Potential Barker Trade Delayed by Toronto?


Rumors are flying, still, that the Blackhawks have agreed in principle on a trade that appears to have three teams involved.

The rumor is that the Hawks would send defenseman Cam Barker to Ottawa for center Ryan Shannon and defenseman Alex Picard. The Hawks would also reportedly send defenseman Brent Sopel to Toronto in the deal with a draft pick.

Allegedly the NHL has issues with the deal, and that the Maple Leafs want a higher draft pick than the Hawks are offering. Rumors are that the Leafs will send 21-year old center Jiri Tlusty to Chicago for Sopel and a second round pick. Tlusty has not scored a point yet this season in only two games, and is -2 on the campaign.

Toronto traded away their first and second round picks in the 2010 draft (and their 2011 first rounder) in their summer trade for Phil Kessel, and are rumored to be in the market to acquire replacement picks.

Somehow the two deals appear to be related enough that the Leafs are delaying the move of Barker.

As either of these moves progress, we’ll bring you updates.

UPDATE: Toronto media is reporting Tuesday afternoon that the Leafs are eager to make a deal happen, and believed they had a deal worked out for Sopel over the weekend. However, something changed on Monday and the deal now believed to be in jeopardy. More updates to come!

5 thoughts on “Potential Barker Trade Delayed by Toronto?

  1. Seems like a lot to give up for tagging room and a little cap space… We are still short a stay-home defenceman.

  2. Sopel’s $2.5M cap number next year couldn’t be further from needed… so getting anything for him would be a blessing.

    Picard, to me, is a poor man’s Barker w/ an expiring contract. He could be brought back for significantly less than Barker’s $3M cap number, thus saving the Hawks $ down the road. There’s also Shawn LaLonde & Dylan Olsen making Barker & Sopel both expendable moving forward.

    If you check out my post on bringing back Chelios, he might spell Hendry for a game here or there and those two, w/ Hjalmarsson, would be your stay-at-home blue liners.

  3. I would not mind to have him but what would the leafs have to give up for him. Idont know I dont know.

  4. Tab, it has now been revealed by the Toronto Sun that this ‘deal’–if there ever was one–was dead as of Sunday…though TSN’s Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie continue to insist it has legs.

    In any case, Bowman would be better served by looking to Atlanta, a team in a resurgence. Pavel Kubina is an impending UFA, a big, strong experienced d-man, with a Cup ring, so that makes more sense to me than any deal with Toronto.

    I could see Barker and Jack Skille as part of the package.

    Waddell is building a young team, and John Anderson certainly knows Barker and Skille from his/their time in the AHL.

    Barker and Skille would definitely help the Thrashers, and that deal works for the Hawks as well.

    Kubina in Chicago definitely strengthens the team for the playoffs.

    To address the Sens-Hawks rumor, this has been flimsy from day one.

    IMO Ottawa is not a credible trade partner because of Bryan Murray’s conservative track record. He isn’t the type to take on a young 3-million dollar d-man, when he can plug in cheaper talent. While Barker could help the Sens, Murray will probably opt to go with what he has.



  5. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, Dave. Toronto has been pretty public about their want to make moves, but there are other teams that realize they’re in dire straights and won’t over pay them to be a player in the trade market. From what I’ve read, Burke wanted better than a 2nd round pick to take Sopel off the Hawks’ hands, which is laughable if the rumors that nothing more than Tlusty coming back have any validity. Burke might as well just let this season go down the drain and throw a ton of money out in offer sheets next summer.

    With regard to the Ottawa rumors, they’ve been linked to the Hawks & Barker for a while. I personally think Barker’s a better fit for Carolina than Ottawa, but Ottawa’s name has been linked more often. They also appear to have a couple pieces the Hawks could take back and do nothing with between now and the end of the season that wouldn’t kill the roster; Picard, to me, is a poor man’s Barker so the fall off on the third d-line wouldn’t be huge.

    Your suggestion that Kubina could be a fit in Chicago is intriguing. I’m totally with you that Skille’s days in Chicago are numbered as much as anyone’s, unloading both to an Eastern Conf team would make great sense for a quality rental like Kubina.

    The biggest issue we’re all going to have to fight thru as Hawks fans right now is the continued lack of qualification of how the tagging rule will play a role in the Hawks signing the three studs. I’ve read that the Hawks need to move as much as $8M to they need to move only $1M to they’re fine and have nothing to worry about. If the Hawks don’t make a move before they come home Dec 1 and announce the three deals as planned, we’ll know the tagging rule’s over rated. But from what I’ve read in the CBA, they need to move money off the books before they can put the pen to paper with Kane, Keith and Toews.

    Thanks as always, Dave!

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