Patrick Kane Talks About The All Star Game

On Monday, Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane was part of a conference call as an alternate captain for this weekend’s All Star Game with Detroit’s Niklas Lidstrom, the captain of their team, and Tampa’s Martin St. Louis, the other alternate.

Here are a few of the questions and answers from Kane on the call. Pretty good stuff!

Question: I know you don’t see a lot of Stamkos playing in the West, but from what you’ve seen, what do you think of him?

  • KANE: I got a chance to play against him in Junior and he was just a rookie, and you could just really tell how good he was going to be even back then. So obviously you see some of the highlights, you can’t really believe he scores all those goals from the wing on power play. Marty does a great job setting him up and actually talking to Stamkos in the summer he was saying he was probably the highest guy in Tampa when Marty got resigned. He’s a fun player to watch. He’s really explosive. Got a great shot and he’s a hell of a player.

Question: I’m curious, news of the day is Sidney Crosby won’t be able to play in the All Star game.  I guess, what’s your response to that? Does that change anything for you?

  • KANE: I don’t know. Some players go through injuries. And sometimes the rest is better than being part of the game. For me, personally, obviously coming off an injury, I’m just honored to be going to the All Star game. I wasn’t really expecting to get my name called for the game, let alone be an assistant captain. So I’m just going to soak it all in, have a fun weekend and really try to enjoy it. But it doesn’t really change anything for me. I’m just happy to be going.

Question: Obviously you’re not going to be standing there waiting to hear your name called because you’re not going to be drafted. But do you think for the final four or five guys, when it gets to that point that they’ll be feeling nervous they don’t want to be the last one picked? Obviously you won’t have to wait to hear if you’re picked but do you think the final four, five guys when it gets down to the end they’ll be nervous having to go last?

  • KANE: I’m definitely sure you don’t want to go last, kind of a tough situation. But I’ve been talking to some of my teammates about it. I think me and Sharpy, Patrick Sharp, joking about it a lot, of maybe someone being the last pick. It’s just, I don’t know, I think it’s kind of a tough situation, but at the same time there’s 600 other NHL players that aren’t in the All Star game that you’re still playing. So I guess you gotta take the positives from a bad situation.

Question: for Pat. You touched on a little bit about drafting your teammates. You’re going to have the most now that Crosby’s out. Do you care if you play against anybody, or do you want to play with all three of them? I know you’ve already faced Keith and Toews in the Olympics, but what’s your thoughts about playing with and against those guys?

  • KANE: I don’t know. It’s a fun weekend overall. So I think no matter if I play against them or with them, you know, we’re just going to have fun with it. No, I think it will be pretty fun to match up against Toews. Kind of been together our whole careers and played together a lot. So it would be fun to be away from him for a bit. But we’ll see what happens. Maybe Nick and Marty want to play with him. So we’ll see what the captains think. Either way, I’m just happy to be going. Hopefully we’ll play against a few of them. And I think obviously Joel Quenneville and Havi are going, too. So maybe fun to play against them.

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