Power Failure: Blackhawks Fall To Ducks In Shootout

In spite of strong efforts from a number of individuals, the Blackhawks lost to the Ducks in a shootout on Tuesday night.

Corey Crawford continued his strong start to the season, stopping 29 of 31 shots during regulation and the overtime period. The Ducks potent offense had a number of good scoring chances, but Crawford performed well.

In front of Crawford, Marcus Kruger had a fantastic game. He won seven of 10 faceoffs and personally killed almost 30 seconds of a 5-on-3 in a Hossa-esque performance. Kruger’s development continues to make a significant impact on the Hawks penalty killing unit as well as the team’s 5-on-5 play.

The Ducks, like a few other teams this year, brought a physical game to the Hawks which was answered yet again. Bryan Bickell was a wrecking ball all over the ice, including a huge hit on Anaheim captain Ryan Getzlaf that led to a fight between Bickell and Brad Staubitz. Bickell was credited with three hits and two takeaways in the game.

Unfortunately for Crawford, the Blackhawks power play was nearly invisible once again. Chicago was given six power play opportunities, including two that had the Hawks with an advantage for the majority of the overtime period. But only one conversion on those six opportunities put a spotlight on the Blackhawks’ biggest struggle so far this season.

In the overtime’s first powerplay, which carried over from the final moments of regulation, coach Joel Quenneville loaded up with Duncan Keith, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Marian Hossa for the full 1:50 advantage. They failed to score.

Only 18 seconds after that powerplay ended, the Blackhawks had another chance with an advantage. This time, Quenneville sent out Toews, Kane, Hossa and Patrick Sharp. They, too, were unable to get the puck in the net.

Most frustrating: the Hawks only generated seven shots in six powerplays in the game.

Another area of concern continues to be Dave Bolland’s inability to win faceoffs. Toews won 16 of 25 draws in the game, Kruger won seven of 10, and Andrew Shaw won five of nine; Bolland won only six of 18.

One amazing fact from the game: the combined age of the two goal-scorers for the Blackhawks, Nick Leddy (21) and Brandon Saad (20), is still less than Anaheim’s Teemu Selanne (42).

Toews, Sharp and Kane were credited with assists in the loss.

Chicago was credited with a stunning 31 takeaways as a team. Only two players, Brandon Bollig and Michal Rozsival, weren’t credited with at least one takeaway in the game; seven different Hawks were credited with three.

And yet, with the concerns continuing to build in some areas, the Hawks still have not lost a game in regulation.

13 thoughts on “Power Failure: Blackhawks Fall To Ducks In Shootout

  1. It looked like the Hawks got tired or lazy in the last 6 minutes of the 3rd period. They were content to sit back, chase the puck, and clear the zone, rather than attacking the Ducks. In the end, Anaheim was able to press and get a late goal.

    I hope the PP issues can get resolved soon, there is no excuse for the results given the talent we have on the roster. We’re still managing to get points in the standings, but the PP will come back to haunt us if we can’t be more effective. Last year, opponents were incredibly physical with us, because they knew our PP was not a threat. We can’t let that happen again this year.

  2. Thanks for the in-depth report Tab…I agree across the board…there were lots of good things to this game with both teams, but the bottom line is that the Hawks didn’t take advantage of their opportunities.

    Mike Haviland was let go as the fall guy for the Hawks coaching staff, and the finger was directly pointed towards his lack of results with the PP unit…enter Kompon, a Q disciple and what do we have? A PP unit that does a better job of moving their feet, but little else.

    Right now, the only issues with this team revolve around the PP, the Shoot Out, and Bolland’s face-off %…that’s why we are still undefeated…had the PP done it’s job last night, we don’t even go to the SO…and after Toews, there simply isn’t a consistent SO scorer…for as talented as Kane is, he is not very good in the SO…I think that Saad can be, as could Stahlberg, but they need more reps…plus, Crawford changes during the SO…he becomes much more nervous and less flexible…so right now, the SO is not a good situation for this team, and until the PP starts scoring more goals, we are going to continue to be involved in a lot of SO’s…

    The good news, its a game we should have won, and a tie is no sin…the 3 days rest to the SJ game will do the team a lot of good…and the young players on this team continue to excel!

  3. As much as I would love to blame Kompon for the PP issues across-the-board, how do you have 4 of the top 35-40 players in the world on the ice together for 2 minutes of 4-on-3 in overtime and not get a shot on net? Kane-Toews-Hossa-Sharp is scary on paper… but they look too hard for the PERFECT shot. Rather than passing the puck in a circle for 35 seconds and then turning it over, get it on net?

    I for one would like to see more Bickell on the PP. I love Shaw’s effort, but there’s a difference between 170 and 250 pounds posting up in front of the opposing netminder. Bickell’s worked his butt off so far this season. I wouldn’t mind putting a trigger-happy shooter like Stalberg and/or Saad on there more regularly as well.

    One other thought: where did everybody go that said Kruger should have stayed in Rockford this year? I seem to recall a number of folks here and on other sites/message boards that were ready/willing/happily able to hate the kid all summer and into the first couple games of the season…

  4. Tab – good summery (as usual) – thanks.

    I was backing Kruger from the beginning (no wavering) – HIGH IQ/defense…just needed experience and a little added size & strength.

    Q is correct – the team that gets the best of 5-on-3 situations usually wins. I thought I heard Kompon say that the staff doesn’t divide responsibilty PP, PK, etc. – they all work on all of it?

    Your analysis is spot-on: “Kane-Toews-Hossa-Sharp is scary on paper… but they look too hard for the PERFECT shot” – please, somebody tell them that!! And, I also agree that Bickell would seem to be that “BIG body” in front of the net that they’ve been searching for.

    It ain’t at all bad – GO HAWKS!!

  5. Tab I agree with your recap and I have the same concern with big physical teams. The Hawks just don’t have the size to match up with teams like Ana, Phx, and STL(although have played STL very well @ home). Surprisingly thats why a player like Carcillo is key because the Hawks lack those type of players. However I felt last nights game was the Hawks worse game of the year. It is very disappointing to have the Hawks being given every chance to win and not being able to. On the plus side I felt Saad was the best player on the ice last night. Hard to complain too much about a team the has the most points in the league and hasnt lost in regulation.

  6. PP still needs big body net presence… w/ great hands…
    IMO- Bicks, Shaw, Stal— ain’t it!!! And that guy isn’t on team!

    Hawks PP seems to do better when guy w/ puck skates and pulls a D-man w/ him, and another Hawk finds the vacated lane! Easier said then done!

    Hayes is closest thing to that in Hawks System- but has high center of gravity. but most everyone on this site thinks he can’t skate…

    Teuvo PP- shoots like Sharp, patience of Hoss, vision of Kane… too bad 2-3 years away!

    If Saad could get better at going topshelf (in close when he speeds around D like Malkin and Datsyuk do w/ ease) he will be incredible someday… then again if it were easy Glencross would have scored 6 goals vs. Emery a few weeks ago!!!

    Always liked Kruger and Stalberg… especially considering $$$$

  7. I know a point is a point and we are atop the standings but It sucks getting out hit every stinking game. And is Hossa so inept at shootouts that he never gets a call?? I don’t know the numbers but is he that bad to have to watch from bench all the time

  8. I agree Tab/Wall with the PP ideas…Q talked about having his star players EARN their PP time, by achieving results this year…give Bickell a try and start crashing the net, looking for rebound or tap in goals, instead of all this perimeter stuff.

    As for Kompon, or whomever else, it is THEIR JOB to instruct players to perform their roles (like shooting on the PP), and if the players don’t then there have to be consequences. I hear this argument a lot from fans about blaming the players…but when you play sports at a high level, successful coaches don’t leave things to chance. They ensure their will and/or style is being adhered to…Q does this in EVERY OTHER aspect of his coaching, but clearly not the PP, and it has hurt us for quite a while. He is so quick to shuffle regular lines throughout a game to try and spark a change, but he hasn’t been this way with the PP…

    Kane, Toews, Hossa and Sharp IS scary on PAPER as a PP unit. But until they start proving it in reality, then they aren’t the answer…another player who might be is Kruger…I know that might seem a little odd, but he has a lot better hands than most, and he is willing to crash the net…something that of the 4 mentioned above only Toews will do.

    As for Kruger, I have always been on his bandwagon…just NOT as the 2nd line centre this season…it would have been too much pressure on his game…as the 4th line guy, he is playing smart, relaxed hockey and it shows…he is another outstanding Bowman draft pick, and like Shaw I think he was a 5th rounder too…

  9. Add together takeaways and hits. Then the lack of “hits” by the Hawks doesn’t seem so bad.

    That was a really good game between two really good teams. If the Hawks ever start capitalizing on powerplays, they will be untouchable. One of the things I don’t understand is why they rotate off the screen when they get the puck in close. It’s like they are trying to be too pretty rather than just jamming it in.

    Bickell played a great game yesterday. It also proved a point I’ve been harping on for the past few weeks. Going after a player after he hits your teammate is stupid. Staubitz put the Hawks on the PP and really sparked their play in the second period. From the logic that has been dropped lately, the Ducks should have been pumped up that Staubitz came to the aid of his teammate and they should have killed off the penalty and taken the game over.

  10. I’m one of the anti Kruger guys……or I was. What an improvement. Seriously. Good job by him. You could say most improved player on the roster.
    And Leddy too. Much improved. Too bad Rosy had a horrible game.
    I agree that we went to the prevent D and it cost us, like it often does in the NFL.
    But we are so much better defensively, so many players are incrementally better, that at least in the west, I don’t know who could beat us 4 out of 7 times. And this is without Carcillo.

  11. One other point to bring up about last night was Bollig playing on the 4th line…we went right back to less than 5 minutes of regular ice time for that line with Bollig, whereas the game before in Nashville saw the 4th line roll for almost 10 minutes…we won that game with a shut out…if Bollig’s presence means that the 4th line see limited ice time, then he shouldn’t be out there…the Hawks win when they roll 4 lines…Kruger is too good of a hockey player to just have out there on the PK…

  12. Bollig’s limited ice time might also have to do with 24 minutes of the game being on special teams. I know at one point last night more than 60% of Krugers TOI was on the PK, I imagine the same applies to Frolik.

    Bollig definitely had at least 2 shifts in the third period, so there was still rolling going on there. Had the game against Nashville been closer with more penalties, I imagine you would have seen less Mayers out there.

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