Report: Blackhawks Close To Signing Cam Ward?

Ward, 34, had a .906 save percentage and 2.73 goals against average in 43 games with Carolina last year. Originally the 25th overall selection in the 2002 NHL Draft, Ward won the Conn Smythe Trophy in 2006.

Chicago continues to be linked to almost every free agent goaltender with Corey Crawford’s health – and likelihood to return as an all-star level – still in question.

Earlier this week Scott Powers of The Athletic reported the Blackhawks have expressed interest in Jonathan Bernier. The Hawks have also been linked to trade rumors including Edmonton’s Cam Talbot.

34 thoughts on “Report: Blackhawks Close To Signing Cam Ward?

  1. This signs are all red flags that the organization is ready to turn the page on Crow. It’s all most certain that once his contract expires he will not be given an extension. His time is numbered.

  2. Southside,
    If you are correct in your assumption, it’s even more alarming that SB doesn’t lock down the starting heir apparent. I remember the days we had such a glut of goaltender talent. Belfour, Hasek, Waite, Hackett. and Thibault. The 90’s were a solid time. The braintrust need to really focus on this.

  3. If Crawford shows up at the Convention, I hope at least one Reporter asks him the following question : “Can you set the record straight and tell us , as well as the throngs of fans who are speculating and perhaps guessing, what’s wrong Corey Crawford ? “

  4. Not a huge fan of the move if it’s happening. But they need to address the position. Hopefully it’s only a 1 year deal worth around $1.5 to $2.0 million.
    Hopefully Forsberg passes through waivers. And they can get rid of Berube.
    Good forbid though Crawford is still missing. It will definitely not be a fun season again.

  5. Getting a good 1b goalie doesn’t mean Crow isint ok. You can’t win with a normal nhl backup so having a guy like Nemo a 1b is smart way.

    Crow doesn’t resign after contract then we have option to go stacked roster and caphit goalie like 2010.

  6. Convention seems a long way from now/like OCT does.

    Going to be lots and lots of fireworks in first part of July this summer.

  7. Bowman and crew….

    So far this looks like a brisket. Getting it prepared for the seasoning/spices.

  8. I think Ward would be a good upgrade at backup. He showed last year he still has some hockey left. Doesn’t mean Crawford won’t be ready at all.

  9. Rumor is that its a 1 yr deal @ 2.8 million for Camo, also heard is a done deal too obviously can’t be signed until July 1st. Scott Powers was reporting the Hawks were in on Bernier too and internet rumor was Carter Hutton wasn’t interested in coming back or he had better options. Obviously goaltending is the priority.

    If I’m looking at goalie depth chart its as follows;

    Colin Delia-Hogs
    Nalimov-Who knows?
    The funny thing is people are concerned about “trading” a goalie. There is no value below these 5.

    The best rumor was this gem out of Phx from Pronman “So if Arizona’s guy was Hayton, I don’t think there was wiggle room to trade down. I believe CHI liked him a lot.”

    Needless to say, all 5 Yotes fans are pissed about the Hayton pick glad that someone picked him before SB got to the podium to make a dumb pick ((OR)) it could have been a smoke screen to overvalue him to another GM, hard to say. Not sure if I’m willing to SB that much credit.

    Last thing the tea leaves say the Hawks are NOT in on JT91

  10. I see signing Ward as a good sign because it probably means the Hawks think Crawford will be OK to play next season. Ward seems more accepting of being a #2 than Hutton would be. If the Hawks weren’t confident Crawford will be OK – I would hope they would try to acquire a goalie more capable of being a #1 than Ward is anymore.

  11. I can’t imagine the Hawks ever seriously considered getting in the Tavares sweepstakes. He’s probably going to get $10M+ and that is just untenable with the Hawks current salary cap – you can’t have three guys making over $10M and have cap space to be a legitimate contender.

  12. Crow will be back!! Why is everyone freaking out ?? Now lets get JVR, Statsny or Neal. Sign J.Moore and Emelin. Trade Anisimov, Murphy, Forseberg.Oh yeah someone who can win a Faceoff would be nice !!

  13. Steven think it could be quieter than we think. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a goalie and a dman acquired and Jokiharju get a long look. Have a top 6 of;

    (Panarin #2) Kahun/ Toews/Kane
    Saad/ Schmsltz/ Debrincat

    But wouldn’t be dusappointed if i’m wrong.

  14. Ian, if Kahun is even close to Panarin it would … WOW!

    How about:

  15. EB haven’t seen Kahun enough to say just how high end he is, he does have skill though, but the elc contract they awarded him is reserved for elite type players. Granted he has to earn them, however teams don’t give them to players unless they believe they can earn them. Sikura may well be a top 6 at one point but his development isn’t as far along as Kahun’s should be.

  16. @ Ian

    Panarin is not coming back several beat reporters and those connected with the team have said as much. I believe the term used was “not happening” What has been said is the Hawks are looking for players in these positions

    2. Defense
    3. Center

    The center thing is confusing, I’m not sure center is a big need but the Org seems to think so. If their offseason looks like

    1. Cam Ward
    2. Ian Cole/ Cavin DeHaan
    3. Michael Grabner or JVR I’m pretty satisfied

  17. Side, that would be good.

    If we do not use the entire 16m in cap space, then we better at least trade 81 caphit so we can bank space.

  18. If the deal for Ward is one year that’s a good thing

    Ward will see it as a way to convince teams he can still compete for a #1 so he’ll be motivated and likely have a good year and it’ll give the Hawks another year to develop Forsberg some more – I think he may still be in their long term plans

  19. @ IAN

    I don’t think that fair to think Kahun can even come close to Panarin. Players in the KHL were talking about Panarin @ SKA for a few years prior to the Hawks signing him how he was SICK. Not to get too political but the KHL is a rigged league and SKA rig it to their advantage. The best players play for SKA, its a combo of old NHLers and kids like Panarin. As for Kahun he probably projects as a middle 6 player at best

    The Hawks have a kid at SKA now Andrei Altybarmakyan and David Runblad is also there lol

  20. I saw a bit of Kahun at Olympics and Worlds. Perimeter player who will now have to find room on smaller ice. He is worth a shot but he let’s not be fooled by the bonuses — he is nowhere near a Panarin.

    Scott Foster is still unsigned. Any talk of bringing him back?

  21. Should we just forget about Nalimov? He’s 24 and his number’s strike me as someone you’d want to at least look at or give an opportunity to.

  22. Jordyhawk i’m not advocating Kahun will be as good as Panarin, but the blackhawks have other players bonuses who total 2m range and i don’t see them offering him those bonuses if it wasn’t legit. Each team is limited to amount of potential bonuses they can carry on roster or are subject to penalties, so it is significant they gave him them especially when only give them to elite players. It could limit who they carry or ability to sign a 35+ contract. So it wasn’t done lightly they must have high expectations for him.

  23. That’s a good catch. A lot of people would complain that’s too much bonuses for a guy that’s….

  24. How would center not be a need? Our center depth is atrocious. We have a bunch of wings posing as centers outside of 19. Not a damn one of them can consistently win faceoffs.

  25. I read Bob McKenzie said Cam Ward signing with the Hawks is a done deal – just waiting for signing period to start. That’s a good news / good news story – if Crawford is healthy and back to normal, Ward would be a pretty good backup, else if Crawford doesn’t return to form, Ward is not good enough to be the starter so we can tank and try to get the 1st pick in the draft and get Jack Hughes … picturing a DeBrincat-Hughes-Kane line … oh yeah!

  26. I’m confident that if the Hawks are trotting CC out at the convention (which they are) he’s good to go

    If he had to answer questions about returning with uncertainty they wouldn’t have him there

    Ward is the back up and if CC gets injured again he at least has the experience of being a #1 and will be motivated

  27. Iceman- Turco 2.0…. AGREE

    Re: Kahun- Ian, is right… Not gonna be 72… but- Guy has been a BIG winner in past – on Championship Teams- and Big contributor… So has displayed both talent and IQ in past and hope that translates well- and shows he may be bigger asset with Better players ( Kane/ D-Cat types)


    I see your point although perhaps the Org is pressing him so that he can be a scapegoat. Toss him out there regardless if he’s ready or not. I’d also say its a 50/50 chance Crow goes, walks the red carpet gives a few low five’s and never speaks to anyone. Then the org can point and say here he is; look at him! Nothing to see here.

    Obviously, his health is the biggest question going into next season.

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