Report: NHL Revenue Up 10%

According to a report from Sports Business Daily, the NHL is experiencing strong revenue growth – and the league’s final four teams are helping boost the bottom line even further.

The report says league-wide revenue is already up approximately 10 percent from the last full NHL season, and echoes most recent statements that the cap for 2014-15 is expected to be back around $70M. Cap growth is also expected picking up in the seasons that follow as the new television deal in Canada kicks in.


4 thoughts on “Report: NHL Revenue Up 10%

  1. So Bettman announced last December that the 2014/15 Cap projection to be approximately $71.1M. Then the LA Kings GM states in an interview that due to the declining Canadian dollar the Cap will be closer to $68M. And now it’s announced that hockey related revenue (HRR) is up 10% from the last full season (2011/12) meaning the Cap is now projected to be $70M.

    Well, not as good as $71.1M, but better than $68M.

  2. Hmmm, my ticket prices went up around 10% this past year…and again for next year too.

    Slightly off topic, but worth noting. Lot C at the UC where I park has had for months this huge pot hole at the entrance/exit that had flat tire bent wheels all over it. I called the Hawks office last week and asked them to fix it. Drove by Sunday and low and behold, THEY FIXED IT! Who would have thought?

  3. Just got an email from Ticketmaster… LOTS of Hawks tix for sale… game 5… face value!!! WHO ARE YOU GUYS CRAPPIN!!!!!!!

  4. I’m going regardless. Fair weather guys in it for the money don’t give a damn anyway. People go to games regular season and sell all playoff seats to make the money back to buy reg season. Common practice. It’s what happens when you have a successful team.

    They don’t get it that the playoffs are the real deal.

    Lets Go Hawks!

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