Blackhawks Sign Artem Anisimov To 5-Year Extension

Hours before the flood gates open on free agency in the NHL, the Blackhawks have signed one of their newly acquired players to an extension.

Anisimov, 27, has 86 goals and 106 assists in 412 regular season games since the New York Rangers selected him in the second round of the 2006 NHL Draft. In 2012, Anisimov was one of the key players sent to Columbus in the Rick Nash trade, and he was again involved in a blockbuster on Tuesday as the Hawks sent Brandon Saad to the Blue Jackets.

50 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Artem Anisimov To 5-Year Extension

  1. Tab- or Others…

    does anyone else recall hearing (during Chi./CBJ games) Eddie O – always chirping about “it will be interesting to see where/what they do w/ Anisimov”– I suspect O knew the Hawks liked him…

    AND- I recall during 2013– some pundits saying the Hawks liked this Marko Dano Slovak- and he was a possible Draft pick/the Hawks were targeting!!!

    Either way- more hilites I watch on Dano– the more he resembles a Poor man’s Parise!!! I will add the kid must of been a hell of a Soccer player… really good at kicking puck to the stick!!!

    I would love to get his Real weight… I have read 183 lbs., 198 lbs., and 214 lbs….
    I would guess in between the last two… but kid is strong and low center of gravity… Just like Parise.

  2. I guess by now everybody understands why the Hawks chose players instead of picks. They seem to really like the players. No PR bull.
    That’s a good sign in this crappy situation.

  3. SB- really does like AA– jumped on him @ $4.55M/yr

    Wonder- if this is foreshadowing – on 16’s camp wanting too much $$$ ???
    Hate to lose 16… but they really can’t afford him if he wants $3M or more, $2.75 would be stretch…

    Tab- what was AA’s injury last year?

  4. @ Wall

    Like many members of the 2014-15 Columbus Blue Jackets, Anisimov was limited by health issues last season. In his case, he missed time because of a concussion and later triceps injury, but he still finished with seven goals and 27 points in 52 contests. He averaged 16:22 minutes per contest and was used regularly in both power play and shorthanded situations.

  5. Hawks chose players because quite frankly, they need players. So they get AA this season for $3.2mm I think, then have a reasonable player/trade bait for the future. Saad must have wanted MUCH more. His new contract will be interesting.

    But back to needing players. Hawks need 5-8 skaters depending on Sharp, Bickell, Versteeg and Kruger. Hogs can provide some, but not all. So the Hawks added 2 skaters for about $4mm next season for one player who might be in the $6mm range.

  6. SSHM

    How is AA speed/skating? I will say this- To me CBJ were becoming East version of Wild… I hate watching Wild vs. Hawks- cuz they play disciplined checking/D syatem… games turn into Shit-shows/neutral zone games…

    wts- I am guessing AA and Dano- will be SOLID/D side… and Dano- brings something that Hawks don’t really have in system… a real net crasher/ think Marchand/Parise…

  7. Tab, your retweet about Saad not happy about being traded if true is sad. Sometimes I wonder if young players don’t really tell agents what they want…kind of let the agent come up with the plan and sit back because the $$$s being discussed look good.

    Have no idea who Saad’s agent is, but kind of wonder if they were surprised by the trade too.

  8. SB still has some work to do. With this trade, the Hawks have $73.5 million for 18 players and cap is $71.4 million. That does not include signing Kruger and only includes 5 d-men. So they still have to clear space to fill in the remaining roster with the Hogs. In the clear light of day following the 5 stages of grief (which can be pretty clearly followed on the Saad thread) this deal makes a lot more sense. Even if they had dealt Sharp and matched an offer sheet for Saad they’d have been sitting at around $75mm for only 16 skaters. Will be interesting to see the next move, wouldn’t be surprised to see Kruger on the move.

  9. $4.5M per yr cap hit for five years for this guy? He’s a good player, but for a cap strapped team, that’s a huge long commitment. I sure hope Vermette gets more than that, otherwise his face-off % is far better, he is a proven consistent performer, durable and lastly, his big game mettle spoke for itself. They should have paid Vermette instead. Time will tell on this contract for this guy.

  10. Stan Bowman made a stone cold and, yes, great trade in light of the situation. Saad and his agent weren’t going to do a bridge contract, and Bowman to his credit didn’t become paralyzed and instead make a swift, strategic move. The great strength of Bowman and Quenneville that goes underreported is that they are OBJECTIVE leaders. They don’t live in denial on things…they don’t become emotionally invested…they are smart. It is a huge reason why this team has successfully transformed a few times in the era of the stinking salary cap to win 3 Stanley Cups. And the great news is we aren’t done…the window has not shut for this team…we can and should seriously compete for another Cup…maybe not in 2015-16, but going forward the next few years.

    The fact is that I don’t begrudge Saad. The window of opportunity to make your money in this sport is very brief. So who can fault him when the leverage was all on his side. Very, very rarely do we ever see NHL players take “hometown discounts” or leave money on the table. The same thing happened with Andrew Ladd in the summer of 2010.

    The next shoe to drop is Sharp and/or Bickell. I really really hope there is a way to bring back Desjardins, but we shall see on that.

  11. Guessing they wanted to lock him up before he plays with Kane and has career years in points and gets priced over $5M….

    gotta assume at that price he will be the 2C….


    Excellent comment, I couldn’t have said it better myself. We don’t offer see eye to on much but spot on with your last comment!

    @ Iceman, i’m guessing they probably need to go that 5th yr in order to get the price down on Artie, let’s just hope he’s a 2nd line center and not a 3rd.

  13. The Saad trade probably allows Shaw to stay after next year too…

    Bowman and Q really do seem to mesh well together even if they don’t work well together. Bowman’s move gives the Hawks flexibility and options. Having the options to manuvure is something he really likes.

    Q gets the team to play a certain style and he makes no apologies when players do not fit that style.

  14. Meant to post this here

    No more bitching about the Cap please. It is the best thing the NHL could have done to save the league from obscurity. Everyone operates within the same set of parameters. The Cap floor at $52mm or so was an even better idea. So the NHL is a league where the top paying teams can only be about $19mm more than the bottom team. This has made the NHL an exciting league.
    NBA teams $24mm to $84mm
    MLB teams $68mm to $272mm…..WTF
    NHL teams $52mm to $71mm

    What I wonder is what Saad thinks. I am sure Columbus was NOT his first choice. Saad’s agent said he wanted money, SB decided where to send him!!

  15. LW? – Toews – Hossa
    LW? – Teuvo – Kane
    Panarin – Anisimov – Dano
    Nordstrom / Morin – Kruger – Shaw

    A Teuvo-Kane combo isn’t ideal. We definitely need some help at LW with the departure of Sharp, Saad, Desjardins. Goes without saying it is mega-critical to get Kruger signed. Danault is likely to fit in the mix and has a great defensive game and speed at forward/center.

    Keith – Seabrook
    van Riemsdyk – Hjalmarsson
    Pokka – Johns

    That isn’t good enough. I suspect Sharp either delivers us a decent defenseman or LW.

  16. Good morning.

    I don’t understand the Morin and Tropp part of this deal – please, any insight? OK, maybe Morin didn’t get much of a chance in Chicago, but he didn’t exactly blossom with the Blue Jackets either. And, I honestlt don’t remember anything from seeing Tropp play, but his stats support “unremarkable” at best.

  17. Yes, RTF…Shaw-Kruger-Desjardins is a great (4th?) line – I hope Stan B feels the same.

  18. Final comment. I’ll bet the ranch that Saad and his agent were fixed on signing an offer sheet with his hometown Pittsburgh Pens. I’ll assume Saad’s agent is a smart guy…and I’m sure he told Saad that his chances of re-signing with Chicago were going to be zilch given that they were going to Bowman and saying no to a bridge contract and yes for the big boy payday. So Bowman ships him to Columbus to the best possible advantage of the Blackhawks…and Saad and his Pittsburgh dream go POOF.

  19. I thnk Tropp and Morin were throw in’s and nothing more. I am frankly shocked they took back Morin. I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall for the post trade conversation between Morin and Stan Bowman.

    As always, this move needs to be analyzed in total along with the other moves this summer.

    The one thing we’ve learned for better or worse is Stan Bowman says lots of things that shouldn’t always be taken as gospel.

  20. Dickie D- I see Tropp/Morin as being forced on SB by CBJ… and as insurance- if SB needs Low budget “experience” in the short run…

    SB- will try to package one or both of them w 10 and/or 29… BUT- if he can’t he will have Low cost guys w/ NHL time vs. other Hog prospects

  21. Think you are right Hof, I doubt Morin or Tropp will be with the the Hawks, I think one or both might be waived or put in another deal, reminds me go Reasoner and Joey Crabb in Byfuglien deal in 2010.

  22. Morin and Tropp were little more than trade fillers. Morin comes back here to be depth and ride the Rockford shuttle. Or he could very well be flipped again. Tropp is simply a limited skill depth guy that probably sits 90% of the season in Rockford.

  23. I like AA. He is really good on shootouts also. He put an amazing move on CC in a shootout last year. SB made a good move getting AA and Dano for Saad. Time will tell.

  24. Bowman’s history of chasing players (RE: the new center’s pricey contract) “obsessed” w/ for long time not so hot — Montador, Rundblad ….. He has blinders for certain players; not good. He functions better w/ quick strikes. We’ll see.

  25. Re: LW? – Toews – Hossa
    LW? – Teuvo – Kane
    Panarin – Anisimov – Dano
    Nordstrom / Morin – Kruger – Shaw

    TT ( I know, i know, hes not a LW) – Toews – Hossa
    Panarin – Anisimov – Kane
    Shaw– Kruger– Dano
    Desi– Danualt– Baun/Nordstrom/Hartman
    Scratch- Tropp, 1 of the 3 that dont get the 4th line spot (other stays in Rockford)

  26. Winning the Cup this year is a great thing, in and of itself, but it makes whatever happens this offseason much easier to swallow than if they hadn’t won the Cup.

    I never like the Hawks to lose the best player in a trade, and right now that would be Saad, but it may not be in a couple years. Saad is a wonderful 200 ft player with great speed who will probably be a 60 point scorer during his prime years. But he is not a great scorer/sniper which is why he will never be on Hossa’s level (few players are), so although I hated to see Saad get traded, I don’t think he is a $6.5M player and I’m happy the Hawks didn’t pay that. Anisimov is an OK player but will never be better than Saad. Dano, on the other hand, may end up pretty darn close to as good as Saad. So time will tell who the best player in this trade is – right now it looks like Saad but maybe in a couple years … ?

  27. TT ( I know, i know, hes not a LW) – Toews – Hossa
    Panarin – Anisimov – Kane
    Shaw– Kruger– Dano
    Desi– Danualt– Baun/Nordstrom/Hartman

    I’d rather see:
    Panarin –Anisimov-TT

    Put the young guns at work on Toews-Kane lines.
    This team without Sharp-Bickell-Versteeg seems like a long stretch.

  28. re: Rufus’ final comment – clearly Rufus comes here to comment & not read the actual content. If Saad wants more than $5.4M per, he COULDN’T sign an offer sheet w/ his hometown Pittsburgh Penguins. We outlined that here a month ago. The Pens don’t have their 2nd round pick next season so they don’t have the required collateral to put together such an offer sheet.

  29. re: Crow to Jets – LOL! Really? Trade your starting goaltender – AFTER trading away your #3 – INSIDE the division? Will anyone employ common sense today?

  30. Tab Bamford

    TBD = Baun/Nordstrom/Hartman/McNeill/Danault

    Well, if you keep Sharp you could do much worse than having Baun/Nordstrom/Hartman/McNeill/Danault/ Tikhonov ? compete for 2 spots. Maybe resign Desjardins or a similar type in early 2016 and have all those guys earn one spot.

    I’d still put Shaw at C and have TT on the wing with the russians (lol) or Kane. Kruger with 2 ‘active’ youngsters works better than having Shaw (in his contract year) there.

  31. I understand the reason for trading Saad (just hope he will not sign for 6 years per 5 mil. now), but I don’t get why SB made a moves that were not necessary at all at this time:
    1) why trade Raanta for nothing when there is still the option to trade Craw to escape the cap hell
    2) why sign 7th D-man Runblad for 1.05 so soon, when you can get someone for 600 – 700k for that position if tight with cap (ala Cumiskey)
    3) why sign 3rd line center longterm (not sure at all he will be 2nd line solution) for over 4.5 mil. when you have Sharp, Bickell and even Versteeg still on cap for next season
    I am afraid that a year from now we will all wonder how to get rid of russian 3rd line center (and unsuccessful candidate for 2nd line) after a bad season with 10 goals and 28 points to have a possibility to extend Shaw, Seabrook and TVR…

  32. Tab- 1st off- it is a RUMOR,, 2nd Hawks would get Jets Goalie making about $2M less in return… and an experienced D man… Which Many think the Hawks still need/want…. 3rd- It is a RUMOR…

    aren’t you the same guy that did a 180 on Sharp MIGHT stay w/ Hawks??? in less than 24 hrs.??? lol

    SB traded Raanta- before this whole Saad/and no one wants 10/29 thing came to reality!!!

  33. Love the pre-chemistry bowman is setting up… tikhonov and panarin, Dano and anisimov

  34. I know its fun but not sure setting up potential lines now is gonna be accurate come October. Everyone of the guys that have come over in trade the past couple of days are expendable. Sharp and Bickell trades will happen (and by the way, Bickell can not be simply bought out to clear Cap space). For the Hawks, this is a chess game. Every piece outside the core is available. There are more deals coming for sure

  35. I may be in the minority here but I believe Saad is worth whatever he will get from the Jackets. IMO, he will be a perennial 30 goal scorer. I understand the cap situation the Hawks were in, but I don’t understand how Bowman couldn’t make this work. Why did he lowball Saad with the bridge contract for two years? That is an insult to a guy with Saad’s talent and his value to the team. If he would have offerred a $4.5M six year contract to start the process I believe the negotiations would have gone smoothly.

    FWIW, I would have given away Sharp for a fourth round pick to make room for Saad’s cap hit. I would also have given away Bickell for two tickets to the Tommy Bartlett Water Show. There were numerous moves the team could have made to accommodate Saad’s new deal. He is that good.

  36. RF, I read those rumors too. Can’t make much of them. I believe if Saad’s agent asked the Hawks for 5 years at $4.5mm, Saad would still be a Hawk. No way. Saad’s agent had knowledge of impending offer sheets that the Hawks could not match. Bowman proactively got in front of the situation and made a deal. I feel good for Saad if he gets his big payday

  37. Sharp is either playing hurt or his performance has degraded over the last two years. The goalies are consistently blocking that back door shot that has been his bread and butter. He is getting pushed around on the boards and can’t get past a player blocking his path. Yet Q put him on the Toews line for games six and seven. What am I missing? I thought he would be traded by now.

  38. Reggie Fleming-
    So, you’re saying the Kings offended Tyler Toffoli by offering him a 2 year/6.5M bridge deal ?
    If the answer is yes why did he accept it ?
    Similar type of player, talent, team role.

  39. Yes. Low self-esteem. IMO, Saad and Keith were tied for the third most valuable asset on the team. Perhaps even higher than Keith in that he is just 22. Bowman had to expect that Saad would ask for a decent payday after all he has done for the Hawks. Anisimov is an average player, in my opinion, and wasn’t worth the deal he got. I would rather pay a stud like Saad than a guy who will probably be an albatross like Bickell. Moreover, I would have taken any deal for Sharp if it meant keeping Saad.

  40. I’ve been watching the NHL network and reading numerous sources. I’ve heard what the Columbus GM has said and read what Bowman. You get the direct info, without speculation, that (a) Stan Bowman has wanted Anisimov for a long time and (b) Columbus’ GM has known that Stan Bowman has wanted Anisimov for a long time. This multi-year extension just seals the deal even more.
    Bowman has apparently been eyeing a way to specifically get Anisimov on the squad for some time. The Saad situation presented itself, and according the Columbus’ GM the deal took place really quickly after that. Maybe, right or wrong, Stan had this trade or a similar incarnation planned for a long.

    Good luck to Richards, by the way. I thought he did a solid job for the Blackhawks and that no-look pass to Kane to seal Game 6 will forever be in the Blackhawks highlight reel.

  41. Vermette back to Arz two yrs $3.75M per. Bowman all in on Russian guy five years $4.55M per w far worse faceoff % (most important), other stats as well. Vermette has balls, we all saw Hawks dont win Ana series and Cup w/out him. I stated my position on this @ 9:33am today (THUR) and follow up couple hrs later. Vermette 100% established playoff performer you win Cup w/, trust him to grave. If Russian guy doesnt work out, no Stanley Cups next five years. There wont be another collarbone break to save the day and free up cap $ again to get help at center. I hope I’m wrong. We’ll see.

  42. Wall, I’m assuming the ‘veteran defenseman’ would be Clitsome? Which would completely negate the cap relief of trading Crawford for Pavelec. So, it would be Crawford for Pavelec/Clitsome, barf. Neither interesting or logical there.

    As for those moaning about the extension, yes it definitely is a risk to sign guys with injury histories to long-term extensions, but it is still $2M less than they would reportedly had to end up paying to keep Saad. We all need to think about a few things when looking at the deal:

    #1 – AA’s first 3 seasons are actually very compareable to Saad’s (46 G, 106 Pts vs 52 G, 126 Pts) but with considerably lesser line-mates (and defensemen behind him)

    #2 – He plays center and has a reputation as a strong defensive player. If he does end up slotting into the top 6, his point totals could explode if playing with Kane or Hossa on his RW.

    #3 – AA gives the Hawks some insurance, long-term at #2 center. If Turbo proves to be a better fit on the wing, AA can potentially be the 2nd line center for a few seasons.

  43. Saad will regret leaving the Blackhawks one day. He’ll be the same as Bobby Hull who said his biggest regret is that he left the Blackhawks.

    I think Saad really wasn’t confident that his play would improve much over the next few years. He got paid on potential not on his current play. He was 8th on the Hawks in playoff scoring and TT almost had as many points as him in much fewer games. The knock on him coming out of the draft was that he was selfish, etc, which is why he slid to us. I guess he proved his critics right.

    P.S. His speech after the Stanley Cup win will haunt him for years to come. He basically said that Money comes and goes but championships is what I really want! Enjoy your money because you may NEVER win another championship.

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