Blackhawks Sign College FA Kyle Baun


On Thursday, the Blackhawks signed Colgate forward Kyle Baun, an undrafted free agent. He will join the Hawks NHL roster.

Baun, 22, is a big power forward (6-2, 210) who posted 14 goals (including four on the power play and one short-handed) and 15 assists in 38 games at Colgate this season. He’s a good skater and contributed on both special teams units all season. Baun participated in the Red Wings development camp last summer.

13 thoughts on “Blackhawks Sign College FA Kyle Baun

  1. Was kinda excited for LeBlanc. Was more a fan of Carey’s game. But don’t know what to make of Baun. History says he will flop…

  2. He has size which is much needed. At to that the hawks traded 3 draft picks for vermette and the snail Timonen, this like getting one back.

    If the hawks can get Paliotta to sign and convince him that he will be a Blackhawks sooner rather than later, it would be a successful haul in the college ranks this spring for the hawks.

  3. We can really use forwards with size especially if they can skate. Hopefully we can sign Paliotta I don’t want it to become a habit that we loose drafted college seniors. I think given that we will see quite a few veterans leave after this season (Oduya,Rosival,Timonen, Desjardins, Richards and Vermette) the Hawks should be more appealing. I know Kevin Hayes would sure look good on the Hawks right about now.

  4. A few things …

    That SI article on Paliotta is pure and utter speculation. No sources, no quotes, no nothing. Doesn’t mean he isn’t considering signing elsewhere, but that article is a fluff piece.

    On Baun, his grandfather is long time NHL defnesman Bobby Baun, played mostly for the Maple Leafs. He made his heyday in the 60’s and is best known for scoring an OT goal in the 1964 Stanley Cup Finals vs. Detroit at the Olympia which denied Detroit the Cup. Maple Leafs went on to win Game 7. Notably, Baun was playing on a fractured ankle he incurred earlier in the game and it was “frozen” by doctors after the 3rd period as he insisted on playing.

    For several reasons, it was thought the Maple Leafs were leaders to sign Kyle but glad to see the Blackhawks get it done. He’s probably not an NHL ready player but he plays with a passion and is an asset moving forward for sure. Like those above have said, he fills in for one of those traded draft choices.

  5. Would Paliotta get eaten alive if he were to sign and immediately start with the Hawks, or do think he could hold his own? I know nothing of signing players, but if he knew he would be given a chance to start playing with the hawks right away, or at least be a black ace in the post season, it might sway him, no? Although it should be by now, I don’t think the defense is set in stone and wouldn’t mind seeing Anyone replace 32.

  6. One of the perks the Blackhawks threw Baun and his agent was a few NHL games this year which will burn one year of his contract. So Baun gets to RFA status sooner.

    They beat out Detroit, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and over a dozen other teams to sign this guy.

    On Paliotta, yeah I suppose they can do the same thing, but since they own his rights it’s a little different situation. Paliotta has some leverage, like Hayes did, so maybe that’s something they can do although I feel it’s bad asset management and sets a bad precedence.

    Baun foregoes his senior season at Colgate BTW.

  7. re: SSHM linking to SI – there’s a reason I didn’t link that here. The Hawks may have 3 right handed shots on the blue line in Rockford, but they lack Paliotta’s size. My hope is that they get him done soon.

  8. 42 probably goes to Rockford (while hes banged up) for a few games to fit this guy under the cap.

  9. Fantastic news. Paliotta played downright nasty against Boston College 2 weeks ago, He roughed up anybody who went near the crease : cross checks, stick whacks, challenging guys after the whistle. He played a ton of minutes as well. Dude is tough.

    Way to go Stan and company. This is an excellent signing.

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