Report: Blackhawks Sign Veteran Jan Hejda To PTO

Hejda, 37, recorded one goal and 12 assists in 81 games for Colorado. He was credited with 140 blocked shots, registered an even strength Corsi rating of 43.5 and averaged 20:39 per night for the Avs.

21 thoughts on “Report: Blackhawks Sign Veteran Jan Hejda To PTO

  1. I’ve followed the Hawks for most of my life. I remember the ’71 finals. But help me out here: What’s PTO stand for?

  2. He’s the obligatory “old veteran” d-man Stan always signs and Q always like to have. He should be fine as one of the 5-6-7 rotation.

  3. A Professional Try Out (PTO) is found only in the AHL. This type of contract is limited to 25 games and a player can only be signed to a PTO twice per season. After the second time, the player is either signed to a Standard Player Contract, is a free agent, or if the player is signed to an ECHL team, he is then returned to that team. During the National Hockey League (NHL) preseason, veteran players who tryout for a team sign a PTO. (from wiki)

  4. I like the move. Quenneville has certainly more than earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to trusted veterans on the third defensive pairing. If Hejda has anything left in the tank he will help. I still have ulcer on how Trevor Daley is supposed to fit. Let’s face it we go as far as Keith, Seabrook and Hjalmarrson are prepared to take us. van Riemsdyk is just a guy, Runblad is a 7th man type and Daley doesn’t really play defense.

  5. I haven’t seen anything re: Rozy ‘s recovery, but would be stunned if he is ready at the beginning of the season, eh?

  6. Excellent move. If his health is ok he”ll be a solid 5 – 6. Good stay at home D that doesn’t make many mistakes.

  7. Sorry RTF – Daley is an slight upgrade over Oduya – faster, younger, better

    Oduya Corsi +/- pts
    3 years before Hawks
    age 28 49.2 +8 13
    29 46.5 -15 17
    30 49.4 -6 18
    last 3 yrs with Hawks
    31 54.4 +12 12
    32 53.1 +11 16
    33 51.5 +5 10
    last 4 years
    28 47.3 +3 25
    29 46.9 +1 13
    30 51.1 +10 25
    31 46.6 -13 38
    Zone starts (off vs def) are the same, Daley plays a minute more a game than Oduya, plays on the PP & PK
    Put him on the 2nd pair – with the normal Hawks possession bump and he will be just fine (with double the points & $450k cheaper than Oduya)

  8. Hawkfacts. Be careful using facts and figures with Rufus since he doesn’t have a high school degree. It’s funny that Daley is getting the same negative reaction that Oduya got when he first came here. Now he’s a God! The same thing will happen with Daley since Hammer will help him defensively and offensively he’s a thousand times better than Oduya. Rufus will look silly by the end of the year but that’s normal for Rufus so no big deal!

  9. Daniel Paille – I think he’s pretty good at what he does (check, PK), but how many depth forwards does the team need? More skill / less physical than Tropp. As for the “4th” line, I believe Desjardins-Kruger-Shaw is as effective as any in the league.

  10. Margaret so you still cant forget Espositos choke on a shot from at least 60 feet out, that changed the momentum of the game ,which the Canadiens eventually won . my question is why they made him an ambassador . he should be forgotten . when they needed one big game from him he blew it. B

  11. ^Bronco I was at that game, May 18 1971 and saw the whole thing. To say Tony Esposito should be forgotten is one of the most ludicrous things I’ve seen on this blog, and I’ve seen many.

    I agree the shot from Lemaier (it was from just inside the red line, about 80 feet out) was a bad one. He (Esposito) also made some big saves in that game, he stoned Frank Mahovlich twice. The star of the game was the other goaltender, Ken Dryden. Ask Jim Pappin, who was robbed on a shot from in close with about 8 minutes left. Pappin himself said Dryden stole the game.

    Bobby Hull hit the cross bar in the 2nd period. and Magnuson blew a gasket on Henri Richard’s goal 2 1/2 minutes into the 3rd to give Montreal the lead.

    Nesterenko missed on a breakaway from the blue line in and on another close in chance, the Blackhawks couldn’t convert on back to back power plays in the 3rd period.

    To say Esposito should be forgotten due to that game is nuts. He practically won games for the franchise single handedly on some woeful mid late 70’s teams and also played great in Game 7 of the 71 semi finals vs. NYR, a game I also attended. Rangers were ahead 2-1 in that game and Esposito held the fort as the Blackhawks came from behind to make it 3-2 and then Chico Maki iced it with an empty netter with about 1/2 minute to go.

    15 years wearing the Indian Head shouldn’t be forgotten … or disrespected.

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