Report: Blackhawks Building New Practice Home?

Crain’s is reporting¬†Friday morning that the Blackhawks might follow the Bulls’ lead – and build a new practice facility.

According to the report, Rocky Wirtz is considering a 70,000 square foot, $30 million practice complex just northeast of the United Center. The Blackhawks currently practice at Johnny’s IceHouse West.

Also of note in the report, the United Center paid $20 million in amusement and parking taxes last year, and Wirtz indicated that each playoff game makes the city another $300,000.

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5 Responses to Report: Blackhawks Building New Practice Home?

  1. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    Sweet! Hard to believe the Hawks games generate that amount of revenue for each game wow! On a completely separate note TT was voted prospect of the year by It’s my go to site for minor league hockey and draft ratings. Go Hawks the future is bright!

  2. Skip Chinski says:

    THE RICH GET RICHER AND we poor get

  3. JS says:

    But they are losing money every year! How can they afford this!

  4. morrison says:

    That’s cool. We were 6 when Saader was in prospects, then 9. So to be 4 that’s really good.

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