Report: Broken Collarbone For Patrick Kane

Early Wednesday morning, the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Kuc tweeted a few pieces of information from his sources that Blackhawks fans didn’t want to hear.

While being sure to note that nothing is confirmed (yet), Kuc reported that Patrick Kane suffered a broken collarbone in the first period Tuesday night, and is expected to be sidelined for at least six – and possibly more than ten – weeks.

Six weeks from Wednesday is April 8, three days before the end of the 2014-15 regular season. Ten weeks would put Kane out until, conservatively, late in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Alex Petrovic, the Florida Panthers defenseman who put Kane into the boards, received a cross checking minor penalty during the game. He will reportedly not face any additional discipline from the league.

19 thoughts on “Report: Broken Collarbone For Patrick Kane

  1. It didn’t look good last night as Kane skated off. I thought it was a popped shoulder, but the reality of broken colllar bone is sad. Kaner was enjoying his finest season. The play in which Kane got hurt looked innocuous. A push from behind and maybe skates touched to launch Kane into the boards. Didn’t look malicious to me from my vantage point at the UC. The rest of the team has to pick it up. When faced with adversity is usually a true for teams and individuals. The strong survive. Hawks have many character guys that have been through alot. Let’s see what this group has. Losing a core guy like Kane is going to make a it very tough on this team. So is TT recalled, Danault?

    By the way I thought Darling did a nice job last night.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  2. That sucks. It will be an interesting turn of events if he has to sit the full 10. I had a bad enough clavicle break in high school to be out for about 10-12 weeks (required surgery).

    Guess its #freeteuvo time since there is an open spot on the second line. But that would probs make to much sense.

    Neat that they got the gimmick point and luckily the next week or two is pretty “light” schedule wise but man if they get shelled like they were in the third by anyone they’re going to have a bad time.

  3. Once the dust settles, what are your thoughts Tab re: expiring contract scoring forward options? The cap space will be available now. Please revise your list from a couple weeks ago and post accordingly. Thanks.

  4. P.S. For the record, Garret Ross is a better fit on a temporary basis than Teavo. Versteeg can slot into Kane’s spot (like he did last night) w/ Richards & Sharp, and Ross into Versteeg’s slot on the 3rd line. I’m sure they will bring up Teavo, and place him on the 2nd line, hoping that he turns into Kane Lite. We’ll see.

  5. Brian Campbell had this injury in 2010, I believe mid-March, and he was back for the first round. All bodies are different but I thought for sure Campbell would miss significant time.

    Get Kaner some deer antler spray ASAP.

  6. Not surprised the league is letting this one go. It was a cross check mostly due to the fact that Petrovic’s hands were apart and it was all stick that made contact with Kane. Some suggest Kane took a dive and hurt himself. I don’t think that. I think he simply lost his balance and went shoulder first into the boards.

  7. I don’t know if it is official yet, but if it is a broken collarbone, I’d rather it be that than a shoulder separation because once the bone heals it will be healed whereas should separations have a tendency for recurrance. I’m more concerned for long term than a few less weeks until Kane can return to the lineup.

    And with LTIR, Stan now has (pro-rated) $6.3M more salary cap room, which could mean acquiring a couple players … like, say Vermette ($3.75M) and Sekera ($2.75M) and then once Kane returns (probably 1st or 2nd round), the lineup would be:




  8. Raptor: Nice projections, that would be great. Bowman is no Tallon or Lombardi, however, he is a very timid guy, scared of his own shadow. He will never pull the trigger on getting rid of minor leaguers (most of them won’t amount to much anyways based on history) and draft choices to bring those two guys in. The two years the Kings won the Cup, they made bold moves.

  9. It was a bit rough last night too. The Hayes bros. were playing really rough and tough. Everyone has something to prove lately I guess.

    It looked like Kane took a small crosscheck to the back that caused it to happen. It did not look like a hard hit at all, Kane just slipped up wrong.

    I am very happy with the Return on Investment (ROI) for Darling.

    Agreed, this is going to give the rookies a chance to step up.

    Hopefully we see Kaner back for the playoffs.

  10. I like your vision ER regarding lineup additions with Kaner on LTIR. Seems a bit optimistic, but I think it looks great on paper. We can use help up front and in the back especially. Let’s see how this unfolds. Yes, we could use Brookbank, but isn’t he playing in Siberia or somewhere in the hinterlands?

    I chuckled at the game last night watching Bicks and a few others throw some weight around and Panthers taking exception as though they thought “the Hawks don’t hit, you can’t do that to US!”.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  11. Maybe this will be a little kick in the rear for the team to step it up and play more focused. Kane is obviously greatly missed but this team can still win consistently. I like how Raptor thinks but Bowman is reluctant to give up prospects or high draft picks and pick up big salaries. I understand that but making a bold move could mean winning the cup. I think LA getting Gaborik was huge and probably was what got them the cup last year.

  12. Vermette and Sekera – what was I thinking? Probably more like Handzus and Brookbank, and maybe Morrison if he’s still available. :)

  13. “Patrick Kane undergoes succesful surgery – expected to miss 12 weeks” according to the official Blackhawks app …

  14. Bob McKenzie now says Patrick Kane will probably not return until the conference finals, that’s if we make them. With the LA Kings two additions today, things look bleak.

  15. No suspension for putting an elite player out for the rest of the year, at least a 2 game suspension to send a message to a nobody like Petrovik or Raffi Torres not to take liberties with star players nobody pays money to see Petrovik play , and were without our star for the year , wonderful league . with Kane maybe a cup without him no way


  16. i call bull shit! this was an illegal hit PERIOD….just because Kaner could not prevent himself from falling into the boards this does not make it OK! of course he lost his balance but it was due to the cross check ~ excuses are lies you guys!!!! ~ although he tried to regain his balance and was unable to does not mean he LOST his balance on his own! REALLY????? Blackhawks will win for the Kaner! That is the best retaliation!!! GO MIGHTY BLACKHAWKS GO! <3 to 88 and the rest of the team!

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