Report: NHL Salary Cap Going Up $3-7M Next Year

No matter how you look at it, the NHL’s salary cap going up is a good thing for the Blackhawks. And, according to reports, the league is expecting a nice jump for the 2018-19 season.

5 thoughts on “Report: NHL Salary Cap Going Up $3-7M Next Year

  1. These Cap projections in December don’t always pan out – at least this time the projection is a $4M range.

    The Hawks have $3.5M of carry over going against the 2017/18 cap so they will get close to that much Cap space back for 2018/19. They have $1.5M potential bonus this season but it probably won’t be that much – even if they pay out $1M in bonuses, they will still have $2.5M more Cap space next season to add to the amount the league wide Cap goes up.

    Hayden, Hartman and Rutta are the 3 main guys that will need to be resigned.

  2. Daly said cap up to 78m next year and 80 m if players use 2.5% inflator and 82m if they use full 5% inflator as of now.

  3. If anyone looks up history the cap always goes up about the original amount stated. During the drama period people flip and say up not as much flat level might go down oh no. Then when the dust settles its always around original amount. That they give a range means prob 80m.

    Its good for us but team like TB TOR and EDM deserve to suffer and shed accordingly.

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