Report: Loser Kings Fan Gets Sprayed

TMZ is reporting on Wednesday morning that an LA Kings fan filed a battery report against Corey Crawford after an incident during Monday night’s Game Four. Crawford allegedly sprayed the fan with his water bottle.

Clark Wong, the douchebag making the accusations, was reportedly kicked out of the game. TMZ says Crawford spoke with police before leaving the arena Monday.

Maybe this is becoming a trend, as this isn’t the first time a fan in expensive seats in LA had water thrown on them this year.

7 thoughts on “Report: Loser Kings Fan Gets Sprayed

  1. What an ass, should be living in Chicago, he would have lost his tickets before he went in.

  2. Bickell-Toews-Hossa


    Still no Brookbank or Regin, but at least Kaner loses his Zus anchor.

  3. Do you guys think that Versteeg is getting benched next game? That was quite the poor shift in the 2nd period which stuck him right to the bench for the duration. Any chance we see Morin in his spot at 3RW?

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