Report: Dallas Signs Jiri Hudler

One of the potential consolation prizes in the Jimmy Vesey bidding war has signed with a team that was never in on the college free agent.

According to a report, the Dallas Stars have reportedly signed veteran forward Jiri Hudler to a one-year, $2M deal.

Hudler, who will turn 33 in January, had 16 goals and 30 assists between Calgary and Florida last season (he was traded to the Panthers at the deadline for a second round pick in the 2016 NHL Draft and a fourth round pick in the 2018 NHL Draft). Originally a second round pick by the Red Wings in 2002, Hudler has played in 676 regular season games with Detroit, Calgary and Florida.

We were never thrilled by the idea of adding another veteran forward in Chicago, though Hudler would have filled a need. Chicago will likely move forward with their emerging prospects given an opportunity to win ice time. Nick Schmaltz, Tyler Motte, Ryan Hartman, Vince Hinostroza and Tanner Kero are all expected to get a long look during training camp. As Rob Vollman noted at earlier this month, both Motte and Schmaltz could translate to the NHL as well as/better than Jimmy Vesey.

12 thoughts on “Report: Dallas Signs Jiri Hudler

  1. I still there there is the potential for a trade too. Team like Det, Cbus, and Mtl could all use a package of D-prospects to bolster their roster/depth.

    If Det or Cbus starts slow defensively, could a package of say TvR and Fosling and a pick or other prospect fetch a guy like Andreas Athanasiou or Paul Bittner?

    Sure TvR is in the starting roster right now, but how much worse are we with Gus/Svedburg/Rosi playing the 3rd line with Kempny than with TvR? I like TvR, i do, but what is his ceiling? maybe a #4? I dont see ever being more than a 2nd pairing guy. So, if another team feels he can improve them, i feel its worht it to potentially add a Fwd with Size who could play LW2, when we have a little depth at Dmen who can play the 3rd pairing.

    The D would still have 2/7, 4/51, Kempny/Gus/Rosi/Sveddy/Pokka,

    and then you can move Panerin with 19/81, and let Athanasiou play with AA and Kane. The bottom six would be some combo of Kruger, Panik, Schmaltz, Motte, Hino, Desi, Hartman, Tootoo. I think there is lots of potential there.

    Would Det go for a move like that, maybe not. But point is, Hudler and Vesey are not the end all be all of Stan’s options.

  2. Heaven forbid the Blackhawks a) actually give a few talented prospects some run and b) keep cap space available to make a deal at the deadline if they need to.

    Remember: this is an expansion year. Teams will be moving their dominoes around to protect their core assets and this could be a ridiculous deadline. Cap space will be more valuable than a 15-18 goal scoring 33 year old forward.

  3. Tim G, you want Bowman to trade EVEN MORE defensive prospects? My Lord, he’s traded all the best ones the last couple years. This upcoming seasons is going to be very, very trying for Blackhawks fans. They’re going to struggle to even get a wild card

  4. I have no problem treating this as a reload year (I would have been happy to do the same last year as well). As we all know though we are horribly thin at LW; I guess we could limp through the year with Panarin, Motte, Desi, and maybe Panik (although he looked good on the right side imo) but that lineup is pretty dicey and in the case of Motte it would be nice to have a decent alternative because it is quite likely that his development might be best served spending at least 40 games in the Rock. In other words we could still use some help (and I’m not talking Mashinter).

  5. Glad they didnt sign him ,we need to get the Kids in the NHL …now …
    No reason to get a player now …we have good addition on Defense with Campbell and Kempny …in front we still have good core and a few kids are ready to get a real chance …why not trust the kids and see later in the season what we can do to improve ….Iff …
    We know that injury can change a season …and we also know we have good young Kids that might move up faster then we expect ..
    I Would really like to see Rockford Kids play for the Hawks instead of trading them .

  6. I’m a little surprised by this given that Dallas doesn’t have the greatest defense or goaltending. I guess their plan is to win by offense rather than defense. Generally that doesn’t work in the playoffs….

  7. Meh, I think Hudler was good about 2 yrs ago. Not sure about Dallas defense and goaltending. Funny looking back now how AWFUL that trade was for the Hawks,… what an absolute disaster. Then again I said the same thing when SB made it! Just looks worse now that the Stars 3rd and 4th d-men are Oduya and Johns plus Sharp. WOW!

  8. Honestly, I think the 2016-17 will be a transition season for the Hawks. And I think we will have a serious battle on our hands to make the Western Conference playoffs next season. But I feel generally good about where this team is headed. My problem is that I cannot get excited at all about McNeil, Hartman, Hinostroza, Kero. And I have a nagging feeling that Motte and Schmaltz have a lot of work ahead of them to become true capable NHL forwards that can be relied upon. Panik scares the crap out of me if we need to seriously rely on him. Hossa scares the crap out of me because he’s a third line right wing at this stage but will be expected to contribute and play more than that expectation level. The third and fourth line options scare the crap out of me too.

    On defense, Campbell will definitely help. I have no idea on Kempny, and guess what none of you do either until we see him in NHL games. I like Rosival back to serve as a mentor to Kempny. I like Gustafasson as depth. I do not like Pokka at all and for the life of don’t get the fascination with the guy…plus he is a very ill fit for the Chicago style of play.

  9. Trade Forsling?! No. He’s protected from expansion. He and Pokka will be needed soon. You want to trade Svedberg or Gustafsson. Fine. Keep TvR for expansion. If he’s gone in the offseason oh well. The hawks have a reason not to spend to the cap and he was just voted the best Russian player.

  10. OK. Now I’m truly on board with Dickie Dunn. No Vermette and no Hudler? Time to move along now folks and watch the young ones compete. Let ’em get some experience playing with a good bunch of veterans and get ’em seasoned and salty.

    Go Blackhawks!!!!

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