Report: Blackhawks Looking To Deal For Defense

Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune published a piece on Saturday night indicating the Blackhawks are “actively seeking a defenseman via a trade.

Interestingly, Kuc’s piece published moments after the puck dropped on the Hawks’ third game of the regular season against the New York Islanders.

Viktor Svedberg is playing in his second consecutive game on the Blackhawks’ blue line after David Rundblad played in the opener.

33 thoughts on “Report: Blackhawks Looking To Deal For Defense

  1. Saw this as I was looking for a slow motion replay of the goal that was credited to Versteeg last year. Foley kind of ripped into him and I’m not sure why. From what I remember it looked like Versteeg did tip it.

    Anyway, its always good to know that your teams management is seeing the same thing everyone else and will do whatever is necessary to rectify it. As a Sox and Bears fan, well that doesn’t always seem to be the case.

  2. Foley’s comments about Versteeg were better left unsaid as they served no positive purpose.

  3. For those of us who can’t see the Chicago broadcast, did Foley rip Versteeg tonight? What’s going on there? The guy’s a two tour champ…

  4. Yeah, after the TVR goal. A few minutes later he said the TVR goal wasn’t really his first. He actually scored shortly after being called up (not actually true as he made the team out of camp) and a it was credited to Versteeg. Versteeg said it was his goal and we never saw Versteeg deflect it. So what’s the kid supposed to say to a veteran.

    Not an exact quote, but pretty close. From what I remember, I thought Versteeg did actually tip it. Not only that, but the official scorers nowadays very rarely get the call wrong. After the TVR goal the second was originally credited to Daley. It was changed to Panarin shortly after.

  5. Back to the point of this thread. Didn’t we have Lubomir here. He looked really good in the preseason. Even Q praised his gap and playing quick.

  6. Yes the first thing that came to my mind was Vishnovsky. The second thing is a trade involving Bickell, maybe involving Rundblad for a D prospect or ready to go D man and then sign Vishnovsky with the cap space. Something wil happen. Against the majority, I hope we don’t lose Svedberg in any deal.

  7. Very enjoyable game – tried to watch Svedberg closely but kept getting distracted by the high skill level of the Blackhawk forwards.

    Svedberg wasn’t noticeable which is a good thing. Whether they make a deal or not (and I have been saying I think they will for about two weeks now), the experience Svedberg is getting is valuable down the line.

    Ice Hogs got smoked last night 7-0 out in California. Leighton was pulled after four goals, Carruth put in and had 3 scored against him. Not much to say about the game other than Hartman apparently picked up another dumb penalty, which is one reason he’s in the AHL. Regardless, teams will have clunkers so throw it in the garbage and get ready for the next one.

  8. Why are you guys still trying to trade Bickell? He cleared waivers, has no interest from any club including ours. Sit him in Rockford is the only option and what he deserves

  9. I’ll settle for Vishnovsky, about Foley’s comments, not like a Karpotzov rant, but I think you could tell his feelings about Versteeg.

  10. I agree on giving Lubomir Visnovski a chance at the 3rd line defense. We have 5 solid defensemen and just need a 6th. Rundblad just doesn’t have it and has not improved from last year.

  11. Bickell alone wouldn’t do it. But if a team also a player that has a salary that outpaces production it could work. Remember Nikita Nikitin. That trade almost worked because both contracts suck. A player with a similar contract but 1 year shorter would be ideal. Even if you have to throw other stuff in the pot to make it work.

  12. Guys Visnovski is really an offensive d-man and i dont think the Hawks are looking for a guy like that. The Hawks need more of a defensive guy. A Barrett Jackman or Marc Methot type. They people is the season just started so that might be tough.

  13. While it wouldn’t surprise me to see the front office circle back to Visnovsky, there are other factors at play, namely they want to move money. Preferably to get more room than the $950K they’d get by demoting Bickell to Rockford.

    In addition to a lower pairing veteran defenseman, they arguably have a hole at LW too. By burying Bickell and demoting say Svedberg that gets them $1.5M but they also have to deal with Roszival’s $600K at some point.

    Visnovsky is on the radar due to him being in camp recently but let’s not forget he’s 39 with a concussion history. And this front office has a track record of acquiring players who are somewhat off the radar … who had them getting Oduya a few years ago or acquiring the guys from Columbus.

    I’m confident there will be a move, but somewhat less convinced the acquisition will be a familiar name. We’ll see.

  14. Seems like an awful lot of worry for a Hawks team that gave up 3 goals in two games to the 2nd highest scoring team in the NHL last year.

    Not having Sharp cherry pick and run away from his defensemen might actually help on defense this year. Did you notice that Panarin will actually go into a defensive corner to help out. Panarin and Anisimov’s influence on Kane’s defense is also noticeable. That’s the best forechecking I’ve ever seen him do.

    Keep Rundblad on the bench and let’s see where we are in month.

  15. Rumor out of a friend of mine in Edmonton is that the Oilers want Shaw and they will “take” Bickel. The problem is that the Oilers do not have a defenseman that the Hawks want in return.

    Tab, could this be a three team trade?

    On another note………Saader is sure finding it harder to play the game without Toews and Hossa.

  16. The problem with the Oilers wanting Shaw and taking Bickell is that the Oilers want Shaw. Hawks already have a hole at LW with Bickell here. Who replaces Shaw if Shaw leaves? What position would you need to fill in Shaws spot. Do you stick Teuvo as 3c? Now you have 2 holes at LW. If Teuvo stays at LW who plays 3c and 3LW?

    I actually wouldn’t mind Gryba as the DMan coming back. The other problem you have is salary cap. The Oilers would be taking on 6 million in salary and giving 1.25. They’d be over the Cap, and Eberle is on LTIR right now. Oilers don’t have a LW I’d want. Korpikoski has similar numbers to Bickell but is cheaper. Draiasatl…yeah not happening. Theyre thin at center at least in ones I’d want. Can Teddy Purcell play left wing? He’s a right shot and his contract is up after the year.

    Shaw+Bickell= 6.0 million
    Gryba+Purcell=5.75 million

    The 16/17 dollars is where the savings is. Both Gryba and Purcell are up after this year, whereas only Shaw is up on the other side. So there’s 4m in savings for next year.

    So, say Teuvo stays at wing. Who plays 3c? That’s a lot of moving parts to fix your 6th DMan.

  17. Last year- I was one of few here… that thought Hawks needed Offensive help- (mostly 3rd line) as much or MORE than D help…

    I believe Hawks have similar issue this year… While they are truly deeper with Forward talent… No true 1st LW (which will be hard to get/fix cheap)… Garbutt- looks best fit there… but w/ 28 there… scoring on 1st will be down 20-30%…

    SO- Hawks will need to replace that 25% w/ scoring on 3rd/4th line… really- means 3rd line…– with 29 there not going to happen,,, I like Tikho- but he is not scorer…. so that leaves- HINO and or DANO will need to replace 29 and 28 (cuz he is now 1st LW)… Guessing Hino is left to season in AHL….

    SO- I really would like to see Hawks get quality scoring 2nd/3rd line LW to play with TT/Dano and pickup for the lost production Post Saad- 1st LW…

    Lastly, yes- they could use D help… But I really think- all of TvR, Svedberg, and Daley are improving… and the Hawks Forwards are very “D” responsible- which strongly supports the D… The Forward “D”… has not been this deep/good since 2010… there are no more floaters– or weak skaters- Bruno, Sharp, Morin, Stalberg… all gone… (bickell is last drifter left)

  18. Dano supposedly played LW 2nd game of the Rockford trip out to California. Didn’t see or hear the game so I don’t know for sure. Merits watching because that’s what they’ll need, contributions from guys on entry level deals or cheap veterans.

  19. Reg – Saw on NBC Sports today that the Bruins are gauging interest on Chara and Marchand. Maybe that for a 3 teamer? Do we even want Chara at 38 with a 7 mill cap hit? Could we fit him under cap if we did want him?

  20. My 1st thought is Chara is probably done! Although if he has anything in the tank he would be great as a 2nd pairing dman. He would also be a FORCE in the playoffs against the Pacific winner (likely Ducks or Kings and less likely Flames). 7 million this year, 5 million in 16-17 & 4 million in 17-18. Thanks a lot of money for a player turning 40 pretty soon.

    Bickell, Shaw is close from a $$$ 6.5 I believe for the 2 of them. The problem is next year when Seabs dollars kick in.

  21. The cap hit for said 40 year old is 6.916 million. If Boston wants to retain half then I’d talk. I don’t believe his contract is an over 35 deal, so I think he can retire and his hit comes off the books. They also floated Marchand. So this is a salary dump/asset gain maneuver. Theyre going to want youth and bargain contracts back imo. From that perspective Shaw is of no interest as his contract is up and most likely wants a raise as well. Probably the same for Bickell.

    They still value Chara too much for the two sides to make a deal. If they’d agree to a Bickell Rundblad McNeil +pick for Chara at half retained…done. I think they want more

  22. @ Ernie, Sweeney hasnt shown me he has the chops to be a top flight GM, pershaps Stan puts a package together with some spare parts and scores a future hall of famer? The more I think about it the more I like the idea of adding Chara.

  23. Saw that article yesterday. I agree Sweeney hasn’t shown me anything. The knock on Chiarelli was his drafts outside the first round and may have clashed with the Jacobs’ and Neely. Sweeney seems like a company hire and that doesn’t always equate the best decisions for the team. Every move he’s made was predicated on lowering salary. Some moves were extremely rash. Even the picks he made were head scratchers. But hey, he dumped salary. Compare the Hamilton and Saad trades. What did he get back for a young top defensemen? Not near what he should…. Well besides salary. Any move Boston makes seems like it will be to shed salary. So I don’t know if they would be willing to take on the salary needed or retain salary for the Hawks to acquire Chara.

    I think I’d look to the Flyers. That Andrew Macdonald contract is wretched. But a guy like Luke Schenn was a healthy scratch yesterday. Maybe they can swing a trade for both Schenn’s?

    Lastly, that NBCsports site went to hell with the redesign. Talk about screwing up a good thing. They even use AP articles now. Not sure if they got rid of guys or what but it makes me very appreciative of what Tab puts together here.

  24. @ Ernie

    You are a smart man, i posted yesterday on another link here about the Schenns. Luke is 25 and been in the league since 08. The Hawks could realistically get him on the cheap, plus he is a 1 yr rental at 2.5 or so.

  25. Guys with expiring contracts have got to be the most appealing to Bowman … other than guys on entry level deals which of course are harder to pry away.

    Someone talked here about trading a first round draft choice. Of course anything is possible but they don’t have a 2nd next year so I’d imagine they’d be very leery of trading their 1st again.

    Last year was a different set of circumstances and there won’t always be guys like Panarin who are out there as free agents … nor do they get everyone they target, see Mike Reilly. So the “sign a free agent to substitute for not having a high draft choice” angle won’t always work.

    Granted, if trading your 1st is the difference between having a better shot at the Stanley Cup or not, you do it.

  26. Dan Boyle will be a healthy scratch tonight. Expiring deal. Older player. 4.5 cap hit. Hawks have made a few trades with the Rangers in recent memory. Might be something there. I don’t know how much he has left in the tank.

  27. If hawks are willing to leave garbutt as 1st line lw. I wonder if they are willing to move dano for 3rd pairing d man and prospect/draft pick?

  28. Shamrock- no. Nobody is untradeable. And Dano is far from a sure thing. But he’s the most talented, highest ceiling, closest to NHL ready prospect they have.

    You don’t trade Brandon Saad for Artem Anisimov, some picks and a 3rd pairing DMan….unless youre Boston.

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