REPORT: Blackhawks To Host Penguins At Soldier Field

According to a report on TSN on Monday night, the Blackhawks will host the Pittsburgh Penguins at Soldier Field on March 1, 2014.

TSN is reporting the NHL will have a series of outdoor games next season, starting with the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day at the University of Michigan.


The Fourth Period reported about multiple outdoor games being a possibility nine days ago.

Soldier Field hosted the Hockey City Classic, featuring four college teams, earlier this season, and the event was a fantastic success. Now it appears the NHL will play at Soldier Field.

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2 Responses to REPORT: Blackhawks To Host Penguins At Soldier Field

  1. Mike says:

    Dodger Stadium?? Wonder how that ice will be. Hawks/Pens in March should be a classic. Hoping they are both Cup finalists…..with the Hawks winning of course.

  2. RyanDale says:

    overkill. and on the heels of the Sochi games too??

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