Report: Blackhawks Make Qualifying Offer To Mark McNeill

McNeill, 23, was the Blackhawks first selection (18th overall) in the 2011 NHL Draft. He scored 25 goals with 23 assists in 64 games with Rockford last season.

He has appeared in one NHL game.

Earlier in the offseason,  Mark Spector at SportsNet and the Sun-Times’ Mark Lazerus both reported the Blackhawks were shopping McNeill.

31 thoughts on “Report: Blackhawks Make Qualifying Offer To Mark McNeill

  1. I would like to see him get a shot at 4RW if he is still around for camp. He can play center, take draws, play on the PK, and play a shutdown role (he and Danault were actually 2/3 of Team Canada’s shutdown line at the WJC). He can score some too (scrap too). Not sure what some see in Hartmann over him, other than Hartmann runs around a lot.

  2. Let him go iff he refuse the offer …..we dont need the first choice…..not sure he can make the team in the next 2-3 years anyway
    Keep in mind …the kid is not a NHL player…
    Maybe he can be a 4 th line player in 3-4 years

  3. The Hawk’s farm system is really weak now, and so it speaks volumes that McNeil still isn’t good enough to merit an NHL trial on a team that has multiple job openings when camp opens in South Bend. McNeil sucks. Nothing more than AHL roster filler at this point.

  4. I hope he holds out. The Hawks still retain his rights whether he signs his QO or not. Hopefully those rumors of him being shipped to Edmonton are true.

  5. The great Brandon Pirri, who Quenneville supposedly had a bias against, didn’t get a qualifying offer today. Ditto phenom Jeremy Morin.

  6. If you don’t get a qualifying offer do you become unrestricted? What are the minimum requirements of a qualifying offer?

  7. Looking at the current roster I think the Hawks now have more holes upfront than they do on D.

    I don’t want to sound like a broken record but once again part of the solution is trading Seabrook. Get a quality young forward in trade and use the remaining extra cap space on 1 year deals in 2016 and then to sign Panarin in 2017.

    The Hawks will be competitive for a few more years but like a dozen other teams, they will require some major luck with draft picks to ever hope to win 4 playoff rounds.

    For everyone that thinks that SB has everything under control, here is some news. He doesn’t. He didn’t with Saad, Ladd or Shaw and he won’t with Panarin unless he makes room soon.

    The cap is designed to bring parity to the league and it’s working. SB has no secret card to play.

  8. Paliotta is surprising. Michael Latta of the caps didnt either. The lack of bodies in Rockford didn’t hurt

  9. BLS, Stan had control. If he didn’t the Hawks wouldn’t have had Dano or Anisimov.

    The lack of a QO doesn’t necessarily mean they will be unrestricted. The qualifying offer is a set price guaranteeing those players raises. The deadline on the Versteeg QO years ago caused the Hawks to probably pay more than they needed to to keep him from signing more as a UFA.

  10. BLS, hmmm SB has no secret card? Well Saad was a low pick in the first round and it turned out pretty well for a while. Also isn’t having the Calder Trophy winner right after winning the Stanley Cup pretty spectacular! I think the fact the Hawks have won the league championship 50% of the time the last six years has been pretty amazing in these times of parity with salary caps and drafts helping the weaker teams. It beats any of the other local “great” teams. It’s easy for all of these armchair GM’s to criticize SB but show me one modern day GM with a better record.

  11. 6 years at $3.9 per year – similar contract to Wayne Simmonds among others – Wow. I wish Shawzie nothing but the best but I am really shocked by the term they gave him.

  12. For the record Mr. Rufus, Q isn’t always correct. Far from it. He is far more often than not, but not always.

    Like any other business, personalities come into play. Brandon Pirri is a spoiled brat, he has been moved from team to team b/c he is a prima donna. He is a talented player if he ever gets his head on straight.

    As for Morin, he is an intriguing player, he has the a similar skillset as Tyler Toffoli, w/ a far different NHL outcome and bank account — to date. There is still hope for Morin, he is a young guy; he would be smart to quit hanging around w/ Pirri. Morin is the forward version, and second coming, of ex-Hawks goalie from yesteryear, Gary “Suitcase” Smith.

    Lastly, I will continue to advocate for Bowman to sign Weise, he can skate, agitate, take the body, and has an offensive skillset, something that both Kruger & Desjardins sorely lack (for the record, Desjardins # $800k is one thing, Kruger @ $3.1M thing is entirely another, this is why Kruger HAS TO GO).

    Thank you.

  13. Keith, what is it with all you butt kissers? We will always cherish the cups but that is the past (albeit recent). That doesn’t mean the team is immune to opinions and even criticism. Cripes, you would think they were gods or something.

    Really, shouldn’t our opinion on SB and Q now depend on what they do going forward? The hall of fame accolades should be reserved for when they retire.

    In the meantime, sign good contracts and get the best out of the players you have.

    Really, the same goes for Toews. Accolades and the hall of fame will deservedly come. In the meantime, earn your 10.5m.

    And, yes, I am a huge Hawk fan. For years and years. I just don’t think we need to put individual’s on a pedestal. Earn the big bucks.

  14. Shaw takes about 3.9MM per year for 6 years. Man, that’s a heckuva long contract. If long term was important it sure wasn’t going to work out with the Blackhawks. Good for him, though. Again, glad he’s in the East.
    Tracy Myers (sp?) on the Blackhawks beat for Comcast mentioned Campbell as a real possibility and Ladd as one to not count out. Still don’t know if I can see Ladd taking enough of a cut to fit in anywhere. She mentioned Campbell at 2 years for a couple million (I think total, not annual, but I’m not positive).
    I’m in the sign Weise camp.

  15. Kruger at 3.1 is nutty. Yes for sure he has to go. They were doing him a favour, yes? Someone say yes. Shaw as a Hab, …Bleu, Blanc, Rouge will suit him super fine. Close to home as well for him. He will be very popular in Montreal. Has the potential to go into fame along with some legends. 6 years ok…as cap rises he will look like a bargain..he is young yet. He will be stirred by the legacies and ghosts of the Habs.

  16. If Paliotta is an UA then I hope the Blackhawks resign him. It would add depth to our minors and he may contribute to the parent club.

  17. Saad was supposed to be a top ten but a knee injury? Hampered his draft year. He was picked up 44th overall I believe.

  18. Saad wore #43 for a couple of years. His groin injury led to a big drop. What a shame that the best player Bowman ever drafted is gone. He made a nice adjustment with CBJ and looks to have a long successful career.

    All of you SB fans out there are blind to his drafting performance (or lack of). McNeill and Denault drafted in the first round. Looks like he’s 0 for 2.

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