Petition for the Blackhawks to Retire Steve Larmer’s #28

Larmer number

Larmer number

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8 Responses to Larmer number

  1. Pj Mazza says:

    Retire Larmer!!! #28 baby

  2. Pat-Bon Panio says:

    #28 to the rafters!!!

  3. Gerald Tessier says:

    Indeed Steve should be in thew rafters with Denis!!!

  4. Ed Sumerdon says:

    Steve Larmer was everything a Blackhawk player should be. He deserves to have his number retired and in the rafters.

  5. Joanne Panopoulos says:

    Unanimous decision to retire his number! He was a legend!

  6. Stadium Regular says:

    What are the Hawks waiting for. Best 2 way right wing in team history.

  7. Blackhawk Bob says:

    Steve Larmer deserves his number retired, what a sniper!! Not a speed demon, but who needed speed with his hockey I.Q.!.
    While we’re at it, let’s raise Gentleman Doug Wilson’s #24 to the rafters. He is just as worthy. Check the record books!

  8. Randy Lenser says:

    retire #28 Steve Larmer

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