66 thoughts on “Update: Blackhawks, Cam Ward Agree To 1-year, $3M Deal

  1. While I’m not a huge fan of ward. Backup goalie had to be addressed in some manner.
    Only a year in length and not to much money wise.

  2. Ward should do better than the backup goalies they had last year. Hopefully Bowman will pick up a solid defender soon because that’s were we really need help.

  3. He’ll be given every opportunity to prove himself.

  4. Hopefully Ward can work with our goalie whisperer and Jimmie can help him find that confidence he once had to win the Cup. Yeah it was a long time ago but he’s still got the skin on the wall and 34 isn’t ancient for a goalie.

    I like the signing, although I’m not sure I like what the tea leaves say regarding CC’s return.

  5. Expensive insurance policy for whatever ails Corey Crawford.
    Here’s the new jingle – Like a Good Neighbor, Cam Ward is there.

  6. Good player for the term and money. More important it sends Forsberg to the A which is where he belongs.

  7. one year – perfect – good price, good value, hopefully good results

    Hutton wasn’t going to come here or Bernier anyway – after last year the Hawks needed a vet as backup – agree Forsberg needs time as #1 in A, he could still be something

    Obviously they expect CC to be fine or they would have gone a bit higher in $

    all good

  8. Sorry but off the subject……Bettman in the HOF but not Larmer?????? Why now ???
    I know people hate Bettman, but he has been good for the sport. If you don’t think so look at where this league was before Batman became commissioner.
    I know people hate the salary cap but IMO the salary cap has saved the league from being irrelevant. We are fortunate that Bowman did a great job managing that cap for about 8 years. I don’t ever want to see the league go back to no salary cap

  9. Reading other blogs…

    It is suggested that Forsberg- would have to clear waivers to go to AHL…

    so – more likely that:

    Crow- is placed on LTIR at start of season
    and Forsberg/Ward are the starters…

    or a Goalie is traded???

    The blog suggests- Bowman- is not ready to give up on Forsberg… cuz then that trade w/ Jackets is complete loser (Saad/Panarin)

    Anyone hearing that? or Know Forsberg’s Contract? Is he one-way or two way contract… it kinda makes some sense- if he is on one-way

  10. He s not waiver exempt and would need to clear waivers, but with teams reducing rosters at end of camp anybody claiming him would need to keep him on their roster or put him through waivers again until he clears. So good chance he makes it to Rockford i would say.

  11. It’s always seemed a touch bizarre the lengths at which the Hawks guard injury information. It seems to go beyond what could be considered reasonable for the player’s safety or other rational arguments. The Crawford “injury” is just such a case. We’re not even sure if it is in fact an injury, per se. All we know is he hasn’t played since December and now 6 months later we’re still getting the lukewarm assurances regarding his return. To rouse suspicions even further the Hawks sign a quasi starter/backup that is a good deal if he ends up the starter but overpriced if he plays only 20 games. Another strange aspect of Hawks player injuries is the players themselves keep the secret as if there is a NDA in effect.

    Weird. The whole thing is just weird.

  12. I don’t see anybody at the end of training camp seeing Forsberg as an upgrade at backup going into the season. So almost no chance he is claimed. If he goes down he has 10 games or 30 days on roster before needing to clear again. Also injury replacement recall, which is why goalies mostly recalled doesn’t count against waiver time. So don’t see any issue with Forsberg playing in AHL this season. Still looks like a go for Crawford to me.

  13. Just out of interest I went to NHL.com and pulled point totals by team for period Jan. 1 – April 9 this year (i.e. approximately the second half of the season).

    Nashville lead with 66 points. Capitals were 13th with 54. Resurgent Coyotes had 47. Rangers were last with 32. We tied Buffalo with 34.

  14. re: current goaltending mix

    adding Ward obviously gives the Blackhawks 5 guys: Crawford, Ward, Forsberg, Delia + Lankinen.

    Forsberg + Delia will be RFA in 2019. Ward would presumably be UFA. Lankinen signed a two-year deal. Crawford is unknown.

    Chicago also has to deal w/ Ivan Nalimov, who might be the best prospect in the system right now but reportedly wants to be traded out of the Hawks’ organization.

    My gut is the Blackhawks choose one of Delia/Forsberg to ride with this season (either in Rockford or Chicago) and deal the other as a low-risk stopgap to a team that needs a backup (Washington?). The other would be viewed as potential backup competition in 19-20 when Ward is also off the books.

  15. Most concerning….Q said on the radio this week that Crawford has NOT BEEN ON THE ICE YET! YIKES! SCARY!

  16. Ian- I don’t know how the rest of league values Forsberg… so have no clue on him clearing waivers…

    but it does make sense – that SB- can’t afford anymore “egg on his face”
    so- It would be really bad- if Forsberg- is picked up- by chance…

    for that reason – I am giving some chance- to Crow- possibly being LTIR at beginning of season…

    Furthermore- It “buys” time – like last year to see how the team is competing…

    if Poorly-out of gate…
    Might be another ” Lose for Hughes” – season 2019 draft looks decent

  17. It seems that lately nobody can stop a pick in a Whaler-canes jersey, so maybe a change of scenery can bring Ward around. Last year he did not have a terrible year either.
    The weirdness surrounding Corey may be out of uncertainty. If he is having vertigo that’s a disease that’s not very well known so the team may not know any more than we do. I still believe that the problem began when Malkin purposely kneed him in the head in the second Pittsburgh game–probably as a payback after the opening night spanking we gave them. A blow to the head can trigger lingering issues that come and go.

  18. Tab, you mentioned that the Caps (Washington) could/needs a backup? Are you saying Copley is not going to be? They traded him to the Blues and got him back and also pulled him out of the AHL team when it went to the Knights.

  19. Wall anybody claiming has to keep him on big league roster, then most likely would have to expose their current backup to waivers to send him down and risk losing that goalie. I just can’t see Forsberg at a time when number of other goalies be passing through waivers to AHL to boot, make a team take that chance after last year.

  20. Forsberg stock has fallen but that doesn’t mean he cant play. The guy has started 39 NHL games and only won 11, with average numbers at best. He’s been given a better look than most players dream of. I think Forsberg will get another chance but either way he didn’t do enough last year to stay in the backup spot. Look no further than Michael Kempny never got a chance here then he goes to Washington if he sucks his NHL days are OVER. Instead, he gets paired up with Carlson and the rest is history. Kempny will likely get another 3 or 4 yr deal to stay in the league.

  21. Espo – good points on Crawford, also anyone else see similarities between Crawford & Bickell…? Maybe onset of MS…??

    Sure hope not for his sake.

    As for head injuries, they are a scary thing, look how long it took Crosby to get back, hopefully this 19’s year to bounce back from the pounding he has taken over the years…

  22. The next real update will be the convention – it will be time to worry if Crow is pulled from the convention – if he’s there I think that would be very good news

  23. ER, your posts are good.

    Forsling still has time.

    Espo, time to pay Malkin back in same place. Maybe kempny will do it first. We know Scottish warrior Dunks takes care of himself.

    Since were going for 1st overall pick, why even.

  24. Since were going for top overall pick.

    I cannot believe in my gut feelings….

    Kane for Miller.

  25. Thanks Zamboni…I don’t think Crow has what Bickell had though. Crow’s play, unlike Bicks, was AWESOME just before he went down. You could see Bickell had some sort of issue through his play.

  26. It will be interesting if the teams that miss out on Taveras call Stan about Anisimov after 7/1.
    While it would be a relatively weak consolation prize, big Centers are tough to find and Anisimov is good for 20 goals and 45 points.

  27. Cam Ward not a season-changer. Goaltender issue won’t matter much for the next season, as we cannot expect a serious run. But after that, this needs to get nailed down. Our pipeline of quality young players is improving and some will be ready to take the next step to help Kane, Toews, and Keith get back into the playoffs.

  28. Jordyhawk: agree all the way on Q/Kempny. I hope it makes Q reevaluate his handling of guys he’s not initially thrilled with.

  29. Wow.
    You guys want to see some really bad unmovable contracts. Go to CapFriendly.com and look at Winnipeg.
    Bryan Little = $5 Million per year for 40 points a yea + 1 goal in the playoffs for 4 more years.
    Matthieu Perrault = $ 4 Million per year for 40 points + 1 goal in the playoffs.
    Dmitry Kulikov = $ 4 Million per year. healthy scratch in the playoffs + no trade claus.

  30. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see why you have to build through the draft now….free agents are so limited! but seriously trade some draft picks/prospects for players who can play now.

  31. Craig, yea there out there. I know we have had a couple here and there. Look at the teams that finally have to pay their top guys now.

    Well be a top team again, these teams catch up to us in pay your top guys time.

    It come full circle. Its all coming around.

  32. True Craig, take a look what Kings are into. Kopitar 30 nmc and 6 yrs left at 10m per. Kovalchuk 6.25m 35+ 3yr deal, if he retires or they want to buy him out ir demote him full caphit stays with them. Brown and 4more yrs at 5.88m and Carter at 5.22m for 3 more, both 33, Phaneuf 34 at 5.2m for 3 more years nmc. Daughty 28 expected to sign 8 yr 11m extension and likely ntc or nmc involved.

  33. Also Quick 32 at 5.8m for 5 more yrs. Thats 7 guys and 50m of their cap space, leave about 34m for the rest of the roster, 16 spots next off season.

  34. Craig N- those 2 Jet Forwards for 40 points @ $4M… is kinda cheap versus 19/7 $$$
    and points… IMO

    Or another Comp… Bickell @ $4m (and sweetner TT) Versus Little/Perrault

  35. Hey Craig re. the Jets ,.,.they made the playoffs and could have done some real damage ,unlike Stans mess we are dealing with .

    Now for Forsberg our A.H.L goalie ,.,.he has been given a chance to show his wares ,he is a deer in the headlights ,.,.,send him down and keep him down,.,.or trade the bum .

  36. Next year… Daydreaming about possible line-ups…

    I would love to see 20 games of this one…

    Sikura showed me – he has innate / elite ability to outlet the pass/puck and move it
    I think paired with Kane/19… 88 – would get Dozens of break-aways … and Toews can cover up any mistakes Sikura makes

    Neal/UFA/Trade(even Martinsen)- Schmaltz- D-cat
    Size grit LW – paired with Speed/pass Schmaltz- and D-cat ( sniper/IQ/Passer)

    Saad-Kampf (or AA)- Kahun
    this could be both- shut-down line (assuming Kahun -plays D (and I hear he does))
    But both ALL 3 of guys (not AA)- can FLY-… and Kampf has solid/quick IQ to move puck up… But – This Might be the fastest line on ice – as fast as Sikura/19/88

    Hino/Ejdsell/Hayden or other

  37. Wall thats why kinda liked to see a AA for Pacioretty trade be doable. Caphit fits this year and if bonuses weren’t killing this year could be resigned or if bonus room needed he creates space by not resigning. Lots of speed and can score.

  38. MTL is doing a rebuild, so they would trade Pac Man.

    We’re not in a rebuild until we trade 19 and 88. Retool is what it is.

  39. Exactly AA give them a top 6 center at reasonable caphit until Kotkaniemi is ready, while rebuilding.

  40. 91 prob not signing with CHI, now that we’re not one of the teams he talked to.

    91, the other one, signing with TB.

  41. Hope if Bowman gets a defenceman that its a legit top 4 and not a 4th/5th type as roster has enough of them now. Maybe a Beagle/ Letestu type for draws.

  42. well my Hossa for Hjarlmasson idea is gone :(

    good for him though I thought for long stretches Hjarlmassson was the best defense man on the Black Hawks.

  43. The Tavares saga continues … I kinda want him to sign with Toronto in a hometown boy comes home and leads them to the promised land story. I don’t have any feelings for Toronto either way but they haven’t won in forever and it would be nice to see an original-6 team win in hockey-crazed Toronto. We had the Vegas Cinderella story this season – how about now we get a historic team rises from the ashes story for next season.

    You know … unless a miracle happens …

  44. Ian, I think one is a ufa and a trade. So we only add a FW or D, I think we still make a trade for the other. You know people will bitch and moan about olny adding one player on July 1 and the same dark talk.
    Until we make a trade.

  45. The Cam Ward signing is another one of Stans cry for help. Crow is broken and we have no one in the pipe line . Now if Ward has a break down or plays like his 2.93 avg we are still good and screwed . Mo said we are in a Tweek mode not a rebuild ,.,.i beg to differ .No goal tending no progress . Stan needs to pull off a big deal soon .

  46. Hawks to sign 3 players tomorrow. One goalie, one forward, one defenseman.
    I was not told the names. Obviously the goalie is Cam Ward.

    Does not sound like it’s going to be a seismic day.

  47. Once again, Ward = Turco II.

    Ward won the Cup 12-13 years ago. He is one of the reasons Carolina has been a poor to average team for so long. They would have never signed Darling for huge $ and term if Ward was a solid goalie.

    If Crawford isn’t healthy to play his standard 50-60 games, good night Irene. Ward will have good games and bad games just like the inconsistent rotating crew we saw last season. That was plain, ordinary ugly more often than not.

  48. P.S. you either sign or trade for a 1A goalie for more than $2.5M or you sign someone comparable to Ward for $700k – $1.2M at most. This high of a cap hit for Turco II isn’t a shrewd move. If Crawford isn’t healthy, the team’s fortunes rest on Ward having a reincarnation.

    Q is going to go from “he was fine” to “I didn’t mind him” to “he was on” to “we need more from Calmer” to “we were bad across the board”.

  49. Ward like it or not looks like, Letestu for faceoff center. Move Hossa hit and AA for Pacioretty plus some young defensemen for Ryan McDonough. (Bolts 4 ufa dmen next year).

    Saad, Toews Kane
    Dcat Schmaltz Pacioretty
    Sikura Kampf Hino/Kahun
    Ejdsell/Martinsen Letestu Hayden

    Keith Seabrooks/Jokiharju/Rutta
    McDonough Murphy
    Gus Seabrooks/Rutta/Jokiharju

    Crawford Ward

  50. Pacioretty’s scoring was way down last year and he missed 18 games. Don’t know the reason for either but if he can still be a 30 goal guy – his 1 year contract with $4.5M cap hit isn’t too bad.

    I think Patches plays LW so either go




    I’d like either one of those.

  51. Rumor- Kunitz to sign in Chicago???

    Q- Must be looking for education on How to win cups with Terrible defenseman–

    That must be the reason… guy is 39… I loved him 3 years ago

    also- Khudobin – for less than Ward is making… that is a good deal!!!

  52. Kempny sign`s with the Caps ,.,.2.5 million a year , 4 years ,pretty inexpensive for a Cup champion .We sign Rutta 2.5 ,2 years for a shit ,unproven guy ,.,.something not right here.

  53. Hawktalk, what I mean/meant is were not in a rebuild. That would require making drastic changes, 19, 88, anyone who gets good return like Doucheknee trade, coachs.

    Were doing a retool, which to me is everything inbetween rebuild and tweak. Tweak would be what we should do every yr.

    I do want to make big moves, whatever makes roster better and want we need to add.

  54. Not saying Ward is going to be really good.

    CAR wrecks goalies. Every goalie that has been there had gone wrong direction. It doesn’t matter who the goalie is. Its that’s teams style/players, or something is in the water bottles CAR goalies drink there.

  55. If were not adding 91 or Riemsdysk kind of players, then we have cap space to waste this yr.

    One yr contracts for Rutta, Ward, whoever. Is better then having Varlomnov/sp or Bernier for 3 yrs at higer caphit.

    Its also possible were going to get/go for a particular ufa next summer and that’s the plan roster wise. To go with our younger faster players. That’s whats going to get us back to top teams again. We need both, not just a round of high priced guys that are 33 for too many yrs on contract.

  56. Kunitz is 5 years past his shelf date. All he would do is take playing time away from somebody younger. A big no thanks.

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