Report: Jamie Kompon Leaving Blackhawks

According to a report, Blackhawks assistant coach Jamie Kompon will leave the organization to take over as the Head Coach and General Manager of the WHL’s Portland Winterhawks.

Kompon will replace Mike Johnson, who had been with Portland since 2008 but left the Winterhawks last month to become the head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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19 Responses to Report: Jamie Kompon Leaving Blackhawks

  1. JS says:

    I think the PP percentage just jumped 5%.

  2. Ernie says:


  3. Tim G. says:

    sounds about right JS… lol

  4. BigKahuna says:

    Maybe now someone will tell Bickel he needs to “park” his $4mil/year asset in front of the net on the power play! Good Luck in Portland Jamie….

  5. Borje Salming says:

    Best News of the summer.
    I hate to talk bad about people but he was over matched on a nightly basis.

  6. wall says:

    Good luck Jamie “my head is shaped like a vaginal” Kompon!!!

    Lurch!!! You Rang, Sir?

  7. wihawkfan says:

    has there ever been an offseason like this where a chicago sports franchise seems to be giving the fans everything they’ve asked for?

    zus gone, bollig gone, morin promoted, kompon gone.

    …oh steeger, got a minute????

  8. Peter says:

    I like the Richards addition, but this coaching change has the potential to have the greatest impact on the Hawks for next season.

  9. Sr. Brad says:

    Q has NOT hired effective assistants..addition by subtraction….we just got better…dropping Weeks (a Q guy) we got better…getting rid of Bollig and Zus, we got better…lots of improvement for the Hawks.

  10. MIKE says:

    Thank Frigin God….. One Down…… One To Go……Kitchen and Tampon. Your Next Kitch. The Worst!!!!! No Buddy’s for Coach’s. GREAT..that’s what I think. They are and were BRUTAL.

  11. MIKE says:


  12. Tab Bamford says:

    re: Q not hiring effective assistants – I’m not jumping on the Kompon bandwagon (is there such a thing?), but I struggle to say that two teams with different rosters, different head coaches and different personalities won the Cup in back-to-back years in spite of the same guy being an asst coach. Was he a game-changer for the Hawks? No. But you can’t take his 12 & 13 rings away from the guy. Good luck in Portland…

    More importantly, this breaks up Quenneville’s inside circle. Who replaces Kompon will be fascinating.

  13. Sr. Brad says:

    It will be Tab, especially the how the process plays out…does SB give Q total say like last time, or does Bowman move Ted Dent into the position. Dent is a SMART guy, and I like how the PP has been in Rockford since Dent has been there.

  14. Sr. Brad says:

    With the Kings Cup victory, I think Kompon was the video replay coach…

  15. scottie p says:

    Is the eddie o shirt a foreshadow?

  16. Mike says:

    Dent would also be good for the Hogs that play up this season.

  17. Borje Salming says:

    Adam Oates would be my pick. His PP has been lethal everywhere he has been.

    I’d leave Dent on Rockford. Let the youth get use to one coach.

  18. Mike says:

    I agree, Adam Oates would make a great assistant coach.

  19. Sr. Brad says:

    I would be more than okay with either Dent or Oates…good choices to have.

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