Report: Blackhawks Sign Cody Franson To PTO

As we noted earlier this week, Franson could add a much-needed right-handed presence to the Blackhawks blue line. Franson reportedly had firm one-year offers elsewhere; the thinking would be that he would sign a contract with Chicago once Marian Hossa can be placed on LTIR.

14 thoughts on “Report: Blackhawks Sign Cody Franson To PTO

  1. Depth on D is a really good thing this year. I do believe Forsling and Kempny will do well. No such confidence in Rozy (translator role in 2017) or Rutta yet.

  2. I hereby incorporate and stand by my post of a day or two ago re same matter. Waste of time (and monies as to hard salary cap) if he signs w/ Hawks after pre-season. 1) Campbell far better player and option than him, simply un retires. 2) faceoffs and penalty kill quagmires remain as such.

    Thanks Stan.

  3. Once again, proof we have nothing in ROCKFORD!!! I guess POKKA can play the world Cup for Finland but cannot beat out ROZY???? Or Franson ? Confused:? We all are! And Gustafson looked much better then the headless Kempny last year but when COACH Q is bitter about a player, the doghouse isn forever,

  4. Some of you shock me. Confirmation Bias anyone? Same folks complaining about this signing, are the same ones that had paper thin theories when we were looking at him.

    This signing is not an indication or statement on or about the talent in Rockford. For me, correct me if I am wrong, this is the GM realizing his coach likes Vet Blue Liners and identifying a Vet that is still available and better than Rozy.

  5. What happened to “younger and faster”? I don’t get it…?

    (Iceman) “Campbell far better player and option than him” – ha, ha, ha, ha…good one! Did you see Campbell play last season?

    (Totti) “Gustafson looked much better then the headless Kempny” (- ha, ha, ha, ha…good one!) I have nothing against Gustafson, but, in my opinion, Kempny seems to have an edge in overall ability and upside. I can’t help but keep returning to Q’s lack of patience with (some) young players…especially guys trying to adjust (cultural, language, style of play, smaller ice surface, etc.) their first year in North America. I guess the three Cups and 851 wins makes him infallible. Nonetheless, I question some of his personnel/loyalty decisions (and, I began seriously following the Hawks 11 years before his NHL debut, including 30 years as a season ticket holder…that is, I’ve seen some hockey (and some bullshit passed off as hockey by the organ-EYE-zation…thank you Bill Wirtz and Bob Pulford!)) and, I’m eminently qualified to do so.

  6. No angst on Franson. Up until this move, Kempny, Forsling, Oesterle, Ruuta, Gustafson were our candidates for defensemen 4 thru 7.

    Please nobody mention Rosy. A 39 year old with concussion issues is not going to play. Also Pokka is not going to play for the Hawks. Q does not like him.

    So now : Keith, Seabrook, Murphy, Kempny, Franson, Forsling, Ruuta/Oesterle/Gustafson.

    To me that’s better than hoping 3 guys suddenly become really good NHLers

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