Blackhawks Recall Peter Regin

With Patrick Sharp expected to miss around a month, the Blackhawks have recalled forward Peter Regin to fill the available roster spot.

Regin, 28, has four goals and six assists in 11 games to open the season with Rockford. After being acquired from the Islanders last year, he scored two goals and added two assists in 17 games with the Blackhawks. Regin appeared in five postseason games without a point last year as well.

42 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Peter Regin

  1. I like the call up. Regin to me was one of the guys that Q under utilized last year. Never forget the play he made to spring Kane for series winner against the Wild. He plays hard every game.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  2. Kinda figured Region would be the call up. I have a feeling with Nordstrom wearing the C in Rockford he’ll stay for this year. With the injuries to Carcillo and Sharp. And Q keeping Bickell and Morin staples to the bench, does Region actually get playing time? Or do they just form a 7 min line and run everyone else into the ground?

  3. I think Regin will go to 4th line, but Ernie your concerns about limited playing time and working the others extra hard are well founded based on past history. I hope this will not be true, but we will of course find out tomorrow when they drop the puck. I still believe that the reluctance of Q to skate 4 lines over the course of last year left the guys gassed going into playoffs. There was little left in the tank when they began the series with LA. Blown leads and less than stellar team D were the byproducts of a fatigued team.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  4. I wonder if the staff will try either Runblad or TVR on the PP point. I don’t see why not but it will be interesting.

    As for Bickell, ice time is the only hammer a coach has. Until Bickell starts playing like he should, his ice time should be limited. Q is holding the player accountable, I see nothing wrong with that.

    With Morin, I agree he should have a little longer leash especially now that Sharp is out.

  5. Based on sch and whos played good (for them), Steeger probably gets Sharpys min and PP time. Regin most likely is 4th. Once the back to back games start for 5wks, the min. probably spread more.

    There always is the 29/12/11 line. Along w a 28/16/65 line.

  6. Calling Regin up is a safe and typical Q move. Regin is a hardworking guy who won’t make big mistakes defensively and who can score once in a while. This is not the move I would expect from dynamic coaches around the league. I would have much preferred Nordstrum, Danault, Mc Neil or TT. Mediocre move from a mediocre coach.

  7. Rockford wins their 7th straight in a morning tilt vs. the Iowa Wild in Des Moines. 5-3 final, Ice Hogs were up 4-0 and then the Wild went on a rampage late 2nd and 3rd period. Hogs hold on, Darling in net, goals by Nordstrom (two), Drew LeBlanc’s 1st of the year, McNeil, and PC Labrie. According the Ice Hogs twitter, Hartman drew several penalties.

  8. If bringing up Regin, a center, allows Shaw to move to wing I say great
    Mo, 28/16/65 is a friggin awesome line and should be the 3d line, but not sure the composition of the roster will allow that.

    20 / 19 / 88… awesome
    28 / 12 / 81…Why not
    65 / 91 / 23 …Nice safe line
    29 / 16 / 11 ….This line playing hard would be a huge asset

    2 / 7
    4 / 27
    5 / 57

    Leave Rosy in the press box

  9. Teravainen is still under the weather and did not make the trip to Iowa with the team. Hopefully he will play again on Sat. night, Hofmeister is planning to be in Rockford for the game.

    On another note it is always great to have a good laugh. That laugh today comes courtesy of Hawks1961’s comment above. Praises Regin and then trashes Quenneville for calling him up. He should probably be trashing Stan Bowman and Barry Smith and the other front office types who see the Ice Hogs play all the time, but let’s not let logic get in the way. Hawks1961 says Quenneville is a mediocre coach and he personally wanted either Danault, TT, McNeil, or NordstrOm called up because, well, it would have been the move of a so called dynamic coach. Never mind salary cap, never mind whether these young players are equipped to fill the role, never mind if Regin is more proven. Never mind that TT is battling an illness and hasn’t played the last two games. Never mind that people who are employed in hockey for a living and are closer to the situation made the call, never mind all that.

    It is all about Quenneville being a mediocre coach who made a mediocre, or safe, move.

    Thanks for the clown shoes laugh Hawks1961.

  10. Hofmeister- I can see you have drunk the Q koolaid. Regin is an average player who works very hard. The Hawks have won 2 Stanley Cups in spite of Q, not because of him. His poor line management, poor personnel decisions, unequal treatment of young players and inability to adjust to todays game cost the Hawks the Cup last year. Any coach of average ability could win with 19, 88, 81, 2, 10,4 and 50. The Hawks have once in a lifetime talent. IMHO Q blew it last year.

  11. Hofmeister: I have to agree with Hawks1961 7:50 PM post. Anyone who doesn’t see the mistakes Q made last year is ignorant or doesn’t want to see them.

    He wore the team out by not rolling four lines. Go back and watch the tape of Hossa in the playoffs–he was shot. Had no legs. The entire dropoff in the team was because they were spent–because in the regular season, and especially in the playoffs, stubborn Q wouldn’t play the guys he could have. Ran three lines into the ground, and by June, they were empty.

    Coaches sometimes get ruined by success. They change. Become arrogant, blind, self-righteous. Ditka got crazy after 85 and lost the team. Ozzie became to full of himself after 2005. They both lost their touch. So in terms of anyone “drinking the koolaid,” it’s Q himself. He’s too stubborn to see his own flaws. Believes that, because he’s won twice, he’s incapable of a bad decision or train of thought. It’s his way only.

    But the evidence is right in front of us: we have a very talented team that’s playing below its potential. We’ve been outcoached; the league has adjusted but we have no counterpunch. What do you think Mike Babcock could do with our talent? A lot more than Q.

  12. Hawks1961 and Ivan, it has nothing to do with KoolAid, it has nothing to do with Ditka or some of the other irrelevant points you bring up. It has everything to do with knowing the entire scope of the situation, which obviously neither one of you do.

    Hawks1961, did you or did you not call for TT’s call up? You did. However, you don’t know the whole situation, you merely say a dynamic coach would have done that. But you don’t know TT is battling a difficult illness, hasn’t played in the last two games and wouldn’t be available for a call up. Meaning, you don’t understand the whole situation. There are salary cap implications with calling him up anyway, Regin is making 750k so the hit is smaller. But then again that comes from understanding the whole situation. Which you obviously don’t, but keep on whining.

    Ivan … do you understand the big picture of a whole season? The Blackhawks are in the midst of getting consistency into their game, much like other teams. St. Louis is just finding theirs. It is November, it takes time. If you understood the big picture you’d get it, but you I guess are too busy saying people are ignorant apparently if they don’t agree with you.

    No one said Quenneville or any other coach is infallible. He isn’t. You think Babcock is? Hah. Many Red Wing fans have been trying to get him run out of town for years. I think you are suffering from a case of the grass is always greener.

    Let’s face it. Hawks1961’s post (and point) were clueless and that’s putting it mildly. A so called “dynamic coach” would have called up somebody else. Yeah right, according to Hawks1961 apparently a player who is too sick to play! Good call on that one.

    But you two are I guess experts on what makes a good coach, how to make players achieve to their potential, and how to handle call ups. And it’s a message board so you get to spout it, although you offer no solutions – we should be grateful about that because you’d have no clue as to what you’re talking about anyway.

  13. IF the Hawks don’t live up to expectations this year, I would be happy if they ran Babcock right out of Detroit to Chicago. I think many of us just feel Q gets stuck on the wrong guys and doghouses some guys too often. Many are blinded from the glare of the 2 cups but I too feel we should have had one last year and the only reason we didn’t was because we dressed guys that couldn’t help us win, that’s on Q not Bowman.

  14. Hofmeister- Let me try to explain my main point to you since you seem a little slow. Stanley Cups are not won by making mediocre personnel moves. Regin is an average player. The Hawks have several players at Rockford who clearly have the potential to be much better than average. Bring one of them up now so they can gain valuable nhl experience and be ready to contribute by the playoffs. In business and sports average does not cut it. Ivan was spot on in his analysis.

  15. Hofmeister, I agree with 1961 and Ivan. The cup should have been ours last year and I blame Q for stubbornly overplaying the core during the season, sticking with a washed up Zus, and making poor personnel choices during the playoffs (Bolig and Zus shouldn’t have been in the line up as much and Regin and Morin should have been given more ice time). I believe he is making similar mistakes this year with his roster. Thanks for the cups, but I won’t give Q all the credit since he’s had the most talented roster in the NHL. I don’t care what he’s done in the past, everyone plateaus and then declines in life and I personally do not like the way he is handling the team and younger players again this year. Is he declining? I don’t know, but he NEVER gives youngsters a chance to develop. He just breaks their spirit rather than encouraging and developing them. With that approach, he may not be the coach we need moving forward. Because of the cap situation next year, there will be more prospects in the line up next year and beyond and that approach is not going to cut it.

  16. Hofmeister, yes, it’s about the big picture of a season, which is why q should be rolling four lines now to preserve guys, and letting younger guys get plenty of ice time so that they’re even stronger and ready for the playoff intensity when it starts.

    Booman, it’s not fair to say q never plays young guys. He gave Shaw, Leddy, and Vanreimsdych time right off the bat, which was good. Saad too. I just take issue with his approach to Morin. It seems like the kid can play and really help the team, but q keeps messing with his head. What about the cap-caused infusion of youth that’s coming soon? Is a going to play the same head games with them? I hope not.

  17. I will add- that SB could/should have found a way to keep 67 (was doable -really)- which would have led to Q having one more very reliable skater to play many different roles… and Hawks WOULD have had a much better chance of winning last year…

    I would have liked to see both Mo and Regin play more last year (especially Mo).
    BUT- to say Q cost the Hawks the Cup is a little short sighted and clairvoyant!!!

  18. Ivan, while I don’t disagree about giving young guys ice time, he (Quenneville) should also hold players accountable. They tend to more inconsistent than established players, though not always, Bickell being a good example.

    I tend to agree on Morin and I think he will begin to get more ice now that Sharp is out but Morin will have to continue to earn it. And I hope he does – Morin has talent, he plays hard, he’s got some size.

    Wall: good comment. It’s the players who decide outcomes, not coaches. LA was better. Not by a whole lot, but they were better. Better at protecting leads, definitely better down the middle, better size, and great talent. Probably as good or dare I say slightly better talent than the Blackhawks (last year anyway).

  19. Booman, re: your comment:

    “I don’t know, but he NEVER gives youngsters a chance to develop. He just breaks their spirit rather than encouraging and developing them.”

    I give you Andrew Shaw, Antti Raanta, Brandon Saad, Trevor Van Reimsdyk, Marcus Kruger, Ben Smith, and even Rundblad is now starting to get a chance. The same Rundblad many on this board were cursing and wanted dumped for nothing.

    Saying he never gives young players a chance to develop just isn’t accurate.

    As an aside, look at how well Rockford is playing at present. There’s a reason why. The organization is letting these players get comfortable, confident, and acclimated to pro hockey. This kid Garret Ross looks pretty good, a very under the radar guy, because the organization knows what they’re doing in terms of developing players. It is the same philosophy top to bottom, including Quenneville. They develop young players in due time and don’t force too much responsibility on them before they’re ready to handle it.

    I find it interesting, in fact, that TVR said he signed with Chicago because they’re got an excellent reputation for developing players. He could’ve signed with several other teams. Big picture stuff which is what I’ve been saying.

  20. Ah yes, Hawks1961. As much as it pains me to read this dense comment:

    “Hofmeister- Let me try to explain my main point to you since you seem a little slow. Stanley Cups are not won by making mediocre personnel moves. Regin is an average player. The Hawks have several players at Rockford who clearly have the potential to be much better than average. Bring one of them up now so they can gain valuable nhl experience and be ready to contribute by the playoffs. In business and sports average does not cut it. Ivan was spot on in his analysis.”

    I’ll respond point by point.

    1). Twice as fast processing things as you, any day of the week.

    2). In case you haven’t figured it out, read my response to Booman. They are not calling up guys from Rockford until they’re ready.

    3). Regin fits now. He has some experience and can play multiple positions. You yourself said he was solid.

    4). So they should call up TT? The guy who wasn’t able to be called up due to illness? You did know that, right? I see you conveniently glossed over that small point.

    5). You do realize it is not simply Quenneville’s decision as to who to call up. You know that right? You also know there are salary cap issues, right? And that it just might be a good idea to squirrel away some coin in case the front office wants/needs to make an addition later in the year, right? You can process that fast enough to figure it out, right?

    6). Whether you like it or not (or comprehend it or not), most players require a fair amount of valuable AHL experience before they get NHL experience. Rockford plays much the same system as Chicago. Repetition and learning is important. Guys like Toews, Kane, or even Van Reimsdyk are outliers.

    The best way to fail is if they rush some of these guys you want called up – especially guys who are sick and can’t play anyway! You know, like the guy you wanted called up.

  21. Ok… so now that ive read though that p*ssing match…

    The point Booman/Ivan are trying to make… is that Regin knows his way around. Give the kids (McNeill, Danault, TT) ***yes hof, we know hes sick, but its the concept*** a shot to play.

    Now to booman/ivan… the downside… is that Q isn’t going to play a kid like danault 14-15 mintues… he’s going to get 7 or 8, and less if he does something stupid. that’s not good for development.

    Who they called up is irrelevant. the key will be balancing the lines so 88/19/81 all dont end up with 22-24 minutes on the ice…

    im hoping for lines of:
    29/19/81. Inspire 29 to pull his head out of you know where, but keep a short leash.

    65/12/88. should either a)create room for 88 or b) create dirty goals for 65

    20/16/28. Energy line. 20/29 can flip mid game if 29 fails up top

    11/91/23. Solid Safe line that should take 11-12 minutes. tell 91 to stay back on rushes and come up slow in case the puck is turned over, but let 11 and 23 loose on the forecheck

  22. Tim G- good one…

    I like


    20/65/81 solid checking line – too

    23/91/11 Mo- likes to shoot, 23/91 like to pass

    29/16/Regin — 16/12 are workers!!! and will get dirty, perhaps they will inspire the Ever loafing 29, or perhaps 29 will be the benefactor of their Hardwork

    20/23 can be switched… or 20 to the “4th”- for a VERY hard working line
    and 29 to the “3rd” for the “limited Ice time line”- moving 23 to the 2nd

  23. Tim, yeah, YOU know he’s sick and can’t play. 1961 apparently did not but still called for TT to get called up. But whatever.

    Young players fulfill their potential and realize their upside when they’re given an ample chance to develop. That’s how it works. And you are correct Tim, a guy coming up and playing 8 mins. will probably not be the best thing.

    It’s always relevant who they call up … for lots of reasons. Regin will likely fit in seamlessly and that’s why he’s here, salary cap issues aside. Plus Regin has been playing extremely well in Rockford, he’s earned it.

    Other players are on the cusp. And that’s a good thing.

  24. There is no question players determine the outcome of games. However, a coach determines the amount of minutes they play and who gets the minutes. I believe that Q played the core too many minutes and placed too much faith in the wrong players. My fear is that he may be headed down the same path this year. Sure his moves are limited to some degree by the roster and the cap, but he still has enough flexibility in his decision making.

    Let’s look at the learning curve on the Hawks vs. other teams. Other teams will bring up the raw talent with lesser AHL experience and then spoon feed them NHL minutes. The Hawks develop the players and keep them in the AHL longer and then bring them up and still spoon feed them NHL minutes. Shouldn’t the longer AHL stint prepare them for more than spoon fed minutes?

    I compare this to my own business experience. Putting inexperience on the front line with significant coaching and encouragement prepares someone for the long hall more expeditiously and with a much better foundation of experience than babying. Is that happening here? Benching a young player that makes one mistake while the more experienced players’ egregious mistakes go unaddressed. In my mind, that is not good messaging! There is a reason why Hayes flew the coop.

    My fear is that Q may be losing his players. Someone else alluded to that in one of the posts over the last week or so. I hope I am wrong and that this is only a slump, but my concern is there. I hope the game Tuesday was a springboard to better play ahead. There is just too, too much talent on this team to not see more games light the Montreal game in almost 20% of the season.

    Regin may be the safe play, but could they have made some personnel moves to start spoon feeding some NHL experience to the highly marketed prospect pool we have?

    I love the Hawks and Q as much as anyone. How could you not? However, when I see underachievement, the emotional lows are hard to stomach. Go Hawks!!!

  25. Wall, I think 28 can play anywhere. He is turning out to be a versatile and valuable player. I like him, I want and the Hawks need him to log more than 10 minutes a night.

  26. Mike, no not related, I don’t even know who that is.

    Booman – don’t want to beat this to death but early on (to get the team playing consistently) I don’t mind Quenneville leaning on the core. The schedule hasn’t been too hectic besides. Things will happen along the way (like Sharp’s injury) and others will get their chances and ice time. It’s a long year.

    As for spoon feeding minutes – that’s how they do it and I think it’s a good practice. Why? The NHL is the best league in the world and it takes an acclimation period. You take someone with inexperience, let them get their feet wet, and give them more responsibility once they prove capable and confident. Don’t throw them in the deep end of the pool.

    As for Kevin Hayes – he flew the coop because he wanted a quicker path to the NHL and didn’t want to compete for it. Bowman said he doesn’t want players like that and I don’t blame him.

  27. The Hofmester makes some excellent points regarding the Hawks system and the criteria they employ to judge the progress of players “in the system”. I have no objections with how those guys are doing their jobs. Right now there are not many if any holes to fill in the Hawks lineup as we know it right now in Chicago.

    Regin is versatile and has enough experience where he can do more things that are needed right here right now. I have zero problems with his insertion into the lineup today and moving forward. We all know that unfortunately injuries are part of the NHL grind and the intensity of the games. Sharp will be missed and is not replaceable to the level he can bring to the team. So you fill in the hole as best you can. I’m liking the lineup right now for what it can hopefully produce.

    The lively debate surrounding Joel’s roster decisions is provocative, and should be. I think Joel’s line changes are part of how he likes to stir the pot. If he does not like what he sees he does not hesitate to move guys around to get the results he wants from the team. Of course as playoffs approach he tends to lock in his lines more than what we see during the regular season. Joel is a proven winner, but his decisions should not be regarded as sacrosanct. By my comments here you guys know how I feel about last years bench shortening exercise. I still believe that this had a cumulative negative affect on the team as we got into the playoffs. It can be argued the Kings were better. They were, by 1 goal, and that was enough for them. I will still argue a fresher team would have turned those tables towards the Hawks, but it is in the past, and we have to move on. Still burns me though…..

    Yes, I also think Morin gets a longer leash with Sharpy down. Mo deserves it IMO so lets hope be can make a difference in contributing to Hawks success. He seems to be right on the cusp of breaking through.

    Let us all hope the guys build on the beat down they dealt to the Habs.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  28. Facepalm. Hawks1961 is the new frontrunner for resident idiot. Granted, he’s got competition from some of the usual suspects, but he seems determined to pull away and win the race. This continual bashing of Joel Quenneville is comical. Now we are into outright conspiracy theories !!! He’s DELIBERATELY supressing the talent and future of Jeremy Morin !!! And now he DELIBERATELY convinces Bowman to call up Peter Regin instead of a more talented hockey player down at Rockford !!! Oh, the humanity !!!! The evil Q, destined to sabotage victories on the ice !!!

    Seriously, this board needs a cleansing.

  29. Hey, RTF who died and left you boss? You really crack me up sometimes.

    Meanwhile, it’s game day.

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  30. Well Phil, if it’s any solace you look to be clearly in line as the number two to Hawks1961. You as the Vice President to his President of Dipsh!ts as it were.

  31. RTF – Put me in for a cabinet position with the Dipsh!ts as I too question what Q does. Oh yea I forgot you are the one that doesn’t think we should express our opinions unless we agree with you. Wow, since SR. Brad put you in your place when you called him out about his experience and it turned out he actually played NHL hockey you calmed down till Brad left.
    Phil I guess he’s the new boss – geez us idiots will just have to wait for him to tell us what we should think.
    Lighten up and enjoy the game!

  32. I read this blog religiously. Mike, I totally thought Hofmeister was Sr Brads new pseudonym. As verbose (sr brad), pessimistic/annoying (RTF), and defensive (Hofmeister) as these opinionated types can be, they are what makes this blog interesting and entertaining. Love this site

  33. Hey imtgrill, you forgot to add yourself to the opinionated list. You seem to have a label for everyone!

  34. imtgrill – agree, I thought the same thing at first but sr brad is missed and Hof is a welcome addition to the roster. Love the Rockford Files he provides.
    I just couldn’t let RTF diss Phil and 1961 without getting aboard.
    Love the different opinions and I actually have been swayed by some on this site.

  35. Let’s go hawks. Regin, Morin, and Bickell in the last couple weeks of last season played well together. I hope they play together this evening.

    Go Hawks!!!!

  36. The last time I looked, NOBODY on this board has won 2 Stanley Cups and has the playing and coaching resume’ that Q has. I don’t always agree with the man, but he knows how to coach NHL hockey and has a proven track record.

    As a player, you have to EARN your stripes with Q. The young players have to prove themselves and glaring mistakes are not tolerated. There is not a conspiracy to keep young players from developing or playing a regular shift. This team is full of talent and you have to earn your time.

    In the boxing world, in order to de-throne the “champ” you have to knock him out, not win the numbers game through the rounds. It’s the same thing with Q, he will not tolerate defensive lapses and mistakes and in order to get a regular shift you had better impress the hell out of him.

    I love that old school mentality that he uses in coaching this team. The difference between any AHL / OHL / WHL hockey player and an NHL player isn’t just the talent level, it’s what’s between their ears that makes the difference. Q makes sure that they are mentally strong and ready to be an NHL player before he turns them loose.

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