Report: New Details Emerge For NHL Expansion Draft

Some new details are emerging as NHL teams begin bracing for a potential expansion draft next summer. According to SportsNet, an expansion draft could lead to a great deal of roster movement in the coming 12 months.

The known commodities to this point:

  • Each team will be allowed to protect seven forwards, three defensemen and one goalie.
  • Players holding no-movement clauses count against the protection limit, provided that those contracts and clauses extend through the 2017-18 season.
  • Players with two years of professional experience or less will be exempt from the process.
  • Each existing NHL club could lose just one player maximum in a potential expansion draft.
  • Only one expansion team believed to be in play – Las Vegas.

Now, some new nuggets:

  • Teams will be permitted to ask players to waive their no-movement clauses for inclusion in the expansion draft.
  • There will be an experience criteria attached to the players each team leaves unprotected.
  • A minimum of two forwards and one defenseman must be exposed who have played 40 games the previous season, or a total of 70 over the previous two.
  • There is also a requirement that the 40/70 players are under contract through the first expansion season.

The NHL’s board of governors is scheduled to meet in Las Vegas again on June 22. A two-thirds majority at that time would grant Vegas an expansion franchise.

41 thoughts on “Report: New Details Emerge For NHL Expansion Draft

  1. If you knew you were going to suck, would you rather be in Las Vegas or Columbus…I know what I would say.

    ….Besides with parity these days there is a good chance the Knights ( Nites or Nights, makes more sense) will be hot damn in no time.

  2. “…… and @ LW for Las Vegas, returning to the United Center, let’s welcome back #11, Jeremy Morin….”

  3. The only thing I know is that we are a gazillion times better than the Sharks and it should be the Blackhawks down 3-2 to Pittsburg and heading back to United Center where we whup their sorry arses and then extract our revenge on Pittsburg for “92.

    That should be what is. Way better TV ratings as well.

  4. “The only thing I know is that we are a gazillion times better than the Sharks and it should be the Blackhawks down 3-2 to Pittsburg and heading back to United Center” (Arch Stanton) — interesting. Do you really believe this, or is it for entertainment value only?

    To me, the Hawks looked **Lucky** to take St.Louis to seven games. If they had “escaped” with a game seven win, do you really believe they could have won four games against Dallas? I’m disappointed. How did they manage to piss-away games three and four (against StL) at Chicago? To me (again), they looked TIRED. And, some key players >>> Toews, Seabrook, and Hossa, looked like they were less than 100% / playing hurt(?). Also, what was with Duncan Keith? He should have been rested (the suspension), but he was “out-of-sorts” / not the Norris and ConnSmythe winner we know and love. (– he looked mentally fatigued)

    Bottom Line – “a gazillion times better”? NO. Not even “as good”. Sorry. There were times during this final series that the Sharks reminded me of the Hawks >>> “Backs-against-the-wall-DESPERATION!” time, yet seemingly sleepwalking thru-the-motions like the Hawks against the Blues too often. But, they’re still alive. And, I hope they show up with their A-game tonight — GO SHARKS!!!

    (Crosby is a dick…no doubt about it.)

  5. Going to be a rough couple of seasons coming up for the Hawks. New era has begun and let’s see how Stan can rebuild given the cap, not a hole lot of draft picks the next three years and a looming expansion draft next summer. Hopefully this team can reemerge in a few seasons where the remaining core can still have enough left in the tank and a decent enough supporting cast to once again legitimately compete for a Cup.

  6. I was looking at some of the salaries on the books for next off season. Svedberg and TVR can both be left unprotected. As for forwards its going to be a bit harder to leave 2 unprotected. Hossa, Ansimnov and Kruger seem like the best choices.

  7. Panarin will be exempt. Teravainen would be eligible, but as of now he’s not under contract. Expose 2 forwards. Well if Hossa will wave the NMC he could be one as clubs are permitted to ask. At that point he’s probably done anyway as his salary will be 1 million. So they have to expose 1 more forward. Currently I don’t know who it is. They can protect enough players and enough have too little experience to be exposed that they could conceivably sign a guy now just to have to expose someone next year. If 81 is unprotected and you resign Shaw. You would have 88,19 as NMC protected. Could protect Anisimov, Kruger, Shaw,Teravainen with still one forward protection. Panarin is exempt as he would have 2 years or less.

    Crawford has a NMC so he doesn’t have to be exposed. Defenseman is a little easier. 2,4,7. The term professional experience is misleading as Pokka technically would have 3 years but not the NHL experience. Svedberg would have to play 40 games to be eligible.

  8. If Kempny is able to become the #4 defenseman this upcoming season, TVR might be left unprotected. The logic being Hawks protect 2,7,4 and they don’t have to protect Kempny, so their top 4 remains in tact.

    One interesting aspect is that each team can only lose one player. That’s huge.

    Here’s something to consider. When Nashville came into the league there was a ton of wheeling and dealing on expansion draft day. The Hawks ended up losing Krivokrasov. But here is the kicker so to speak. Nashville was making trades to acquire draft picks and essentially “build” through the draft, in exchange they agreed NOT to take certain players that a team did not want to lose.

    So let’s say the Hawks expose TVR but don’t want to lose them. Stan could conceivably strike a deal with Vegas in which it agrees to take someone like Rundblad or Svedberg and the Hawks trade them a 4th round draft pick for “future considerations” , the fc being Vegas not taking TVR.

  9. If you think we are in for a rough couple of years with Kane, Toews, Keith, Seabrook, Crawford, Hjalmarsson, Hossa and now Panarin then you’re off your rocker. Geez that’s only 8 superstars. Panarin has more than made up for 5 draft picks in one swoop. He wil beat out Connor McDavid for the Calder so what do you want? That’s a number one pick without the waiting time and training. We are in great shape going forward and will be one of three teams selected by the hockey /sports world to win the Cup.

    As for weakness on the D, .. Keith, Seabrook and Hammer as mentors and teachers are unequaled and improvements will be obvious. In addition we have Crawford who is on an ever improving trajectory and will be the big stop.

    Go outside and get some fresh air once in a while. Good grief.

  10. Q stated after the Hawks were eliminated that balanced scoring was the problem and not the defense. In order to win a Cup the coach must be able to roll out four competent and competitive lines. We did not have four consistently solid lines this year. Q has said nothing but positive things about TVR and I have a feeling Q sees him as a #4 d-man. I also see him as the # 4 guy. Kempny hopefully can slot in at 5. That leaves one opening for Gusty, Pokka or a player Stan picks up. The biggest issue to me going forward is finding the best options to put with 19 on the first line. The Hawks still have plenty of talent to compete for the Cup next year. In fact I also expect them to be one of the favorites.

  11. Good to see some optimism. The last 2 times the Hawks have failed to win the Cup, they lost in game 7 by one goal.

    The margin separating victory from defeat is so razor thin. Hawks one goal from being eliminated by Detroit in 2013. Hawks 9 minutes from being down 3 games to one against Anaheim in Conference finals in 2015. Clutch scoring by core players got it done.

    This team is addictive.

  12. Q had Fleischmann, Weise, and Ehrhoff at his disposal with no major injuries amoung the remainder of the players. He could have rolled 5 lines for crying out loud. He did allude to the fact the blame was on him.

  13. Arch- Maybe Q could roll out 5 lines but the problem is only one of them could consistently score.

  14. Agree w/ 1961. I have zero concerns re: goaltending and/or “D”. Q had more than enough capable forwards at his disposal to easily roll out four solid lines; he chose not to. He miserably failed to utilize what Bowman secured for him; in relevant portion, immediately after the Ladd trade, Q was asked what, if anything else, the Hawks needed, and his response was “one or two more forwards.” Bowman then trades away Danault for arguably the top two bottom six forwards on the market (after securing arguably the best top six forward on the marked), and Q rotates them in and out of the lineup, while Mashinter comparatively received equal playing (and press box) time as Weise a& Fleischman. All of this adversely affected Desjardins as well, as Q cut back his regular minutes and removed him from the penalty kill. Meanwhile, Kruger returned and we’re all still waiting for his first goal….

    On a salary cap strapped, high-end salary reliance team like the Hawks, you CANNOT pay someone like Kruger (who at half the money would still be pricey, but useful) $3M per year –its not going to cut, not in the budget, and against all common sense. Every penny counts these days — this is another why Bowman traded away Daley & Garbutt, to save some cap space as well for this season. He did the same thing last year w/ Ben Smith under contract for almost $700k more than Desjardins (who was a free agent to be) this past season.

    As Bowman did w/ Bollig, Kruger has got to go. If Bowman secured a third round pick for Bollig, Kruger should bring in a better haul than that. If Bolland’s back is healthy, Florida is buying him out, he is filthy rich thanks to Tallon (who signed him to everyone of his NHL contracts, the photographs Bolland must have of Tallon have to be highly incriminating); the Hawks can sign Bolland for around the minimum salary, he has banked all his millions already, and he returns to his comfort zone. A healthy Bolland can do everything and then some as Kruger; he has a far higher offensive skillset, just look at the career stats. It is a zero risk signing — if his back returns to Ralph Kramden immediately post-bowling Honeymooners’ episode, he will be gone and retire. So what.

    Thank you.

  15. I as well think were a top 3 team, again. Thing is even though salary cap makes things tricky for us to keep a deep roster, the other top teams are in the same thing. LA and TAM (with top players cap hits) are the teams to not be as good/as deep as they have been more then the other top teams. I think (and I am not sure about every roster of top10 teams) the teams that can stay close to where they are are the ones that gain. This expansion draft is going to take a good player from the deepest teams as well, so that might help the top core teams in hockey as well.

  16. The bottom 6 and top line didn’t get it done. For 75% of the year the Hawks had 1/3 of a top line. The bottom 6 dealt with an injury for most of the year and rotated on an almost per game basis. Anyone know who 3c was?

    Panik,Garbutt,Bickell,Sekac,Rasmussen, Kero,Danault,Fleischmann, Weise,Mashinter,Hartman,Hinostroza, Tikhonov, all with 9 points or less. That’s not including Desjardins, Kruger and Shaw that are ideally bottom 6.

    Kruger saw his production suffer. However, he did produce more points after he came back. He was on a line with Desjardins who, while valuable… Offense is not his game. Teuvo set him up numerous times and completely missed the net. When he had a guy like Frolik he was much more productive. He’s 2 seasons removed from scoring 28 points. Much more palatable. A bit rich. But he’s a total shut down center. His line allows the Toews line to not have to always take the tough assignments.

  17. Morrison :

    Tab’s recent cap situation analysis showed that Nashville is in a great position to sign a couple of high profile FAs. Look out for the Predators if they can convince a top flight scorer and defenseman to move to the Music City (which is a GREAT place to live and visit, BTW).

  18. Center – Toews, Anisimov, Kruger,
    RW – Kane, Hossa, Panik,
    LW – Panarin, TT,

    Point being we are solidly 3 deep at 2 of 3 forward positions, Panik can play both sides. In terms of rolling three balanced lines, or two scoring lines and a checking line the line-up is one top nine forward, arguably top six forward away. Given the cap concerns this is a big ask, and not something that can be filled by trading away something currently on the roster. If we can trade Bickel and convince Shaw to resign for one year we probably give ourselves the best chance to win.

  19. I don’t think that when Q says needs more balance in scoring that he’s even talking about the fourth line. It’s the top three lines who need to score. The fourth line is your Do no harm line. Match up against the other team’s first and second lines and hold them in check.
    That said you have to do that for no more than 6 mil.

  20. Speaking of Morin ……. I was searching online the other day on certain players. I looked up Morin and came across his Wikipedia page. Wow, it’s fricking HUGE! Now I know that anyone can put something on Wiki, but it had more details than most historical figures get listed. It was something! There’s a big Morin fan out there.

    As for other Hawks players (sorry for getting off topic here) I saw where Ben Smith was playing for the Marlies in the AHL finals. Continues to battle concussions but was playing for the Toronto underlings (sans Morin who I believe has moved to Smith’s old home of the San Jose organization) and still battling. He’s a good kid, and best wishes to him. Hope he doesn’t play too long and cause himself long term effects.

  21. ….sigh. moderation. I think I used a magic word that get’s automatically flagged. Nothing too controversial by any means.

  22. Buy out Bickell and be done with it. All this trade talk is nonsense because no one picked him up for nothing on waivers, two times at that. The only way is to tie him with a key player, most frequently TT, which is nuts. It’s going to be a bad year cap wise anyway so let’s just take the hit all at once and move on. We theoretically saved a whole bunch with Keith’s contract, …just think what kind of pickle it would be if it was his contract coming up.

    Wish to all heck we could keep Ladd…can’t lose Shaw….stupid Cap has now become a shell game and terrifying for the fans. Up the damn thing to 80 million so teams can stay consistent and have some breathing room. Smaller markets can’t do it? Too bad, get better at drafting, scouting, player development, mangement and so on. There are other ways to compete you know!

  23. Obviously Big Indian is a genius .. Luv and respect the Big Indian

    How’s that Jeep coming along Morrison?

    Next year we will be a force to contend with and a favourite to win it all.. No doubts.

  24. Lasvegas is a full blown hawks & kings town. They will do well. Met the owner and he has all his priorities in line. Smart man. Plus he luvs the Blackhawks.

  25. M.M your starting to sound like a drunk Glen Sather,.,.,spend ,spend ,spend ,.,.,more more,more,more , lets try to buy a cup.Bullshit ,it never works ,.,hard to believe Sather still has a job.
    Another team equals more watered down hockey. I do agree with buy out Bickell.
    The Hawks are in a pickle for sure but,,.,.,how do you get out of a pickle?
    Grow more cucumbers !!!!!!!

  26. Add some dill and garlic and give it some time…in a nice cloudy brine!

    Hornqvist just score into an empty net. That’s it Penquinos win the cup. Sucks.

  27. Oh wait…can’t add dill and garlic due to Cap limitations. Poor guys in some parts of the country can’t afford or can grow their own garlic and dill so we better just all share the pain and suffer and never know true tasty excellence.

  28. Something fishy going on here again.. Congrats to the Penguins. Unfortunately that’s the best the West could muster. Lots of talking heads were saying the Hawks would have been the only team that could have competed with the champs.

  29. On Hockey Night in Canada just now- Mario Lemieux, our former arch enemy, praising to high heaven Daley’s contribution to their team…Ouch Ouch Ouch …Bad night to be a Blackhawk fan.

  30. Congratulations to the Pens and their fans. Well deserved cup win.

    Pens style of play reminded me of the Hawks when they are at their best. Quick puck movement and great puck possession.

    Interesting how well their D played. Several no names playing well. Looked like a team with no #2 or #3 D but a bunch or #4 and #5 D. Worked for them.

    I still think the Hawks had mediocre seasons from 3 key people. Toews, Keith and Q. Hopefully those 3 bounce back. If they do, the Hawks will be right there next year.

  31. Reading Daley’s lips when he briefly had the cup in his hands, I could swear he was saying, “Screw you Q!!!”

    Congrats to the Pens.

  32. Hawkhead, Sather is no longer GM. Jeff Gorton, spent a year as GM of the Bruins and traded Andrew Raycroft for Tuuka Rask. Sather was elevated so he still has a say. But there’s been talk they’ll try to trade Nash to sign Stamkos. That could just be the New York media saying that without any basis though.

  33. Have to say I liked watching this SCF. Great goaltending on both sides, lots of puck movement, good pace, teams that played hard and gave it all ……….. reminds me of a team I love when they’re on their game.


  34. Were still on pace with the Edmonton Oilers dynasty, with the salary cap. Factor that in to be fair to us and were looking good for the coming yrs to complete it.

    We are still in our dynasty yrs to do something similar to Edmontons 80’s. We could also sneak another one in there at the end (when 19/88 are old) like the redwings did in ’08.

    Johnny Wayne is going to be strong this yr and the coming yrs.

    Lets go Blackhawks!

  35. Jeep work is in motion. Need some good Blackhawks news in these coming wks so we can drive the 4×4 with swagger once its completed.

  36. Congrats to the Pens! I find it amusing how so many out here expect to dress Toews, Kane, Hossa & the 3 horses on defense and win. Listen the Hawks did that last year and lost. Not only did they lose in the 1st round but they had their worst season stats in years.

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