Perfect No More: Blackhawks Fall in Shootout

Andrew Shaw got on the board and Corey Crawford continued his strong start to the season as the Blackhawks started their long road trip in Minnesota on Wednesday night.

Trailing 1-0, Bryan Bickell attacked the net and Shaw deposited a rebound to get the Blackhawks on the scoreboard. Jonathan Toews quickly followed to put Chicago on top. The Toews goal chased Minnesota starting goaltender Josh Harding, who was shown expressing his frustration in the tunnel at the expense of his stick after being pulled from the game.

The Hawks killed a 5-on-3 that lasted almost 90 seconds late in the first, which included the incredible Crawford save seen above. For his night’s work, Crawford stopped 23 of 25 shots in 65 minutes, including a number of key saves in the third period to keep the game tied.

Shaw had his best game of the young season, winning 6 of 11 faceoffs. He was also credited with a hit and a takeaway and had a lot of good energy throughout the game.

Brandon Saad continued to play well, creating a lot of traffic around the Minnesota net. His point total hasn’t been indicative of the quality of play he’s provided this season, and his comfort level has increased with each game while skating next to Toews and Marian Hossa.

Chicago’s penalty kill came up huge again late when Patrick Sharp was sent to the box for hooking at 17:55 in the final frame. All four Wild power plays were handled in regulation, with the final kill sending the game into overtime.

On the blue line, coach Joel Quenneville spread out the ice time among his top four defensemen once again; Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Niklas Hjalmarsson and Johnny Oduya were all between 21 and just over 28 minutes, including the overtime.

Unfortunately, Sharp hit the crossbar with the Hawks’ third and final shootout attempt and Chicago suffered their first loss of the season.

Toews won 13 of 23 faceoffs to lead the Hawks at the dot, while Bickell, Hossa and Patrick Kane were credited with assists in the game.

13 thoughts on “Perfect No More: Blackhawks Fall in Shootout

  1. While it was bound to happen, we did play ok. Its been said before, but we need to get better at clearing the puck on extended stretches in our own zone, but the offense was on. Top line was good. Saad, although still not scoring and making little errors, was willing to drive to the slot and man up on dmen. a good idea when you have guys like Toews and Hossa who can get thier own shot. Kane played well in their zone. The Shaw line was fiesty. Was waiting for a Bollig/Konopka fight that never happened, but thats ok IMO. Bollig did draw Konopka into a penalty and played good for a 4th line enforcer. Bolland seemed a little off. Wasn’t as “pestering” as i wanted him to be. He just looked a little sloppy in general. All that said, when a team is undefeated people come for you. Crawford stepped up when needed, and maybe the first goal wasnt the best, but thats on the defense IMO.

    On a side note, I’m digging the “release the crawken” comments on the blackhawks twitter. I think its a fun nickname.

  2. Crawford stole that point for the Hawks last night. They were a half step slow and the the passes were just a bit off.

    That being said, they were inches away from a highlight real Kane to Hosaa goal in overtime to win. So the bottom line is this team is good. Let’s hope they stay healthy.

  3. I don’t see this as a loss at all…shootouts are a crap shoot…Crawford (who was good right through OT) seemed nervous and tight in the SO, while the Hawks were snakebite against Backstrom…

    It was a good road game by the Hawks with the refs seemingly siding a bit with the home team…we had our chances to win it in regulation, and really dominated the last 2 periods and OT…

    So, IMO, the Hawks are still very much unbeaten and off we go to Vancouver.

    As to Shaw, Tab I strongly feel he has played this well game in and game out…he just hasn’t had any points to show for it…IMO he has been a KEY to the Hawks early season success as the 3rd line hasn’t allowed hardly any goals against (I think only 2) while providing consistent pressure in the offensive zone…plus Shaw has been good in the dot and you know that this kid will only get better there…he is a big success in my eyes, and a fantastic draft pick by Bowman…

    As to Saad, you are right, he just gets better each game…he is not a liability defensively, and is winning a lot of board battles…where he suffers is when he has the puck in a scoring position, he becomes nervous and can’t finish, but he is a young man with a lot of talent (I was shocked by his acceleration, it’s Hossa good) and is going to score, it is only a matter of time.

    BTW…Kruger and Frolik are playing AWESOME hockey, and not just on the PK…Frolik is all over the place while on the ice…I think he had something like 6 shots on goal last night…the Hawks rolled 4 lines last night and looked good doing it…Backstrom just played very well.

  4. I agree with just about all the comments. I don’t feel this was a loss. Only minor negative the past few gms is not capitalizing on more scoring chances but that’ll even itself out. The team is playing very well. We can all be proud.

  5. Was is me or was NBC pushing the Chicago/Minnesota “rivalry” a little too much last night? When did Minnesota become our Rival? St. Louis, yes. Detroit, Hell yes. Even Vancouver or Nashville I would accept. But Minnesota? I think not. Maybe the Minnesota North Stars of like 1989, but not the Minnesota Wild.

  6. Not only are shootouts a crap shoot, they are just crap. We have been on the winning end of shootouts more than 50% of the time and I still hate them. Hockey needs to go to a 3 point system. 3 pts for a regulation or OT win, 2 pts for a shootout win and 1 pt for an OT or shootout loss. I just don’t like seeing a team get a full game win from a shootout.

    Or better yet, you could extend OT to 6 or 8 minutes and let games end in a tie.

    Crawford looks much better, hope he keeps it up. Not to happy with Brookbank. I think Leddy works better with Oduya or Rozsival.

  7. Mike, I agree…get rid of shootouts and replace them with the same or a slightly longer OT…make teams earn it with other players on the ice…and if it is still tied, heck, its a tie…

  8. That was a really fun game to watch despite the outcome. Agree Hawks are looking very very good. Top 2 lines are well balanced. I like how the third line and fourth lines are shaping up. The second D pair can hold their own. Crow looks like he has springs in his legs the way he’s moving from post to post.

    My major complaint is that they need to eliminate these dumb penalties by the forwards. Kruger holding. Stalberg kicking the legs out from the goalie. Toews obstruction and Bolland retaliating in previous games. All that needs to go away. I liked it when we were the least penalized team in the league.

  9. Not sure if this has been suggested before but how about this: 3 points for Regulation win, 2 points for OT win and 1 for tie at end of OT. There’s really no incentive to take chances in OT since you’re already guaranteed 1 point and have a coin flip chance of getting a second in the shoot out

  10. As far as the rivalry goes, It might be more on their end than it is ours… But with that said, they have had our number the last few years. I know they showed the series W/L and it was like 27-16 in favor of the Wild. I have always hated playing them cuz it always seems they get us. Its always a good game too. We are one 7 game series from it being a good rivalry.

  11. There is a weird way of scoring the wins and losses in the NHL- there is a disappearing point. A regulation win is only 2 points awarded for the game, versus an overtime game awards 3 points (2 to the winner, 1 to the loser). The NHL can keep the shoot out but should change how its scored. An over time loss is still a loss and shouldnt be given a point. 3 points for a win in regulation or overtime. 2 points for shoot out win, 1 point for shoot out loss.

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