Report: Blackhawks Sign Ian Mitchell

On Tuesday afternoon, Scott Powers at The Athletic is reporting the deal is done: the Blackhawks have signed top prospect Ian Mitchell.

Most importantly, Powers is also reporting Mitchell will not burn the first year of his deal practicing during the 2019-20 playoffs; he has signed a three-year entry-level contract that will begin next season.

28 thoughts on “Report: Blackhawks Sign Ian Mitchell

  1. Win win, if he isn’t comfortable practicing with team, still has good earning potential in last elc year with bonuses possibly. Plus Blackhawks have 3 yrs. instead of 2 to resign him.

  2. very good news. i hate burning an elc year. far from my favorite guy, but this is done on bowman’s watch so kudos to him. still want him gone.

  3. Good news
    Done deal …….
    Rockford will be strong On Défense next year

    Go Hawks Go

  4. Great news! Especially because his RFA year doesn’t align with Dach and Boqvist who we all hope will play well enough to demand big RFA contracts … that said, Mitchell’s RFA year will be 2022/23 – the same year Lafreniere will get to his RFA year with the Hawks. :=)

  5. Good news on the burning a year front

    My prediction is that Mitchell spends the entire 20/21 season with the Hawks when/if there is a 20/21 NHL season

  6. ERaptor….I was thinking the same thing about Lafrenière….hahaha
    Hawks will be a really strong team with all those kids in the next 3-5 years
    Hopefully Regula,Beaudoin , Hagel Entwistle and a few others will change the future positively.

  7. Tab will probably have a new thread (or two) regarding the official signings of Pius Suter and Wyatt Kalynuk – but I couldn’t wait …

    We were pretty sure a few days ago that Kalynuk was going to sign but it’s always good when it actually happens. His college coach (Tony Granato) was singing his praises which isn’t a big deal because college coaches usually talk up their players – but it was still pretty good the hear his assessment.

    I’m super stoked about the Pius Suter signing. Could he have a rookie year like Kubalik did? Not guaranteed, obviously, but based on his stats from the same league Kubalik played in last season – he definitely could be another Euro gem signed by the Hawks.

  8. After all the heavy SB bashing (much of it well deserved) it seems appropriate to acknowledge strong work in the signings of Kubalik, Kalynuk, Suter and Mitchell. While our draft results have been below par, our ability to find and sign European free agents has been outstanding. Now if we could only find a top goalie prospect.

  9. Good signings is right, Mitchell and Suter be favoured to make roster to start next year. Kalynuk and earlier signings Barrett, Chalupa could be call ups as season goes on.

  10. with all these signings lately, any speculation as to who’s spots they may be taking in the next few years?

  11. assuming these 3 players make the nhl roster, it’s nice that there’s a 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year contract so resigning would be spaced out.

  12. Ladies and Gentlemen your 22-23 Chicago Blackhawks!

    DCat Lafreniere Kane
    Kubalik Toews Saad
    Nylander Dach Suter
    Hagel Entwistle Highmore

    Mitchell Boqvist
    Regula Beaudin
    Keith Kalynuk


  13. All 3 @$925
    Suter thru 20/21
    Kalynuk thru 21/22
    Mitchell thru 22/23 (as others have posted)

  14. Have to wonder with front office moves , where MacIvor, Smith, Gauthier and Anderson pushed out and new asst gm and expanded roles for younger guys like Eaton, Davidson and Stewart if that was why McDonough was let go. Maybe his loyalty and refusal to change personnel was his undoing.

    Now after the way Seabrook to be sort of pushed to the back burner last year and now Crawford possibly looking like he may not resign, if that was some of the differences that led to his dismissal.

    If Crawford is not resigned, looks like resigning Subban and maybe giving Nalimov an elc along with Delia and Lankinen could maybe be their path for a couple of years developing them. Maybe look at ufa later on if needed or if draft makes them choose door number 2 they pick Askarov or something. As much as i hate to say it, that would allow them combined with a Maatta trade/buyout to resign Kubalik and Strome, Subban plus Koekkoek and Cagguila if they want. Crawford obviously right now their clear best but seems to be some hype about potential of others, time will tell i guess. Keeps the youth move going and trying to develop a young goalie while easing the strain on salary cap with all the big caphits expiring allowing money to be earmarked for Dach, Boqvist Mitchell, Lafreniere if it happens etc., for their next contracts.

  15. aka BBB here. in the event that baby bowman is allowed to stay i would feel a lot less disgusted if a capologist was hired to negotiate the contracts of kubalik and strome. not prudent to lose kubalik, but if strome has to be sacrificed so be it. afraid bowman won’t have the stones to let him walk. contract negotiations are what bowman does worst. there has been a lot of reshuffling of responsibility in the
    or-gan-i-zation. bowman’s recent performance has not earned him the right to be above having his tree of responsibility pruned of some branches.

    i have always been of the “let youth be served” school of thought. more so with the advent of the cap era. the future of this team is in the future, the three years down the road future, but the forming of the bedrock is upon us. there isn’t a player on this roster i wouldn’t trade if the deal was the right move for the 22-23 season. no more plug the dike with serviceable veterans with making the playoffs next year as the goal. time to develop youth that will be ready to emerge as productive difference makers in 22-23.

  16. Lafreniere has played LW, not sure if he ever played center. Where to play Lafreniere is hopefully a “problem” the Hawks will have to solve.

  17. Hawks29 i was thinking more that Danny Wirtz had the different opinion with McDonough. Bowman ay be in survival mode or is very safe who kmows, either way i doubt he is goong anywhere this year.

  18. Roamn, those lines could be similar for the 22 season based on who stays at that point.

  19. hard to tell what is going on with the hawks and how the inner workings of the off ice personnel contributed with the decline of the last five years.

    mc donough certainly could have been the root of the problem. it is interesting how the top dog was jettisoned, many lesser players have been reassigned, promoted, and demoted and yet bowman, so far, has been teflon coated. i am willing to accept that mc donough might have hamstrung bowman’s ability to follow his vision.

    i feel the wirtz family has three options regarding bowman. they do feel that he was hampered in his ability to perform at his best by mc donough and are confident in his ability to perform all of the duties entrusted to him. they like him, but feel he is not capable to perform all of his current responsibilities at a high level. they feel he needs to be gone and are biding their time to make the move. for my part if he is their guy i would like to see the vote of confidence and contract extension. if not either the contraction of his responsibilities or show him the door now. if the second or third options are how they intend this to play out i would like one of those exercised before the off season trading, drafting, and contract negotiations take place. allowing bowman to guide the team through the off season and then altering course makes no sense. and allowing him to operate as a lame duck for a year makes less sense.

  20. Man that’s good moola for someone who has not proven himself in the bigs. We hope he works out.

  21. Great signings today.Hopefully it signals the moving on from Strome,Maata,Shaw,Seabrook,Crawford,and Kamph.Especially if we can get a great 1st round pick along with Barratt,Hagel,Kurashev and others being given a real opportunity to earn spots on the 2021 opening night roster.

  22. Those players were only going to be here for however long anyways once the yong wave was ready. Some of them could stay if they did really/and continue to do that good. Its only a matter of time for the players people donot want/and there caphits. Then the best of the best prospects will be the bulk of the roster along with some old-been here/new ufas and new trade players.

    By the time the young wave is getting into 4 wheel drive there prob only be players like 2 19 88 maybe 20 50 still here. These other players people donot like/or there caphits wernt staying longterm anyways. Some could though we could have plenty of good prospects that be good we wont.

    Its all coming around.

  23. Thing to remember is if we didnt have the players people donot like we wouldnt have got the top 5 skill draft players were getting. That would mean were prob not getting back to top 5 status in a few yrs. Now we are getting back with these studs once they get into 4 wheel low.

  24. It would be great to see recent scouting reports, assessments and projections of these guys. It’s interesting that Kalyniuk was a 7th and considered among a handful of good FAs available, but How does he compare to recent other talent? Has this guy blossomed into Makar 2.0, or something else?

    Anyway, I like the signings and am eager to learn how they fit and their upside.

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