Report: Blackhawks To Sign Wisconsin Captain Wyatt Kalynuk

According to reports on Monday evening, the Blackhawks are set to sign a college free agent defenseman.

Wyatt Kalynuk was the captain at the University of Wisconsin for the 2019-20 season. He was originally drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers in the seventh round (196th overall) in the 2017 NHL Draft.

Kalynuk, 23, was a first-team All-Big Ten selection after recording seven goals and 21 assists in 36 games. He posted 25 points in each of his first two seasons with the Badgers.

He is a left-handed shot and is listed at 6-1 and 189 pounds. Mark Lazerus at The Athletic wrote, “one college source said Kalynuk reminded him a bit of former Blackhawks speedster Nick Leddy.”

Chicago selected another Wisconsin -bound defenseman, Joshua Ess, in the seventh round (215th overall) in the 2017 NHL Draft. Ess, 21, had eight points in 35 games with Wisconsin as a junior this past season.

58 thoughts on “Report: Blackhawks To Sign Wisconsin Captain Wyatt Kalynuk

  1. Never have too many young dmen with potential, may turn out to be an Nhler someday, nothing ventured nothing gained.

    Don’t believe as far as i heard, system prospects Nalimov and Shalunov haven’t signed anywhere yet. Really do expect Nalimov to sign, but can’t completely rule out Shalunov yet either.

  2. Not a big risk to try to sign Kalynuk To play next year in Rockford
    Ian… not sure anymore about the 2 Russian
    Nalinov is the same guy who ask to get trade a few years ago if the Hawks don’t give him a contract ( Not à big fan of Russian anymore ) will probably never play in NHL will turn 26 next month and played 20 games/ year in last 4 years .
    Shalunov is getting to old to get signed I think ( will be 28 before next season start ) got draft 9 years ago and not sure he can help a lot a young team like the Hawks are building now. Too bad They where not in the picture in the past 5 years when Hawks where searching for Young good players .
    Maybe I am wrong but I think their window are closing very fast now.
    Let see iff the Hawks can get a young top 10 player in the next Draft for the future Young Hawks.

  3. Well, if your not a full time NHLer by 28, the odds are big time against you. Bye bye Russians.

  4. Agree Shalunov getting past his time, but for a 1 year deal on the cheap he mught be worth it with flat cap is all i was thinking. Nalimov is just hitting his prime years as a goaltender, so i do think there is a very good chance he signs and develops behind Crawford, to see what he can do. Assuming they can work out a contract with Crawford for next year.

    Saying Mitchell will be able to officially sign and burn an elc year now and not be eligible to play until next season starts. Means he will need 2nd contract in 2 years at same time as Dach and Boqvist now. Would think elc year would be in lieu of performance bonuses as his actual details of contract were not made public. So that may be used to ease the caphit of signing Crawford.

    Also if this ratified and Crawford signs 35+ contract, he could retire if he has career ending health issues and caphit goes away, something not un cba before. Makes the risk of giving a 2 or 3 year deal go away.

  5. I also think that we could use kalynuk in Rockford…To see how he can handle the Pro
    I would not be surprise to see Lucas Carlsson staying with the Hawks Meaning that Matta or another d’Man will get trade .
    Mitchell should start with Rockford when Next season Begin in December or January

  6. Sounds like this guy could bring what we missed out on by not drafting Byram. (Just kidding, relax; Dach will do fine).

    Amongst these “good but less likely to make it prospects” I still think we did okay getting Slava Demin as part of Lehner deal. I like him. We’ll see.

    July 6, 2020 at 7:18 pm
    Ah hockey thanks. Going to really like Barratt and Mitch. Not saying they are the same position these guys could be like 4 and 65 for next 10 yrs.

    July 6, 2020 at 7:21 pm
    Even with trading Buckaroo we could have a really deep Defense in a couple yrs. Still think we need to add out Soupy/Oduya kind of player ufa/trade wise to the group. This time maybe being a DEF Defensemen.

  8. Be good for this guy to be a good 4 5 6 7 kind of player. More depth. Need every spot filled with quality for the spot.

  9. I’d be surprised if Shalunov signs with the Hawks – I’d be VERY surprised if he signs a 1-year deal or a low AAV deal – I’d be VERY VERY surprised if he signs a 1-year low AAV deal. I think it was unlikely he signed with the Hawks before the static Cap announcement and it is even more unlikely now. I believe the Shalunov ship has shailed.

    Regarding Kalynuk – the first thing I looked for was an assessment of his skating, which so far I’ve seen a couple positive comments and no negative comments – which keeps him in the running for potentially becoming an NHL caliber d-man. Even if hs doesn’t pan out – it was a good move to get him into the system and see what happens.

  10. Shalunov’s agent said he was coming to Nhl next year, hasn’t signed a Khl deal yet, Blackhawks own his rights, Khl salaries way down. Just saying it’s not a done deal he isn’t coming, maybe Bowman trades his rights, who knows, or maybe as was said before, just bargaing ploy to get a better Khl deal.

    Is he a game changer, definitely not. Is he a long term answer for middle or bottom 6, not very likely, but could he be added depth for a year or 2 at the right price, until younger players are ready, maybe. Definitely won’t be for a significant caphit, that’s for sure.

  11. Be good to have Shalunov here to see how more size fits with the skill players as a group/line combos. Kopys caphit wasnt decent and hes a player like him/still need quality depth.

  12. Kopys caphit was decent and he fit in well/made lines go good together. Shalunov could be a good player like Kopy was just a good all around player with size and toughness that gels the lines together.

  13. Congrats to the kid. Free lotto ticket.

    As far as Shalunov and Nalimov go I just want them signed so I can stop hearing about them.
    I do like both though as a lower line forward and a maybe backup type with Ahl seasoning.
    Both one year entry level deals and give them the khl opt out.

  14. I know its unrealistic thinking but I would love to see Kalynuk and Mitchell tear it up at training camp and force themselves into next years lineup.They are similar talent wise from what some scouts have wrote.Boqvist,Beaudin,Carllson,Mitchell,Kalynuk,Keith,and Murphy doesn’t look too shabby on defense.Should definitely give the Hawks an uptempo game.

  15. Besides being green for first 80-160 games once these guys get to there they could be good/decent enough/whereever they get to. Point is we ll have a full roster of players on D and then by being deep that allows other players to be good and not double teamed. So like your saying our Defense group will be fast and mobile and have that different aspect to the team game then.

    Kind of like how CAR has a fast group of Defensemen it makes them/and other teams alike be able to play a unique team system.

  16. Even though Mitch is just as green hes is further developed/per say then Buckaroo BoQ age wise. BoQ really is a 19 draft player/very similar to Teravainen and similar sick skill set like 86.

  17. Moberg is another dman to keep an eye on too. Has size and decent mobility, 6’5″ 215lbs as 19 year old, videos show he has offensive skill to go with it. The organization was very pleased with development he showwd this year and likely gets an elc next spring barring something happening. Not a top of the lineup guy but potential to be a 3rd pair/4th line fixture in a couple of years.

  18. This signing gives them 14 dmen signed for next season, with Koekkoek, Tuulola and MacCoshan as rfas. Only Carlsson and Seeler contracts are up next summer.
    Likely Maatta it woukd seem will be moved/bought out in off season.

  19. This is a fantastic signing. It’s the first time Stan has locked down a guy who spurned the team that drafted him. He missed on Jimmy Vesey and missed on Mike Reilly a few years ago.

    It’s real simple they like Kalynuk better than Ryan Shea. They believe Shea’s ceiling is the AHL, while Kalynuk is a legit NHL prospect.

    Also this signing really pushes Chad Krys further down the depth chart. When I asked about him I was told he’s a long looonnng way from the NHL.

  20. Glad the guys that didnt make it/or are still here and wont are in our organization and not others/terrible places. So they could be as good as they could be and that lets them get paid for there careers by playing a sport they like and not hav e to work for a living. Its still cool to be able to do that.

    Keep keeping the best of the best and the players who could be good/or make it. Keep em coming. Doesnt matter if we draft them or not.

    I want to see a stacked group of fast mobile Defensemen and more then 6 so when were back we have a loaded group and they can play the ‘new’ NHL style.

    Going to be sweet in a couple yrs from now. Love to fast forward to then. In the meantime lets have the other top 5/10 teams that are up a coming wear each other out by battling each other for these 2/3 yrs and last couple so they will have ‘those’ miles on them like we did by playing 5 in 7 yrs.

    Then we ll be the young and faster and hungrier team.

  21. It would seem that Maatta is the obvious choice to buyout, if in fact the Hawks are considering buyouts. It would save almost $3.5M in 2020/21 and 2021/22 and cost only $680K in 2022/23 and 2023/24. Plus – Maatta is not a top-4 d-man which means he is expendable with the plethora of bottom pairing d-men the Hawks have.

  22. The cap is staying the same for 3 yrs though with buyout of 6 and ltir for others were going to have some space to make deals with. Can we add a good player/not have to be a high caphit. A good player from a top 10 teams that are going to get screwed because of virus salary cap. We should put ourselves into position for this.

  23. General public. Blackhawks need not to change name or logo.

    Tone death. Distraction. Theres no harm in the name or logo. Let it go and go grip about something worth while the police and vandalisms. What does it take to make the officials listen and do the right thing.

  24. With Mitchell being able to burn an elc year now, summer of 22 becomes huge as he al9ng with Dach and Boqvist and Murphy too will need resigned to 2nd contracts. Next season shouldn’t present a huge issue and in 21 with Saad likely only big money decision, maybe a Nylalander has a big breakout year or something like this summers group taking lower hit 1 year deals, but not looking like need to through alot of money anywhere else. Toews, Kane, Keith and Debrincat don’t expire until summer of 23. So resigning guys like Kurashev, Hagel, Nylander, Carlsson, Koekkoek etc. to favourable caphits be a big plus too.

    Having players like Kalynuk, Regula, Beaudin and maybe Vlassic in picture by then still on elcs could be huge. Forwards like Barrett, Teply, Alty and possibly top pick this draft on elcs too. Gives chance to have skill in lineup and depth behind at not crazy caphit to get through next couple of years. Obviously trades, getting good young pieces for expendable ones maybe and this years resignings and Saad play a big part, as could Seabrook contract becoming a modified no trade clause after 21-22 season also. Maybe by summer of 23 or 22-23 tdl and extend, adding some ufas could be considered.

  25. We really are in good position salary cap wise going forward. These 3 yrs cap staying the same helps us/it makes us not add when we shouldnt and then allows us to when were ready to roll. Blessing in disguise. Cant wait for the many good yrs coming again. Going to be exciting/buzz in the Indian head sweater. You know that feeling.

  26. Powers has an article in TheAthletic that lists a lot of personnel moves – nothing too noteworthy but a lot of deck chairs moving around – hopefully not like on the Titanic.

  27. Hawks absolutely thrilled with the Kalynuk signing. The believe he has a chance to be really good.

  28. many on this site talking about this stable of young d-men like it is only a matter of time until the hawks have a solid backline.

    i think it prudent to remember that the hawks did not blow through the playoffs in any of the cup years. every finals victory was a hard contested six games and all could easily have gone seven. and those teams had keith, seabrook, campbell hjalmarsson, and oduya anchoring the backlines.

    boqvist is allegedly the best of the bunch and he certainly doesn’t project to be a keith like talent. who is the seabrook or hjalmarsson in this stable of youth? you do not win stanley cups without that type of talent. #2, #4, and #7 were legitimate first pairing nhl d-men in the prime of their careers when the hawks had to fight tooth and nail to win those cups. keith was in the conversation of the best overall d-men in the league and hjalmarsson was in the conversation of the league’s best defensive d-men.

    many people are getting way over their skis in projecting these d-men in the system to be players with the talent to backline a stanley cup championship bid.

    i think a more realistic look at this “stable” is boqvist as a first or second pairing d-man and mitchell likely a second pairing d-man. the rest ultimately are most likely to be third pairing fodder or ahl depth.

  29. BBB agree it’s too early to predict how the young D will pan out, but that also means it’s too early to predict they won’t.

    Hammer picked around 100th was given little chance as a top 4 guy or Keith at 51st as a 1st ballot hofer was insane. So until these guys get some games or are ready for bigs nobody knows, but potential is there.

    Pens who everybody has a model if success, really had very patchwork defensive pairings in their runs. A system where these guys along with forwards can thrive, not confident that is in place yet can make a big difference.

  30. @Ian,
    Thanks for sharing and reminding everyone that the other side of the coin also exists. Who the heck knows how these players will pan out, but Bye Bye, you’re looking at Keith and Seabrook through the lens of their heralded careers.

    Remember that Keith wasn’t super heralded either coming out of Michigan State, drafted 54th in the 2nd. Seabrook was first rounder, 18th, and was stud from the beginning. Big Buff was drafted the same year as Seabrook in the 8th round, 245th. Hjalmarrson was drafted 108th. Oduya was drafted 221st by the Capitals and bounced around so much during his early career, his NHL stock was so low that the Devils picked him as a camp body.

    So, take off the I-Hate-Bowman puce-colored glasses and pause with the distortion, for just a moment, and occasionally allow some good with the constant bad.

  31. Not to argue what #s we have now/from the prospects/we drafted 4 recent yrs. We didn add Soupy and Odyua ufa/trade wise and I expect the same this time again. Maybe not the #4 this time. Just that we didnt have 4 of them before on any of those yrs. That were going to add what we donot have and we ll have the space to do it.

    What I see is maybe we have more good 3rd pair Defensemen so that when we add a top pair Defensemen or a #3 were good right then. Prob need to add to FW then to get roster deep. Quality HHNL deep.

  32. No team had it easy in playoffs. No other team won as much in short time/or achieved 5 conference finals in 7 yr. No one close.

    I would say we could have done a lot more in 2010 then we did but we didnt have to. We were usually ahead and took everything the others teams had. We saw it in 2013 with DET and everytime we were down 1-2 and had to win game 4. What I mean is in 2010 I donot think it matter what position we could have been in we would have won that really was the dynasty team.

  33. We need to be HHNL quality deep. Though I do think teams thatwin now wont be as deep as any that won from 2008-2015. Those yrs of that kind of quality deep are over until salary cap gets back up there and they stop adding teams/watered down. So what I mean is we wont have to be as deep as any teams we had from 2009-2015 to win again. Or need to be the top team like we were.

    We can be as deep as the other top 5/10 teams and be good enough to win. I want us to be that a top 5 team again and win on the yrs we do whatever they are.

    Get back to right where we started from.

  34. Some people are “wired” to see things optimistically and some are more pessimistic by nature. And the world goes round and round. Optimists probably bug pessimists with their ever present optimism as much as pessimists bug optimists with their ever present pessimism. And it’s OK to complain about it all from both perspectives – it’s what we do.

  35. Yup its important to stay classy and fine to joke/mess with each other but still be classy. No change your ways or views on things and do it with class even when people get turned off by it. think outside the box/go against the grain-that the problem with ‘the system’ people are just to brainwashed by things and ‘rules’ they lose sight of/donot find things-places they would by outbox thinking-doing.

    The F— it list.


  36. I didn’t intend my previous post to be directed at anyone in particular – just to admit that I get tired of the (what I consider to be) overly pessimistic doom and gloom posts, but I’m aware that my (sometimes) overly optimistic posts come across as a little too “Pollyanna’ish” for their liking. So … all’s fair in love and war. :=)

  37. EB i’ve been told i was both lol at different times. Agree or disagree or agree to disagree we’re all here for the same reason.

  38. Would like to hear from Hull65 about the moves made within the organization. Oblvously his main target is still there but some of his lieutenants are gone. BBB keeps his nomenclature for now but might need to change it in a few years sooner.

  39. Not good at sharing articles, but if you go to Yaroslav Askarov scouting report. Gives a good scouting report with videos on what he brings if he were to be drafted.

  40. Yea we have some high end FW and Defensemen in prospects now. Be interesting if we add a FW/D or goalie. Who ever we get is going to prob be an elite player.

    Were assembling a best group here on these off yrs. Load up young wave. Top 10 pick or add ufa/trade for elite players. Otherwise the established player is safe way. Only get elite players from draft/or ufa-trade. So I am for trading a good player we have now to get moar elite young wavers and just add ufa for that player traded.

  41. With BOQ Mitch and maybe other being prob elite players and Dach being a monster/generational kind of stuff.

    It would be cool to have a top 3 goalie of the future to go along with the young wave core.

  42. The Hawks are the opening act for the Western Conference play in portion of the NHL Playoffs beginning August 1st.On the goalie topic,I hope we don not have to use a high 1st round pick on a goalie unless its a guaranteed Hasek or Price type of talent.

  43. So a bit off topic here, but had a question….I just saw that Vegas is moving its AHL affiliate to Henderson, NV. So I’m wondering what happens at All State/the Wolves at that point? Personally, I’ve always wondered why the ice hogs don’t play in that arena. I understand the idea of starting new markets, but in my opinion if the ice hogs played in a chicago suburb every game would be sold out. Wouldn’t the blackhawks organization want that?

  44. jr roman

    i have promised myself not to do this anymore (yes post, not harangue), but one more shot. without question i have too many times and with too many words, made my position clear on bowman. if the subject was a cat i would have beaten each of it’s nine lives out of it three times over. if i was reading me i would check out the first two sentences and if bowman’s name was in the post i would pass to the next post.

    so i have softened my stance with the blame game on bowman. without bothering anyone with seven paragraphs of rationale……i truly believe that mc donough was as least as guilty as bowman for the bickell and seabrook signings also believing mc donough likely had the major say so on the latter. those two signings had serious ripple effects down the years with this roster. the anisimov contract did as well, i believe that was all bowman, and too much and too long for a middling center.

    bowman has struggled mightily with handling the cap and made very questionable deals. more than anything he has been general managing in desperation mode and anyone reading this who has been in business knows that is a recipe for disaster. that mindset culminated last summer with terrible deals that shit all over the salary cap in a futile attempt to qualify for the playoffs this year.

    does anyone feel comfortable with him handling the kubalik and strome contract negotiations? especially in light of what the blot will be on his record if he ends up losing strome and the only asset left from the schmaltz trade is regula. nylander spent the year underachieving in chicago instead of rockford because bowman didn’t want to lose face with that trade.

    simply put it is time for new eyes on this team. someone to impartially evaluate the young d-man talent, someone willing to trade toews, kane, or keith if the trade makes sense for the future, someone who doesn’t need strome or nylander to succeed to validate his past dealings.

    this will be my last post regarding bowman and i will leave it with a bowman quote from june 27th in 2019. “you can argue what his (seabrooks’s) cap hit should be but it’s not a financial handicap to us.” only a moron trying to cover his ass would have made that statement. anyone who posts on this site feel good about having a guy like that making the roster decisions for the hawks?

    outta here. going forward i am HAWKS29.

  45. BBB/Hawks29, a little self awareness / self deprecation goes a long way, I applaud you for that.

    I can’t totally disagree with your opinion on Stan, but I think most complaints about Stan, including yours, are far less nuanced than they need to be to be fair – a “perfection is the enemy of good” strawman argument. The danger is evaluating Stan against himself versus against the other GMs in the league. The good versus bad grading scale is all well and good if the good v bad scale is equally applied to the other GMs and then Stan is judged from among his peers – i.e. not in isolation.

  46. Bowman tried to make it go longer with those moves to get by with the salary cap and still be a top team. You can only do that so long. So it was keep going or sell out. When your still in a dynasty you keep going. If we only won once sure sell out. If any of the other top teams won more then they did they would have had the same problems

    Not saying we did it perfect what we did do was win the dynasty team of these 25 yrs. I will take that everytime for a few off yrs after. Which when we look back in 10 yrs from now these few off yrs now are actually what is going to get us back to top 5 team again because were not doing that without players like BoQ Mitch Dach 20 draft player and maybe another in 21 draft player. At that point the young core wave will be so good that we wont be drafting in top 20 for many yrs again.

  47. So to me it will fix itself with the young wave. Sure we might need a new ceo gm coach players the whole thing. Were not doing it without a loaded group of players and that is exactly what Bowman is doing by us having these off yrs. Its adding top 5 skill draft players and thats the only way to be a top team.

    Its why TAM is the best team in hockey since 2015. Why BOS is back. Why TOR is close but still no D. Why CHI will be back.

    Sometimes you need to be hit by a brick donot lose faith.

  48. Morrison
    Since 2015 exactly how many Cups have the TB Lightning won?

    How does zero Cups since 2015 translate to the best team in hockey?

    There is a team in Western PA with 2 Cups since 2015 that says otherwise.

    Not to mention a team in DC and a team on the Mississippi River that can also argue your point.

    Confused by your statement.

  49. I always go by roster not cups. So to me TAM has had the best roster. They havnt won anything yet like you said so they are terrible for having that good of roster and not winning.

    For whos done the best yea they arnt close to best team. They could have won when WAS did but they didnt show up to play game 1 and 2 and then game 6 and 7. That was surprising.

  50. Another is 2011 where VAN was the best team that yr but BOS won. The best team doesnt always win.

    PIT is a different storu they couldnt compete against the top 5 teams afetr 2009 until the salary cap wateredown the top teams. The top teams from 2010-2015 were loaded and they coulnt compete. Same for WAS and STL, well STL did play LA and CHI good but couldnt go the way. Thats how hard the cambell comference was then and how good LA and CHI were.

    LA and CHI were the best teams in hockey since DET dynasty yrs.

    Now its different with league wateredown. Thats why you seee PIT win and teams that couldnt before finally do so like WAS STL. I am very surprised about TAM though.

  51. Looking at Blackhawks training camp roster. Hagel, Kurashev, Entwistle, Quenneville, Sikura and Reese Johnson going but no Fortin. Koekkoek, Carlsson, Beaudin, Seeler, Regula and Krys going, no Gilbert, all 5 goalies on list as well, Crawford 3 from Rfd., and Subban. No Mitchell who could go to camp if burning a year but not play, so maybe decided not to burn a year and not go. 35 total only 31 included unlimited amount of goalies included in that wen play resumes. 18 fwds 12D so some cuts to come.

  52. Now I understand Morrison’s comment.

    Unless you care about stats and teams that skate the Presidents Trophy around the ice after last regular season game, nobody cares who the best team on paper is.

    They only care about the team engraved on the Chalice.

    That is why hockey is the best damn game on the planet….the ‘best’ team does not always win, and no one cares, either.

  53. Winning. Thats the most important thing. Having the top/top 5 roster is important though and we want that. I want the best roster and I donot care if we get Presidents. To me its all about the roster.

  54. Still donot know how SAN had a better record in 2010 then us. We wont see The streak of 2013 again in our lifetimes.

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