if Kane did do it, the odds are highly in his favor that he walks. And after that happens all of the rape-apologists/victim-blamers will toot their horn about how they were right and this girl was just in it for the money. Meanwhile, the accuser will have to move into a small Oklahoma town where no one knows what hockey is.

    Also spot on about power versus sex. So many people don’t realize this and it’s really mind boggling.

    Larry- a girl doesn’t have to say “no” to make it rape. This is a dated way of looking at it. It’s quite simple, you ask the girl what she wants. If she says yes, you’re in the clear. If she says anything else, get her number and pay for her cab ride home.

    Our culture must change. It makes me sick when I read people saying it’s her fault for going home with him. Going home with someone does not give them a right to violate you.

  26. There is a chance that Kane is actually the victim of a setup. NOBODY at this point knows who is the actual victim and who is the perpetrator. Mob mentality is a very dangerous thing. I for one will presume Kane is innocent UNTIL all the FACTS come out and he is found guilty. Let the legal system work before jumping to any conclusions.

  27. JS why don’t you just wait until all the facts come out before predicting the future. Rape apologists and victim blamers? No one is doing that. That’s just you getting all wrapped up in yourself.

  28. Read above posts. I can copy and paste them if you miss it.

    Truth is, all of the facts will never come out. They never do.

  29. JS, I don’t need you to copy and paste anything. No one here is a rape apologist or victim blamer but if it makes you feel better, go ahead and think so.

  30. There are blatant examples of it in the above comments. Even more if you go back to the older thread. I can only assume you have no idea what either means.

    Done with you. Appreciate your insights on Rockford, and that’s about where it ends. Good luck.

  31. ^^ Good!!!! Mission accomplished. You can assume all you want, I guess you do that a lot.

    Just remember to scroll on by, Rockford stuff or not.

  32. This right here…all this arguing between fans is what’s going to eventually happen in the locker room. Guys will pick a side. Charges or not. From a pure statistics standpoint its more than likely that he won’t face criminal charges. But that doesn’t mean he’s innocent (if that’s the case). I’m not saying he’s guilty either.

    We’re fans. Away from players. What does this situation bring to the locker room (assuming he can still play and is on the Hawks). Look how divided we are. Imagine guys that are around each other all the time.

  33. Zamboni—hilarious!

    Hawks1961–absolutely agree with your post.

    JS–glad that you have reached the point of “done with” Hofmeister that others on this board have reached. The man is obnoxious and simply lacks civility.

    Everyone : we don’t know the facts so please stop judging and speculating. Let it play out. Once the facts are out, things will progress quickly, and we can comment then.

  34. According to the website this katter sounds more of a setup then an actually rape. I do hope that this is the case and cant belive that kane could do something like this. My dad bought kaners Jersey for me last christmas but IF this is true I Will make IT My personal goal to remove the name and number from it. (Love the red Chicago Jersey too much to be able to burn it)

  35. Ernie, “This right here…all this arguing between fans is what’s going to eventually happen in the locker room. Guys will pick a side. Charges or not…We’re fans. Away from players. What does this situation bring to the locker room” — (In my opinion) yes and no…the guys in the locker room have that “Skin in the game” thing as a significant incentive to get past the bullshit – rise, overcome. Fans away from players are just observing and exchanging thoughts/opinions. I believe that short of “the worst case scenario” the Hawks will work through this and be fine. (Wall suggested that 1-2 years would be wasted, lost, whatever because of distraction — I really don’t understand that – ONE OR TWO YEARS?!?! The bullshit about Sharp and Crawford’s off-ice injuries were distractions – I know, NOT anything like this, but the character this group has displayed suggests to me that it is not out of the realm of possibility (maybe even likely) that they find a way / use this to prevail. (I apologize – my intention was not to pontificate… GO HAWKS!!)

  36. Flatliner, it’s all a matter of perception and opinion. My perception of you is that you’re a smarmy loser and you lack intelligence. There, see?

  37. DickieD… there are several scenarios that can play out- for sure… but- I can certainly see one where Kane has charges filed against him,,, and NHL/Hawk’s FO- would have to make a decision… suspend? terminate? or let it play out… all three are “distractions”,,, but the first two- would “Handcuff” the team for 1-2 years (and I don’t mean Bickell/handcuff)… due to timing- (no Super star UFA’s – to instantly plug and play)…

    Of course- there might be no charges… Hawk’s FO- then will do nothing OR decide to move Kane/if and when they can get some value- Yes, I know he has NTC… but perhaps the Hawks/Kane look for “Change of scenery”- and persuade eachother.

  38. JS- How can you even give credit to HOF – for his insights on Rockford…

    I have caught him Blatantly giving the wrong info on Play-by-Play… on one of Hogs biggest Goals/during Playoffs – so we are supposed to believe that guy’s scouting eyes???

    JS- you were way too kind there.

  39. What can I say, Wall? My parents taught me to kill them with kindness, not internet threats of violence.

    You were talking about the Stephen Johns goal, right? Good times, especially with the video replay that Tab linked. Maybe he just always has a fat guy standing in front of him. Would explain his hate for people that eat cheeseburgers.

    Anyway, as far as how this all plays out… I have said time and again that I think Kane is the best player on this team. It may seem like losing that money and filling in 2-$5M dollar players makes you a better team, but I have a hard time believing it. Patrick Kane is a special kind of talent that is always a threat to score whenever he touches the puck.

  40. Wall, shut the hell up, you yap so much you don’t know what you’re saying from one post to the next. Yeah, your scouting “expertise” (or should I say EXPERTISE!!!), it sure is golden. Stick to the caps key and exclamation points, it’s what you do best. You decide to insult, look what happens, you get it right back.

  41. Thought JS was “done” with me, look at that, no more than a handful of posts later and his passive aggressive comes out. Maybe he should be a little more passive with that next plate of cheesy fries.

  42. Wall, “Kane has charges filed against him,,, and NHL/Hawk’s FO- would have to make a decision… suspend? terminate? or let it play out…” – to which I referred as “the worst case Scenario”. Terminate – I don’t believe they can replace Patrick Kane (“Generational Talent”). Suspend – temporary (“inconvenience”). Let it play out – a period of adjustment. Obviously, I know things will never be the same, but the Hawks have demonstrated a pretty amazing WILL-to-win…I just don’t see two years wasted – *if that’s what you mean by “Handcuff”.

    If there are no charges, maybe a settlement is reached *quietly* and this mess dies down = back to business. I can’t speculate on the Hawks moving Kane – that might be complicated, but I’m sure there would be a LOT of interest (possibly 29 teams). Whichever way, we’ll have to wait to see how it plays out.

    ( “(no Super star UFA’s – to instantly plug and play)…” – maybe Panarin turns out to be Tarasenko 2.0 )

  43. Dickie – as great as it would be for this to just “go away”, I don’t see it happening. Even if he is cleared of all charges, I still see it being something that follows him around, especially with the reputation he’s already earned.

  44. JS- Re: 2 X $5M replacing Kane… In a lot of ways I think Hawks would be better/deeper… but I do understand and have doubts- if they could replace Kane and his ability to finish in the most critical points… Hawks might just become the Wild???

    JS- great memory there!!! on the Johns goal/Tab link/Hof…

    Hof- I was REALLY insulting JS there… I would never Insult the Hof!!!

    Hof- don’t make me call my dog Rufus on ya!!!

    DD- once again… I am hoping for best… but if suspension,,, Hawks – due to timing- they will not have a lot of “replacement options”– or time to navigate this.

    I am very excited about 72 and 56… But w/o Kane (and no instant replacement)…
    we should probably be a little less excited!

  45. I feel like you could put in a bunch of different teams rather than just the Wild there. Plenty of teams have decent depth but they don’t have Showtime to undress (ZING) you and make you look foolish.

  46. JS, “Even if he is cleared of all charges, I still see it being something that follows him around” — like I said, obviously, I know things will never be the same…and I agree completely with, “especially with the reputation he’s already earned”, but unless there are charges/he’s guilty, and the Hawks or NHL decide to terminate his contract, I believe the Hawks will be among the favorites for the Cup this season. I also don’t believe it will be the end of Patrick Kane being able to perform at a high level *on ice* – it likely will “follow him around”, but not necessarily slow him down(?).

    Wall — I think I understand you point concerning time (to navigate this) – at least with Panarin – there will be some adjustment (even with Anisimov and Tikhonov here to help)…Dano – doesn’t miss a beat. (I really like Saad, but tend to believe the Hawks got a fair value return (except for the stiffs they took Morin & Tropp). Not taking anything away from Saad, but he was most effective playing a LOT with Toews and Hossa — dream gig, and Dano at this point in his career seems to have as much upside as Saad.)

  47. “There is a chance that Kane is actually the victim of a setup. NOBODY at this point knows who is the actual victim and who is the perpetrator.”……..

    Patrick Kane is no victim. That absolves him from the responsibility of whatever part in this he played. Best case scenario…. He made a really bad choice bringing two women that he didn’t know back to his place at 4am after alcohol was involved. He opened himself up to what occurred….. All of this created the nightmare of what is happening now.

    Worst case scenario…. He committed a felony and should be prosecuted.

    Either way, can the Hawks afford to keep him around? My opinion, and my opinion only…..NO!

  48. The closer we get to the opening of training camp the more serious it gets and decisions will be made either by the league or the Blackhawks, assuming nothing comes out of the DA’s office before that. I suspect these decisions have been explored thoroughly and legally by both the league and the Blackhawks and the decisions are made. It is a matter of waiting.

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