Report: NHL Approves Las Vegas Expansion

The NHL’s executive committee has reportedly approved an expansion team in Las Vegas starting with the 2017-18 season, according to the Associated Press. The AP is also reporting that final approval by the league’s board of governors next week in Las Vegas “is a foregone conclusion.”

Bill Foley’s ownership group paid a big price – $500M – for the franchise, which will play in the brand new T-Mobile Arena. The team is expected to be named the Black Knights.

The last time the NHL expanded in 2000, groups in Minnesota and Columbus paid $80M for a franchise.

24 thoughts on “Report: NHL Approves Las Vegas Expansion

  1. I for the life me of don’t know why the league didn’t sell him the Phoenix Coyotes and move that team to Vegas. Coyotes are near collapse as a franchise.

  2. Let’s dilute the talent pool with a new franchise to a city where they could give a damn about hockey. Only positive is that seats will get filled by fans from visiting teams.

    Yes RTF, moving the financially strapped Yotes makes way to much sense. Of course, this is the NHL we are talking about.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  3. 1st professional team in Vegas be curious to see how attendance looks after a season or 2.

  4. Tab- Bettman calls them “ancillary intestacies” ….heard that on a radio interview and just had to write that down. Of course what would us peons know!

  5. Was listening to NHL radio in Sirius. They had Bob Murray on. He said two things I thought were interesting. First, he said even if he was a cap team you come to the realization the math doesn’t work. That’s in regards to Lindholm,Vatanen, and Anderson. The second he said about the world cup. He likes this format better than the Olympics, specifically regarding injuries. Just heard a Gary thorne call. Bring that dude back!

    As far as Vegas goes. Diluting the talent pool is a fallacy. The game has more talent now than ever. Just because goals are down doesn’t mean talent is lacking. Peter Karmanos-hurricanes owner is being sued by his sons for a ton of money. Want to say something like 100 million. So that’s a team that could move. However, when you look at the ratings for the cup final. Raleigh Durham was I want to say 6th. Chicago not in the top ten. So maybe they stay? But you still have an imbalance in the East. The NHL wants to go to Seattle, but they’re waiting for Chris Hansen’s exclusive stadium rights agreement to expire. The league would like to go to QC as well but timing doesn’t work. I think somebody moves. Arizona has been kicked out of their arena. The Glendale market sucks for location. A Phoenix venue probably works. They could move to Seattle. Or Seattle gets an expansion team and an East team moves to QC.

    No problem with Vegas joining the league.

  6. Put the 500m towards HRR/Salary cap. Whens the new jerseys contract coming, that would help the cap as well.

  7. Secondary revenue is an issue with many teams. Attendance is not the problem in the NHL. Broader appeal is needed.

  8. Mike- Very good point. This is especially true in the US, more so in places like Arizona and Florida. Nashville, Carolina have great fans but it fades pretty quick outside the rink. Failed in Atlanta, twice. Bettman has come under criticism for his expansion into non traditional hockey markets yet it is reasonable to argue he may be correct in doing so. This are changing rapidly in Canada as well as new immigration in vast numbers from places that don’t know hockey at all, coupled with a younger disinterested and greatly distracted Millennials plus huge costs for ice time and equipment on an ever squeezed middle class are radically shifting things to soccer, basketball, and other less expensive sports.

    Enough doom and gloom however, Las Vegas will be fun franchise to follow. Will the NFL follow?

  9. Here’s a thought.. How ‘ bout 499 million to the NHL and one million to the Commited Indians split equally for all our great prognostications and shooting the breeze .. Except Rufus who gets a broken hockey stick and a puck.

  10. TV ratings for the final this year have been lack luster. NBC spins it as the most watched non original 6 final in 15 years. However, it’s the third lowest rated final since 06. A lot of it has to do with the teams involved. But some of the blame has to go to NBC. They had no reason to schedule game 6 for Sunday. Saturday night would have been way easier. Also, the use of NBCSN hurts as well as only 70% of people have access to that channel. Some interesting ratings, and as my previous comment sits in moderation, I’ll post the top 10 markets for the 2016 series. Some interesting cities pop up that you wouldn’t expect, and some are absent that you didn’t expect absent.
    1 Pittsburgh 31.7
    2 San Fran/Oakland/San Jose 7.0
    3 Buffalo 5.8
    4 Minneapolis-St. Paul 4.2
    5 Denver 4.1
    6 West Palm Beach 3.9
    7 Boston 3.7
    8 Sacramento 3.6
    8 St. Louis 3.6
    8 Raleigh-Durham 3.6

    Raleigh Durham? St Louis? Hell, even Denver over the absent Chicago. Who saw that? Chicago did make the top ten when you take game 6 alone.

  11. Mining Man- Rufus deserves at least a bigger cut than Kimmo Timm. got last year for his Contribution to Hawk’s Cup!!!

    That is certain!!!

  12. Did the Hawks not win the cup in 2010 on a Sunday afternoon game? I was watching on a 14 inch black and white out in the shop. My heathen buds were all at church, so i celebrated alone. Those afternoon games sucked.

  13. Bicks and Teuvo gone to Carolina for picks?? Just saw this, but can’t confirm.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  14. The Hawks won in a Wednesday in 2010…I was on a business trip in Saskatchwan watching (in the fetal position wondering what would go wrong “this time”) and got to hear the Canadian broadcast of it. At least they were not “making up” where the puck went like Dork Emrick saying it was “kicking around.” Thursday was my usual “go home day” from my trips so I altered my destination to be in Chicago ( I live in Michigan) for the FRIDAY PARADE!! Whooooohoooo.

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