Patrick Roy Leaves Avalanche

In a surprising move on Thursday, Hall of Famer Patrick Roy announced he is parting ways with the Colorado Avalanche, saying in a statement that his vision did not “perfectly align” with the organization.

Roy won the Jack Adams Award after leading the Avs to the Central Division crown in the 2013-14 season, his first season as coach in Colorado. The Avs put together a 52-22-8 record that season, but were eliminated by Minnesota in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Roy was also Colorado’s vice president of hockey operations.

Leaving now closes the books on Roy’s tenure in Colorado having a  a 130-92-24 record, and the Avs haven’t made the playoffs in the last two years.


51 thoughts on “Patrick Roy Leaves Avalanche

  1. Roy as a coach always looked like he was either ready to have a heart attack, or turn around and pop some antacids while behind the bench. The guy just looked really stressed.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  2. Has the Committed Indian Nation heard that the new Las Vegas franchise is down to 3 choices for a team name….stay seated fellas- Knights are out because of some thing to do with the London Knights …ok, you sitting?…1) Desert Hawks 2) Red Hawks 3) Nighthawks

    This just cannot be .. Get your torches and pitchforks at the ready ..

    What the hell is Red Hawk?….I’m melting down just thinking of that amalgamation of words.
    No, no,no,,no, no

  3. Tab .. Do something ! You know people.. Lead us on .. We will follow..,put this really bad idea out of people’s heads.. This cannot happen.

    August 12, 2016 at 9:19 pm
    Everyone in Colorado just sang in a circle like the who’s from whoville.

    To quote one Kenny Banya(sic) (Seinfeld) “That’s Gold Jerry! Gold!”

    Freaking hilarious F&S, well done!

  5. Vegas scratched the something Hawks idea because it is too close to the only true Hawks name. BLACKHAWKS!

  6. Mining man- that was a false alarm. It was reported that the Vegas people confirmed those 3 choices. Yesterday all 3 choices had been eliminated. Less than 24 hours after. Must have had enough bad social media press to make them reconsider.

    I actually liked nighthawks…but we can’t have 2 ‘Hawks in the same league…much less conference. I heard them throw out bighorns on Sirius yesterday. I still like the former ECHL team name Wranglers. They folded after suspending operations in 2014. Foley said he wants night in the name and a bird was most likely involved. That was before yesterday. So who knows.

  7. The NHL won’t allow a gambling term. But black aces is dual purpose. Has hockey significance and Vegas significance.

  8. Foley just said yesterdays report was untrue and Nighthawks is very much in the running. There was a bracket done in Vegas and every name had at least 1000 votes. Outlaws won for whatever that’s worth.

  9. Lastly, the common nighthawk is found almost everywhere in the US except southern Nevada…which is where Las Vegas is. So let’s name a team after an animal that isn’t found near there… disregard that. We kind of did that with the Bears

  10. The guy has half a billion dollars just to join in and can’t come up with a good name? Outlaws is horrible, bad for hockey, bad for everything. It’s dumb. He wants the word “night” in the name… Geez, for the mere pittance of $250,000 I will come up with a dozen good names with the word night in the name.

    Nighthawks is still in the running officially so we need the torches and pitchforks at the ready.

  11. Not many Tigers in Detroit either but what the heck. Certainly hope the Blackhawk organization will object vehemently to any use of the word “hawk” because that is what the headlines will read and the sportscasters and fans use : as in the Hawks are in town .. Not good. This will weaken, dilute and damage the Blackhawk organization image and everything they have built up.

  12. He wanted to pay homage to his alma mater..west point. London won’t allow them to use Knights. And West point even objected.

  13. ….and apparently the colours chosen are the same as LA …that could change… All that money and no originality … What a shame.

  14. I think they need some alliteration in the name:
    Vegas Vikings – could make for a nice logo
    Vegas Vegans – cater to the LA crowd
    Vegas Vapors – only 420 fans allowed
    Vegas Volts – could be fun when they play the Bolts
    Vegas Vaccines – for those to whom having it stay in Vegas is not an option

  15. Hopefully Vegas gets no Hawks in their name. It will be like the old CFL where the Roughriders play the Riugh Riders…. Right Mining Man lol

  16. Las Vegas Show Horses
    Las Vegas Venom
    Las Vegas Vagabonds
    Las Vegas Roy’s Toys
    Las Vegas 51s (with a martians head as the logo)
    Las Vegas Gold or Fools Gold

  17. Goldenbladz- That’s right, The Saskatchewan RoughRiders vs the Ottawa Rough Riders. Ron Lancaster QB, against Russ Jackson, QB. Glory days of the CFL.

    For those not in the know the new name for the Ottawa team is “Red Blacks”.
    What the heck a “Red Black” is is beyond me but it’s supposed to be hip and cool with the Millennial”s Go figure.

  18. The logo will be something along the lines of James Woods in Casino or Kingpin’s Woody Harrelson.

  19. Las Vegas actually had a Canadian Football League (CFL) franchise …the 1994 Las Vegas Posse. They lasted one whole season.
    Their first home game in Vegas was against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. When the team broke up at the seasons end the “other” Roughriders, Ottawa Rough Riders picked up a fellow named Derrell Robertson in the dispersal draft. Only problem was he was deceased having died in a car accident after the season. They didn’t know and one could find him.
    In the Posse’s first home game against Saskatchewan the anthem singer didn’t know the Canadain anthem and sang a bunch of words to “Oh Christmas Tree”.
    Also a Posse player signalled for a “fair catch” after the opening kickoff. Only problem is there is no fair catch in the CFL rules so the ball rolled into the end zone and got pounced on for a touchdown.
    Let us hope the NHL’s entry into Vegas is a bit less harrowing than the Posse’s was.

  20. Been on the road, got down to Rochelle to the railroad park and the Illinois Railway Museum. Now heading to Havre, Montana, then straight up and back home. Saw the big city from the outskirts and did a lot of “railfan” stuff. Chicago is the centre of the universe for railroad fans and railroads period. “Your welcome” for all the $’s I left behind stateside in the casino’s. Back to work next Monday. Yeesh.

  21. Alaska has some pretty cool trains. When I go to New Mexico they have this train system that takes you through northern new Mexico and southern Colorado. The Cumbres Toltec I think. Kinda cool. One of these years ill take a ride on it. Hopefully after tagging out early.

  22. Ernie- Yes the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad-runs from Chama, New Mexico to Antonito, Colorado. It is the highest ( over 10,000 ft elevation) and longest running narrow gauge railroad in the U.S.

    It would be the perfect place for all of us to meet and celebrate our upcoming Stanley Cup.

  23. Sometime the first 3 weeks September 2017? Haha. Drive through Chama to get to the Carson National Forest. Kind of a neat little town.

  24. The depth option of vermette is officially out of the equation. Probably smart for the ducks to snag him before the vesey sweepstakes is over.

  25. Vermette out is disheartening. Quality guy for sure but was asking more than Hawks were willing to go on him. No Vesey on top of that would really suck.

  26. Ding Dong,.,.,Las Vegas Gamblers TA DA .,.,.,Gamblers are not bad people ya know ,just ask Pete Rose .who really cares what the call their lame ass team . they will fold in a couple of years and move to Quebec .

  27. 2 problems with Gamblers.

    The NHL doesnt want the name affilliated in any way with gambling.

    The name is already in use by the Green Bay Gamblers, so theyd run into the same issue as the London Knights name.

    If a junior team can be the Gamblers, an NHL team should be able to. It’s a shame because I like the name

  28. ,.,.,How bout the Roadrunners,.,.,Toadstools,.,.,,Tumbling Tumbleweeds,.,.,Rambling Rassafrasts,.,.,.,
    I seem to remember a team in Atlanta being called the flames,.,.,but perhaps the Calgary Barons would have been a cool name as well. How bout the Calgary Scouts,.,.
    Hell no,.,.,.,.,.the Las Vegas Lizards..,The N.H,L needs a new team like a hole in the head. How watered down do things have to get????? Perhaps THE JOKERS,.,.ya like that Ernie. Would it not be beneficial to have a name similar to an N.H.L. team.??
    Team names mean very little in the past 30 years in the league,.,you wanna be called Wild,.,.a Duck,.,.Shark,,.get real,.,.,how bout a Tigger ,.,.a Chimp,.,.

  29. Roadrunners is really good but the owner won’t go for it. It’s playful and fun and opens up tons of marketing opportunities. The kids will love it! They need to stay away from anything “Hawks” but I’m concerned …no to “–Hawks or Hawks—, just no.
    Pick on someone else , like the “Kings”.

    Have to go back to work on Monday (22nd) after the entire summer off since mid June…can anyone come up with some real good excuses while we are trying to be creative? Has to be convincing and a doozy!

  30. The Las Vegas Queens…plays on a couple different things. Card reference, play on the Kings, and well other things…

  31. The problem with the Klinger routine is in today’s “self identified, gender non specific” society it is totally normal!

    Queens ..very good Ernie. Won’t happen but it’s great.

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