Report: Hawks Talking Trade With Vegas

According to TSN’s Frank Seravalli, the Blackhawks are talking trade with Vegas – and two names are specifically mentioned.

Kruger, 27, has two years left on his current contract that carries a $3,083,333 cap hit. van Riemsdyk, 25, has a $825,000 during the 2017-18 season before becoming a restricted free agent.

Which begs the question: what leverage do the Blackhawks – projected to be approximately $4-4.5M over the cap – have to make such a deal?

If the Blackhawks have another deal for van Riemsdyk elsewhere, Chicago could use that if Vegas wants TvR. With Michal Rozsival re-signed, Chicago has a veteran defenseman who meets the expansion draft criteria – but Rozsival is clearly not as tempting for Vegas as TvR.

34 thoughts on “Report: Hawks Talking Trade With Vegas

  1. Not surprise at all …hawks want to make a big change and will maybe get first choice ??Seabrook, Kruger, Tvr …..will leave the team ? Really ?
    Let see what will hapend in. Few days ….its getting Interesting

  2. Not exactly the bold moves that were hinted at after the season. Let’s see, we will let you take a guy that we weren’t gonna protect anyway, as long as you take another guy we weren’t gonna protect but that we really want you to take off our hands so we can be cap compliant. Sounds like there is going to be some kind of sweetener thrown in by the Hawks too. Hope Stan has more up his sleeve than this…

  3. I believe a lot of movement (league-wide) will happen just before the expansion draft and then the entry draft follows that closely…could be a much different-looking league after that week. I hope the Hawks make the right choices because the group they have seemed to have “Washington Capitals Syndrome” the last 2 playoff years.

  4. Reading between the Tea Leaves tells me the Hawks either aren’t interested in Moving Seabs or cant find any takers. Its appears at this point SB and Org are looking at moving salary to stay just under the cap and finding euro’s and college players on min deals to fill out the roster. Either way without moving a core player none of this moves the Hawks any closer towards winning another cup IMO.

  5. Heard they could get Evander Kane and give anisimov in a 3 way trade with the habs… Again could be interesting…

  6. Evandro Kane ?? He’s a loser, often injured and would be a TERRIBLE addition to our already lousy team !

  7. I don’t think I’ve evwe seen a positive comment from Fondue. I know SB isn’t perfect but no GM is. Evander Kane is nothing but trouble on and off the ice. He has never reached his potential with two organisations.

  8. Um, Espoforever, Capitals syndrome? Really? How many Cups do they have in their history? Or how many Finals have they been to? And how many Cups do the Hawks have in the past 8 postseasons?

  9. @Dave Manson—you haven’t. All he can do is rail on Stan. Especially when his facts are bullshit.

  10. Fonz….AAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!

    I agree with you RE: SB- didn’t build this core… and secondly- this cap NMC shit is going to Cripple the Hawks….

    Pens 2.0 – said it several times…. One BIG difference- Pens- had time for 87/Malkin fat contracts to season (contracts done well before primes Versus 88/19 contracts done at late primes) – and took several years to fill in around Fat contracts…. SB- doesn’t have that luxury– in few years– 88/19 will be past Primes…
    So another SB Blunder!!!

    Lastly- coaching has to take some blame- Daley- looks OK for Pens- Q… wouldn’t play him??? Just one small example… besides Special teams- which need to be fixed… and SB turned Daley into??? a loss in the Cap!!!! Horrible!!!

    Lastly- Can someone explain Cross-checking rule… watching few minutes Preds- Beat the Shit out of guys with cross checks… Is NHL just trying to grow the Brand in the SOUTH??? NHL=WWF

  11. Wall, I said after I saw what I needed to see in first round, reguardless of teams. The league has gone to this new officiating in playoffs the last two yrs. Its tackle and go fast now. Their not calling the penaltys they called the last 10 yrs in the playoffs anymore. This benefits teams like NAS, PIT and whoever. Not the actual top 5 teams or the big and physical teams, like the last 10 yrs.

    We need to adjust our roster to adapt to this. You can see that PIT is getting outplayed by WAS, even by OTT and outplayed a lot from NAS, yet they still win games they have no right to. They have been very lucky this yr. At least last yr they played good. This is a joke.

  12. This new officiationg by the league does ruin the sport ecause its not hockey anymore its fucking sumo wrestling.

    So we need to adapt.

    Noonan or someone keeps posting we need a new scheme/idea, I forget the word he used but that’s what we need to do. Adapt to this bunch of puuuuusys league change. We have a better team then PIT or other teams, so if they can win/get lucky to win then we can compile a roster that works with this disgrace of a league in changing the officiationg style in the playoffs.

  13. Remember PIT won once and then had to get rid of people because of salary cap. Then a decade (8yrs) laster they win 2 times in a row, WTF. They just got lucky at the time there is this transition of this new officiating style by league. That neutered the top 5 teams and didn’t help the bigger and physical teams like ANA, STL, BOS, etc.

    We won once then couldnt keep everybody but then we achieved a dynasty. So after enough yrs like PIT did, we could come back out and win another 2 cups before 19/88 are old and we have a bunch of fast young guys who like to tackle crosscheck other teams players down and go on to score a goal. Could do this all the way up to Dunks is 41 and 19/88 are 35.

  14. Wall, not disagree Bowman didn’t draft core guys but he did choose which ones to keep. Another GM has Buff, Laddy and Nemo on the roster and not Sharpy, Crow and Hammer.

  15. Fonsie, you need to do your research far, far better. MIKE SMITH was the GM when Crawford, Keith and Seabrook were drafted—NOT TALLON! Sharp wasn’t even a Hawks pick! As for Saad, he overpriced himself to warrant a trade out of here! Better go check to see how much Saad is making vs what Anisimov is making.

  16. Oh, and criminy, the officiating in the SCF is just baffling! The players cannot begin to know what to expect. Nashville upped the goon factor in game 2. Sometimes they got away with it and sometimes they didn’t. There doesn’t seem to be any established line set by the crew. It looks like some guys are really pushing the limits on what they are trying to get away with, and someone is going to get injured seriously.

  17. Hope they can sign Rutta for depth on up right D with a 6 figure cap hit if TVR goes. Pokka gas not proven he is the guy and Rozival is just a veteran number 7 guy at this point and doesn’t look like there are any prospects ready to fill that void just yet.

  18. If the rumors about Anisimov are true wouldn’t mind a deal that would bring a solid Dman and backup goalie back maybe an Emilin and Montoya type package deal where the cap hit would stay the same as what Anisimov and Glass are now and upgrade 2 spots and use forwards in the organization to fill the centre spot.

  19. Ian, the weirdest thing is we did better without the 2nd line center we didn’t have for yrs because we had more really good top 6 LW/RW. Hands and Richy did good and were decent. That worked because Kaner is magic. The 72/15/88 is top line in hockey during the 82 games but hasn’t been as good as 10/26/88 or 23/91/88 in playoffs. I think its more balance in having 4 really complete lines. 20/19/81 line was killer as well as 29/19/88. Which no team has had as good of lines as those, maybe except that big line BOS had in 2013 as well.

    Nothing against any of the guys but we get a really good top 4 Defenseman or another top 6 FW then it might be better for roster as long as we are more complete balance in having 4 lines.

    Have to see the future in which positions the young guys would be in these 2-3 coming yrs and have the other spots filled already.

    The salary cap will go up every yr and the core is at highest so other then Bread getting around 8 and Hammer getting deserved we should be good and the raise in cap will cover those guys raises. Its managing the young guys contracts and bridge deals so we can be stacked again for a yr or so.

  20. Morrison your right all of us wanting the 2nd line center and did fine without one. I think Fortin, Kero and Moose would be decent down the middle and some young wingers we could be back again with a strong D

  21. I know it’s been said before but the amount of stick work-slashing, cross-checking and spearing that isn’t being called is absurd.
    And this is what the young players see and who do they want to emulate? The best in the world.
    It was great to see the energy in Nashville last night. Is Matt Murray human after all?

  22. Wish The Preds win the cup….it would be nice to see another team then Platsburg ,Hawks ,Kings. Winning the Cup..

  23. I heard that all the teams can trade till 17 of june then LV will be the only team who can make deals with other teams …till Draft day ….

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