39 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign Daniel Carcillo

  1. Sigh. So much for that he’s not even on the roster stuff yesterday. At what point is Regin’s job in jeopardy? Or even Morin’s for that matter.

  2. Fortunately, Carcillo can be sent to Rockford without CAP consideration. He still gets NHL dough…..but I think the Hawks can afford it.

    My bigger issue is he takes one of the 50 contracts allowed

  3. All I can say about this is UUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH. What a waste of a contract and on top of that one if the young guys will most likely be sent down to Rockfordto start the season.

  4. Carcillo is the 13th forward and cheap. He brings an enforcer element that Bowman and Q see as important.

    All I hope is that Runblad and Cumiesky are very very short term in Chicago. Also, our lack of blueline presence is glaring. A major shortcoming of this team unless Dalbeck or Johns get up here in a hurry and can contribute.

    I don’t want Versteeg or Regin. Not at all. Which they could be dumped.

    Looks like Morin is back to Rockford too. Along with TVR.

  5. Well- from my view adding DC is at least fodder for some poster turmoil and related entertainment! Too funny to read these responses the past 24 hrs.. Too many group think hockey pacifists on this board imho. Mash is obviously not able to make it work due to lack of skills. Hawks want/need a tougher edgy guy with some skills and Carcillo meets that need a good price. Sorry guys, it’s not a tea party and I have seen ZERO evidence we’re ready to start pushing back on the Kings physical game in the PO’s with the roster as set. Agree we also need someone (anyone!?) on D who can clear the crease… Not here that I see…

  6. Negzz, I believe you are correct about the Hawks needing some upgrades in the physical dept, but DC just doesn’t seem like the right guy because his game is just not in control. I understand the signing, but there are other players around that can play and handle the rough stuff if need be. I guess SB is going with what he knows from past experience in DC.


    Lets Go Hawks!

  7. Gentlemen, good morning! Never a fan of Carcillo and his buffoonery, but I do understand the need for what he brings to the table. This move most definitely means that a forward, most likely Verbeauty, is on his way out the door with Leddy at some point this weekend. I also have a gut feeling that the blueline will most definitely have D-beck and maybe Johns here in short order. Rosy will be on LTIR until springtime. Cant see Runblad and Cumiskey as the 3rd pairing, that is a recipe for disaster.

  8. Question…which do you prefer? Bollig-Zus, or Carcillo-Richards? All things being equal? Also, lets assume Versteeg is out and Morin is in full-time. Now how does the roster look? Much improved, no?

  9. What does he bring other than buffoonery and what element? The do stupid crap element? Really?

    Someone explain what “element” aside from a clown show is so important. Terrible signing, waste of a roster spot and one or both of the front office and Q are grossly inept.

  10. While I am not a fan of Carbomb…his skills are night and day above those of Bollig. Do I want him here, no. But seeing as the brass feels the need to have that type of player on the squad, I do prefer him over Bollig. From what I have heard out of New York, he did tone it down quite a bit last year, aside from his post season melt down with the linesman of course, lol…

  11. Negzz & Hawkfacts- to add, I think the Hawks are only getting slower (especially if 8 is moved)… so now competing vs. Bigger LA, Ducks, Blues + can’t skate with Avs, Stars, Wild, even NY has looked faster (team wise) albeit pre-season.

    Hawks best line was younger, faster, 20/65/88… TT looked good… but 81,10,91 are ALL good,,, but slowing down

    So like I said in summer… Hawks need 1-2 “prospect” surprises (youth/speed)… to really be better than last year… if TT not in mix, and 8 moved… Hawks don’t look as good as last year.

  12. Wall, agree on TT. He belongs here now. No question. I think we will see D-Beck and hopefully Johns here as well to address the blue issues we face.

  13. There is no reason to assume Morin is in full-time. With this signing, I am heavily betting against.

  14. Soul, my assumption was based on the rumors of Versteeg being packaged with Leddy in a trade, nothing more. If Versteeg stays that obviously changes things.

  15. Although I agree with the prevailing sentiment that Carcillo should not have been signed, I will look on the bright side with hope that this means Mashinter will not be on the 23 man roster. There’s no doubt that Carbomb doesn’t provide the same level of pugilistic capability that MonsterMash does, but he does provide actual hockey skill. albeit limited but a quantum leap forward from Mash (and the other two goons now plying their trade in Rockford) – so if, big IF, Q can have his truculence quotient mollified by Carcillo in place of Mashinter, then the signing or Carcillo is actually a good thing.

  16. If Leddy is moved and Versteeg is anchored to him. I could see Shaw moving to wing and Danault sliding in. Or something similar. If it is in fact Leddy that goes instead of Oduya, I think its rather unclear what you do for defense. If Oduya moves you slide in Dahlbeck. If Leddy is moved who is your 3rd pairing? TvR/Johns/Clendening and who Rozsival or Runblad? Personally both guys are 7th defensemen. I don’t like the idea of either playing full time, and don’t like the idea of platooning them.

  17. Ernie, in my perfect world, flawed as it may be…

    TVR/Clendening(remember him) rotating in as needed
    Rosi on LTIR

  18. DBeck will be a stud, count on it. Big kid, lots of hockey IQ, can carry the puck. He will be Jelly’s running mate for a long time after Oduya’s contract is up.

  19. Leddy is so insanely underrated by the people in Chicago, it’s going to be completely obvious how much they miss him once he’s traded. He’s a one man break out from the back end and routinely carries the puck into the offensive zone himself. Sure, he doesn’t always make the best decisions once he gets there, but getting there is the tougher battle. Analytics and stuff.

    I might be on the same train as Wall in saying that the Hawks aren’t as good as last year. While losing Zus and replacing him with Richards is a major upgrade, I actually think replacing Bollig with Carcillo is a major drop off.

    I can’t believe with all the talent they have in the pipeline, that this turd is going to be wearing the Hawks sweater. Ugh.

  20. JS, while I do wholeheartedly agree that Carbomb is a turd and the thought of him wearing the Indian Head turns my stomach, I do think he has better hands and skates much better than Bollig. Overall a better ( not optimal) choice over Bollig. As far as Leddy, God, yes, the kid has talent, but the Q has soured on him, doesnt play him in post season, etc, etc… He has no future here unfortunatley. He will be a solid player and most teams would be happy to have him. Word is there are about 8 teams showing stron interest in the young man, but StanBo has Verbeauty handcuffed to him…

  21. JS- to add… Leddy , late in game when Hawks are trailing… only a few guys in the NHL can carry coast-to-coast… tons of Potential… but someone has to go…

    I would prefer (if Hawks aren’t going to be able to keep- 27-past this – that 27 get moved) … and that is why I made ridiculous proposal/7 last summer… cuz next summer’s cap purge might be worse. And 7 is older/ and Johns might be able to replace 7… Not many in the league can replace 8’s skill set (let alone in Hawks system), and younger, cheaper than 7.

    At the end of the day- better yet- somehow 32 + 23 go away… and Leddy retained.

  22. I’d like to rationalize Carcillo’s return in some way, but it is really hard for me to do so. First off, and this is not related to on the ice performance, let’s hope management tries somehow to squash this “Carbomb” nickname nonsense. You honor military people before and during the game, and you have a player nicknamed Carbomb and the other players refer to him as that and everyone has a good laugh……? Stupid. If you’re gonna get rid of the stripper and try to be first class, squelch that stupid, insensitive nickname as much as you can (which I know will be difficult, and I know some people will tell me to lighten up on).
    But as for hockey, he bring a physical presence, but usually at the cost of stupid penalties and a clown presence to boot. And, he’s fragile. He’s not a lovable “he’s a punk, but he’s OUR punk” guy. He’s just a punk. I know someone has to go, but why does garbage have to arrive? I do trust the Bowman knows what he’s doing, and he is smarter than me when it comes to hockey that’s for sure. But I have to vent on this one and hope that there is something going on that I just flat out miss. Which is possible. But this move just makes me pissed off.

  23. Greek- if 23 is included… may mean that TT – WILL play…

    with TT on PP… the PP hasn’t looked that good since Buff planted his Big ass in front of Luongo

    I still think Q does not like Mo… So Mo might Go!!!

  24. I am holding my breath till the roster gets straightened out. Not sure why or who feels the need for a player like Carcillo on this roster. Blinded by the glare from the 2 cups I am sure some will say Q is unquestionable but DAN CARCILLO?????
    Wall, you but together 2 interesting lines, 20/65/88, lots of chemistry there. 10/91/81 a veteran line that might work, but that leaves Toews with Bickell and Smith/ Morin/ – maybe Carcillo (sarcasm)

  25. ER,
    that’s what I am thinking, 13 replaces oh my shit(ter).

    I think Walls lines were

  26. This whole turn of events is mind blowing. I don’t get what they are doing and they still haven’t solved the cap issues. As many have said this team is no better then last year and probably is worse.

  27. In my perfect world each pairing has a right and left shot. Hawks have the prospects to do it, but I don’t think you have 3 rookies on the back end. I’d rather see Johns paired with a left shot like Clendening.

  28. Soooo- now Carcillo is a worse hockey player than Bollig? Really?! Too funny the bias against this guy. When he was here his teammates spoke up for him as he brings an element to the game they appreciate. Other than the utterly predicable, non-deterring and useless “fights” in which Bollig engaged, Carcillo is unpredictable enough to have an effect on how the other teams play and treat your stars. You don’t agree? That’s fine, free country. But guys like Toews and others have weighed in on this topic in the past and here’s the latest from 88 per the Tribune today:

    “Patrick Kane, one of those “superstars” on the Hawks, said “it’s important” to have players with grit on the team and welcomes the addition of Carcillo.

    “It’s nice to have him back in the fold,” Kane said. “He’s one of those guys that is really good in the locker room and got along with everyone here when he was here last time. He can bring a lot too. He’s obviously got some skill where he can play the game, so that’s important.”


  29. TT could play now…more likely 3-4 months in Rockford in an accelerated get ready role…the guy is amazball! Completly agree with Big Indian about dropping CarBomb nickname..its really dumb and just makes for a herd mentality and not smart in light of military and civilian casualties throughout the Middle East. I have been on the record as having a soft spot for Carcillo…look at all the responses in a very short period of time about this guy…everytime he goes out there the opposing team, the fans, the announcers,…everyone, pays attention, gets nervous and thinks “oh boy now what s going to happen”. He manages to find himself on real winning teams and in the final a very high % of time. This guy is an erratic factor, and as Ebony well pointed out a pugilist of some value and brings the “truculance”. ( Thanks Brian Burke for bringing us a new word). Carcillo’s an exciting player to watch and unnerves the opposition and for 550K a steal. Need protection for TT, Kane and others. Just a presence is good. Look at it as an inexpensive insurance policy on our stars and smaller guys in a brutal star packed Central. I hope we dont lose Leddy….the minute we lose him he will turn into a Bobby Orr just to spite us….we just don’t have that kind of guy on the team and its only going to get better with him. I stand by Q and Stan and well know that many of my fellow Commited Indians disagree. So be it. The Central division is big, fast, nasty, and skilled. We need many different kinds of players to come at them at different ways or else they will fiqure us out and shut us down. Down goes Brown ( Shaun McInroe) picking us to win the cup and several others with real good insight. All the way. 3 in 6. Keep Leddy, Carcillo OK. TT very soon, Christmas present.

  30. Wall, Agree that the jury’s out on whether we’re better or worse than last year, and I am also a proponent of bigger change than simply shipping out 8 and waiting to see what happens. But that said, there is NO DOUBT that Richards is a big upgrade over Zus and that Carcillo is a better player than Bollig imo. Additional changes improving the roster and allowing the kids to come up are yet to be determined.

  31. I have to think we are all going to be surprised with moves, not move, that are made by opening night. Or the trade that does occur will be much larger than us exchanging Leddy/Versteeg for picks. I believe we will see a roster player coming back our way with a net loss in salary cap.

    We have a glut of dmen right now. I have not seen Clendening or John’s play, but I have heard and read many good things about them. Dahlbeck has looked solid in the preseason games I have seen him in. These three are definitely in our future plans. No way Cumiskey, TVR, and Rundblad are better than those three yet these three are still playing. I have to think they are being showcased for that bigger deal.

    If I am wrong than these personnel moves are dumbfounding. I like Carcillo, but not when we have plenty of young studs that would be more functional in the roster spot he will be taking.

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