Report: Maxim Shalunov Staying in Russia

According to reports on Tuesday, Russian forward Maxim Shalunov is staying with CSKA in Moscow.

Shalunov, 27, was drafted in the fourth round (#109 overall) of the 2011 NHL Draft by the Blackhawks, who still control is NHL rights. He has posted identical 14 goal, 11 assist seasons over the past two years in 55 and 54 games, respectively.

9 thoughts on “Report: Maxim Shalunov Staying in Russia

  1. I thought he was going to sign with a Swiss League team with an out clause to come to the NHL.

  2. I suppose it’s not that big of a deal if Shalunov ever plays for the Hawks or not because I think he will be a complementary player – not a difference maker. Plus – this on again off again soap opera about this guy has gotten to the point of annoyance.

  3. If you look at elite prospects transfers, 17 hrs ago it says Maxim Shalunov Cska to nla swiss league rumour. Them right after it says Maxim Shalunov Cska to Chicago Blackhawks rumour. Nothing definite.

  4. Lusaanne News in Switzerland says negotiations with swiss league failed and Shalunov is going back to Cska agreeing with Tab.

  5. Doesn’t surprise me that he couldn’t work out a deal with a Swiss League team because the money is more important to him than playing in the NHL – which is fine and his decision and more power to him – but enough with the ties to the Hawks and the promise that one day …

    See ya Max, good luck to ya, and I hope I never again read your name in connection with the Hawks. He’s like the thing that wouldn’t leave … quite a feat for not coming here.

  6. Very good for the Hawks…we don’t need those type of players…
    I was afraid to see him arrive in America…anyway I don’t trust Russian players anymore…just a few of them are really interested in Playing with their heart.
    Vodka for him ….next

  7. I was liking this guy a few yrs ago as a quality depth player kind of like a Kopy. With the signings of very good players in Bread Kahun Kubalik Suter other. We have good players instead of which ever guys like this so were good. We added very good players for free. Makes up for some of the places we missed.

    Overall its fine and its about the young wave anyawys.

  8. 14 goals, 27 years old, does not translate into a meaningful NHL player. Turn the page on this one.

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