Patrick Sharp Hat Trick Beats Brodeur, Devils

Patrick Sharp continued to put on an offensive show and the Blackhawks escaped New Jersey with a 5-3 victory on Friday night.

Sharp became the first Blackhawks player to score more than once against Martin Brodeur, netting his 23rd of the year in the second period and his 24th during a flurry that blew the game open at the beginning of the third period.

The score was tied after 20 and 40 minutes, with the Hawks and Devils posting matching zeroes after one and taking a 1-1 tie to the dressing rooms after the second period. But the Blackhawks scored three times in the first 5:34 of the final period.

Brandon Saad was credited with his 15th goal of the season 90 seconds into the third period. Patrick Kane flipped the puck on net, and it appeared to be kicked in by Marek Zidlicky. Kane was initially credited with the tally, but it was changed to Saad later in the period.

Only 74 seconds after Saad’s goal gave the Hawks the lead, Sharp scored his second of the night from a ridiculous angle. Marian Hossa added his 15th of the season less than three minutes later and the Hawks had what appeared to be a commanding 4-1 lead.

But two goals by Zidlicky brought the Devils back to within 4-3 with less than seven minutes later. Zidlicky’s second goal of the night came on a power play; the Hawks had successfully killed three New Jersey power plays before that goal.

Sharp scored his third goal of the game and second of the final period on a breakaway with less than two minutes remaining in regulation. It was Sharp’s 25th goal of the season and 214th in the Chicago sweater, passing Al Secord for 15th in team history.

Duncan Keith collected three assists in the third period while Brent Seabrook and Jonathan Toews had two assists each in the game, while Kane was given the primary assist on Saad’s goal.

Canada will announce their roster for the Winter Olympics on Tuesday, and Sharp is now the leading Canadian-born goal scorer in the NHL. He was also one of four Blackhawks players to block two shots against the Devils, and was credited with one hit and one takeaway as well.

Sharp NJ

Antti Raanta, who was named the co-Rookie of the Month by the NHL earlier on Friday, made 23 saves to earn his 11th victory of the year. By starting the second night of back-to-back, it appears Raanta has won the back-up job on the Blackhawks roster and Jason LaBarbera will head to Rockford when the Hawks are comfortable Crawford is 100 percent.

Bryan Bickell continues to be a work-in-progress since returning from a knee injury, skating a team-low 10 shifts and only 8:16 on Friday night. Bickell was credited with a team-high three hits, however.

Kris Versteeg was bumped off the second line by coach Joel Quenneville early and finished the night the only other Hawks player to skate less than 10 minutes in the game, finishing with only 9:42 on the ice.

Sheldon Brookbank had a bad game, and Marcus Kruger’s performance left a lot to be desired. Kruger spent four minutes in the penalty box, while Brookbank looked lost for most of the night.

The Hawks return to the United Center to face the Sharks on Sunday night.

39 thoughts on “Patrick Sharp Hat Trick Beats Brodeur, Devils

  1. The third line didn’t get a shift in the third period.

    Who is going to tell Q that Handzus is playing awful and can’t be the 2C for the next 38 games? It’s completely unfair for Patrick Kane and I feel bad for him. Even when Kane/Saad scored that second goal, you know who wasn’t on the ice? Handzus.

    Many other thoughts, I’ll get to them after the bar.

  2. JS- 26 was bad/slow again… But – the 3rd line got at least one shift…they were on the ice when Devils scored their 2nd goal… Shaw weak on boards AND 29 lumbered back like Old man Zus on Devils 2nd goal…

    It appears that the Versteeg “honeymoon” is over for now… he has been weak for a few games here.

    Bollig weak again- and 4th line bad- after a decent nite vs. Isles.

    Kostka was awfully slow last nite… and 17 was kind of slow tonite… On positive side- thought Rosey’s last 2 games were 2 of his best this year… but I wouldn’t mind seeing either Dahlbeck or Clendening for 6-10 games — Just to see if either would be better option for Playoff run!!!

  3. I think with a fresh line of 29-65-23, they get something going. They could work well together after a few games or so.

    We have a wicked Team.

  4. Sharp is all world right now…Patrick has always been a great player because he has such a large compete level and because he excels at both ends of the ice…but his erratic shot has hurt him from consistently being a 40 goal scorer, or perhaps even hitting 50…the work that Sharp is talking about is the time he has spent, especially during this season, to find his “stroke”…he is staying over the puck when he shoots keeping the shots down, or lower, and obviously he has improved his aim…at this point of the season we have to start giving Sharp serious consideration for the Hart because right now, there isn’t a better hockey player in the NHL…and that’s a tremendous credit to a wonderful person.

    As for the rest of the Hawks, we are anything but solid right now…this little 2 game road trip has exposed a number of areas that need attention…the biggest two are Bickell and Handzus…if Zus had not gone 9 of 12 at the dot tonight, his game could have been described as a disaster…he is not generating any offence…he is slow to respond in the defensive zone…he is not physical along the boards, and isn’t winning a lot of puck battles…and he played 17+ minutes tonight…that’s right, 17+ minutes while Shaw and Versteeg barely saw the ice…wow…

    Bickell is a step slow guys…it isn’t that he is working back into his game, he’s a step slow…and knowing Bickell’s character, it isn’t from a lack of caring or effort…something is not right with Bick…and he is hurting the Hawks right now if he can only be counted on to play 7 or 8 minutes, and prevent Shaw from getting lots of ice time…

    There is nothing wrong with Shaw or Versteeg’s game…Saad should be on the 2nd line with Kane…Steeger just got “punished” from being on a line with Bickell…I really don’t know what Q is thinking at this point…we almost gave away that game tonight by Q going with only 3 lines in the 3rd, and one of them the 4th that struggled with Bollig at wing…Zus is NOT good enough to be a 2nd line centre…it was one thing last playoffs to have Zus fill a role short term, and rotate around, but during this season, over 40 years of age, it is WAY TOO much for him…and I understand the problem of dropping Zus to either the 3rd or 4th lines…he would KILL them, so that can’t really happen…so at this point, Q is skating Zus at 2nd line centre, because there is no other place to play him without him killing us, and Q relies on Kane to makeup for Zus’ inabilities…very bizarre to say the least…

    As for the 6th DMan spot…BB has played well this year, but not last night…some of that may be that he has sat a lot lately…but right now, Rozy is heads and shoulders above BB and Kostka…however, with more ice time, both Kostka and BB should come back to being serviceable players…so I don’t think there is anything to worry about there…

    Raanta was solid again, and the Hawks must be thrilled with their goaltending situation moving forward…Raanta will be able to give CC lots of rest the rest of the way, so that he is fresh for the playoffs…a HUGE signing by Bowman…

    But for now, Q, please, do something about Zus and Bickell…Shaw, Saad and Versteeg need to be playing 14+ minutes a night…

  5. It wasn’t pretty at times but it was better than Long Island in that we did show up.

    Brad, agree that Bix character wouldn’t come into play, he wants to be a good teammate and contribute…it’s just not coming. I gotta believe it will get better but for now I’m not sure where the heck to play him.

    We’re now into 2014 and we are still forced to ponder what the hell to do at 2c.. it’s maddening and it shouldn’t be happening. I thought Pirri would have been plenty good enough to suffice for now. He would have had to fall awfully flat for me to think using 26 nightly was even an option, let alone the solution.

    Surely AR is up here to stay, and not going to Rockford. Correct?

  6. I was at the icehogs game tonight and saw brandon pirri scratched and sitting by the press box. He didn’t look injured and wasn’t wearing a cast. Perhaps a trade or call up on the way for him?

  7. Nick- thx… I looked at Hogs box and thought that was odd… also noticing that both Pirri and Morin have not been scoring much for Hogs since being sent down,,, either they are deflated, Hogs are bad, or they are working on “the little things” to be accepted better by Q and the Hawks!!! BUT- neither is scoring like the past couple of years!!!

    I really hope Morin IS working on “Q” part(s) of game so he CAN actually come and take 52’s spot!!! And I know 52 is “safe-play” for Hawks… But 52 is also safe play for the opposition’s perspective!

    Brad- agree about Zus/analogy… the only place he really works is 2nd line (unfortunately) … or with 81/10 combo…

  8. Morin is starting to come around in Rockford, but not Pirri…my guess would be that he was a healthy scratch to try and send a message…but the 2 of them have been in a big mental funk…the whole team is struggling right now, short of Garret Ross, Nordstrom, Clendening and Dahlbeck…Dent has inherited a number of issues that he has to deal with and soon, as the Hogs season is going south in a hurry.

    The Hogs have run into a series of incredible goaltending performances, and that hasn’t helped…Simpson and Carruth have been okay/pretty good, but not good enough to pull out W’s…last night Carruth was solid in regulation and then LOST in the shootout…

  9. It was Bickell’s pathetically soft clearing attempt that led to NJ’s 2nd goal, and that led to Bickell watching the rest of the game from the bench. Bickell had the least amount of ice time, 8:16 to Versteeg’s 9:42. After Saad got moved up to Kane’s line, the 29-65-23 line was conspicuously missing in action the rest of the game. All three of those guys had single digit TOI and even strength.

    While having 2-7 out with 10-19-81 is arguably the best 5-some going right now in the league, the flip side of that coin is that sometimes it results with 8/17 being out there with the 2nd or 3rd line and it happened at least a couple times last night, one of which resulting in a goal against and another with a NJ player getting a point blank scoring opportunity that thankfully Raanta stopped. The first goal scored by NJ had 17 and 88 trailing the NJ player who scored (Greene) and the time when Raanta stoned Gionta right in front of the net also had 17 and 88 coming back too late to make a defensive play. Both times Leddy had his man so he can’t be faulted and lest I’m misunderstood, when I say Kane was too late to make a defensive play – I’m really saying that at least Kane hustled back to get close but Handzus was no where to be seen when he should have been taking the centerman’s defensive responsibilities … and neither was Versteeg visible in either of those plays. Note to Q: make sure to not have the 8/17 d-pairing on the ice whenever Handzus is out there.

    Patrick Sharp – WOW! If he doesn’t make TC there should be a congressional investigation (or whatever equivalency thay have in Canada).

    Remember hat scene in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when they think they must have lost the posse that was chasing them only to turn around and see them still right behind them. Butch and Sundance looked at each other and asked “who are those guys?”. That must be what the Hawks ask each other when they look at what Anaheim and St. Louis have been doing – winning winning and winning. But then that’s probably what Anaheim and St. Louis ask about the Hawks too. This is one heckuva race and it doesn’t appear anything is going to change for the rest of the season. What a treat.

  10. Again… does Bollig escape the wrath of Q when he screws up? No offense, no defense, no special teams play to speak of, hurting 16 and 28 and on and on and on. This team, in my view, is 2 players away from being nearly unstoppable. 52 and 26 are holding 2 otherwise potent lines down. Stop the maddness

  11. Mike- agreed… 52/26 holding Hawks down (as well as an injured/healing/slow- 29)…

    52 should be replaced w/ 11/42/Ross/Hartman asap!!!

    26 is SLOW- but just when I officially want to can him he makes a quick outlet- or great stretch pass- I understand his “playoff IQ/asset/patience” value… but there is also a lot not to like…

    ER- you are completely right about 17/8 skating w 2nd/3rd line IS scary – bad at trying to exit the D zone… especially Kostka/17… both are very slow footed… THAT is why Hawks should really try to see if/what Dahlbeck or Clendening might be able to bring… the risk is Hawks are in a dogfight w/ Blues- and don’t want to give ground while “training/experimenting” w Dbeck/or Cdening!!! BUT- 17/6 are terrible in own zone!!!! Especially w/ 29/26/23 playing poorly/slow…

    65 is NOT playing well w/ lack of speed on his line right now!!!

  12. I’ve got to tell you this wall is AMAZING to me. Earlier in the year, everyone was calling for Pirri and Morin and when they were sent down, we all thought it was a major screw up. Now I am hearing for Dahlbeck and Clendening. Bollig sucks, Brookbank sucks, Handzus sucks, blah, blah blah. Is it possible the Q, Bowman and the rest of the staff knows what its doing better than you guys? we are in First place in the entire league, look like we might be the first team in a long time that has a legit shot of repeating but yet there are all of you telling us about a lot of problems that the hawks have. Good thing you guys aren’t Panther Fans…..
    And no, I am not drinking the Kool aid but am a realist that thinks we cant win every game and believe that the guys you are hating on Do have a purpose on this team and the man behind the bench know what it is a LOT better than anyone here on this wall….

  13. I echo what Mike said above… Stop the Madness!

    Bowman signed Handzus on a 1 year/1 Million dollar contract as a veteran reserve and 4th line player. It was a solid move from that perspective but Q insists on playing him way above his ability at this point in his career. I don’t mind Q playing 26 but to play him on the 2nd line with Kane is an absolute joke. He can’t even join the rush on a turnover until 30 seconds after it’s over for god’s sake! Put him on the 4th line and play him 7-9 minutes a game including some PK. That should be his role… and stop playing D-men at the Forward spots when we have capable forwards in the organization!

    Also it kind of sucks that Big Hoss the Boss has decided to definitely play for Slovakia in the Olympics. It would have been great to get him a 3 week break for the second half to heal up and prepare to win a Stanley Cup…. especially since the Slovaks have no chance in hell to win gold or silver and Hossa will probably play huge minutes.

    For the same reason, I’ll be glad if Sharp and Seab’s get “snubbed” for Team Canada. I’d much rather have them healed up and ready for the final run.

  14. Al L- What does Bollig bring to the team that a Jeremy Morin doesn’t? What does Handzus bring to the team that a Brandon Pirri doesn’t? Do you even know what position Clendening and Dahlbeck play? Every damn metric in hockey has shown that Pirri makes the second line better. Do you know how many goals Patrick Kane has scored with Handzus on the ice this year? 0. Zero. Less than 1. But yep, we can’t question Q because he has two rings!

    Statistics! I know they are difficult to understand, but try your hardest.

    It doesn’t include last nights game, so it’s actually even worse than it looks. In 197 minutes on the ice with Handzus, Patrick Kane has 0 goals and only 6 assists. In 171 minutes with Brandon Pirri, Patrick Kane has 3 goals and 4 assists.

    Oh, but what about defense! Teams average a half a shot more per game against Pirri/Kane than Handzus/Kane… however, the Pirri/Kane combination puts up an addition 2 shots.

    So you can trust Q’s gut all you want, I trust math.

  15. Sr. Brad – Zus is “only” 36 years of age so has a few more good years before he breaks 40. I certainly agree with the frustration of watching 88 play with Zus every night. The bottom line is he is a veteran that Q trusts. Personally I believe the Hawks will look very hard for a bona fide second line center at the trade deadline. Pirri is not the answer for a veteran team looking to make another run at the cup. He had decent numbers playing with great wingers but his skating is average and he is not physical enough to handle other top 6 opponents. I wquldn’t be surprised to see him as part of a trade package.

    Regarding Bollig I don’t think people get that each team still needs a tough guy to keep the opposing team honest. This is a fact of life in the NHL and the only other person on the Hawks who can fill this position is BB. I think you are kidding yourself if you don’t see the trust that Q has in the 4th line. They continue to play serious minutes against top lines. By the way, Bollig deserves kudos for nearly putting Drew Doughty threw the boards in the game last week. While he isn’t going to win any speed races he understands his role well and again it appears Q has a lot of trust in him. I am more concerned with Bickell’s production – he is really struggling right now.

    It is important to remember that there are 29 other teams that wish they had these minor issues!

  16. JS, you can play moneyball all you want but I’ll go with a winner every time…Q and Bowman are winners. Stats are important but its just like the +/- rating. Many times it doesn’t show the true value of that player. What about GA and save pct. Many times the guys with the best aren’t always the best goalie. But I’m sure you and your stats are much more equipped to coach an NHL team…

  17. Zus brings plenty of stuff Pirri doesn’t, its just all negative. Plus that wheelchair ;)

    But I doubt Pirri will ever get a shot now, unless the IR starts to fill up in a big way. Has Nordstrom added that 30lb of muscle yet? Can’t happen soon enough!!

    Thanks for the link JS, had forgotten to bookmark it and was looking recently for it.

    This season to date has provided the success I think we all wanted and expected. But the lineups/rotations/TOI/ have been head scratching more nights than not.

    Raanta’s success the one huge surprise getting those Ws in CCs absence. With the paces of StL and ANA are putting up, those Wins with Raanta were critical .

    Agree WCZ, getting Hossa away from Sochi , and resting, would be nice. Flip side is if Zus is a teammate, Zus may over extend himself and end up unusable after Sochi . Note, that was not wishing an injury to anyone. NHL Olympics should cease asap.

    MS, I disagree… 52s hit on DD8 was nothingto be proud of. It was reckless, potentially dangerous but mostly just plain stupid!!

  18. what RyanDale said…

    especially- 81 should sit out Olympics… he has been in a funk… could use the time off!!!!

    If Hawks were really smart- (if 29 continues to be slow/bad…) they should rest 29 for 2 weeks prior to the Olympic break to let him fully heal!!!

  19. RyanDale,

    The Kings were taking runs at the Hawks all night during that game (all clean) but Bollig responded with a very physical hit. I actually live in LA and have not heard any comment from the Kings or media that described the hit as dirty or reckless. It may not be something to be proud of but my point again is that you need some toughness to keep the other side honest. Bollig plays a role that I believe his teammates appreciate a great deal. I am a big fan of Morin but IMO he will not make it in the NHL as a 4th line checking forward – he will be a top 9 winger.

    One more nice success this season is the solid development of Ben Smith. I believe he has improved significantly since the start of the year as he has received more consistent ice time.

  20. Gee Tab, are you one of the 11 Americans that still thinks Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, or even held a rifle the day Kennedy was assassinated???

    Why do you think the term “Conspiracy Theories” or Theorists has been given such a ridiculed name??? Huh? Who owns the world? Who ever prints the money…you Americans DO NOT print your own money…do you know who does? The Federal Reserve Bank…the FRB is a PRIVATE banking institution that has usurped Congresses power (ergo, the People’s) to print currency into existence (with interest to the taxpayer) and set the interest rates (that’s the supply and the demand, and that’s total control)…and those that control the FRB of the United States aren’t even Americans…they are European families…these are the same people that own the controlling interests in every major corporation in the world, and corporations own EVERYTHING of importance and power in the world, including politicians and the MEDIA..its the Media that labels anyone who speaks their mind as a nut, or a conspiracy theorist…and those in society without individual character go along with the Fox-like attacks on free thinkers because they don’t want to be on the “wrong side” of the status quo…so they just go along…

    Imagining, speculating, even criticizing, even on sites like this, is what life is all about…questioning everything for yourself and accepting NOTHING at face value until YOU have proved it for yourself is what we are all supposed to be doing throughout our lives…but what do most people do??? They listen to what someone in a suit and tie said, because they were told the message from someone else in a suit and a tie…never once connecting back to the first person that originated the idea…fact or fictional…e.g. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is FALSE…it does not “work” at the sub atomic level, which are the building blocks of what we are…human cells…and yet Einstein’s theory is STILL taught in school’s as FACT and passed on to another mindless generation of NON thinkers who just take everything for granted…nice…

    If someone here doesn’t like all the speculations about Handzus or Bollig, or even minor criticisms to the almighty Coach Q, then get off, and go watch American Idol while you sip on your Coca Cola and eat your Kentucky Fried Chicken…and never, repeat NEVER, rock the boat…

  21. MS, I have no problem agreeing to disagree. This was discussed here after the game. Some views from each side. But, I want you to understand, at that point in the game, little time, protecting a lead, and 200 ft from your own net is not the time to be tough guy and throw a hit that could easily put us a man down. LA pulls goalie possibly, then 2 men down. It was a dumb play. I just dont think that part is debatable. I dont like seeing those types of hits, from us or against us. But hey, we won, and the folks paying big money went home happy

  22. Frozen Fenway -#14 Notre Dame vs #6 Boston College has been delayed until 8:30 PM ET – (1/2 hour from now) Great chance to get a first hand look at Vince Hinostroza & Stephen Johns for ND vs Kevin Hayes & Chris Calnan for BC.

  23. Here we go again with Bollig keeping other teams honest. You can’t say that and then follow it up with the Kings taking runs at the Hawks all night. If Bollig is “keeping teams honest” why are they “taking runs?”

    Also, how is Pirri not fast/physical enough but Handzus is? I didn’t even mention Pirri’s MUCH BETTER production than Handzus, I was talking about how much better he made Kane. Instead, Kane has to drag around a guy that is way out of position.

    Al- I never mentioned GA or Save %. They have nothing to do with offensive production. However, I think you can look at S% and normalize production. For instance, Colorado started the year on an absolute tear. All I had to do was look at both goalies S% and note that it was not a sustainable pace and that they would soon start giving up goals. (I was right)

    Bowman is also a numbers guy and I can guarantee you that he would rather have Pirri as 2C than Handzus. However, that isn’t his decision. Just like it wasn’t his decision when Q was skating John Scott every night. That’s why he traded Scott, so Q would stop playing him.

    Seriously, can anyone watch the game and think that Handzus is being productive? He fails both the eye and statistical test.

  24. “I’ve got to tell you this wall is AMAZING….”

    yeah , He is one of our very best here, we all dig him.

  25. Awesome discussion.

    The Hawks are built around transition and passing. In transition, Handzus is below average in terms of footspeed. We know that. But he’s actually really good at facilitating breakouts with a good first pass. Does that make him a bona fide 2C? No. A consistent roster spot? On a team that relies on breakouts like the Hawks do, yes.

  26. MS, I don’t think anyone is saying to put Bollig or Zues on waivers. They should be in line up on occasion. Yes, I am OK with Bollig vs say St Louis or LA or even the Nucks. But neither 52 or 26 have any business when playing say, the Avs, the Jets or any team that relies on speed. Also, 36 is old in todays NHL. Players like Jagr who can play until they are 40 or 42 are rare indeed. Lastly, although I agree that the Hawks are a “veteran” team, 7 of 18 regular skaters are 25 and younger. 26 just can not handle the speed.

    Al L, come’on, this is a blog that expresses our opinions. No one on this blog thinks they are smarter than SB or Q. We are fans and fanatical about our Hawks. We sometimes agree, disagree, say some stupid stuff, but great observations as well. Not only does Tab write great summaries but he interacts on this blog. Tab defends his position and acknowledges when he misses something. That is what makes this blog fun. If you can’t see that, blog somewhere else.

  27. That one shot over Brodeur’s shoulder was a missile. If you saw the game, you know the one I’m talking about. Sharp looked strong and the Blackhawks look like the team to beat in the Western Conference this season………..again.

  28. Very fair point regarding the timing of the Bollig hit in the Kings game.

    Regarding Bollig and Zus trust me I am not president of their fan clubs and would very much like to see others given a chance to take the slots. My comments reflect what I believe Q’s position is on these two players and that it seems unlikely that he will make significant changes while the team continues to play at a high level. I’m curious whether anyone else thinks SB will be looking for a 2nd line center at the trade deadline? I know there were rumors last year regarding interest in Frans Nielsen of the Islanders.

  29. MS- yep… I would love to see Nielsen brought here at deadline… Isles going nowhere… We dump BBank, Pirri (who is good- but just doesn’t fit w/ Hawks system/depth), and Maybe another young D-man… Isles eat 50% of Nielsen money- and it is completely doable- and a win/win trade… like the Versteeg/Hayes/Olsen deal.

    W/ TT coming soon- and all the other young talented/skaters… Pirri – really has limited life here!!! If Finland takes Gold today- good chance TT makes MVP or runner-up!

    Nordstrom- scored 2 goals and 1A last nite… he continues to play very well for Hogs!!!

  30. Wall,

    I could see Leddy and a prospect for Nielsen. Their salaries are almost identical so it would not require the Islanders to eat salary. This would also open a spot for one of the young d-men in Rockford. I like Leddy but he seems like he will be the odd man out with a $2.7m salary if he can’t crack the top 4 d which doesn’t seem likely in the near term.

  31. I can’t see Bowman trading for another player that is signed until 2016. My guess is that he wanted Pirri to play 2C this season and then move him with the arrival of TT/Danault/Hayes next year.

    TT is making a joke out of the WJC. 14 points leads the tournament. He has pointed on more than half of his teams goals. There absolutely must be a spot on the roster for him next season. I giggle at the thought of a 20/TT/88 second line.

  32. Wall, I do like Nielsen too. What would his cap hit be at 1/2.

    Yea, I mentioned it the other day about the Puck Possession we will have with…

    T has 14 points of teams 24 goals. He should be mvp of tournament whether they win in ot or not. Has the most points and points per teams goals avg. Fin should have won 2-1 in regulation (Swe only scored because of pp).

  33. We’ve talked about Nielson on here for almost 2 years… why the hell would the Islanders trade a 29-year-old top-six C making $2.75M who is under control for 2 more years after this? I’m a big Nielson fan… but the Hawks would have to throw a lot on the table.

    Which begs the question: if Teravainen, who won over 50% of his faceoffs at WJC, is the 2C of the future, why would the Blackhawks mortgage organizational depth to block him? And, if the Hawks traded for Nielson to be a 3C, what does that mean about the future of Danault? Kruger?

    The Hawks lack a 2C right now (on the NHL roster… some might disagree about where Pirri is playing right now). But they have some good young pieces coming up through the system. Bowman is showing patience.

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