8 thoughts on “Vince Vaughn Luongo

  1. Louie’s not a pussy.. He’s a outstanding goal tender he just happend to have a bad game. Vince Vaughn is just an asshole I can’t wait for him to wipe that grin off his face after the Canucks beat the shit out of the black-cocks on game 5…Vancouver’s gonna fuck Chicago up.

  2. Big game 5 there Mallory. Big Lou is a falldown. Props for the beaut photo. Vaughn buy the team already Hahah.

  3. Hey Mallory…want to change your statement at all? If I saw the same game Thursday night, the Knuckleheads got the asses handed to them..AGAIN! And where was this wonderful goal tender you were talking about…oh, that’s right, his name is CRAWFORD and he plays for the BLACKHAWKS, the reining STANLEY CU CHAMPS! You guys are just a bunch of chumps!

    Well, hope the weather is good up there this time of year, because the Sundin’s will be golfing by mid next week! FORE…or is it FOUR? That’s right FOUR is the amount of goals Louie allows in each period against the Hawks!

  4. Hey mallory learn something about hockey before you go running your mouth. Theres a problem.. the cancunts aren’t any good and the hawks didn’t even play well last night and still beat your dumb candians

  5. Luongo is a pussy. Once a team gets inside his head theres no hope, thats why vancouver is getting sick of him. the only reason the hawks didnt win the games before was because luongo was on fire and now he’s done, just like the canucks. GO BLACKHAWKS AND GO VINCE VAUGN!! game 7 is gonna be sick!

  6. Mallory – I agree!!! V.V. seems like a total asshole and I hope he was watching game 7 tonight when our Canucks slammed the Hawks to the ice!!! Na na na na, na na na na, Chicago GOODBYE!!!!

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