Red Wings Easily Dump Lifeless Blackhawks

If you opted to go to church or brunch or maybe out for a good run instead of watching the Blackhawks host the Red Wings, you had a productive day.

Because the Blackhawks did nothing to earn your attention – or dollars – at the United Center.

The Hawks allowed two goals in a span of 2:10 early in the first period and the game was effectively over. Dylan Larkin and Mike Green scored to get Detroit a lead they wouldn’t need to worry about because the Hawks showed no effort to come back.

Neither team scored in the second period, which was a moral victory of sorts. Chicago was credited with a whole five shots on net in the second, though.

Anthony Mantha and Tyler Bertuzzi scored in the third to close the books on the Blackhawks.

Jeff Glass stopped 22 of 26 in the loss but deserved better. There was almost nothing to note from the 18 skaters in front of him.

Ryan Hartman and Patrick Kane put a team-leading four shots on net. Jan Rutta led Chicago with five blocked shots. Tommy Wingles led Chicago with three hits.

Nobody scored in a game the Hawks had to have heading to their bye week.


And coach Joel Quenneville didn’t waste many words in his postgame comments.

62 thoughts on “Red Wings Easily Dump Lifeless Blackhawks

  1. A new low for this team. On vacation. Tab, took you a while to get your column out. Must have been hard to find the words to describe this debacle.

  2. Before the usual suspects start blaming Q or Bowman, they do not play the game. The real ownership of this season falls upon the veteran leadership of this team. It is time for guys like Towes, Kane, Saad, Keith & Seabrook to start playing playing like leaders. Q has given them all every opportunity to lead. They have not. PERIOD

  3. This game was UGLY!! It wasn’t so much the SPEED of the Red Wings it was the EFFORT. We looked “disinterested” from the drop of the puck.

    A lot of people take shots at Seabrook on this site, well, it’s time for Duncan Keith to take some punches and sit on the bench for a game. He was terrible.

    A week off is not going to change anything for the Hawks. You can use words and phrases like “recharge”, “re-energize”, “re-focus” and “heal up a bit”, but until our core group can get some consistency we may be out of a playoff spot, completely, by the beginning of March. Let’s hope not!!

  4. Yes I did just that went for a run and missed the first two periods just like every Hawks missed the net on every shot. Good god they need work/practice on hitting the net as another poster had mentioned previously and not to dump on Seabrook but Jesus what are you doing? He was turned inside out several times and I only saw the third and that fourth goal he has to have Bertuzzi

  5. Good way to leave a bad taste in for everybody going into break. 3 goals in last 3 games Seabrook, Rutta and Kampf deflecting Murphys shot. The leaders aren’t leading you were right on big Al.

  6. every great team has a certain identity and the team knows that identity. the oil sans gretzky became a mark messier team for instance and they followed him and played with his intensity and won. the great new jersey teams were scott stevens led….

    this hawks team doesn’t look like they know who they are. from 8-2 wins to 4-0 effortless losses to a bottom dweller at the turn of a page. maybe it is all the youth, but that seems like an excuse.

    some games they just don’t want to bring the lunch bucket and union cards. they hope they can cheat off the exam of the player next to them who studied for the exam…it is getting very hard to justify paying a rent check in order to bring 3 guests to a game.

    getting beat is one thing: zero effort or intensity is hard to tolerate at any price but especially at the current ticket price levels.

    Q looks disinterested. the last few minutes against the wild game for instance, it was clear they were clogging center ice and we needed to chip and chase instead of carry it in. the announcers saw that and called it. we up in the bleachers saw it and looked for the obvious change in strategy: take a time out @ 6 minutes or so and reset the plan? no time out, no change in plan. just lose the puck trying to carry it in every time so the last 6 minutes mimicked the first 54: groundhog day over and over: that is on Q, plain and simple. if Q wants to work, he will get rehired in 15 minutes because he has earned it. that doesn’t mean he can resonate with this team.

    the player’s leadership core looks disinterested, burned out and over concussed. the bowmans have done their part in turning this team into a much faster and younger team, but it is starting to look like they need fresh blood to lead the team. I have great respect for Q and what he has accomplished with the hawks, but sometimes change is required to move forward and if he has lost the passion or the room, it can’t be fixed without change.

    maybe it is time to give donny granato the reins since he has shown with the U17’s that he can lead and motivate and win with today’s young players who are a very different breed than just a few years ago.

    fans of all sports vote with their time and attention and money. as the season goes on, it is getting clearer to me that this team is not earning my time attention or money very often.

  7. when u have 7 players sucking up 50 cap space on a team and two hurt the 4 others under achieving or there skill level declined it leaves u with this kinda of team. this is a total team sport where every player has to play and are talent level is years away and to even think there good is non sense. your paying the rest of the team peanuts and expect miracles . they are right where they deserve to be and unless they dump 20 million in cap instead of hoping praying crying they wake and some how perform to there pay grade is foolish. Why continue being ok and another year goes by and there another year older and no better. They have struggled against every low standings team which is actually now there competition ,forget about the mixing up players on lines cause no matter how u stir it the pot its still going to be the same out come. Were past pulling the trigger ,how about pointing it in the direction of the players that have us cap strapped!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hossa is sorely missed on this team. Hope he comes back next year. Is Hossa allowed to play in the Olympics…will he?

  9. Glad there was a football game on so I didn’t have to suffer this whole nationally boadcasted turd.

  10. Could not watch the game. Reading Tab’s report and the blog is painful. I stated 6 weeks ago…….ok, we are not gonna win the Cup. I can live with that. Just give the fans effort and some intensity. If not we are getting jipped. Big Al, spot on.

  11. A bad game before the break-not too much more to say or read into it. They have to work hard for their wins and didn’t at key spots of the game.
    Saw two goals go in on Glass same spot exactly-hope they haven’t found his weak spot, although if Crow not back soon the Hawks don’t have much of a chance to make playoffs.
    Do agree with Reg about Keith’s play.
    Hopefully AA will bring life to the PP on his return,
    Hino tried today-D Cat has hit a wall.

  12. Q rots… as does Toews -seabrook-keith… happened 1-2 years ago but kane & panarin kept putting puck in the need… Now all you koolaid drinkers waking up?

  13. Q just won’t play kids over seabrook & Keith who Rot.
    Toews needs to be traded ASAP!
    This is Q’s last year after they removed the kitchen… now shovel the rest out too

  14. Noonans right not a big deal.

    These no show games which we have had mire then usual for a yr already are the difference between the team playing for the 1 or 2 seed and playing for the 3 4 or 5th seed.

    Only thing not happy about other then terrible reviews or some officiating linesman stuff is our record. We are a 10 over .500 team not a 5 over .500 team at 41ish games. We should be plus 10 at the break.

    we have a lot of young players with not much experience yet. These guys will get better. Lots of rookies to. Might be a good thing were not doing as well as we really are record wise. That makes the younger guys get more experience in tight games or those kind of situations. Otherwise the younger guys wouldnt get better in the right ways if we had a lot of blowouts or every other game we win lopsided wise.

  15. Would have felt better going into break with 2 wins. Thought the thing to think about during this wk break is how good a trade for Duclair is. Any game we donot get a win or tie we have that trade and the ones coming at deadline to look forward to the teams upside for the 5 coming yrs.

    I really donot want to ever say the word 4 5 or 6 days inbetween games again this yr or any other after this. This wasnt that and we didnt play we didnt show up. Yeah it was a 11am breakfast game and we donot usually play good in everyone of those every yr. We split these 2 breakfast games COL DET so I guess thats not all that bad. No excuses with this one. People will mention on break before break. You just cant go by anything when we donot play. We played against MIN and WIN that might have made it like that to.

    Going to go with really good trade and pumped for another one that makes the team upside even better for these 5 coming yrs were going to be really good again.

  16. That was just terrible hockey to watch. Thank god they have a bye week because I think the fans need it more then the players.

  17. Yeah theres 4 in that amount of time 2.5 wks. Hopefully we can win enough in those 4 to stay in a tie with 6 teams for 2 spots or better. Then when that stretch is done get on a streak again with a more normal reliable sch. in FEB. I always thought FEB would be a good mth for us sch. wise and record wise.

    We did play a harder sch. and the 2nd 40 games the sch. is good to get into a rhythm. We need to keep getting better and do the right things its not just the sch. though a reliable sch. will help once we get going to keep going. Also do play hardest division which I think there will be 8 teams playing for 4 spots later on. STL has played and done worse then us after their 15-5 start we just didnt have a plus 10 stretch we had two separate 4-0-1 and a 5-0.

    So unless NAS goes on a tear record wise I could see STL and NAS along with the current 6 teams virtually tied for those 2 spots. Making it 8 teams playing for 4 spots.

  18. This is where I hate the division seeding. If a division has 7 of the best 8 teams in conference every team in division should make playoffs. Whatever this yr is going to be a good prerequisite for the 5 coming yrs. We have to go through this last yr and this yr to transition and get better.

  19. A team could have 6th or 7th best record in conference and not make playoffs.

    This is a good 2.5wks to take a break and come back fresh and full strength with 50 and 15.

  20. Wow. Couldn’t even count the number of mishandles, passes in skates, and 50/50 pucks lost.

    When Anisimov comes back, I’d sit Hartman. But again, if they keep handling the puck like a bunch of drunks with Parkinson’s, it doesn’t matter who suits.

    Totally agree with the poster who mentioned the loss of Hossa.

  21. Mo regardless of the schedule if they are only going to be a part time team and not a full time drive the rest of the way it won’t make any difference. Got to have that answer first or this season is a wash.

  22. Well I guess the Hawks get to choke on that one for about a week … and so will us fans.

    I was able to see only the 1st period before I had to work, but that 20 minutes of heartless hockey by the Hawks was enough. Thankfully I was subjected to the last 40 minutes of that crapshow.

  23. This has become a terrible pattern they play a good game and then pull out a stinker. If this was a one time occurrence it might be understandable, but it isn’t and to look this bad at home and on national TV is embarrassing. This team will be lucky to make the playoffs and if they do it won’t be a long run. Be well Hawks have a nice vacation even though it started for you a day early!

  24. No excuses on how an average team made the Hawks look like bottom-dwellers.

    I have had my share of criticism of Q, but in fairness he is pressured to play Seabs to justify his massive (unwise) contract, Keith is showing decline, but Q depends on him for his hockey smarts and mentoring all of the young D men. But he should give Keith an occasional game off to keep him fresh and give others more experience. Give Q credit for experimenting with changing his lines to get the best chemistry.

    The Hawks have more first and second year players than any time in memory. This is a partial rebuilding year. There are too many unreasonable expectations on this website. The Hawks are younger and faster, but it takes sometime to develop good decision-making hockey skills. This team has quality players with more upside potential than any I have seen in years, despite fewer first and second round picks in recent years. “Patience” is the only word I can offer at this time.

  25. I feel bad for Tadd and the 22,000 others who paid lots of money for tickets, beer, hot dogs etc. There was absolutely no entertainment value there at all.
    I wonder how John McDonough felt driving home.

    I actually had the opportunity to turn the TV off after it was over and salvage my Sunday. As I write this I would imagine most of the Hawks have flown to their vacation destination and are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

  26. Ian I know what you mean. When we play good we can play with any team. Thnik about how many good games we played against top 10 teams and won. I donot know what to think when we donot show up. You would have to believe we show up for every playoff game. I think its important for the younger guys to get playoff experience and win a round would be huge for them.

    Being patient this yr is hard were so close. Cant wait for the next few yrs as these guys get better each yr. Bowman will make any necessary adjustments to roster as we go along. Keep stacking young and fast players. This league is now tackle and go fast style.

  27. The Hawks effort was worthy of a match penalty.

    I feel sorry for the fans who attended the game. The ones that maybe don’t get to go very often and had to work extra hard to save up for the trip. Those who took their sons and/or daughters and were looking forward to the game for months ahead of time. For them to see such a weak effort is just really sad I think.
    They were robbed. That was brutal.

  28. Attended the game against the Jets on Friday. Was really hoping that effort would propel the team to a solid performance today. How did that work out for me?

    The Jekyl & Hyde routine is just befuddling. WTH? I’m generally a pretty positive guy when it comes to this team but this is all just beyond odd (spoiled after the last several years, but then again a lot of the same elements have been around the last several years).

    If Bowman thought that last year was totally unacceptable, based on the playoff series against Nashville, he has to be beyond outraged about this year. Yet, he continues to speak about how he likes what the Blackhawks have and doesn’t anticipate any moves. He may be right in terms of what his actions are going to be, because with the parity in the league what is there really out there to pick up for this season?

    Come on boys, this last one was NOT acceptable.
    Go Blackhawks!!!!

  29. My heart goes out to all the fans that paid (not company paid) to see this game. Like the people in California that have lost their homes to fire and mud slides, there is nothing you could do.
    Did someone not report that Toew’s home was up for sale after the third cup? I am guessing that mother Toews saw the cap restraints and the cores age coming and wanted her son to go out like the Great One in warm celebratory Southern Cal or Florida and would wave the NTC. The question is could or did the management want to do this?
    You fellows are afraid to say it, but to me Toews has just plane quit!
    Teams have picked up on this.
    I have come to the conclusion that, he is playing to force a trade.
    It is a shame; I really liked watching him, when he was trying.

  30. It is simply unconscionable to play any game that poorly and with no emotion, especially so on your home ice. I left the UC with 8 minutes to go and really when it went 0-3 in the 3rd you knew there was nothing there given the lack of push back. Easiest game Wings ever played here, ever. I actually caught myself dozing off twice in the 2nd period! No positives, no nothing to take from that 3 period debacle. In the last 10 years I can not remember a Hawks no show game at the UC for 60 minutes like that crap yesterday. I don’t know what the stats show, but by memory the Hawks have had some stinker Sunday morning games in the past, but yesterday was easily a new low and one we will never forget.

    Here at mid season look back at recent games. The especially brutal 1st period against Las Vegas at the UC. Not much push against the Wild imo and a decent enough effort against the Jets. Yesterday, not acceptable, and for me the 2017-2018 Hawks glass is now officially half empty. Much of competing is attitude. This team just took their beating and accepted it. A Hawks team that quit on itself, the fans. All of us lost something yesterday. For this embarrassed fan it’s show me time.

    Such inconsistency is just baffling…..

    (whimpering) Lets go Hawks!

  31. Wow-19 has just plain quit? Last game withstanding, where maybe 2 guys showed up he’s been there lately. Played his best hockey of the year.

    Listen any player who does the hard minutes and has played them for 10 years will take the odd game off-you try it (and I know people come back with he’s making a bejillion dollars but the body and mind doesn’t work that way.
    I personally believe his elite ability skills have eroded to a degree due to time, and injuries to his arm/hands and head. I also believe mentally you do gear down a bit when you have reached the summit few times-this I hope he can find if they are fortunate enough to make the playoffs.

    Guys making that kind of money deserve to be held accountable but I can’t say he’s just plain quit because I don’t believe it.
    Finally he plays hard but again he probably will never be that 10 million dollar player-just ain’t gonna happen.

  32. Big Al – “this season falls upon the veteran leadership of this team” – Absolutely.
    (It should be noted that in most of the games Kane has played like Kane.
    Crawford was excellent until the injury.) Where is that leadership, character?

  33. Dickie in last 5 games Kane has 1g and 4a in laugher against Sens zero points in other 4. Considering these games they said were playoff type games, not exactly the numbers from 88 you hope for. Just saying not placing blame on his shoulders but the lack of motivation was obvious yesterday. Patience with growing pains is something that needs to be shown, but not as an excuse for being not motivated or ready to play. I noticed in Toews interview he cited poor preperation a few times, just wondering if he was giving the coaches some blame too.

  34. I hear you Noonan and agree. I only saw the third but witnessed Toews set up Hino only to watch him miss the net. I saw Kampf make a nice power move only to miss the net. I saw Saad with a nice power move by two Red Wings only to miss the net and Keith several times. I’m also not saying that the team didn’t lay an egg but these afternoon games are brutal. You think of a highly trained athlete that prepares their body for peak performance at a different time of the day than the average human usually at 7-10pm (when most people are either winding down their day or going to bed)and when that peak performance time changes to morning or middle afternoon you are not going to be at your best. I notice a huge difference when I go to the gym at different times during the day so can only imagine that’s tenfold for theses elite athletes. It sucks for the paying fan but these guys are human.

  35. Golden yeah the morning games are really a coin flip. We did good in the 2pm game not in the 11am game.

  36. Some saying and Toews interview did sound like it that it could be a rehab stint rather than injury related. Yesterday game same time as their morning practices, should be used to being on ice then.

  37. That game was painful to watch. The Hawks were lethargic, uninspired, unmotivated and gutless. The veterans on this team know what the Hawks vs. Red Wings means to the fan base. Granted the revival is not what it used to be but still to turn in a performance like that is unacceptable. There has to be accountability for the men that wear the C and A’s.

    Toews is either physical damaged, not eating enough protein, overpaid to the point of not caring or lost his edge. One thing he is not is old and over the hill. I watch Yzerman lead the Wings when he was old with bad knees and he battled to the end of his career. Do you think that Messier or Yzerman would have chewed his team mates out between periods, you bet they would have. Read Chellios’s book to find out what an Yzerman chew out is like. In retrospect I would venture to say that the loss of Hossa and Jammer has had a much bigger effect on the team chemistry than most fans knew. The tough jobs like blocking shots, taking the body or net presence are not getting done. If the team leaders are not will to do it why should we expect the remainder of the team to? To make matters worse the assistant captain are not doing jack either.

    Keith looks noticeable disinterested. Not that you should have a fit when you give up a goal but a look of frustration would be in order. I’m not even going to mention Seabrook’s contribution. Laying out on odd man rushes and the poke check is all we get out of those 2. Just look at the players faces on the bench, zero emotion. Hockey is an emotional sport that keys on leadership. When it’s not there the whole team shows it.
    Maybe this team really is older than its years but I wonder what their disposition would be with Hossa and Jammer still on the roster. Maybe the wrong veterans got the NMC contracts.

    It is just one game. Go Hawks but the trend is disturbing and the fans better be prepared to boo.

  38. True Ian but practice is hardly the same as game time, especially their practices never seem to be that intense

  39. Hear hear HHNL. Well said.

    I just don’t get it from these core guys. Hammer and Hossa though left it out on the ice and played their hearts out. There absence cannot be dismissed, but 2,7, 19? I just never saw those guys quitting like what we experienced yesterday. There is a festering wound we don’t see, but will eventually come to light. I hope this is just falling in the mud down in the valley. That crap yesterday was really shocking to experience.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  40. I only saw the last few min of 1st and said f this. Checked score in 2nd still 2 goals so I assumed it was won of those 11am games and we didnt show up. The way some of you are talking was it that bad. We usually every yr even the 21-0-3 start yr have 4 or 5 no shows during the 82 games.

    This yr we had already had the normal 4 or 5 in the 1st 40 games thats not good.

    Is this anything we should be worry about. I am a little worried about Crow. Maybe the guys know something noone else does about that.

    Having a 2.5 wks off in the middle of season might be good for us.

  41. With 59.1 million tied up in the 9 contracts of 19, 88, 7, 50, 30, 2, 15, 5 and 81 on the books for next year and a projected bonus overage of 1.6 mil that makes 60.7 mil. Then already signed for next year 12, 31, 42, 82, 7, 64, and if Sikura and Jokiharju sign elcs ( with probably 6 returning defence 7th salary will likely be 6 figures anyways) thats another 6.75 mil., brings you to 67.45 mil for 17 players. Leaving give or take 12m to sign 6 more, of 38, 40, 44, 48, 56,91 rfas and 10, 13,17 and 57 ufas. Withh AA becoming modified trade July 1st and 20 and 5 as the moveable contracts but also under control for a few years and still young, may be hard to part with. Then if 81 ltir again on season opener another spot would open up, either an ufa signing or a Rockford prospect possibly Highmore or Iacopelli.

  42. We should be able to keep everyone each yr going forward and when we need want to use 5.5 need to trade 81 contract instead of a good player. Until other younger guys take it to another level only 8 should be getting significant. I am not worried about this stuff. I think we continue to get younger and faster and better for the coming yrs. What yr is Hoss contract up anyways we might be good by then. It looks like it will work out just fine for this stuff. Keep loading upside until were deep again.

    We have to load up for these 5 coming yrs its prob the best 19 88 2 50 have left.

  43. I am not rooting for it whats the difference in a 10-15 pick vs a 17-22 draft wise. We could move up from 22nd pick and get 17th if thats as good as 10-15 anyways. We did play much better in games 20-40 then we did in first 20 so thats could be good for these 40 games. Need to tilt the scales.

  44. Like opinion on how u think Chicago would react to trading all 3 players Keith & Towes And Seabs Which u end up eating minimum of 2 mil plus and lose a pik or young player. By trade dead line. And then notice we cleared out 23 mil cap space on a team that 3 years away from being Fast and young !!!!!!! Cause these player won 3 cups and gold medals and playoff games which was done in ten yrs. but wore there bodies out and feel like they have nothing to prove seeing how there are HOF ! Would Chicago fans say thank u to the icons but seen writing on the wall and think about how to spend 23 mil in off season ! Hmmmm putting it out there to see your thoughts ! And please look at other teams rosters and age and most of all speed & depth & pwr play success

  45. Slammer – “react to trading all 3 players Keith & Towes And Seabs Which u end up eating minimum of 2 mil plus and lose a pick or young player.” — difficult to deal in hypotheticals, but to discuss… if they miss the post season (and, really if they get in and then lose the first round…anyone expect them to do more based on the season so far? I don’t), I certainly would consider it (actually, hope for it), but depending on the actual cost – $$, picks, players. Until now, I’ve been defending and believing, but this win one and then suck for a couple routine has grown very tiresome. Hesitation would be based on the cost of previous salary dumps (Sharp, Bickell). I tend to believe that in reality there isn’t much chance of this happening – NTC/NMC contracts and the actual cost – only Keith’s contract is cap friendly.

    I respect and love what those guys have done – “World Class” players, but more and more, it looks like “the writing is on the wall”. Oh, and speaking of “Wall”, I’m certain he would express a strong opinion if he’s around/could…

  46. Slammer – As far as how Chicago the sports market would react to trading Toews, Keith and Seabrook …… I think it would be similar to this board. There would be incredible outrage from a lot regarding Toews and a few that would say it was about time. Probably the same regarding Keith, but he seems to get a break from the fans that Toews doesn’t (I personally don’t think Keith has had a good year really, but he’s not talked about as being in “suck mode” as much as others are). With Seabrook there would be people sad to see him go but wish him well.

    With that said, there’s still the reality of being able to trade any of them, which is a different story. I don’t know that you would be able to build a team capable of doing much better than this one in the short term. It would have to be a rebuild, not a reload.

    People still come to the UC to see Toews and Keith and yes, Seabrook. Let’s not forget that McDonough is a marketing guy (I still don’t like the idea of him being involved in sports decisions …. the Bowmans yes, McD … hell no). The Blackhawks are a brand now that offers its services at premium prices to us fans. I think they’ll hang on to that as long as possible. I don’t feel the “One Goal” attitude from the organization like I did in 2010 – 2015 or 16.

    Watched some of the Washington Capitals game on NBC Chicago Sports a few nights ago (the Caps’ TV feed was on). They were offering all-inclusive tickets that included all the food and drink, including beer (!!!!) starting at $89 (yep, $89). Hockey markets are obviously different in terms of what overall fan interest is. I have a feeling that plays into decisions in Chicago. I think it is an unfortunate reality.

  47. Ownership certainly wants the playoff revenue, no matter how many rounds. I do want to see them in the playoffs but if they don’t make it, it would be interesting to see what they would do-would it be major moves or just continue to get younger/faster slowly-perhaps the best thing for this team in the longer run is to miss the playoffs
    (and is the type of team Q wants, can work with, will be allowed to work with)

    they do have some young pieces and a few teams are proving that teams can get into the playoffs with younger, less well-known stars. Watched the Bruins a couple of times lately and yes Bergeron and Rask are playing well but youth and playing for a common goal is what is doing it for them

    The Hawks need an identity and style of play and buy in from all involved-while I very much appreciate the past, like others growing weary of the inconsistency from both game to game and inside each game.

  48. Big Indian I guess McDonough can fire Q and the Bowmans so his opinions are going to sway decisions. Slammer you don’t say how you would replace them. If through young draft picks 2o+m in cap isn’t needed right away and if not who you bringing in. Don’t see it happening in any way and wouldn’t at this point. I say Seabrook is here for 2 more yrs. maybe even 4 until his salary decreases vs hit and depending if ltir comes in to play. 19 and 2 are fixtures for awhile if not all of the rest of their contracts.

  49. I have BOS friends and they are awake again after a couple off yrs waiting for young guys to get better be in their 2 and 3 yrs. easiest division hardest division but their doing good. Be creative at deadline and add for free during summer.

  50. Instead of the trade route I would be in favour of sending some guys down to Rockford. Get them pissed. If our problem is consistency and motivation, then why did we send down a key piece of our most consistent line this year in Hayden? Send some guys down for a week or two. Hope for a Schwarber effect when they come back.

    Hartman and Dcat are waiver exempt. Might even demote Seabrook… if someone picks him up, our cap issues are sorted for years anyway.

    I like the move because you are shaking things up without burning the house down irreversibly. Stir the pot.

  51. Thanks for all your input. Cause. I wanted all your thoughts seeing how all of you have good sense of the game and what u think of the direction this team is heading ! It’s dredful to watch and this is just my thought that if I have to watch this team I rather see young speed hungry to stay up in the NHL for 3 years and grow together then have movable veterans go thru motion with no sense of urgency. If this continues all you will here is fans paying big bucks for a practice session. I really feel for craw & Kane. Panarin was huge to have at least one solid scoring line with a power play chance of scoring or winning in OT

  52. As for who I get if they went. I’m not a GM or scout but that’s when u put it in there hands to do there Job and believe me There’s a lot of leagues & colleges thru out to scout out

  53. I would not be surprised if Q has already asked management to let him go whenever.

    I went to a small University, 6400 enrollment, but we have a Division I hockey team.
    The coach when I was there was outstanding. He was not a screamer. The first two things he asked of his player were: Play up to your potential. If they did and lost he would see what could be done to improve. If they did not play up, Win or Lose practice was should I say interesting. The next thing was get you grades. He demanded a “C” or better in both major and overall, none of this D+ NCAA stuff or take the test over and over until you pass. He did not want the team (other players) to suffer because of one person not doing his job. In his 26 years of coaching 97% of his player graduated. My last year he cut his leading scorer before the first two games because of grades, those games were against the defending national champs, with four first team All-American NCAA players (they were Canadians).
    Many of his players made it to the NHL or he helped to become coaches. One of his players was playing for the Wings and told him don’t go Pro. In college the coach has all the power, in the Pros it’s the Owner and GM you will not like it. You will do as they say or else.
    Everyone I think knows, the bottom line is you should try to do your best every day, some days just do not go well. Sunday was not one of those days; it was a BIG RED Flag something very dark is going on. The opening face-off Toews line was pull immediately, that second period PP he left the puck back in the Hawk zone and skated away, and he did not take (center) the third period opening face-off. The fans are not receiving a fare showing, WHY??????

  54. If Q not resinating to Toews. And Toews isn’t getting thru to young players. What we have here is voices falling on death ears. Something going to give. When more loses pile up . Tempers will flare and it would most likely be Q asking to be released Now that his girls are old enough and he has nothing more to prove in Chicago he be likely one to ask for release at end of season. ! There going to be teams that want him that not 3 years away.

  55. Remember the old ‘Telephone Game” ? Let’s be careful we’re not threading together these pieces of info with this piece of conjecture to equal what might be kinda true.

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