Predators Dominate Lifeless Blackhawks

The Blackhawks out-hit the Predators 19-11 on Tuesday night. And Robin Lehner played his ass off.

That is the start and finish of your official silver lining from the debacle in Nashville.

Chicago sat Brent Seabrook again because they wanted to have their best 18 on the ice.

Chicago was out-shot 19-6 in the first period. Nick Bonino scored his first goal of the night.

Chicago was out-shot 21-8 in the second period. Nick Bonino scored a second goal on the night.

Chicago was out-shot 11-6 in the third period. Nick Bonino completed the hat trick.

Symmetry. Suck. The Blackhawks had both all night in Nashville.

For those not using a calculator, the Blackhawks were out-shot 50-21 in the game.

The Blackhawks blocked another 24 shot attempts.

If not for Lehner the score easily could have been triple what it was.

If Jeremy Colliton and/or Stan Bowman thinks sitting Brent Seabrook is going to fix this roster they got a rude awakening on Tuesday night. What we saw was a very good team – potential Stanley Cup contender – playing a team that was slower, weaker and not as well coached.

Nashville was better than the Hawks in every aspect of the game. And it was painfully obvious that the Predators were in a different weight class than the Hawks from the opening puck drop.

A few notes about individual performance:

Dennis Gilbert, skating in place of Seabrook, led Chicago with seven hits in 15:22.

Patrick Kane had twice as many penalty minutes (four) as he did shots on net (two).

Jonathan Toews was credited with twice as many blocked shots (two) as he had shots on net (one).

Olli Maatta (four) had more shots on net than any Chicago forward. David Kampf and Duncan Keith finished the night tied with three each.

Kirby Dach skated 12:43 and was credited with one shot on net.

122 thoughts on “Predators Dominate Lifeless Blackhawks

  1. You said it, slower and weaker. We are worse than last year. It’s gonna be a long season and kiss the playoffs goodbye. Thanks Blowman for a hapless roster.

  2. Tonight’s game was an utter disgrace. The same players (other than Seabrook) that played hard an entire game v. Vegas — same type of team as Nashville — packed it in from start to finish tonight.

    Once again, if the players suck, this is solely on Bowman for the reasons I’ve set forth before. If the coach sucks, this is solely on Bowman for the reasons I’ve set forth before. If it’s a combination of these two, same thing all solely on Bowman.

    Nevermind the teacher’s strike nonsense, maybe we will all wake up tomorrow morning and the headline will read:

    “Blackhawks Clean House, Bowman & Colliton Fired”.

  3. Out shot 51 to 20.
    Come on Stan, can you not step down? Can’t blame the coach. He was thrown into this shit by Stan.
    Time to get rid of the cause.

  4. Where do they go from here, Seabrook back in but so what. Callup somebody from Rfd. Again little impact in doing that. Lehner definitely elite goaltender. Only other bright spot was pk didn’t allow any goals. PP not registering any shots is not acceptable though. Didn’t have the puck most of the game. Not as good.a team as Preds or anywhere close.

  5. I can’t believe I wasted time on this tonight.
    Granted, I only watched the 2nd, because I got home late from a horrible day at work.
    What. The. #&/!*$,÷ is going on?
    I’m serious, guys…
    19 & 88??
    20& 65??
    We *know* they aren’t this bad. Right??
    The wheels haven’t just fallen off–the whole damn car is on fire in the middle of rush hour.

  6. Great quotes

    Mark Lazerus:
    “The difference — and it’s a big difference — is, last year, it seemed like the Blackhawks were looking for a reason to fire Quenneville. That’s not the case with Colliton. If anything, it’s the opposite.”

    Rinne on Lehner and the Blackhawks: “He was the only reason this game was anywhere near reasonable for them. I haven’t been a part of that kind of game I don’t think in my whole career.”

    Ben Pope:
    “Only the third time in franchise history they’ve allowed more than 50 and recorded 20 or fewer.” (Let that one sink in)

  7. Towes was invisible tonight. He has 1 goal and 1 assist all year. He is on pace for a 15 total point season. He better start playing with a sense of urgency. What happened to the young energetic Towes?

  8. Scott Powers:
    “I’ve been watching the Blackhawks’ game at my own pace from home, cutting clipping and tracking some stats. I’m only through two periods, but I don’t think I’ve seen many worse games from the Hawks since I’ve been on the beat.”

  9. Holy F___!
    I just do not understand how this team is this bad. I did not expect much this year but we are going back to pre lock out days. What the hell is going on?

    By the way, does anyone else feel that Chicago sports teams are getting really bad?

  10. For those who still believe Stan, Pierre Gauthier, and Mark Kelley are not the problem? Forget the coach who is an absolute JOKE as well (changing lines again, leaving Saad with no one to play with), it’s a no brainer to pick a player in the first round because everyone has the same list….what’s important is what you do in the 2nd and 3rd round. These rounds create depth and hopefully NHL calibre players.
    Again, I would have never spent $5million on a back up goalie because it does not change the fact that we have no one to help Kane & Toews and Dcat & Strome as power forwards except for Saad. Hence we will get outshot every night because our forewards apart from 12, 17, 19, 88, 20, 77 are too small or not NHL top 6 calibre (8, 91, 92, 65, 64, 22, 15) Please, is the Bowman honeymoon with Kubalik over? Is the JC honeymoon with Kampf over? All this dump and chase style is fruitless and embarassing to watch.

    Dach should be either sent to the Juniors or playing 3rd line center all year period! Another no brainer.
    But to trade away Perlini and have no one to play power forward with Toews is all due to Bowman’s inability to draft or trade. Plus did we need another Dman, NOPE? Did we need Strome? NOPE, we had Schmaltz! Then we trade Perlini for another Dman? Why? Now we are stuck with Dach not playing his natural position. A power forward short so we will see more CAGG?
    Maybe trade Lehner in March and get something back. He is not signing with the HAWKS and trust me, he is going to blow up soon and wish he had said yes to the Islanders.
    20 19 88
    12 17 8
    65 77 92
    15 22 91

  11. Firing Q was one thing, we can agree or disagree w the move and the selfish, employment driven, self-preservation timing of it by Bowman. Maybe it was time for Q to go, who knows. Albeit the roster Bowman gave him was a joke.

    However, replacing Q w/ the right coach was critical for the future of the Blackhawks. It was the most important part of the equation. The roster (greatly overhauled by Bowman since Q was fired) appears to have better players. Bowman hiring a wholly unproven, non-NHL level (not even close) coach is akin to the airlines hiring a perpetually enibriated pilot.

    Scary. God forbid.

  12. How potentially powerful are Boqvist, Beaudin and Mitchell compared to the Blues or Preds Blueline? Yep! NOPE!

  13. Wow. The men versus the boys tonight.
    Lehner is a keeper. What a performance. The only bright spot during an embarrassing team performance.
    So the Hawks have won 3 out of their first 11.

    The inability to win games at home where they seemingly were in control, versus Winnipeg and Las Vegas, were tell tale signs that trouble lurked when the Hawks go into another team’s building.

    So for the next few days we will get to here Boy Wonder say “we need to play better away from the puck”, “we need to manage the puck better”.

    If only it were that simple. They boat is leaking in so many places that one tinker move here and another one there, is not going to change what we are seeing. Sad.

  14. I’ve got a feeling that this was a statement by the team – sit Seabrook for two games in a row and we’re not happy. We’re not giving 100 percent. He’s a leader that many guys look to and benching him twice was an insult to the team.

  15. JC is clueless he keeps running the same system that not working Bowman has to go and his coach with him!!!

  16. Jeremy Colliton goes to his room and asks his teddy bear, Snuggles what he should do. Snuggles tells him that he is doing a fantastic job but he now must bench Jonathan Toews next.

    Snuggles is an evil bear. Bad Snuggles!

  17. The defense was improved, but still appears far from elite, unable to conrrol the play coming out of our own end. The forwards are allowing the opposing team to control center ice area, very noticeable against the better teams. Saw alot 9f bailing on the puck tonight on all 3 areas of the ice by multiple players. Can’t be competitive with top teams playing that way.

  18. …. The games in hand have been addressed, the Hawks are falling further and further behind most of the Western conference. They’re going to need another miraculous run (like last season) later in this season to simply get into the mix.

    A) that’s not going to happen w the current coaching staff; B) that’s not going to happen w the current GM; and C) the West has been weak since the Hawks last won the Cup (St Louis was the beneficiary of that last season), but this season the Western teams are greatly improved overall. Not good.

    This is a serious matter.

  19. I guess it’s time to call it. It’s officially off-the-rails. I’m usually of the opinion it’s the players fault, first, It’s true, too, in this case. It’s time to shake things-up with a coaching change. This roster doesn’t appear to be as bad as the record, though, Toews play is.

  20. Pretty shocking how bad that was – looked like a top NHL team against a weak AHL team. Can’t win a board battle, can’t complete a pass, can’t get out of the d-zone. I have no idea what the answer is but the term left on all the “core” player contracts feels like a very heavy boat anchor as we try to look to the future.

  21. Definitely some interesting comments here, I guess we can all agree this team has zero interest in winning. Not sure they laid down because Sean’s was scratched, that would send a bad message to the goalie….anyway, better get used to this because this is what the Hawks look like. Toews is already in retirement, Kane doesn’t seem interested, and the rest of the team is being hung out to dry by poor coaching….but most glaring was the lack of effort, lost every puck battle….just plain sad.

  22. If you fire JC you have to get rid of Bowman. This yr is lost. This is a team in disarray and Bowman and McD are responsible. Enough of them already

  23. Bush: “no new taxes”
    Obama: “you can keep your current doctor”
    McDonough: “this is a playoff team”

  24. Keep in mind, from scouts, to players, to PR people, to the General Manager to the Team President all said the same thing in the summer and at training camp : We Have to get off to a good start. Now that that has failed, there are ultimately three choices :
    1) Stay the course and see where we are in February in terms of selling at the trade deadline.
    2) Tear it down, admit publicly that that it’s time for a complete rebuild. Any veteran who does not want to be part of it, we will attempt to accommodate you.
    3) Remove Colliton as Coach and bring in a veteran bench boss to try to salvage a wild card spot before its to late.

    Note : I am going on the assumption that Rocky Wirtz and McDonough will not fire Bowman.

  25. Firing JC and keeping Bowman and McD is just rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

  26. The league has moved on …without the Hawks evolving with it …two rights don`t make a wrong and two wrongs make a right…in Stans case this is a catastrophic failure….From his idiotic contracts to his knee jerk 3rd and 4th line player signings…. 4 th year for resigning old worn out glory players and has beens . …his fetish with first round rejects from other teams is a strange and sorry a loss of development of our own picks .
    Man ,Mo had me believing we were playoff bound . Hows your local minor midget team playing ?

  27. Wow.

    Safest 10 feet on the ice remains in front of our net. Unless you are our goalie.

    Think Crawford wishes he got the start?

  28. Seabs will be assist captain in Seattle next year …his proud team will kick the Hawks ass for the first 5 meetings !

  29. Lorne Molliken, Alpo Suhonen, Dirk Graham, this feels very very familiar.
    No NHL head coaching experience required. Where are they now ?

    You could possibly throw Craig Hartsburg and Trent Yawney in that mix. But at least they had Coaching experience when it came to defensive hockey and when fired,
    they at least found decent Assistant jobs throughout the league.

    Colliton is not on the cutting edge of really anything.

  30. I have been watching Chicago Blackhawks Hockey over 50 years.I sat in front of the television tonight stunned.I have never witnessed anything more embarrassing then that entire game tonight.I love Hockey and this nonsense made me switch over to the world series game.This now is all on Rocky WIRTZ.Def Con 1.This has to be blown up immediately.There is no salvaging anything from this team.Bring in real hockey people now and start all over again.Utmost respect to Robin LEHNER.His goaltending was amazing.

  31. Brent Seabrook is the soul of the team. Too bad he’s horrible at driving possession and costs 7M.

    Can’t win with or without him.

  32. Glad we couldn’t get this game on TV- sounds like a 4-alarm fire! Bring back John Hayden- let him hit people!
    50 shots on net?? Our goalies will just wear out!!
    Wow- ugly… and worse than a bad disease… we don’t have a cure yet and we know it’s only going to get worse…
    Sad to read the comments really

  33. Settle down everyone … it’s all part of the master plan. McD didn’t want to announce the Hawks were in a rebuild for fear of revenue loss so they waited to see how the first month of the season went and since it doesn’t look good – “The Plan” will be implemented.

    1. Bench Seabrook to get him to want to be traded then find a trade partner and retain 50% of Seabrook’s cap hit.
    2. Send Dach back to Saskatoon to slide his ELC which would align it with the time Seabrook’s salary clears the books.
    3. Trade Keith at the TDL for draft picks.
    4. Trade Gustafsson at the TDL for draft picks.
    5. Bring up Boqvist from Rockford and let him used to the NHL game.
    6. Miss the playoffs.
    7. Win the draft lottery and draft Alexis Lafreniere.
    8. Sign Ian Mitchell, Robin Lehner and Dylan Strome.
    9. Consider 2020/21 year#2 of rebuilding – let the kids play.




  34. This is what I was seeing in Lehner when he was in Buffalo. Knew he was a good goalie on a bad team. Bet ya Lehner had flashbacks thinking he was in Buffalo again. He should be signed to a 4yr 16mil after the season.
    As heard in the coaching circle. You don’t want to be the coach that replaces a Legend. You want to be the coach that replaces the coach that replaced the Legend. Let’s ride out this storm as planned to find out what’s in every players (and fans) heart. There were many a post before that 20-21 was the starting year of good hockey. Ebony, not bad, I’m listening.

  35. Yes, having John Hayden would solve everything! The Hawks were in the top 5 in hits. They may still be. Hayden wouldn’t make them good…or even respectable.

  36. After, that’s the thing, so e5hing is going on because your right 19 88 12 17 65 are not shit players that are 37-40 or no experience players that are 18. Some5hing is going on and it ain’t the quality of the players, it at least most of them. That’s why I do not buy this we’re that shitty, it’s something else.

  37. I wasn’t satisfied with the crap from preseason, there’s no way this many good players can be that shitty, at times. People said it takes awhile to get used to the new system, fine. I will still give it 20 games, 10-20 is what a I want to see, then I will be satisfied good or bad.

    Right from the start, preseason, it just didn’t seem right.

    Ian, I think your right the whole time here, not sure about this defensive system,

    We ve played 10 yrs of zone, and where suppose to be good at man to man, when most teams have been practicing man to man for those 10 yrs.

  38. Craig-they tried the rebuild on the run with 88 and 19. One foot in, one foot out. I hope it’s now clear to all that you have to start with the 25 and under crowd and get better. Develop young talent, have them win and struggle together-
    Stop worrying about what Johnny and Patty need.

    I think it’s a perfect time to get rid of Bowman and get serious about this-not someone who wants to keep his job-someone who will grow with this team. And develop a new style, new attitude. Hunger!
    Honestly how much hunger does a guy making 10 million have and has won three incredible Cups?

  39. Think so Mo, tried to buy into Collitons system after people saying looking forward to them mastering it and thriving, so much for that. Players just seem disconnected, won majority of fos last night and couldn’t show any possession at all. Got to agree time for somebody to be accountable.

  40. In the past when I played hockey and I watched hockey there was always one defenceman who stayed in front of the net to help the goalie Many times in a game with the Hawks there’s no defenceman in front To me that’s a flawed system and a poorly executed defence

  41. Seems like 19 definitely and 88 too are not playing at the same level, Strome and Debrincat are entertaing but there overall level of play is still a notch below a regressing 19 and 88, support pieces but never be your go to guys, likke Saad.

    Maybe a promising Dach can be that kind of guy but he won’t replace a 19 or 88 in their prime. Time maybe to set the course for the future identity of this team, the present seems pretty messed up right now. Agree with posters play and try to develop the draft picks enough of the rhetoric, this is what we are building here, then watching them traded away. Then replace them with underachieving veterans looking to catch lightning with them. This season underachievers may have a higher floor than past years, with more potential but the formula seems to be the same, unfortunately so far the results too.

  42. Tonight the Hawks as a team let a player stand in the crease and score 3 goals ! Not one player forward or defense moved him or tried to knock him down. This is what’s wrong with this team plain and simple. There are no LEADERS on this team period.

  43. Nothing fun about that game. Was frustrated that the Hawks don’t seem interested in, or capable of playing against fast, swarming defenses. And the Preds didn’t look that engaged, it was almost like a scrimmage against a semi-pro team for them, if not for Lehner this one would have been 8-0. No one on the Hawks (with the exception of Lehner) looked interested in playing at all.

    Waste. Of. Time.

    I’ve never seen a team look more fragile than this Hawks team. You could feel it, 10 minutes into the game, that they would not score a goal. It’s like they resigned themselves to the fact that they were over matched and they wanted nothing to do with this game.

    This team does not know how to outwork a more skilled team. That died when Hossa was forced to retire. It’s becoming more clear to me that how under appreciated his contributions to the Cup years were. The Hawks look lost out there.

    I’m tired of the lines constantly shifting. At this point I don’t know what any coach can do to fix this. I still think if Dach and Nylander are going to play bottom six minutes, just pair them up there on the fourth lines and let them play until they get better. Or send them to juniors and Rockford and be done with it.

    Quit mucking up every line, every single game, trying to get those two (77 & 92) to look good. Fix the top three lines now or resign yourself to another missed playoffs and possible lottery pick. Leave 92 & 77 in the bottom six until further notice.

    At this point I have no idea how to fix the lines. If no one is going to make an effort, what difference will it make? I guess I would Go with what I was advocating for a while now…


    It can’t be worse than what we saw tonight, which is a low bar to set, but here we are…

  44. Agree on the line changes. How can you develop rhythm and (or) momentum if each night it’s different.

    No one on this team is outright terrible, but it’s a mediocre roster at-best.

    Still wondering why Stan/JC gave up on Jokiharu. For a team so desperate for good D-men. Stan’s affinity for failed #1 picks is ridiculous. And objectively, his evaluation of Perlini was off from the start – given Perlini couldn’t crack this current lineup. Stan said (I’m paraphrasing) at the time of that trade was “we got two good players for one”. Now Stan has to answer Strome for Schmaltz straight up. Given Strome has had success with DeBrincat, that’s been a good thing, but pound for pound Schmaltz is much faster and plays a solid back-checking game on the D-end. Would Schmaltz be worst for DeBrincat if he centered that line? IDK, just can’t stand the Joker trade – he was the top D man on the team for the first month last year. Makes zero sense to me that they gave up on him so quickly. And now we’re seeing an infusion of D men via trades. As if Stan is trying to compensate.

  45. “When you don’t win faceoffs on the PP, you do wind sprints.
    When your entry is bad on the PP, you do wind sprints.
    Wind sprints good for your conditioning, bad for your PP.”

    This team looks like it needs some conditioning

  46. Apart from an amazing performance by Lehner, the Hawks team performance last night was a jaw dropping embarrassment. Not acceptable, period. This ship is taking water fast. The team was clearly not ready to play against a strong opponent and was totally outplayed. The new guys on this team have to be thinking WTF have I got my self into?

    A once proud organization is becoming the laughing stock of the league. Everyone should be held accountable. It would be my wish that at seasons end SB, McD, and the scouting staff be shown the door. Get some hockey people to run this team Rocky., not marketing people.

    The season is still young, but the early samples we have seen thus far suggest there is something wrong chemistry wise with this group. We have seen multiple shit show performances from this team that screams something ain’t right.

    Right now this team is floundering. Also says, how bad is LA?

    (meekly)Let’s Go Hawks!

  47. Earl “Tonight the Hawks as a team let a player stand in the crease and score 3 goals ! Not one player forward or defense moved him or tried to knock him down. This is what’s wrong with this team plain and simple.”

    87 shot attempts? No I dont think so.

  48. The heart and soul is Seabs which means its old and slow but still thinks its young.

    Its not helping that this team isnt a fast team. Its not a big team. Its not a grind them out team. Its a team with no identity and because of this it will lose to the fast team. It will lose to the big team and it will lose to the grind em out team and it will get butchered by any multi layered team (see Nashville)

    Problem is Bowman made trades without planning out what team identity he wanted. So now they have none. We went from Denis Savard to Coach Q to Colliton.

    Fire Bowman already before he makes it worse because theres still more damage he can still do. Hes had a full year since Q was fired and wheres the team now? Enough already! Enough!!

  49. I will have to admit that the Lehner signing was a good move but he’s gonna get PTSD by the end of the season.
    Can we please fire JC and Bowman now? This is going nowhere

  50. Chicago is going to be just like the Deadwings.
    Loyalty towards the core will further lead to the demise of the franchise.
    They can’t be traded. Hell they cannot even be sat out for two games in a row without the loyal fan base taking a fit.
    While we will always remember the three cups and our heroes. That was then this is now.
    The core has won the cups, they have the fame, more money than they will ever be able to spend. Do you really believe that they would have the same drive to win?
    Hockey wise they have done it all.
    Just for a laugh…Jonathan Toews…11 games played 1 goal 1 assist 2 points- 5 and keep in mind Toews is playing about 20 minutes a game.
    Decisions to be made for sure.

  51. No decision can be made with Bowman at the helm. Look at the mess their in. The list is too long to mention. The worst was getting rid of a hall of fame coach for JC.
    He has to be fired . Agree with the post this team has no identity and no direction.

  52. Stape
    “…Jonathan Toews…11 games played 1 goal 1 assist 2 points- 5 and keep in mind Toews is playing about 20 minutes a game.
    Decisions to be made for sure”

    Colliton sits in a chair in a darkened corner of his room as a pumpkin spice latte warms his ccold clammy hands. What to do? What to do? Then he thinks “ah hah! I got it! I will bump up Toews minutes to 24 per game and I will put Kampf and Cagguila as his wingers. Oh Colly. You are a genius!”

    And so it goes.

  53. Last night caused me to think about out “talent”. Nashville has a lot of strong veterans who have now played together for several years and should be a real cup contender. However if they could have any Hawk players to improve their team who would they take (forget about salary cap)? I think they would take Kane for sure, Toews for 3rd line center, maybe Saad and Lehner. They don’t need Dcat cause they have just as good a version in Arvidson. That’s it in my view which says a lot about how out talent “stacks up”.

  54. The cup window is closed. Time to rebuild without Bowman and JC. Q has to be laughing in Florida

  55. Bobby9–Q laughing with his pal Kitchen by his side once again.

    Meanwhile, Stanbo quietly holds a noose firmly in his hands and stares at the words “Brooks was here” etched on the beam above his head.

  56. Cup window has certainly shit, but what is more glaring is that the current team in Chicago other than the core, we do not have any leaders, nobody to take over as captain or assistant captains… let’s look at Rockford….anyone down there capable of taking over any leadership roles ?? Perhaps….Gilbert most likely, Ian Mitchell is currently captain of Univ of DEN… bet to rebuild is to get back into the draft lottery, get into the top 3 again, fire Bowman, Colliton, McD and officially start your rebuild. Unfortunately you still have Toews, Keith on the payroll. Seabs may accept a trade, and if Kane start slipping which it looks like a possibility, well then you are stuck with his salary too…..oh Lord my brain hurts….and I keep hearing that song in the background…..” Jeremy spoke in class todaaaay “……make it stop !

  57. Let’s look at our bright future
    Toews 10.5 , Kane 10.5 , to keep Lehner 8 , Keith 5.5 , Dcat 6.5 , Shaw 3.9 , to trade Seabrook have to keep at 4 plus a top prospect. That is approx 50 mil. For 6 players.
    Oh I forgot , DeHaan 4 , Maatta 4, . 58 mill for 8 older players. But don’t worry can Stan can fix this . Lol

  58. Stanbo now reminds me of George Costanza. He hides under his desk eating a calzone while McDonough races around searching where that smell is coming from.

  59. Omg Loags you made my Diet Coke come out of my nose!
    What a fantastic Seinfeld reference.
    If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry….

  60. Sirius had a field day with the Hawks game. They didn’t mince words-it was were they actually on the ice last night? Good question. Lehner was.

    They phrased it well-they are trying to play a type of game that they don’t have the horses for (certainly interested horses). They can go back to run and gun, as it would at least be more entertaining and fun and they have some of those pieces, but they wouldn’t have a hope in hell come playoff time.

    Get faster, some edge and younger. It’s all you can do. Trade, dump one of the big salaries if that is possible. Develop future leadership. Make good decisions!

    Oh well, a game 7 tonight.

  61. Stefanie–feel the same way. I need to laugh aboot this. Its pretty much all I can do while this train wreck ramps up its speed.

  62. Mike Babcock commenting on his struggles, said its a team game and personal gains need to be set aside for team gains.

    Got wonder if this hurting the Blackhawks. As much i respect Seabrook, his comments were filled with alot of I references, only one hope team does well remark.

    Start with Colliton force feeding his system even though it continues to look flawed, resulting in continuous breakdowns in coverage. Instead of admitting its not working and needs subtle changes to adapt to his personal. as good coaches have a way of doing, he comes across as Craig referenced, like he has answers, talking the talk, even though his veterans have walked the walk to 3 cups, but who know nothing it seems.
    Toews and Kane look like their not happy with what their current role is this system and are letting their personal beefs show. Strome and Debrincat played like they didn’t care for few games on other lines then showed up when put them back together. Crawford not looking like a happy camper. Saad was thriving but basic lack of team play has been the story. Defense not elite but as Lehner noted trying their best. They are clearly not comfortable with their roles it seems.
    Bowman seems to believe he has done everything right, now its up to everybody ekse and hasn’t shown yet he is addressing this if its the case. If things don’t turn quick could be a messy year.

    Thought Dach was staying and looking forward to watching him grow. Right now not sure this is the lockerroom for him.

  63. Tim, couldn’t have said it better. Has to be in the top ten of worst games played by a Hawk team in its great history.

  64. Can anybody tell me why Brookbank is an assistant coach? He was a below average at best player and I never really knew he was even in the Hawks system at any level. Now all of a sudden when JC rolls into town he has Brookbank with him. WTF!!!
    Please please fire all of this useless coaching staff and Bowman. Come on Rocky, should some nads and change this!!
    I think Kane’s penalty for unsportsmanlike last night tells a good story in itself. Frustration mounting, and probably with the coaching, not the players.

  65. When I ‘officially’ went out on the ledge after game 2 it was awfully lonely but now I can see I have lots of company.

    The Hawks unfortunately (because I like what I know of JC as a person) are not well coached – I’ve been on the Marc Crawford watch since game 2 and it feels like the change is coming

    I don’t believe this team is this bad but I do believe JC isn’t going to turn it around – remember the Blues – their turnaround started with a coaching change – not saying that M. Crawford would win the Cup but at least turn this cliff bound train around

    You have to think there is a disconnect between Colliton and the core – Toews is not this bad (is he?) so why is he playing this bad? and Kane really doesn’t have that pep in his step – he doesn’t look inspired or like he’s having fun which he almost always used to

    I suspect that there could have been bit of an unspoken mutiny amongst the core re: Seabrook which if true would be sad but also telling – does JC have the room? does he have the ear of the team? do they believe in his approach and ability to guide them to victory?

  66. @Wrap: I called for Stan to be fired before the 2018 draft (so he couldn’t screw it up) so I have been with you on the ledge for awhile. I also believe that you are correct in that he has lost the room (which is why the Seabrook thing is so amateurish).

    @Ian; fully agree that Dach should be kept away from what is likely a toxic room, but I worry that Stan will keep him up if he thinks it will help him save his job.

  67. Wraparound
    “When I ‘officially’ went out on the ledge after game 2 it was awfully lonely but now I can see I have lots of company.”

    No, I was there too. I was the one sitting off to the right egging you on to jump. ;)

    But aboot the coaching…certain coaches work better with certain teams. St Louis as you point out did a 180 (the goalie kinda helped too). This team is better than this and while last year the stars were thriving under Colliton, this year theyre not. Maybe other teams know Collitons playbook now and understand how to counter it effectively. I dont know.

    But while others try and defend Colliton as a good coach, I see a coach with no answers to his inept power play nor his penalty kill nor his teams lack of scoring except ‘play harder’. Ugh. I mean yea play harder but really? Thatll solve everything? Penalty kill is instanttly fixed because theyre playing harder? Double ugh.

  68. Wrap I have been on the ledge since last yr, begging for Bowman to be fired. A coaching change is not going to make this team a play off contender. The talent is not there. Nothing good is going to happen as long as Bowman is there. Whether Seabrook is in the line up or not will not make a difference. It seems we’re back to being the team of the early 2000’s. SAD

  69. I think there’s more talent than they’ve shown

    Right now they have no confidence that can win games and are possibly overthinking the ‘system’ making them look slow

    At least with a respected coach like Crawford we’d have a more accurate read on the talent level

  70. What has coach Crawford accomplished in the last 10 years?
    He brought Zack Smith to the Hawks…big deal
    Last place OTTAWA didn’t even want Crawford
    If you remember last year Ottawa coaching staff was a joke to the Ottawa players.
    For that matter what is Crawford doing in Chicago…Please let me know.

  71. MS–“Hawks announce Dach staying all year – not sure whether to feel happy or sad for him.”

    Weird. ACDC Highway to Hell just started playing in my head.

  72. We’ve been joking at work today about how Lehner should have been like Denis Lemieux in Slapshot, when he was delirious from the onslaught he’d received and was talking to himself and flailing his limbs while being dragged in the locker room.

    He’s getting 5 million this year. If he can play out this season at even close to the quality he put forth last night (and not literally, and I mean literally, die) he’ll have a body of work that can’t be denied. He will be signed long term by someone and it won’t be Chicago.

    So, he has that going for him.

    At the Blackhawks-Kings game on Sunday, Colliton got booed fairly severely when announced. All of the players announced got heartily cheered from the packed house. Gonna be interesting to see if the players start getting railed on as well. There’s a sellout streak that’s up to a few hundred games too that might be in jeopardy.

    I will never give up on the Blackhawks, but there are some cracks in the organization and the fan base. I think that people who bought season seats and are trying to make money off of them (and I believe there are a lot who fall into that category) are gonna take it up the ___ this year.

  73. I will be shocked if Lehner resigns in Chicago. To keep our goalies rested instead of alternating games, maybe they should split the game. Lol

  74. Dach staying with the Hawks. This is so obvious, the team wanted to change the narrative about how awful the Nashville game was.

    Here’s a paragraph from Elliot Friedman’s 30 Thoughts :

    13. The other tense situation now is Chicago. The Blackhawks have played just three of 11 on the road and are tied for last in the West. Expectations were high. This was supposed to be a return to contention.

    They’ve got delicate minefields to navigate with Corey Crawford and Brent Seabrook, two proud backbones of their championship era. Seabrook went public with his displeasure. There was an awkward dance last season where the organization wanted to see if he’d be willing to move, but the defenceman said the request was not specifically made to him. He’s got four years left at $6.875 million.

    Crawford, always motivated by those who’ve doubted him, has to be wondering about his future, with Robin Lehner — six years younger — in Chicago on a one-year deal.

  75. OK I am a cynic, but I can’t help suspect that the decision to keep Dach is influenced by management’s need to sell tickets and try and save their own asses. It won’t matter though, this is one dumpster fire with a lot more runway.

  76. I jumped back and forth on the Dach does he go or does he stay question but now that the decision’s been made – going to enjoy watching him develop.

  77. Agree with Craig. They want to change the narrative. Read both JC and Bowman told Dach the good news. Hope Rocky tells Stan , and JC their relieved of their duties. Give us some good news.What a difference a yr makes in the coaching staff. Last yr Q, Dinnean and Samuelson. This yr JC, Crawford and Brookbank. Wow

  78. Agree the timing of the announcement seems to be suspect, but the decision to keep him all year was probably pretty well made about mid April just after lotto draw.

  79. Agree with all of you who believe that the decision to keep Dach up with the parent club is Bowman trying to save his ass. A friend of mine who trains AHL goalies has said for years that bringing up a youngster too soon can hurt his development. After the Hawks drafted Dach he said he would be much better off developing for a year, when he will be more prepared to take the next step. Am not happy to hear this news.

    This business about trading Seabrook, it can only be done if the Hawks keep at least 3M per for his remaining contract plus throwing in a player/prospect. Am not a Monday morning QB on this signing. Couldn’t believe how dumb it was at the time.

  80. Bowman has put so much pressure on this kid just to save his own butt. When JC is fired at least he will leave a millionaire. I wonder how he is going to spin that one

  81. On a lighter note Adam Boqvist scored his first American hockey league goal tonight.
    A power play goal.

  82. I’ll buy that the announcement to keep Dach with the Hawks was made today to deflect the negative vibe from the rout in Nashville – but I don’t buy for a minute that Stan and the management team based their decision on anything other than what’s best for the team and what’s best for Dach – not some selfish motivation to mask the problems with the team. Say what you want about Stan making poor decisions but he has never struck me as a self serving jerk.

  83. @ER, complete agree. The decision to keep Dach I think was made a while ago and had nothing to do with the game last night. The timing of the announcement might have been, but not the decision itself.

  84. Dach has played six games not the ten allowed. Why not wait until the tenth game to make the decision. Deflect deflect, change the topic

  85. I still think its better for Dach to learn in NHL then pound weaklings in juniors. Only thing do not get hurt, in the wrong way.

    Really nothing to say. During first 5 games, I always said I wanted to see games 10-20 before being satisfied. Everything I saw in preseason was a joke. Half of these games were a joke and half were good. We went 1-5, when not having 44 and 5. When is 5 coming back.

    Be funny, watch the team play good and do very well these games 10-20. After all the reaction to a pathetic effort and system? no ones doing right?

    What ever we do, its a win. We get another top 5 draft player for reload or we respond in these games 10-20 and go on to have a good 2nd 40 like before. Might get top pick if were in the top 3 lottery.

  86. Agree Ian and EB this decision I believe was already made – doesn’t Perlini being traded for a prospect also gave them the cap room they need if they were to keep to keep Dach long term and still be able to bring guys up from RKF due to them being $500,000 over the performance bonus limit?

    I know Perlini asked for trade but somebody was probably going to go anyway if they were to keep Dach for the year

    Also agree that the timing of the announcement was clearly meant to give Hawks fans something to feel good about after last night but don’t believe Dach is being kept here for that reason

  87. Wrap when Murphy returns, they ll be close if they can call up anybody making $925,000 or more. Had $44,500 cap space when ltir used, so that added to Perlini hit is just under about $919,000. Adjustments at that point likely change things to give them enough. Boqvist would carry a 1.775 full caphit, probably wouldn’t fit without another move, or bonuses being not made.

  88. Watched a bunch of NHL Network after I got home from work. Gosh these teams like Vancouver, Tampa and Edmonton play such fast hockey.
    It tells me the Jeremy Colliton system has our players thinking so much instead of playing on instinct. The Hawks look slow in every phase of the game.
    The thing is I don’t think any team has more practice time than the Hawks. The run up to the European tour/nonsense. The time in between coming back.
    Games on Tuesday followed by Saturday.
    No excuses ! Coaching and playing are not meshing.

    But hey, at least we got rid of Perlini because God knows his play “away from the puck” was a major concern.

  89. Sch just made it even worse. We got problems to fix and things to do, but that made it look even worse.

  90. Other then TB and they were before, those were shit teams that got top 10 picks every yr for yrs. They have lots of fast new age players. Its the top teams of the past 10 plus yrs that have a mix, with picking 15-30 every yr. Now this is our 3rd top 5 draft pick yr if we do not get it going.

  91. re: Orval Tessier

    anyone taking shots at him concerning the infamous heart comment needs to dig a little deeper into the story. You might be surprised.

  92. Craig, I disagree about them having plenty of practice time so “no excuses”.

    First, I think the Europe trip hurt them in terms of practice time rather than helped them. It disrupted the normal routine and rhythm of training camp.

    Second, changing systems requires retraining long ingrained instincts and that takes more than training camp – it takes live game action because only live action provides the speed with which to transition from thinking to instinctual reaction.

    Third, it takes player buy in and from Keith’s comments it seems at least one player isn’t totally on board with it.

    An argument can be made whether or not Colliton’s system is a viable system for the NHL, but not that it isn’t fully implemented yet – it was always going to take time to go from what Keith called a more “free wheeling” system to a more structured system because it takes time to retrain instincts, especially if players are skeptical or resistant.

    I think the larger point is that whether or not Colliton’s system is the right system – something had to change because the Hawks could no longer rely on their offense to compensate for their poor defense. I had no idea if Colliton’s system would work but I applauded the attempt to change because what they had been doing was not going to take them to the Stanley Cup anymore.

    And besides, at least we aren’t back in the Mount Orville days.

  93. To Craig’s point – watch just about any game and you will see teams playing much faster than the Hawks. Good example last night Montreal vs Arizona. Two areas that jump out are forechecking and PK. Other teams forecheckers really put pressure on the breakout while we seem to be two steps slow watching an easy zone exit. On the pk we seem to be unable to put pressure on the puck when it is up high yet on our pp we are constantly under pressure. I just have a hard time believing that all we need is a little more practice time to fix these things.

  94. MS. I agree that the Hawks aren’t totally playing instinctual yet and hence they’re playing slower than they could be – my point was that I think it’s unrealistic to think they should be at this point. Many of these guys have played one way for 10+ years and it was always going to take time for them to not only learn the new system but more importantly to play it enough for it to become instinctual, and that transition period is probably different for each individual player. It is more vital for all 5 players on the ice to be “on the same page” in a structured system than in a more free wheeling system so it becomes more of an “only as strong as the weakest link” issue.

    How long can the Hawks give the new system to start working consistently? That’s the $64,000 question and the answer probably less time than it would be if the PP were scoring goals. If the PP were even marginally better the Hawks probably win a couple more games and the urgency to “do something” wouldn’t override the “stay the course” approach needed to give Colliton’s system time to work.

  95. EB at some point things become the definition of insanity, the idea of Nhl is o win, this almost seems like an Ahl coach trying to teach young players a system, rather than whats needed for established stars at Nhl level to make your club successful.

  96. I agree with so much of what is said & still feel empty about the future for the Hawks without a new GM, and way better coach!
    JC system us bunk- Q had a defensive system, control the puck and clear it out fast, but it’s the offensive end that disturbs me most. When you have gifted offensive talent, you have to turn them loose to use their innate creativity to set up and score goals. Some of this you CANNOT coach, but that’s why these guys are in the NHL- top .5% of talented hockey players on the planet!
    Q let them create, score, re-create, score- rarely did it seem, IMO, that the same activities were repeated over and over- which is us more systematic than opportunistic. I dunno- grasping at straws here but coach HAS to go, release the pressure valve and let the team play hockey.

  97. I don’t believe that JC has developed a masterful system yet seen in the NHL that will take ( for players who were on the team last yr) over a yr to understand and the others 2 months. Kane looks either disinterested or. Rey frustrated and I have not seen Toews be that invisible on the ice.
    Therefore: either the team is not buying into what JC is selling and have no confidence in the coaching staff OR the talent ( or combination of certain type of players is lacking). Question does anyone believe this team as is can turn it around and make a playoff run.

  98. I do not believe a word of that florida bullshit. Yes every guy isint 19-25 but we have a bunch of good players. Some need to be faster and better and will be when the young guys keep coming in. So to me its the system, doesnt matter why, but its the system. So we need to do what we need to do, to have a new system that works and that we keep the better players we have and do not sell everyone to just go young.

    19 88 20 44 22 12 at least should be kept I think and bring in young guys when ready to keep getting younger and faster.

    Theres no fukking way these players are shitty. It has to be system and other things. Even when not in prime of prime yrs these players 19 88 are going to be good for longtime. They should be this bad until they are 40, and they should still be better then this at 40.

    It wont make any difference to do it now or after game 20. I want to see this games 10-20, then sure everything you guys said.

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