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  1. I make a conscious effort to avoid posting comments that are inappropriate for a hockey blog, and I’m pleased that most of the other posters here do the same. However, the topic of Chicago as a hub city is rife with political aspects that really can’t be avoided if this topic is to receive due diligence. The facts are that any city that is chosen as a hub city must be able to guarantee, as much as possible, that the players and auxiliary personnel must be kept safe from riots and violence and I don’t think Chicago would be able to make that guarantee as well or better than other cities. I’m not talking about the “normal” violence of murder and mayhem that has been plaguing Chicago since before pandemic – I’m referring to the violence allowed to continue over the past month or so. Would you trust the Chicago political machine to side with law enforcement if the rioters decide to target the city and specifically a high profile target like professional sports? I wouldn’t.

  2. Should be Vegas and Ed. Less populated than Tor or Chi. In Vegas everyone could stay in New York New York and actually be in a bubble.

  3. What two cities have the least amount of people traveling in from other states, countries, provinces and have the best protocols/laws and enforcement thereof re virus prevention?

    Edmonton for certain should be one of the cities. Lock.

    Thereafter, throw out Vegas for certain, tons of people in and out of Vegas, and enforcement is loose there based upon local authorities need tourism to flourish that’s how their economy runs. People start boozing there, inhibitions are lowered, and so are masks and other garb. 20 and 30 year old healthy guys bored w money more likely than not to dilly dally around. Can’t blame them in the moment.

    I don’t know enough about Toronto as a city/area to opine if it’s a better option than Chicago, but the #s don’t lie, Chicago area and it’s patrons have done a fine job following the rules. If Toronto is is in a similar boat, and they have less people in and out of their city, so be it. As Q has stated many times, we’ll see.

    Wear a mask!!! Wash your hands!!! Keep your hands away from mouth, nose and eyes!!! Move around outside. Facts are facts. When the virus is gone or under proper medical, safe control by the medical authorities ( i e like the “regular flu” ), then we can all have at it, free for all. Anything goes. :)

    Good day.

    P.S. is Hull65 ok? Haven’t seen a post from him in ages. I’ve been a healthy scratch myself from the board most of the virus time, but still. Say what you want about Hull, he yells and repeats stuff bc he cares, even when he is wrong and or we disagree w him.

  4. Iceman-other than a few pockets (very localized) Ontario doing well and Toronto trending in right direction. The talk is about having both MLB teams coming in/out and NHL hub close together and many nervous about that.
    They would be a few blocks apart.

    (although for baseball the travel issue between two countries is another issue in and of itself-it isn’t allowed yet)

  5. Las Vegas in August is only about 115 degrees – should make for great hockey atmosphere! Go North.

  6. Eraptor…you have a really good point…
    I would go with Vegas and Toronto I guess….
    Or… Edmonton Toronto …to be sure to have no Riots .
    But Anyway their will not finish the playoff I think.
    Let see iff they can start first .

  7. I don’t think the NHL would go with 2 Canada HUBS.Bad time for Chicago to be making news for Murders and 100s shot each weekend.The United Center has rarely encountered on site violence problems during events.In the end I think it will be Las Vegas and Toronto.Hawks can’t play here and we can’t go to the games so I am kind of meh about it.

  8. As a born and bred Chicagoan, it is a source of embarrassment that “my town” is known as the murder capital of our country. The last thing I want is for the reputation to get even worse with possible violent riots affecting the NHL games getting splashed all over the news … not to mention the harm to people and businesses that would get caught up in the mayhem. I’m not suggesting that it wouldn’t happen somewhere else – it certainly could – just that Chicago’s reputation is already in the toilet – we don’t need an opportunity to make it worse.

  9. There are times I miss Chicago.
    Miss the Italian beefs.
    Miss roller hockey at North Ave beach.
    Miss seeing the Cubs in the afternoon and the Sox at night when both were in town.
    And of course miss the 4 Feathers at the UC.

    But after Daley plowed over Meigs Field in the middle of the night cuz he was getting nowhere in the courts, we knew it was time to leave.

    Seeing current leadership there now?
    We are glad we no longer live there

  10. Another thought on why Chicago might not be best as NHL hub city is that both Cubs and Sox will also be playing in town for 30 games each. Even though some of Cubs/Sox will be against each other, most will involve another team in town – more hotels needed, etc. More people getting exposed, etc. , etc.

  11. Good posts, get the feeling now that Toronto and Edmonton be the sights, no border crossing be involved once in place. Also both seem to have control of rising numbers of new cases.

  12. Yea good posts guys. EDM ice is the top ice right? They should have the whole thing there. Just like a worlds tournament.

  13. I agree with EDM and TOR as hub cities

    Canada in general has the virus under control – the US may not have the virus under control until there’s a vaccine or a high enough percentage of the population has been infected to create herd immunity whichever comes first

    Either of those cases is still a long ways away

  14. Liking some of things i’m hearing coming out of negotiations between players and league. Edmonton and Toronto as hubs unless something major changes things, for safety purposes. Any player can opt out of playing if they wish, be alot of language around that to see how they cover that. Regular testing and bubble enviroment assurance crucial.

    Cap to stay at 81.5m next 2 seasons and go to 82.5m in 22-23 season. Players escrow be where they wanted it then.

    An interesting thing around cap and opting out is teams can defer 10% of their cap total to allow for players who may opt out next year. Just assuming but sounds like performance bonuses. 10% of caphit not need to be accounted for all season and then calculate how much, if any, players opting out totals for full or partial season would add to final caphit as a way of cap relief. Could make some teams really need to dump cap next sumner with no increase on top of it.

    Also still saying Mitchell won’t be eligible until start of next year and players want olympics to be part of extension. A vote expected on wknd by players.

  15. Good comments ER….

    Disrupting SCF would definitely garner a lot of media attention…

    One question on having all the games in Canada…

    How does that effect the players salary…?

    Could it be a tax nightmare…?

    I think NYC taxes the salary of the visiting players if I’m not mistaken…?

    Do others as well…?

  16. Joey income tax is a nightmare at best of times, players can actually end paying 50 to 55% income tax on their salaries now. Canada and most states have a treaty agreement on paying income tax. However you are right NY and few more aren’t in and means additional calculations and loss of credits for paying taxes elsewhere. Probably one of the reasons Vegas was favored, Alberta income tax is fairly resonable, but not sure about Ontario tax rules.

  17. Hawks have played very well historically last decade plus in Canada Safety first.

    Hull is posting under an alias really? Richard Kimble II.

  18. So this means the Hawks will be playing in Toronto?I thought I read that any team in the initial play in round can not play at home if their city is a hub.So Edmonton has to play their games in Toronto and Toronto has to play in Edmonton?

  19. Guess I was mistaken.The Hawks will be playing in Edmonton in the play in round.Home ice advantage shrinks a bit without fans present.

  20. Back to the draft. DiPeitro got 1.5 mil yesterday from his buyout. That should scare people taking a goalie too high in the draft. Think goalie is the position that there is the biggest difference in play from minors and other leagues to NHL play.

    If not La Franchise Hawks should draft best non goalie player available. Would prefer large offensive forward with sandpaper. If another dman must be large with sandpaper.

  21. Just for perspective, Blackhawks were given a 2.6% chance of making the playoffs immediately prior to the shutdown.

  22. Yea I would rather roll with another 27 77 kind of players. There should be top elite FW DEF G available for a top price as ufas 27 ish when we need to add/fill in remaining spots.

  23. Great posts from Ebony Raptor and many others. As a young man And a Buffalo, New York native, There was nothing better In the early 1990s than flying to San Diego for 4 days to visit family then doubling back to Chicago for 3 nights in Bucktown. Rinse, Repeat every March and October. Sad that such a great city has been decimated.

    On to training camp and the resumption of the season. The Hawks have absolutely nothing to lose and no pressure plus no expectations.

    Lots at stake though for Dylan Strome. To me he has the most to gain or lose. If he excels, then. he must be signed. If he struggles, he might be auctioned off at the draft in mid-October for picks.

  24. Have to wonder when Shaw will be evaluated. I know multiple people waiting for procedures delayed due to pandemic.

    I predict the Blackhawks will beat the Oilers which is a bummer in terms of draft. CRAWford will win the duel. I thought kubalik had a lot of defensive improvement in his game just before the shutdown.
    Strome has had time to heal and someone like Toews who many say has been playing hurt had had some time to recover.
    I imagine the main criteria was facilities and hotels and such. The airport probably helps too

  25. Cap wise the Blackhawks may not be bad off to start next season. Current roster with 11 Fwds, 7D and 1G currently signed , leaves close to 10m room. If they go the salary deferral route for opt outs, even if the speculated 10% is maybe some sort of total allowed combined with performance bonuses. That would give another 3 or4 m room, which alone likely plenty to sign, 50, 17, 8 and 91. Plus Shaw looks likely to start at least on ltir and gotta think a defenseman carrying a bigger caphit is moved, bought out or ltired. May have to make more moves as season unfolds for bonuses earned, returning ltir and young players needing room, etc., but to start may not be a big issue.

    Then next summer outside of deciding whether to resign Saad and Nylander or not, nothing really pressing, expansion draft not likely to present a challenge protecting who they want to anyways.

  26. Those player bonuses and whatever these new things are. Keep posting about them as needed people forget thats part of it and its not just keeping Kahun or Kubalik per say.

    EVen though its not fun to not be a top 5 team let alone a top 2 team and the dynasty team (which I believe no other team will do that again for a very long time) for a few yrs. It really was the best thing for us to get roster loaded again.

    Loaded with a young wave a top 10 players and still have the younger half of our dynasty core per say. Now when were ready add those high end ufas elite players like we did with Soupy Hoss and others when the timing is right. We have done exactly what we need to do for this.

  27. Including having off records to get those kind of players and draft and build from within for the bulk and adding the rest is a matter of cap space which we will have when the time comes in a couple yrs. Really stoaked about the future is bright and for now we have nothing to lose and gain experience.

    In 12/24 mths. Here come the Hawks.

  28. Auction off Strome and move Matta.Lets get the Shaw and Seabrook situatuons taken care of this short offseason.Move Dehaan if possible.He is a simple fall to the ice away from another shoulder surgery.

  29. I really think that Shaw should stop playing and move on to his family life. No need to take a risk .
    Seabrook will probably try a comeback and will see by himself if he can play or just stop .after all he probably receive most of his money in the first 2-3 years of is contract.first 3 years he receive 9millions/ year. Next season 7.5 millions. More then enough to have a happy life for the future.
    Same for Keith…starting next season …he will receive 2.7 m – 2.5m – 1.5 m. For is next 3 years .
    Many players are thinking right now …like most of us …what’s the point ?
    Live and enjoy life while we have the health.
    I have a few friends here who decide to not go back to work after the Pandemic…they are all around 58-62 .others are looking iff they need more money before retiring…
    It’s a choice. Iff you live for your job….you continue

  30. @Tim W: as we all know the guys you mention, with the exception of Seabrook, are guys Stanbo acquired in the last year and a half. Doesn’t really speak well of his player acquisition skills. Signing guys one year and then looking to dump them the next is not a good business model.

    On a different note, a lot of concerns are being voiced by people from both the NBA and MLS about their Florida restarts. It will be interesting to see how those play out particularly vs the NHL.

  31. I posted this in previous thread about that stuff.

    June 30, 2020 at 8:43 am
    some rationale thinkers-I to want to watch some real sports (golf is nice to play but watch?-maybe the Masters and the start of spring. So I’m torn, but certainly would be OK with a pause. Money is but shouldn’t be the driver.

    June 30, 2020 at 12:36 pm
    Hawks2010, what you suggest is a possibility, but my point being are the players better off as things are now and walking around unaware they’re positive and spreading to family unknowingly or be where they have regular testing and a bubble environment that should be designed to limit the spread. If safety of players and family is first, playing hockey and being in that type of bubble if they can flatten the curve for positive tests could be the safest place for them and their families.

    July 2, 2020 at 9:03 pm
    Not to talk about basketball in a northern sport those basketball players are saying things like they donot think the NBA players will follow the rules for this.

    That they donot follow all the rules when they isint a virus going on to begin with.

    July 2, 2020 at 9:04 pm
    I know hockey players are generally better people then basketball players just interesting to hear the basketball players saying they wont follow the rules and things will happen with them in Florida.

  32. At least hockey players will be in the nice Canadian fresh clean air during the summer and not in the nasty tortuousness air in Florida in the middle of summer. Ouch thats like a way to drain your energy.

  33. Jordy i think Nhl is on a better path than Mlb and Nba with the bubble environment and in Edmonton and Toronto vs Florida and home parks. Having a few weeks to test and track a good step too.

    Hard to say how they handle the ltir, should get some answers within next year on Shaw and maybe Seabrook. Agree and have said often Maatta will likely be moved, with Koekkoek a rfa showing he can be capable 3rd pair guy, could be resigned for a quarter of the caphit, if they need somebody there.

    Be interesting to see how they word the Covid opt out in their agreement, and who/if anybody uses it.

  34. Saying now the 10% deferral is off the players salary upfront and gets paid back over 23-26 seasons, so be a different way if it gives relief salary to cap.

    Main thing is cap room will be there when it comes time to sign Dach, Boqvist, Mitchell and this years pick. Those guys could’ve worked out better for sure but still developing so not ready to peak again just yet.

  35. This is the shit that bothers me. You cant add or change anything to anything unless its off season.

    Oh wait it is off season the 4 mths in between hockey playing.

    just play the entire 21 season and be a man none of that stinking root beer.

  36. So this salary cap staying same fore next 3 yrs is good for COL and terrible for other top 10 teams.

    This also is good for us as we are not top 10 roster now and so it doesnt matter for the ‘temp’ ufas we got a yr ago. Those and other caphits wont be on our 23man for when its time to add elite ufas/trades/bridges for young wavers. This is huge for us going forward and will screw most of the top 10 teams.

    It helps teams like COL sort term/3 yrs. So we can see the midtier teams and some bottom 10 teams steal good players away from the top 10 teams. Which levels the top teams so evenly matched we ll see 5 differeent teams win in 5 yrs kind of thing.

  37. So being top heavy might be the better way for next 3 yrs because teams wont be able to spread the roster with depth as usual with cap.

    Timing is very good for us on this and when our young wave is ready to roll we ll have the space and spots to fill with elite players and role players.

    Blessing in disguise.

  38. Seabrook saying he is healthy enough that he may be giving it a try against the Oilers. Might be last opportunity to 19, 88, 50, 2 snd 7 together in a playoff scenario. All things aside that is a worthy reason to watch the Oilers series.

  39. I wanto see Seabsy boy kick ass and show he has a few yrs left. Now that hes healthy or will be for the 21 season in terms of having been playing with that for a few yrs just like Hoss did with that skin thing.

  40. Mo, I’m with you on wanting to see Seabrook join the other core players from the 3 Cup wins to give it a go against the Oilers. Hopefully he shows he still has some gas left in the tank – both in terms of him personally and the Hawks salary cap.

  41. Be good to see those guys all contributing again, against the Oilers and maybe some other teams, if that’s will be. Who knows what another season brings, does Crawford resign, hopefully Seabrook’s health gives him another year or 2. An injury to one of the others could change things. Enjoy it while we can, i guess.

  42. Not related to hockey:
    Anyone else thinking the Washington Redskins don’t need to change their name, simply change their logo to a potato?

  43. No team needs to change logo or name or motto because of a virus diaper outcry. Let them take down statues and get felonys to prove a point.

    If a team was named/logo specifically for a race thing sure. The Blackhawks were not and it doesnt matter what the general public thinks. They are idiots.

  44. The corona got to some people we see so to those donot let it go to your head. To those who cant control themselves. Suck it up and donot get a should be felony.

    Tell it how it is without wearing a diaper/facebook/cant leave home without a cellphone.

    If you cannot leave your house for more then 24 hrs/7days without a cellphone your a Flatlander.

  45. I think it’s time for me to take a bit of a break from this site. Love the Hawks.
    (sometimes best to say nothing)

  46. Sorry noonan the virus brings out the best in everybody in weird ways and at different times.

  47. I donot do facebook/other social media outlets/donot do any scoial media at all so I donot have those places to post weird inconsiderate dumb and dumber-funny things. Thats why I do it here every once in awhile theres a head scratchers from me. I do try to keep it to hockey/hockey releated and only funny things.

    No excuse though this virus does make people act different from their normal selves. People just need to vent and in different ways about different things. So you can keep sanity even if it seems like a weird thing to say sometimes. Peace.

  48. Good scoop at The Athletic :

    ” the Blackhawks are signing defenseman Wyatt Kalynuk, a seventh-round pick of the Philadelphia Flyers in 2017, to an entry-level contract, according to two league sources. Kalynuk decided to forgo his senior season at Wisconsin, and the Flyers failed to sign him during their window of exclusivity, making him a free agent.”

    Just to add what The Athletic is reporting above : about a month ago, when the Hawks signed Evan Barratt and then Ian Mitchell, I inquired why the Hawks decided NOT to sigh Ryan Shea, I was told – they needed the slot because they had something else planned. This makes total sense.

  49. Ah hockey thanks. Going to really like Barratt and Mitch. Not saying they are the same position these guys could be like 4 and 65 for next 10 yrs.

  50. Even with trading Buckaroo we could have a really deep Defense in a couple yrs. Still think we need to add out Soupy/Oduya kind of player ufa/trade wise to the group. This time maybe being a DEF Defensemen.

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