Quenneville Shaking Up Lines For Game 5?

At the morning skate on Thursday, Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville threw the lines into the blender. Big time.

Richard Panik – Jonathan Toews – Patrick Kane
Artemi Panarin – Artem Anisimov – Teuvo Teravainen
Andrew Ladd – Marcus Kruger -Marian Hossa
Brandon Mashinter -Andrew Desjardins -Dale Weise

One of the reasons for separating Toews and Kane for the last few years was to separate the top two offensive players on the roster, forcing opponents to focus on one or the other. But the emergence of Panarin has made him a top weapon for the Hawks, and that line has carried the Hawks on far too many occasions. Separating Kane and Panarin will hopefully create space for both, forcing the Blues to choose one of the two lines for Alex Pietrangelo to skate against. Pietrangelo has been fantastic in this series; making him choose one of Kane or Panarin should give the other an opportunity make an impact.

Teravainen has struggled in the series, but moving him back to the wing on a line with Panarin should open up opportunities for him to make an offensive impact. The third line of Ladd-Kruger-Hossa could present a number of problems for the Blues as well, and the fourth line should be physical (emphasis on should).

31 thoughts on “Quenneville Shaking Up Lines For Game 5?

  1. Panarin not with Kane. Oh boy! Should be interesting. And Where’s Hjalmarsson? he is a kick ass defenseman.

  2. The line changes are ok, but Q must roll all 4 lines. We cannot burn out our players by not giving at least 10-12 minutes to the bottom 2 lines. That was the reason for the the third period collapse the last 2 games.

  3. I think it’s a good idea to split up Kane & Panarin. Too often Panarin has a good rush going but then defers & tries to feed Kane, maybe now he’ll use his talent, drive to the net & shoot more…

  4. Kane’s had lots of chances and hasn’t put one in the back of the net yet. Time for a couple. Toews also.

    Don’t sleep on Keith. I always forget how big be plays in big games.

    I’ll enjoy tonight and hope there’s another one to look forward to tomorrow.

  5. We need Mashinter’s muscle, also he has good awarness around the net and can be quick on a loose puck. Those lines are pretty exciting…what have we got to lose with giving this a shot. Let’s try the half dozen of the “other”. Will the Blues put out Reaves to counter Mash?

  6. I like it, though the same old dilemma of where the hell to play Teuvo the Overrated Ill-Fitting Wonder Finn. He sucks, but mercifully he will be an ex Hawk this summer. Mashintee is the right call. I expect Ott will be asked to be a super prick on ice to throw the Hawks off their game. Be nice if old man Hossa could dial it up tonight. Ladd too. Not optimistic for this game. The new era of the Hawks starts work this summer. Will be very interesting to see if Bowman can rebuild on the fly and Toews, Kane, Keith and Crawford get another chance to win a Cup after 2-3 years of building this back up.

  7. So glad we can always count on your optimistic attitude and your love for Teuvo Snidley (Rufus). If you look at the kids numbers I say he has had a pretty good year. If you’re pissed because he hasn’t scored in these playoffs then check the box score because the big guns aren’t either. He’s only 21 give it some time.

  8. The level of excuse making for the overrated and poor fitting Teuvo knows no bounds. He hasn’t for anywhere all year. He sucks. And he will be out of here this summer.

  9. Stan Bowman loves the kid and his game so Snidley I believe he has more pull in Chicago than you do. Why don’t you become a Blues fan then you could root against Teuvo and nobody would give a damn. When you cry out for youth in trades you do realize Teuvo is only 21. Talent and youth just what you’ve been begging for.

  10. Q will be roasted on this forum if the Hawks loose tonight.PANIC is what I see in this line changes.And to TOP it off , Rundblad is playing tonight.The Blues must be foaming at the mouth.They will have an extra man on the ice when he is on. Hawks1961 ,too bad games are not won on paper.

  11. Lines look fine but I doubt they will stick for 60 minutes.

    The Hawks need to be patient tonight and play a smart road game. Stay away from dumb penalties and keep close to Taresenko. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

    With a Hawk win tonight the pressure shifts from the Hawks to the Blues. Momentum changes big time.

    Really, the Blues aren’t that good. They have worked really hard and have been very smart. We’ll see if they can finish off the champs.

    Go Hawks Go but be smart and disciplined. Toews and Cane, earn your bucks.

  12. C’mon Hawks just win a game! To play with a 2 goal Hawks lead would be especially interesting this evening. Sure it’s a pressure packed gig for both teams. The Blues don’t have any experience in closing out a series. Let’s hope the Hawks can make em sweat.

    Mo, there better be tousands of Scots in St Louis tonight well filled with many drams. Hoot man.

    Lets Go Hawks, NOW!

  13. The threshold for wingers staying in the NHL seems to be 1/2 point per game on average which TT meets. Now TT hasn’t set the playoff world on fire, but neither have a few others with bigger salaries.

  14. Now double OT…Crawford really really good..St Louis just hammering us…we need a lucky bounce to win this.

  15. This is terrific . Where has this energy been ?

    Hoss played great and the more I watch Panik the more I like his game.

    I agree with Snidely . TT is very skilled but he is afraid of contact . He and Kruger are about same size. Kruger is SO much more aggressive and physical . I wish TT could be physical , but I don’t think he can . He is simply a non-factor.

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