Patrick Kane’s Historic Season By The Numbers

Saturday night, Blackhawks star forward Patrick Kane completed a season for the history books.

Personal history

  • Kane established personal highs in goals scored (46), assists (60) and points (106).
  • Kane’s first goal on Saturday night was the 250th regular season goal of his career.
  • Kane finished the year as one of only two Blackhawks players to appear in all 82 regular season games (Trevor van Riemsdyk).

Blackhawks history

  • Kane’s 46 goals are the most by a Blackhawks player since Jeremy Roenick scored the same number during the 1993-94 season.
  • The last Blackhawks player to lead the league in points was Stan Mikita in 1967-68.
  • The last Blackhawks player to reach the 100-point plateau was Roenick, who had 107 points during the 1993-94 season.
  • There have been only seven individual seasons in Blackhawks history that ended with more than 106 points. And only three men – Denis Savard (four times), Bobby Hull (once) and Roenick (twice) – have been better for a season than Kane was this year.

United States hockey history

  • Kane is the first US-born player to win the Art Ross Trophy.
  • The last US-born player to reach the 100-point plateau was Doug Weight, who posted 104 points with Edmonton 20 years ago.
  • At 27, Kane’s 663 career points already rank 28th all-time among US-born players.
  • Only four US-born players with at least 500 career points have averaged a point-per-game in their career: Pat LaFontaine (1.17), Brett Hull (1.10), Kane (1.01) and Joe Mullen (1.00).

NHL history

  • Kane finished 17 points ahead of Jamie Benn to win the Art Ross Trophy. Only once since the 2004-05 lockout has a player led the league by a margin that big (Sidney Crosby finished 17 points ahead of Ryan Getzlaf in 2013-14).
  • In 2013-14, Crosby also won the Hart Trophy and the Ted Lindsay Award.
  • Kane’s 106 points is the highest league-leading total since Evgeni Malkin posted 109 in 2011-12.

2007 NHL Draft

  • Kane ranks first from the 2007 NHL Draft class in points (663). He is 215 points ahead of the second-best career-to-date total from his draft year, Jamie Benn (448).
  • Kane’s 251 goals are also tops from the 2007 NHL Draft, 59 ahead of Benn (192).
  • Kane’s 412 assists also lead the 2007 NHL Draft class, 121 ahead of Philadelphia’s Jakub Voracek.

28 thoughts on “Patrick Kane’s Historic Season By The Numbers

  1. First US born player to win the Art Ross Trophy. Huge historical milestone says it all about 88’s 2015/16 season.

  2. Not only wicked hockey. Have to factor in how much harder it is now with more good teams, goals per game/tm, salary cap/teammates, penaltys not called, sch./cambell conf. (no player get 50 goals in cambell), off ice detractors, people with lack of faith, the list goes on. Basically do not fuck with Kaner. You cant stop him, you can only hope to contain him, and if you do then…

    Frog soup.

  3. Wow! I was impressed with his season before I read all that. Now I’m REALLY impressed.

    … and to think we was almost run out of town last September. Mercy!

  4. the above post was supposed to read:

    … and to think HE was almost run out of town last September.

  5. Brett hull wasn’t born in the States. He had dual citizenship and chose to represent the US. But he was actually born in Ontario.

  6. This is not to be construed in a negative sense whatsoever, but IMO so much of Kaners success this season, can most likely be due to the fact that he walked the straight and narrow due to the legal/personal position he found himself in right from the beginning of the year. I thought he looked so much more healthy and the results on the ice prove that something was different this year. I only hope that Patrick has seen the light and has finally recognized that he can go as far as he likes in this league if he chooses to commit to being the best and to leave the partying behind. There is a time and place for everything and he really needs to continually make the right choices.
    Congtrats Patrick, well done!

  7. Congratulations to Kaner! An impressive and amazing season for him. The hat trick to reach 100 capped just made it sweeter.

  8. Trade him for Miller!

    Thanks for the write-up. This is the best perspective-giving article on his season.

    Congrats 88. Incredible season.

  9. Martin, let’s look back at last year. He was on pace to do similar things until he fell into the boards and his season was lost.

    Any idea who was on his line? Sure that makes a great story. But it’s probably more convenient than it is true.

  10. the stats don`t tell half the story….the excitement of his moves….the awareness of others is without peer………..unfortunetly,several plays are not recorded in stats because no goal was scored……a highlight reel could be made just from non-goals.
    no one is more entertaining nor has his flair for the dramatic

  11. Kane was on pace to lead the league with about 90 points last year. He has absolutely benefited from the upgrade of Brad Richards to Artem Anisimov at the dot, and Panarin is the best player he’s had on his line every night not-named-Patrick Sharp. But Panarin was an NHL rookie this year, and Anisimov has been a streaky player elsewhere. Kane benefited from those 2, but their seasons were much more significantly impacted by 88’s brilliance.

  12. No doubt Panarin and Anisimov were helped by Kane. But to make a blanket statement like “so much of Kaners success this season, can most likely be due to the fact that he walked the straight and narrow due to the legal/personal position he found himself in right from the beginning of the year.”

    That’s completely overlooking last year. Was he less focused last year? Or in years prior? Sure he was on pace for 90 last year before injury. But look what they did to upgrade that second line. Sure he increased his year end total by 42. But he was still a ppg player last. Put better players next to him and it’s not crazy to expect the numbers to increase.

    To be blinded by that is a disservice to what he has done in the past and the guys he plays next to. A stellar season no doubt. But as an individual he’s been at this level longer than at least Martin wants to give him credit for.

  13. Just an incredible season for the great 88. Considering the off ice turmoil of last summer, Kane dialed his focus up, and elevated his game to elite status. What I have noticed this year with Kane’s game is his acceleration with the puck when he kicks it into high gear. That speed combined with insanely soft hands and vision makes him a mess for opposing teams to defend. Kane is a truly special player.

    He can get even better.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  14. It reminds me of when Sports Illustrated said Scott Pippen should have been MVP instead of Jordan. As if Jordan benefited more by having Pippen as a teammate….

  15. Kane’s career has of course been in an uptrend since he first stepped on the ice for the Hawks. His game keeps improving, and he is one of the best players in the world. World class money comes with that status.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  16. So ,Kane had Brad Richards and Patrick Sharp for line mates last year as Tab mentioned ,.,.2 good old Canadian boys,.,.,playoff result,.,..,,. CUP CHAMPS.

    This year Kaner wins scoring title playing with a couple imports who are NOT playoff tested,as i have said in previous blogs,when this current line starts to get pounded
    they will be a no show ,..i would take Sharp and Richards into the playoffs ANY DAY over his current line mates,.,.nuff said.

  17. Hawkhead is absolutely, positively ALL ALONE in taking what was left of Sharp & Richards at the end of last year (which, fwiw, wasn’t Kane’s postseason line… Sharp & Richards spent a lot of the postseason on the third line).

  18. Chicago has been fortunate to have had such great duos in sports . Banks and Williams , Jordan and Pippen , Thomas and Ventura . Now we have Kane and Panarin . Would Kane and Panarin have had the season they had without the other ? Let’s not try and over analyze……..let’s just enjoy . And remember , we ain’t seen nothin’ yet !

  19. Kane and Panarin. Yeah! Hell with that Toews bum. Keith too, what a goon. Seabrook? Washup.

    This team is filled with talent.

    Versteeg was playing wing for Kan and he was producing points wise and could have been considered for the all star game. Sharp was also slowed up for a stretch

    Anisimov- 20g 22a-42 points which is slightly above his ppg career avg.
    Richards- 12g 25a- 37 points

    Versteeg- 14g 20a – 34 points 61 games
    Sharp- 16g 27a- 43 points 68 games
    Panarin 30g 47a- 77 points in 80 games

  20. Nothing against anybody but Sharpy and Richy just played their 10 prime yrs, The Bread Man and Saader (Steeger and Anisimov has 5 more) are starting their 10 prime yrs. Steeger and Sharpy were not playing well in the 2nd 40 games. These guys did.

  21. It’s the post season now. No more talk about regular season accomplishments. None of that crap matters. It’s called Vancouver Sedin Syndrome, and I wan’t none of it with the Hawks. How many times did the brothers accomplish great regular season feats, only for that team to crash and burn in the playoffs every year. What Kane accomplished was great, but now it’s in the rearview mirror.

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