Report: Blackhawks Interested In D Michal Kempny

On Thursday night, TSN’s Darren Dreger tweeted that the Chicago Blackhawks are in the mix to sign defenseman Michal Kempny.

Kempny, who will turn 26 on Sept. 8, scored five goals with 16 assists and 46 penalty minutes in 59 games with Omsk Avangard in the KHL this year. He added two goals and two assists in 11 postseason games.

He is listed at 6-0 and 194 pounds.

37 thoughts on “Report: Blackhawks Interested In D Michal Kempny

  1. Believe Dreger was the one that said this kid cant be a top 4 guy now. A lets hope the Hawks can get him and lets hope he is as advertised.

  2. 26…well then this fellow has history..multiple teams eh? Get Panarin and Amisimov to give him a call and sing the praises.

  3. SSHM- Yes, I posted that Dreger/Kempny/Hawks rumor on this blog several weeks ago!!!

    Supposed to be good/Ready!!!

  4. I’ll give you props Wall. I remember that. If I remember correctly you also mentioned some other names. Might have been college guys though.

    Regarding Tab’s lines from another post. I don’t think Motte is the answer at 1 LW. I like the centers, and I like the Rws. If they’re able to slot Motte on the third line. And figure something out at 1lw that’d be ideal. But we all know the world we live in is less than ideal.

  5. We shall see. Gusty looked like a solid #4 until the pace and the rigors of nhl hockey caught up with him. Terrible turnover in game 7 .

    Is Kempny better than Gustafsson right now ?

    The entire Hawks defensive scheme involves them possessing the puck and moving it up to the forwards quickly.

    Q sang the praises of TVR the other day as if he adores him. So he moves the puck ahead, has an active stick and is positionally sound defensively.

    All of this must be coached and ingrained through constant repitition. Guys like Daley and Leddy who are skaters and free lancers will never be in Qs good graces because it’s all about structure with him. Hence they are both gone.

    Btw, Q is not changing so the player has to.

  6. Let’s hope Stan has Q’s blessing on this one.Hate to see Stan waste money on this guy and have Q not play him a lot.Remember Erixson from the Blue Jackets?

  7. Ernie, thx…

    Re: Motte- he is a solid player… + IQ, + skater, + compete -sounds a lot like Shaw doesn’t he? Is Shaw a legit 1st liner – No! But can still play there and not hurt you…

    And Motte – is built like a short Saad- big legs and ass… not the burning speed though

  8. Whether or not Stan has Q’s blessing seems to me to be irrelevant. You never know a guy’s potential until he comes over and Q actually sees him play up close and personal. Q is too damn persnickety to offer a quess at this point, so hard to say if this will be worth our while or not. The possibility is intriguing, especially given Dreger’s opinion, which I really respect.

    Also read that both Ladd and Shaw have come out to say they want to stay. Ladd says it’s not about money for him but about being in a great city on a great team, and Shaw says the same, though minus the money part. Q called Shaw irreplaceable. I know the money is not there for all of this, but so nice to hear, and it all adds to what will be a nail biter of an off season.

  9. both Shaw and Ladd epitomize what playoff hockey is about. So let’s say both are willing to take the Same money Kruger is making or realistically a bit more. Say 3.5 million per year. That would mean Stan has to find a taker for the Bickell contract, which has been impossible to this point. What about a package of Bickell and Teuvo for draft picks ? Keep in mind with Schmaltz and Motte not far from being Nhl ready, that might make Teuvo expendable.

    Stan would still have to lop off some more money to fit both in. Where ?

  10. Some will probably freak over this, but why not look to move Hossa. His 5 mill+ cap hit doesn’t match up with production anymore. It’s a business move, and it would break up cap space that is desperately needed. At this point, I’d almost say Shaw is more important moving forward than Hossa. Thoughts?

  11. The Hawks will have a tough time moving Hossa because of his age and cap hit. He may also have a no trade contract. He has been a great player but if they can move him it would make sense from a cap standpoint.

  12. This is from an article about Hossa someone linked to at anudder thread:

    “…because of the way the cap recapture rules are designed, trading Hossa won’t solve the problem. If the Hawks trade Hossa and he retires after playing for another team, Chicago will still receive the cap recapture penalties regardless. Maybe you could trade Hossa somewhere that he’d be happy and a low-budget team would be thrilled to have a large cap hit on a guy making just $1 million, but there’s still the risk that he retires at some point and the penalty goes into effect.”

  13. I guess he probably won’t be going anywhere. His base salary for next year is 4 mil and then it goes down to 1 mil for 4 years. But the cap hit is still 5+ mil for 5 years.

  14. Don’t know anything about Kempny but this is the type of signing Stan will need to make for the Hawks to be better next season because he isn’t going to be able to fix the defense through signing an established d-man.

  15. Saad said the same thing last year. Ladd rejected a previous offer from Winnipeg.

    Don’t kid yourself. They’re just trying to sound like nice guys

  16. Anyone bold enough to want Radulov? He said he thinks he’s jumping the pond. Id be curious to hear what he’s asking for. Not sure Id ever sign the headcase

  17. I agree Ernie… Ladd will not be coming back but Winnipeg would definitely have to pay a premium to get him to stay as I can’t imagine many FA being lured to play there.

    Good news the Canadian dollar hit $ 0.80 for the first time this year.

  18. I was skimming through the NHL rosters and one thing stuck out for me. All teams have holes in their depth chart.

    I have been comparing the Hawks roster for next year to previous years and groaning. However, compared to other teams they still look pretty solid.

    The good news in my mind is that TVR and Gustafsson should be significantly better next year. If they both do improve then the Hawk D deficiency may actually look like a strength compared to other teams.

    The key for me is Toews and Seabrook rebounding and finding a solid 4th D man by playoff time. I don’t think they will be able to get a great puck moving D but hopefully someone who is at least steady and reliable.

    What I would also love to see is a more stable environment next year. I think all the player turnover and movement took away from the overall team confidence and chemistry this year.

    Longterm, things do look ugly. As the core guys age their contracts remain the same. In a few years they will have 40 million tied up in guys all well past their prime. Yikes.

  19. BLS, to add to that (from what I remember/last summer-fall)(other then ANA and TAM the other top teams farms are not good)(not sure if those two teams used up/how much of their farms to become top teams…) and we have already took our hit with top player contract raises (19/88). Now it’s LA and TAM turn (kopitar and stamkos) and those teams will not be able to keep everybody.

    Having really good scouts/gm team finds good players from college/euro on low caphits that make roster better. Anyway we improve our roster I am for it.

  20. Well thanks Morrison, that’s very nice of you to make that statement. One would still have to come up here to get our chocolate/ candy bars though. Crispy Crunch, Areo, O’Henry, Wunderbar, Caramilk, Smarties and so many more… Someone could make a fortune becoming an importer but the chocolate bar enforcement squad would likely show up.

    I’m still in shock, trying to sort through it all like a post modem, but I got nothing. Shouldn’t Sharp and Oduya be exhausted and out of gas like they claim we are/ were? We had a lot of bodies out there that played very little post season over the recent years.

  21. Why not go on a fishing and or hunting trip? Pancakes every morning with maple syrup from Quebec.

  22. Yah, lots of small private lodges up here in Northern Saskatchewan.. Lots of hockey players, politicians, celebrities do just that.
    Winter finally gave it up this week and the ice is melting rapidly.

  23. Ernie- Plenty of ordinary everyday holiday folk as well, lots of Americans, not just the big shots. 2 Years ago the Stanley Cup was in our town at the local trading company ( furs and dry goods) on a Saturday morning. (LA’s win that year, yah ok but not happening for the Mining Man) besides I’ve seen it in person several times. That was a bitter loss and the one that got away plus plenty of friends and coworkers took piks.

    Love my American brothers… Anyone wants to catch Walleye or Pike the size of a bus ( maybe a bit exaggerated there) let me know. I’ll even greet you with some really good chocolate bars!

  24. Love me some Walleye. Love catching Pike. Went up to Reindeer Lake one summer when I was in 6th grade. That’s the only time I’ve been to your neck of the woods. All the other times I’ve gone fishing or hunting it’s been to Ontario North of Dryden South of Red Lake.

  25. My dad’s been to Athabasca a few times. I didn’t win the elk lottery in new Mexico this year so I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing this summer. Don’t know if I’m going bowhunting somewhere or if I’m going fishing. Been almost 9 years since I’ve been moose hunting and it’s a thrill to have one 30 yards away. Most if not all tags have already been sold by now I’m sure.

  26. Ernie-I’m on Lac La Ronge, pretty big itself and excellent fishing. There a countless smaller lakes short drives from here and incredibly good fishing and hunting camps by float plane that leave from here. We are pretty close to the Athabasca Basin geological formation, an hours trip by air. Reindeer and Wollaston Lakes are comparable to Lac La Ronge. There are still big worries about our fire season as the snowpack was not as heavy as normal and the bush is drying out quickly. Would be easy enough to find out about the moose tag situation.

    I was 100% planning to come to Chicago for the parade after the Ladd deal but no parade now so maybe do some railfanning ( my hobby) around the Rochelle area instead. Getting older and got to take it a little lighter. Pick up some crazy bumper stickers and political buttons as well with all the current madness of the nomination process. Staying the hell away from Cleveland though!

  27. Customer of mine is the Illinois railway museum. Never seen it, but it’s not far from Rochelle in Union, Il.

    I went to welding school at Lincoln Electric in Cleveland for 6 months. The city really gets a bad rap. Not a ton to do there. But not as terrible as people say. With that said…Trump riots, and the Ohio City pooper taking dumps randomly on the west side.. It’s not really their best moment.

  28. Have a couple of real old friends that volunteer at the Illinois Railway museum … It is an incredible place with a lot of preserved and restored equipment.

    The referance to Cleveland was about the RNC convention and all the hoopla going on, didn’t know about the pooper guy! It’s a great place really, those big parties at the pier on Lake Erie are legend, but not, (fortunately) , the Cleveland Barons.

  29. Without parade, I am going to work on the new jeep wrangler during the summer. Going with 80s style fenders and bumpers. Need a weld custom cj5 authentic front bumper, the authentic ones you can buy do not fit new wranglers. Thought about 37inch tires and now will not support that 3 cups in 7 yrs, so were going with 35inch tires and old man emu shocks/steering stabilizer. Building a Bat mobile, 80s style.

  30. Michal Kempny is a Russian D-man who’s ready. We need Panarin and Anisimov to get him to sign.

    We need Shaw, maybe a contract for a year until Bickells gone – wish he’s just quit.

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