Report: NHL Realignment Taking Shape

On Thursday, ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski tweeted what he’s hearing is the latest potential realignment for the pandemic-impacted 2021 NHL regular season.

Not the easiest slate for the Blackhawks for sure. The defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning and Joel Quenneville’s Florida Panthers would draw into the “Central” Division, as would Sidney Crosby and the Penguins. Columbus would also join the party.

Minnesota, Dallas and Colorado would move to the West Division.

And, perhaps most notably, the rivalry with the Detroit Red Wings may be back on the table?

This isn’t set in stone (yet) but it certainly feels like a more realistic alignment when the season begins, hopefully in early January.

37 thoughts on “Report: NHL Realignment Taking Shape

  1. Wow..that would be a big challenge for the young Hawks..but at the same time it would be very good
    I really think that the Hawks have a better team then last year except in goal where they have very young goalies with almost no experience in NHL .

  2. Would like to see Pittsburgh in the east because of the natural rivalry with Philly. Could then move Buffalo into the central.

  3. That alignment doesn’t make sense to me.Pittsburgh,Florida,and Tampa Bay to the east.Minnesota and Carolina to the Central.

  4. The reason for the all canaDa division is travel restrictions, not a designed way of getting a Canadian team into the finals

  5. I was dividing into northeast, south and west divisions:

    Canadian: obviously all Canadian teams

    Northeast: Metro division minus canes and caps but add bruins and sabers. Pit, phi, Bos, but, nyi, nyr, clb, nj

    South: was, car, tb,fla, Nash, dal, stl, ari

    West: vgk, col, sj, LA, ana, min, chi, det

    There will always be outliers, but I think this way maintains traditional rivalries

  6. The only reason for A Canadian division is the Quarantine when you enter Canada.
    That’s the Only reason …how can you do it with the States teams coming in and out and always having a quarantine….
    Very good idea to do it that way .

  7. Hawks2010 Did you read the above article? It’s actually on the table and being discussed. Again, reading and comprehension. I’m enjoying that the two of you are filled with TDS and unable to hold an intelligent conversation. You amuse me to no end. Carry on.

  8. This is what we were talking about a wk ago. 4 Hubs. I mentioned divisions just like this. With DET in conference it belongs in.

    PIT and TB donot belong in central. They should have used FLR Pacific ocean Canada and Maine as the points to pick the teams.

  9. I am fine with the Canada thing not these teams here is just stupid. Gives it to BOS without having to play TB. BOS cant beat TB.


    TIM W.
    November 19, 2020 at 8:16 pm
    That alignment doesn’t make sense to me.Pittsburgh,Florida,and Tampa Bay to the east.Minnesota and Carolina to the Central.

  10. This better just be for virus and they need to get those teams you guys mentioned in the south and east divisions correctly.

    Would imagine with the virus alignment they would reseed after each round.

  11. How can the league F that up. I mean prob 95 of every 100 people know what teams should be in what divisions.

  12. I think this site is getting very sad. I appreciate our host’s writing and insights, as well as those of several regular contributors. However, the constant insertion of political venom by individuals who confuse their own narrow viewpoints with absolute truth is extremely unpleasant. I am tired of reading about people’s personal opinions about things like the BLM movement, the Corona Virus, certain ignorant executive level politicians, and any number of non-hockey related socio-political commentary. I am also tired of people insulting one another in ways that social media seems to ignite. Therefore, I am going to stop visiting this site for at least 6 months because life is too short to get stuck in the fever swamp of self-righteous ignorance that seems to be seeping into what is supposed to be a hockey site.

  13. Democrat presidents will close the country if numbers go up/not good for rich people and stock economy. Yes looks like NHL prepared for the 3 yr flat cap.

    Cant wait for 3/4 yrs from now when things are on the rise and the Blackhawks are good again. Timing.

  14. Anyone know if this talk of which teams are in what division is going to be final. Said JAN or mid JAN is season so sometime in DEC?

  15. Not a bad statement Greg. Talk Hockey and ignore all everything out of that box will work.

    Use geographic distance for division, and yes Canada is own division.

    Kane Dach Suter
    Kubalik Toews Kurachev
    DCat Janmark Morrison
    Wallmark Hagel Nylander

    Keith Mitchell
    deHaan Beaudin
    Zadanov Murphy


    Drinking since the 3 o’clock games sorry.

  16. Greg R you have spoken the truth. That it would irritate certain people was a given. Yes this site can and should be a diversion-but we are divided on many things, and one of the main ones is how we treat each other.

  17. sadly, too many message boards have become political. With that being said, we may need to add some specific words (read: Names) to the banned list if people keep acting like 4th graders…

    Keep your politics to yourself. Talk hockey here. Thanks.

  18. Thanks Tab for trying to keep this board a discussion about hockey and keeping politics somewhere else, where it should be.

    As for divisions, the last i saw when Seattle comes in next fall, with divisions back to normal except Arizona moves to Central division to make room in Pacific. Lots of speculation that Coyotes could end up in Houston maybe in next few years.

  19. DeBrusk signed for 3.6 x 2. Cirelli restricted and Anthanasiou unrestricted are the two I would like.

  20. Ian, thats what I was looking for the the divisions were just virus time only and things would be back to normal in a yr or 2 depending on how long places are on hold with lock/closed with numbers going up. Politics no but economy virus salary cap effected should be fine to discuss as it is effecting hockey.

  21. I thought Debrusk was a good player more towards Saad Debrincat 6m players. At only 3.5 m I thought he was better then that. Didnt really know just people said he was really good. Or BOS really are tight arses.

  22. what impact will the vaccines have on the ability to open up the borders?
    the time stretch for the Canadian division will really mess with game start times.

  23. Mo I believe the flat cap has brought every big money contract down at least 2 to 3 mil a year. Like that you can’t front or back load a contract per say for cap reasons. I pretty sure you gonna see some back loaded contracts thou. Opposite of what Hossa contract was. Cap hit was 5 mil but only 1 mil in actual salary.

  24. I would love to see Stan make deal with Mike Hoffman, similar to the Robin Lehner move. 1 year, $5 Million per year. If the Hawks are out of it at the deadline, trade Hoffman for draft picks OR Stan should consider trading cap space for draft picks.
    What is $3 Million worth of cap space worth, perhaps a 2nd rounder ? Would Tampa or Vegas bite ? Don’t know.

  25. JR players already agreed to take a cut in pay this year and owners looking for more, so to players advantage to take a smaller salary this year and bigger amount in year 2 or 3. Players like Sergachev who are rfas at end if it get bigger qualifying offers too, 7.2m in his case for Bolts to retain his rights in 3 years.

    Craig hear yeah but be surprised if Bowman does go that route.

  26. Roamn, makes sense on why some good players are caphit for way less then they are worth. Just didnt think of that after seeing Pie and Krug sign for 9 and 7?

    Craig, we need to acquire to acquire so any would be good. Cannot sit on capspace and add nothing. Other then have player bonuses square/which we can do on any of these 3 yrs. So acquire to acquire.

  27. re: Hoffman – I would be completely on board w/ a 2-year deal. Gives him some level of security w/ a quick return to FA but also gives the Hawks 2 years to sell an asset that will undoubtedly have value. The risk of a one-year deal at this point is the flat cap will lead to lots of teams being sellers as much as buyers. It also gives the Hawks a player to expose in the expansion draft is they need another one.

    But all the points re: the flat cap impacting the more significant deals are spot on. Smart players in the mid-20s should be looking for 2-3 year deals so they can hit UFA again when the cap climbs again (read: Dylan Strome). Right now younger guys should be looking for strong situations to build a resume for their next free agency as well.

  28. Yes Tab correct. That is the reason if I am Anthanasiou I sign with the Hawks. Minimum 2yrs maybe 3 at 3mil a yr. Hope I get on the Kane Dach line. Protect them some what. Let the points add up because with them they will. Then sign a 6 7mil deal as my next contract with whom ever.

    The same for Martin and Ritchie but at 1.5 to 2mil for 2yrs for them.

    I believe Haula is talking to Pitt but I’ll do 3mil for 2yrs for him.

  29. If a bunch of us are smart enough to know what we should do to acquire to acquire then Bowman and crew should do same accordingly.

  30. Clemson is a different team with there 3 best players now back. That QB is like watching LSU last yr with him/Lawrence they are.

    TB in hockey Dodgers be fitting for Ohio St to win after paying dues for a few yrs and not getting it yet.

    Clemson with the playoff experience of LSU last yr looks to get it this yr.

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