Report: Jonathan Toews Out With Concussion

Jay Zawaski reported on Wednesday afternoon that Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews is suffering from concussion symptoms, which held him out of Tuesday night’s victory over the Detroit Red Wings and will cost him a start against Dallas on Thursday evening.

With the trade deadline less than a week away, this may put pressure on Chicago GM Stan Bowman to make a move to add a center. Buffalo’s Derek Roy, Dallas’ Mike Ribeiro and Toronto’s Mikhail GrabovskiĀ are a few of the names thatĀ have been said to be “available” recently, and could fit into the Hawks’ top six.

20 thoughts on “Report: Jonathan Toews Out With Concussion

  1. Get Derek Roy then. Solid two way player with leadership credentials to boot.

    NOT Ribeiro…who has no character. He’s a weasel! Remember his rolling on the ice pretending he was in pain but it was all a sham?!


  2. Last thing we need is another small guy. Can you picture Derek Roy centering Kane and Kruger? Ha ha ha! Postseason is a different game. Roy is NHL career 0.82 PPG regular season, but only 0.61 PPG post season. That is a 25% drop-off. It’s harder to score in the playoffs when you are small and the hitting is harder and the ref’s are letting stuff go. Kane can do it, St. Louis can do it, so could Fleury, but lots of small guys can’t….

    Plus, Toews is the leader and pretty much the franchise. If he is out for a long time, then we are in some hot water….

  3. There was a caller this afternoon on 670 the SCORE who stated he was calling in from Vancouver and wanted to discuss JT’s concussion symptoms. Of course, I was initally wary of a supposed call from Van, but it ended up sounding legit in my mind. He attested to be a big Toews fan and stated the source of Taser’s symptoms go back to the recent road trip game in SJ where scumbag Joe Thornton bashed Johnny in the back of the head. On top of voicing that opinion, whether true or not, he also went on to complain that no teammate exercised any degree of pushback in that game…seems like I recall Pat Foley making the same observation that night as well.

  4. Toews had been getting beaten around all roadtrip and no one did anything. I remember thinking that we were lucky he hasn’t gotten a concussion yet, but apparently I was wrong. I’m not going to blame it on one player in particular. It was probably a combination of all those hits he was taking to the head especially during the first few games of the trip. We need him to get back, but I’d rather see him stay out a game or two extra if it means he will be back at 100%.

  5. I’m not supporting or endorsing what Kuc said; just passing it along. I will agree with you if you’re right about Stastny’s cap hit, that that number is unrealistic for the role he would deliver. Stastny would look good here but not for that money.

  6. “Stastny would look good here but not for that money.”

    I agree totally which makes his case the same as Brian Campbell…good player but too pricey.

  7. We have to look at this from a logical point of view. We CANNOT go out and find a first line center to replace Toews for any amount of money or players. So, we need to find a third line center and move everyone up a line. Or, we can do the right thing and put Sharpy at center along with Morrison, Krueger and Bolland. We can bring up Shaw and put him at wing for Sharpy.

    The key to all this is that we have to play exactly like we have the last 4 games. We need plenty of back checking, finish our checks and clog the front of the net. We can’t risk the future and over pay for a center even though Toews may be out for awhile.

    Let’s hope for the best and hope that he comes back within a week, or two.

  8. If Stan makes a move… it better be for a top 4 D-Man or a #2 Center, that also is not a rental. If he can’t, I hate to admit it, but then the best move is no move. The hawks will have to wait until the summer to make a move to improve.

    Furthermore, the hawks shoudl then invest in development of young gun’s. This roster is based upon core players with young talent surrounding them. I’m not a wait until next year type of fan… but !!!!

  9. If we stand pat, I think Kane would center before Sharp would. If we are with out Toews I wonder if we can get a guy Dave Steckel for like Frolik and a 4th or 5th round pick. I know his name isn’t “on the block” but he is gritty, big bodied vet with a high career FO%. But as its more likly we stand pat, im looking at lines like this without Toews.

    Bickell- Bolland-Frolik
    Bruno-Scott as replacements as needed

  10. From what i have seen from the games , the only time i saw Toews head get snapped was when thornton sucker punched him . I hope the next time the hawks play the sharks coach q reminds Scott of this fact .

  11. I have read that Bowman was entertaining trade offeres for top 4 D and 2nd C with prospects Hayes, Kruger, Olsen and Shaw, Please Bowman don’t make any rash moves especially with Hayes and Olsen.

  12. Second concussion now for JT. I hope they sit him until he’s better, and then another 2 weeks after that. 2 concussions by 23 and now the Sid the Kid and Lindros comparisons will come.

    Bowman’s negotiating power is now close to zero. Teams can smell the desperation and will try and pick his pocket. Hope he doesn’t let it happen…

    JT is the most important consideration now. He is not replaceable.

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