Patrick Kane Top NHL Network Player Rankings

On Sunday, the NHL Network finished ranking their top 50 players in the league heading into the 2016-17 season. Six Blackhawks made their list, headed by the number one overall player – Patrick Kane.

Here are the five Hawks who made the list:

1. Patrick Kane
9. Jonathan Toews
14. Duncan Keith
31. Corey Crawford
39. Artemi Panarin
43. Brent Seabrook

7 thoughts on “Patrick Kane Top NHL Network Player Rankings

  1. The funny thing is that Hammer/Hossa wouldnt be far off this list.

    if you think 30 teams in the league, in a perfect world, each team would have “3 players in the top 90”. The hawks would have 8.

    Anyone still think this team is looking at a “down year”?

    We still have a great opportunity (not that it will be easy or without some cuss words), but this team can win another cup as is even if they arent the favorites….

  2. There’s a chemistry with this team that challenges all of them to greatness, and they keep answering the bell! Let’s go Hawks! And hurry up October!

  3. Actually Keith had a tremendous year and was on pace for a career year had he played a full 82 games.

    Contrary to popular belief, there was nothing off about his season other than only playing 60 some games.

  4. Yes the core is terrific and certainly better than most. Key to success though comes down to getting lucky and having solid third and fourth line players. It seems almost every year that the Cup is won by a team carried along by a suddenly hot third/fourth line combined with a second or third pair defenseman. Those are the places the young prospects make such a difference.

  5. I don’t want them to go into the season as the favorites, might be to much pressure on the kids. There will be some games where they get their ass handed to them but that’s where Q and staff need to be coaches. In the end they will challenge for the cup.

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