Report: Blackhawks-Sharks To Start Sunday Afternoon

On Wednesday night, the Philadelphia Flyers forced a Game Seven with the Boston Bruins and extended the layoff between games for both the Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks. Boston and Philadelphia will end their series on Friday night.

Because the NHL, unlike the NBA, will not begin one conference’s next round until all series are decided, the Western Conference Finals cannot begin until after the participants of the Eastern Conference Finals are determined. This would push the Sharks-Hawks opener to Saturday at the earliest; however, the Shark Tank is booked for a concert on Saturday night, so Sunday would be the earliest the two teams could begin the Western Conference Finals.

A report late Wednesday night is that the Western Conference Finals will begin at 2 PM CST, and the game will be televised on NBC.

4 thoughts on “Report: Blackhawks-Sharks To Start Sunday Afternoon

  1. I think because the Eastern Conference game is late Friday night they’re going to push them to later in the afternoon.

    And yes, Michael, noon pacific sounds/feels weird, but all the 8 o’clock gms we played in Vancouver were 6 pm local. NBC clearly doesn’t care about the Western Conference, so even considering putting the game on the national network is a big step forward.

    To Niels, I would have preferred Fri-Sun, too, but it’s not going to happen because of BOS-PHI

    The other part of this that’s going to suck is, just like Round One in the United Center post-Globetrotters, there’s a concert in the Shark Tank on Saturday night so the ice will probably suck on Sunday afternoon, helping the older/slower Sharks defensemen.

  2. The Sharks will be rusty having not played in 7 days. The Hawks 5 days is not great either. With choppy ice and with at least one team not playing at “playoff speed”, NBC may have a pretty sloppy game to showcase for the nation.

    I guess the Sharks management did not have too much faith in the team to be booking concerts in mid-may…

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