Patrick Kane Wins Hart Trophy

On Wednesday night, Patrick Kane won the Hart Trophy as the NHL’s Most Valuable Player.

Kane is the first Blackhawks player to win the Hart since Stan Mikita won the award for the fourth consecutive year after the 1967-68 season.

30 thoughts on “Patrick Kane Wins Hart Trophy

  1. He’s only paid to be a hockey player, and today he’s the best. That little smirk is him telling all the big mouth know it alls to kiss his ass.

  2. Guys like Rossi that don’t take the ballot seriously should lose a vote. It’s like a 4 yr old doing something just because they can get away with it.

    Might want to get that condition checked out Tab. I hear incontinence is usually caused bigger issues.

  3. Ok, think on this: you are somewhere in your twenties in age, a multi-millionaire, pampered and taken care of on a level that is unattainable to the rest of us, enjoy celebrity status, are in incredible optimum physical condition, probably single, maybe married, and its 5am and you are in Vegas on a road trip, far away from family and friends alike. Are you sleeping and being a good little NHL’er …or are you winding down from an all nighter and looking for some comp breakfast with some new friends? Come on..this ain’t hard to figure out.

    Going to be much temptation and shenanigans going on.

  4. Answer: just like Kane is doing this summer….. Stay in Chicago and train

    Or Mining Man, that might just be your fantasy!

  5. I understand that not every fan is going to accept Kane back into their fandom.

    But Brokerwayne, you’re whining like a 9 year old. If you want to chant like this is a junior high pep rally, wander over and make a somewhat intelligent hockey comment on another thread. We fully understand you don’t like Kane.

  6. The solution to this problem was put forth last summer….no group of folks are more dedicated and loyal to the cause of the Chicago Blackhawks than the Committed Indians. So we all get on the payroll of Rocky and Co., rotating assignments, for out of town games and fulfill the role much like the Swiss Guard does at the Vatican and for the Pope.

    Ebony suggested we have “water buffalo” type headgear, like Fred Flintstone and Barney wore to the lodge or the current “Beefeaters” guards at Buckingham Palace.

    My suggestion was to call us “The Guardians of The Kane”. We keep away all unsavoury types and make sure nothing unbecoming occurs to the Blackhawks.

  7. Congrats to him. Arrogance or not, asshole or not, he deserved the awards based on his hockey accomplishments. And, he’s ours.

  8. The visceral comments are uncalled for and serve no purpose. Keep them coming and show who the anus actually is…

  9. He does deserve the awards because he had an excellent year playing hockey…. And a shitty year as a human being.

  10. I like where you are going with this M.M. we could wear Beatle boots , Don Cherry ties and Strombo hair cut and three days growth. . Answer only to the Kane,and,.,..,get to sleep in.
    Our wages won,t go against the cap,.,.,Gotta say Mr. Kane has finished the year off in fine form. Once again this group of players are setting very high standards for up and coming Hawk players and teams. Proud to be a hawk fan.

  11. Congrats to Patrick Kane. Well deserved award. I don’t expect a 25 or 26 year old to be a perfect human being but I can appreciate it when they win an award like this. Way to go Patrick and congrats to Hawks management for finding the right center and LW for Patrick to achieve this goal. Definitely this was the most dangerous line in the NHL and it supercharged the Hawks for most of the season.

  12. Sticks and stones wayne…. You keep calling him a shitty human being and an asshole. I’ve asked multiple times going on almost a year now how or why is he either. Or even one of the 2. You’ve ignored my requests outright, and I have to assume that’s because you don’t really have even a decent reason to say such slander. At this point one wonders what your motive is. That you must have an agenda. Or have just been completely brainwashed into thinking he is what you say and that’s that, because yif the almighty and all righteous BrokerWayne says it it must be true.

    Last time. I beg of you. How or why do you think he is what you say? If you can’t answer that I have to ask tab to get the true asshole out of here because while everyone else here is a fan. I have yet to see anything even remotely hockey related come from your moniker.

  13. BW’s sanctimonious b.s. is most likely hypocritical. The vitriol he keeps injecting on this board toward Kane is most likely jealousy of what this young man has accomplished in his short life compared to his own life.

  14. A well deserved award to a player that had a monster year. Coming on the heels of last summers emotion stoked controversy, Kane’s dedication to his craft exemplifies what it means to be a professional. People can hate 88 for whatever reasons they feel necessary to justify that opinion. The bottom line here is Kane deserved the Hart trophy based on his performance on the ice and the role he played for his team.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  15. I think the NHL should honor the late “Mr. Hockey” with a “ Gordie Howe ” trophy. Either rename one of the existing trophies or (sorry) create a new one. Obviously the Lady Bing would not be a good fit, but I would vote for renaming the Mark Messier trophy. Why the NHL honors one of the dirtiest players who ever played the game is beyond me.

    BTW, congratulations to #88, the most exciting player in the game today.

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