Patrick Sharp Reaches 2 Milestones

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On Monday night, Patrick Sharp played in his 700th NHL game.

With his assist on Andrew Shaw’s second period goal, Sharp reached 500 career regular season points.

Sharp, who turned 33 on Saturday, played 66 games with the Philadelphia Flyers before he was acquired in one of the best trades in Blackhawks history; on Dec. 5, 2005, the Blackhawks traded Matt Ellison and a third round pick to Philly for Sharp and Eric Meloche. In those 66 games, Sharp produced 15 points.

Since joining the Blackhawks, Sharp has been named an All-Star Game MVP and won a gold medal representing Canada at the Winter Olympics. He has also been a part of two Stanley Cup championship teams. Sharp currently ranks 18th in Blackhawks franchise history in regular season points.

Sharp has 37 goals and 28 assists in 94 career postseason games with the Hawks.

11 thoughts on “Patrick Sharp Reaches 2 Milestones

  1. I really hope he doesnt turn into a cap casuality. I cant help but think he will though…

    I love him in the indianhead.

  2. He’s a rare breed. Sharp types dont just fall in your lap every time you need one. At 33 he looks strong to me and I hope he’s back. Finishers finish

    Philly’s Folly

  3. An interesting thought about Sharp as a cap casualty. If it were me, I would probably cut Crawford loose before Sharp. But I suppose that depends on how each does for the rest of the season. We’ll see about that.

  4. ryandale,

    it gets better than philly’s folly.

    Patrick Sharp was just one part of a Philly Farm System that had alot of talent that Philly didn’t choose to hold onto.

    From Wikipedia:

    The 2004–05 Phantoms not only brought the Calder Cup back to Philadelphia for a second time, but also sent a dozen members of its championship roster on to the NHL in 2005–06. Nine players — Antero Niittymaki, Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, Patrick Sharp, Jon Sim, Joni Pitkanen, Dennis Seidenberg, Freddy Meyer, and R.J. Umberger—all saw regular service with the Flyers in 2005–06 while Ben Eager, Randy Jones, Wade Skolney, and Ryan Ready also were called up at one time or another during the season.

    How many cups in that bunch?

    and none with Philly.

  5. I think it coms down to 29 or 10, but I am not going to think about again/anymore until summer.

    Theres no reason to not enjoy this season to the fullest with everybody we have now.

  6. It takes awhile to get to 1000 and even 500 points some our guys have done. Its amazing to think 19 and 88 are already around 500 at such an early age.

    Sharpy is such a pure shooter. Sniper. Bob Lee Swagger.

  7. If you go back to 2005 you will find Seabrook, Keith on defense and Sharpie the only remaining forward from that time. He carried us through those dark days when the attendance was not so good. I remember a particularly bad stretch and the 6-8 thousand fans started to cheer on the Hawks during a bad game. They came back to win and the Blackhawks started the fan salute as a thanks to the fans who kept up the morale and created the rally of the Blackhawks that night. Sharp was a big part of that and a big promoter of Blackhawk hockey in those days. It all got so much better and lets salute Sharp for those days. He never quit on us through thick and thin. Loved that hat trick on the Avs last year.

  8. re: “cap casualty” talk w/ Sharp, Crawford, etc… The Hawks don’t have to dump that much to make it work next year. BUT we don’t know how much Saad and Kruger will cost… so let’s hit the pause button on unloading the empire until the draft.

  9. I wanna hit the salary dump button so hard.

    They’re at 69 million now for next year. Even if cap goes up to 75 and Kooga and Saad cost a combined 5 million (on the light side probably) that’s 74 with 5 or 6 other roster spots that need to get filled with one million. I highly doubt the cap jumps a number much more than 10% of where it is at now which would be 6-7 mildo.

    It would be beyond hilarious if they could get someone to take Bickell but of course he has a modified NTC. Maybe he’ll score an abundance of playoff goals but then if he does that crap again can you trade him? Oh the joys of being a GM. It would be cool if the NHL had a luxury tax and they could just spend spend spend.

    Hopefully they can win this year so when next year is buncha kids on the blue line we can say “at least they won last year.”

  10. @AJ if the Hawks resign Saad and Kruger for 5 million combined that got a heck of a bargain. Both of those guys are going to have a ton of interest from other teams.

    I move Sharp not for my dislike but purely based on salary & age. With Hossa contract, age and current skill set he will be impossible to move. Between Sharp and Hossa the Hawks are paying 2 guys past their prime a over 11 million next season. So 4 forwards Toews, Kane, Sharp & Hossa for 32 million next year! Yikes!

    The Hawks have 5 current forwards and 4 defensemen who are out of contracts at the end of the season so it will be interesting to see what gives.

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