Report: NHL Salary Cap Staying Put

On Sunday, TSN is reporting that the NHLPA will not vote to activate the escalator for next season, leaving the salary cap at close to $73M for the 2017-18 season.

According to the TSN report, one of the primary issues for the Players Association was the removal of Olympics participation from the CBA in negotiations during the last lockout – and the league now moving away from the Olympics in favor of the World Cup of Hockey.

TSN also points out that “concerns over stagnant revenue will likely lead to the PA appointing Hockey Hall of Famer Chris Chelios as a special ombudsman in preparation for upcoming collective bargaining agreement negotiations. The players can opt out of the current CBA prior to the 2019-2020 season. There is also the idea of creating a committee of active players to support the union, but this would not constitute a challenge to NHLPA president Donald Fehr.”

According to Larry Brooks of the NY Post, “individuals who traditionally have advocated pumping the maximum amount of dollars into the system that the infusion of dollars generated by the addition of the expansion Vegas Golden Knights has altered the equation for at least this time around.”

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  1. Bummer but I am not surprised. As i have said before, too many NHL teams operate in or near the red. Adding LV is great but doesn’t do anything to help Arizona, Carolina and the like. NHL should have moved a team…..but the pull of $500mm was too strong.

  2. Stan always says “it’s a puzzle”. All the more reason for Toews, Kane, Keith, Seabrook and Crawford to lead and carry the load.

    Younger guys like Schmaltz, Motte, Hartman and hopefully Forsling and Kempny can hopefully take another step this season in become established NHLers.

    Be nice if two guys with size such as Hayden and Baun bring youthful energy as well.

  3. Is the Sports Licensing bubble starting to show cracks? ESPN laying off tons, no raise in salary cap, etc. From an economics perspective, it sure looks like a bubble…

  4. Definitely have to move more than Kruger now. Can’t help but wonder whose no move clause might be waived. Expose Hossa if he and LV are willing for draft and trade kruger would do it and a swap of no. 1 picks with Vegas in the process.

  5. So Kruger and TVR get the Hawks ” cap compliant”

    That’s without any improvements or said changes the Bowman referred to at the end of the season, news conference.

    Nik H, Anisimov and Hossa have to be the 3 contracts Stan might be able to peddle.

    I do not buy any of the Seabrook stuff.

  6. To ice a 22 man roster 13F, 7D and 2G using players already under contract minus Kruger and TVR the cap hit 75.3M would require a 3.5 % inflator to be compliant a raise similar to last years leaves no choice but to move another 7 figure contract.

  7. It’s worth noting that multiple outlets have reported that the addition of Vegas is changing some of the dynamics inside the PA, which is why they’re opting against the excalator this year.

    Also, TvR + Kruger doesn’t get the Hawks cap compliant. not by enough to have any wiggle room for depth.

  8. I am not so sure LV would want Kruger or Hossa. Their primary goal will be to build a young, dynamic team for the future. By the time LV gets competitive Hossa will have zero left in the tank. Kruger has nothing left now. I hope Stan doesn’t have to give up a good young talent to dump Kruger.

  9. PIT is garbage, WAS, OTT and NAS all should have beat them. at least last yr they played good. Sometimes the deserving team doesnt win. TAM and WAS or OTT deserved to be there. Lucky and not good. Its sickening how much Was and NAS outplayed them.

  10. Escalator must be 0% because 3.5% was 75.5 and 5% was 76.6 so this 73 is a joke. They go back a forth with this each yr.

    They really should not be allowed to talk or announce any amount until the actual salary cap day. As always all announcements should be only made during the off season. No news should ever influence current season.

    The NHL is ruining the sport wit the last two yrs of watering down the real top 5 teams and how much of a diff the officiating has been these last two yrs compared to the previous 10. The biggest problem is the rules of goal tender interference.

    Thank god we got to squeak in a dynasty before this shit has started to ruin the sport by watering down the top teams.

    Baseball might be on the rise.

  11. 61 you may be right but the speculation is a lack of quality centers will be available and that could make them show an interest in Kruger and Hossa if he would be willing is a name star player with leadership ability at a very reasonable salary with a cap hit they probably would want for an expansion team.

  12. The only move the Hawks can make is to trade Panarin now. He’s a good regular season offense generator but was completely neutralized and made irrelevant in two straight playoffs. But he does have solid trade appeal and moving him clears needed cap space while hopefully betting the Hawks some building blocks.

    The end of a great era for the Hawks happened last season. The epitaph just hasn’t been fully written. Maybe the Hawks can eventually get back to legitimate Cup contention in several seasons before Kane, Toews, Keith and Crawford are completely done.

  13. You have to get breaks to win a Cup and Pens did-Crosby is the best player on the planet and Murray was for the most part amazing. Those two goalies for Pitt were the real MVPs.
    But they won with a no name defense and a couple of stars. It’s hard to say their core is better than the Hawks. (I do shake my head at Kessel-he should thank his lucky stars he ended up in Pittsburg). I think a team about two and 1/2 lines deep won the Cup. Some speed , grit and some talent.
    Two players that showed up besides 87 and 71 were Hornqvist and Cullen. Bottom line is they wanted it, unlike the Hawks, worked hard and they’re the Champs.

  14. I’ve read that the 2 reasons the PA didn’t activate the escalator is the NHL skipping the Olympics and they haven’t been paid for the world cup. Seems like we’re heading to another work stoppage or strike when the CBA comes up again. The Hawks are in the downward spiral of the hard cap unless they strike gold with some draft picks. Hopefully the Hawks can make some moves like Pittsburgh and stay in the championship mix. Good luck Hawks!

  15. If anything, the Pens shattered a few hockey myths by winning last night. First, that whole argument about tired players because they went to the cup final last year and because their star players had a short summer because of the World Cup, and they played a bunch of 7 game series – didn’t make a difference. Second, you can’t win with aging players (Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, Cullen), well, I guess you can. Third, their stars aren’t motivated because they’ve won it all before, nope. Congrats to the Pens for back to back cups, despite the odds.

  16. The PA didnt invoke the escalator because of the olympics and apparently players that participated in the world cup havent gotten paid.

    Regarding league revenue…The cap is based off of Hockey related REVENUE, not profit. Every team in the league could be in the red but revenue, and therefor the cap would increase.

    Regarding sports licensing and ESPN… Espn has been in the tank for a while and you look at their structure vs other networks. Look at who they have to employ full time vs other networks. Other networks essentially have a few part time guys. ESPN has to have full time people to fill the gaps when theyre not televising sports. The on air and off air talent cost has exploded due to the shear volume of employees they have. The cost to the rights to televise has increased as well as competing networks with less overhead have been able to spend more to acquire those rights. This is purely one outlet with a whack structure.

    Dave, the PA has named Chelios in charge of something relating to the next CBA. Players can opt out of the current 10 year CBA 2 years early.

    Hawkhead, Rinne was good enough. I thought he was done, but he made a resurgence. Game 5 was an ugly one. But they dont get that far without Rinne. This team was almost polar opposites as far as construction. Pitt had a patched together D. Nashville was missing their best forward in Johansen. If that first goal had counted and the ref didnt call that whistle before he even lost sight of the puck that game could have been completely different.

  17. 1961 – agree re: Kruger

    Noonan – agree re: Pitt’s wanted it and worked hard, Hawks antithesis of that

    The West was weak this season, and you can’t tell me a hard playing Hawks’ team (even 2014 when they lost, but that was more on Q, I’m sorry to say it again…) this season wouldn’t have beaten Pitts. The Hawks’ talent and pedigree from top to bottom outweighed Pitts; however, as Noonan correctly pointed out, the Hawks didn’t play hard nor want it.

  18. Also, based on older numbers…the NHL gets 33% of its revenue from Canada. With the loonie tanking that negatively effects the cap in a pretty severe way. Using the 15/16 numbers…had CAD been equal to USD all 3o teams would have had 5.77m more cap space. Not factoring in the escalator.

  19. Personally I think alot of this is negotiations starting and a continuing trend by the Bettman and the owners to create a divide and conquer scenario with a 2 tier salary scale where superstars get their pay to play and the supporting cast gets a low end salary scale as there will be no money to overpay them. Sort of nhl style war on the middle class. The only mid range contracts could mostly be of the bridge contract type to blossoming superstars.

  20. Well said RTF. Sadly, I believe you are correct with your assessments. I just don’t see any difference makers coming up in the Hawks system. Barring a notable resurgence in the play of Toews, and some sort of added quality forward depth, the Hawks look competitive, but not an elite team anymore. Looking back on last season the Hawks won lots of close games, and I think they were great when it went to 3 on 3 . They had terrific goaltending to bail them out of many games too. In that sense the 20-16-2017 season was a pleasant surprise. This years front round exit might have been one of the most embarrassing in decades. Our team was woefully unprepared to match Preds intensity. Not acceptable. Just look back at film from the 2015 Cup run. Night and day difference. The trend with the Hawks is no longer up imo. Cap considerations says a big name or two get moved. Who takes their place?

    The 2017 Cup chase was fun to watch. Watching the Ducks lose to Preds was wonderful. Preds in the end didn’t have the finishing quality players and were too reliant on their D men to fill in scoring especially with Johansen out. Rinne was up and down with I think most of the credit due to their system and players buying into it. I believe this was the last hurrah for Rinne and whom do they have behind him??? Hell Rinne was the best rested goalie in history following the 1st round against the Hawks. They hardly made him sweat. Sad to think about it, still.

    Preds though except game 5 had the better of the Pens much of the time. Good on the Pens. They hung together and persevered. It says something to be a repeat winner in the cap era. Hawks in 2014 shoulda, coulda, woulda. The heartbreaking game 7 loss to the Kings at the UC. It was there for the taking!!! They had their chances.

    Summer is now officially here. Hawks trade watch on too.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  21. Just wondering why Trevor Daley couldn’t make it with the Hawks?

    Was it that he wanted to be a top 4 D-man and was relegated to a 5-6?

    He sure looked good winning the Cup!!

  22. @ REG DUNLOP excellent point about Daley

    Just a few thoughts about the the final;

    That whistle was fair, as a matter of fact the camera lost the puck too, good teams overcome those types of plays sorry. Nothing to review and nothing unfair about it

    Matt Murray is a stud goalie, ice cold. Pitts D is not great

    shoulda-woulda-coulda, had the Hawks not maxed Toews and Kane and done a similar structure to Geno and Sid they wouldn’t be in the huge mess they are currently in. Wonder who is on the move now???

  23. RD….T Daley is a nice player. Could be 100 reasons he did not gel with the Hawks. But TD is hardly the reason the Pens won the Cup…….And, if the Pens had lost last night blame could be put on TD after that asinine penalty that gave the Preds a 5 on 3.

  24. Southside, the truth about Pitt is that their YOUNG players really played well. The vets didn’t have to carry the team. The Hawks beat Pitt a couple times this season, too, if I recall. You’re 100% right about the whistle, too.

    What you really saw in the finals was that when it comes down to basics, speed and skill will beat a team that hits everything in sight. After game 4 the Preds hardly ever played the body as hard as they did earlier in the series. Pitt started to out skate and out skill the Preds. Rinne played good, but Pitt skated circles around them most of the time.

    Pitt also has been very AVERAGE the last few years, too. But their youth and experience came together along with their goaltending. The top 6 players on the Hawks are as talented as the Penguins, but the middle 6 players on the Hawks cannot match up to the Penguins in the playoffs.

    I still can’t wait for October hockey!!

  25. That is good news about cap. It not going to be flat but its not going to be 5%/76.6, so that means were most likely looking at a 2-2.5% which means cap is prob. going to be 74.5-75m. Now lets look at roster based on that cap.

    That means trade 15 (not have to trade 7) to make it work. or like Rufus trade 72, 15 and 7 to get really good return and get a really good two way FW with that trade or ufa. Along with a good fast skating top 4 Defenseman. The young guys will get better each yr to fill in depth, that’s how NYR got better by fast young FWs with who they already had that was good.

  26. Phil, I am not giving up on winning a 4th Stanley Cup until Tazer and Kaner are 40 yrs old. Road Swig watch gatherings are good omens that bring positive vibes to team.

  27. Here is a kick in the nuts if you thought SB & the Hawks planned on moving Seabs

    My understanding on the Brent Seabrook rumors in particular, “there is zero chance he’s being moved”

    “In fact, the #Blackhawks have not talked to a single team about him. They value his leadership.”

    Piere LaBrun & Chris Nichols

    So many thoughts after hearing those comments, very disappointed in SB if that is accurate.

  28. That’s what makes this sickening because we had that shit offsides in the 3rd period and the two penatlys they didn’t call on the OT goal, so whoever won between LA and CHI was going to beat the NYR. We didn’t win 2 in a row because of bad luck/no instant replay on offisides then. Then they got thoroughly outplayed by WAS and even with OTT 50/50 and more outplayed then WAS by NAS and got lucky to wins those series. I do feel bad for WAS and NAS even though I donot like them.

    Seeing ANA was the only good in this playoffs because with this new tackle and go fast officiating the last two yrs with anything goes, with a will call want we want when we want is the new NHL. The previous 10 yrs of hockey was a joy to watch because there was much better Hockey and a lot more good teams (6-8 ‘top 5’ teams and a few really good teams each yr. Now there is only like 3 ‘top 5’ teams each yr). That probably is the most rewarding thing about our dynasty besides salary cap era, not a 95m roster in the 90s, we had to play against really good teams to win, these last two yrs teams that have been there are weak in comparison to the much better Hockey we saw from 2008-2015.

  29. Does anyone have alist of the good ufa FW and D. I think the expansion team could be wheeling and dealing that creates lots of player movement for a bunch of teams. This is a opportunity to take advantage of and not do a stand by and get hosed bye.

    Usually any reports of something the team might do is smoke. We always make the trades out of left field and might out of right as well.

  30. Southside, as much as I love Brent Seabrook, nobody is going to take on his contract, even if SB would shop him. It would have to be Seabs and another player to get one player in return.

    We need to get Panarin out of town and get his money off the books. In 2 playoff series he is invisible. Without Kane setting him up he is lost so you can’t put him with two bigger players for protection.

    Seabs is here to stay. I like the guy. He plays smart, he has a great shot and he takes the body when necessary. He’s a little slow a foot, but you can’t fault his endurance and his heart.

  31. @REG DUNLOP I still believe Seabs has trade value even with his horrible contract. The guy is a borderline HOF player playing in a league where top-flight dmen are a limited commodity. However, the frustrating thing is according to the reports the Hawks aren’t even attempting to move him.

    The Hawks value his leadership? Isn’t there enough leadership in the locker room with Toews, Hossa, Keith, and Q? How far did his leadership get them the last 2 playoff seasons? The contract was awful the day he signed it and it gets worse by the season.

  32. Agree with Morrison. Very rarely do we hear what the Hawks are gonna do and it actually happen.

    UFA FW list-

    Thornton, Sharp, Radulov, Oshie, Vanek, Justin Williams, Vrbata, Hanzal, Bonino, John Mitchell, Boyd Gordon.

    A smattering of the good, the old, the washed up, and a few bottom 6 guys that may have value.

    UFA Defenseman-

    Wideman,Kulikov, Shattenkirk, Stone, Del Zotto, Franson, Kris Russell, Brendan Smith

  33. Wow. You have to admit that Southside nailed it back in 2015 regarding Seabrook.

    You can’t pay guys for what they have done in the past. You have to pay them for what you expect in the future. Seems obvious but obviously isn’t to some people.

    REG DUNLOP WTF. Great, you want to trade away the only skilled Hawk moving into his prime. Sounds brilliant.

    Kane had his most productive seasons with Panarin and that isn’t a coincidence. Panarin isn’t the reason the Hawks lost in the playoffs. Far from it.

    Didn’t Panarin just get the MVP in the World Cup? He is clutch. You can’t judge him in tough series against Nashville and St Louis. What did Kane and Toews do in those series? They make 40% more than Panarin and will be slowing down over the next few years.

  34. BLS, couldn’t agree more on Panarin. Not only can he score with that one timer but he also sees the ice very well and makes some phenomenal passes. He is a lot of fun to watch and if he doesn’t hoist the cup with the Hawks he certainly will with another team.

  35. Southside, I hear ya and I get it but SB gave him the contract. BLS……..the only reason the Hawks should trade Panarin is because his contract is desirable for other teams. Looking at the numbers, Duncan Keith has a team friendly contract at 4.5 MIL / season, I believe.

    But all this is just talk IF the Hawks young players make a significant IMPACT this year. If they get better and become more productive we may be hoisting the CUP next year.

    Either way I am STILL a Hawk fan and will cheer them on starting in October!!

  36. We know that Dallas at #3, Carolina at #12, Boston at #19 are all looking to move their 1st round pick for immediate help.

    With Stan Bowman likely looking to make a splash and McDonough no doubt eager too as well in front of the home crowd, might one of these teams be a suitable trade partner for the Hawks ?

    I realize it’s going to hurt, like watching Shaw get traded for 2 2nd rounders, but the reality is there is going to be some movement and the biggest name will be going the other way.

  37. The only way I would trade Panarin is if it helps get a bigger contract off the books but that leads to two questions-how would you win in the short run with 2 of your best players gone, including one of your only elite scorers? and the bigger one…
    who could/would take on 12 to 13 million in salary in this NHL and then give anything back that helps the Hawks short or long term?
    I wish they weren’t caught between a rock and a hard place but they are. The young kids need to skate well and the old guard need to play better. And they need to find a couple of players that are hard to play against. (Not to mention a good back up in net) Even then they need to fight against the rising tide of some good young teams ready to take off.

  38. If they trade a 2nd 7 figure contract ( other than Krugers)which it appears they will likely have too, i expect it to be Anisimov or Hammer for a young low contract player and a draft pick like Ballieu and one of their 2nd rd. picks or something of that nature.

  39. Trading Panarin is the most probable option on the table. Folks can bury their heads in the sand but it doesn’t get rid of a stone cold reality facing Bowman.

  40. Ernie, thanks for this list:
    UFA FW list-

    Thornton, Sharp, Radulov, Oshie, Vanek, Justin Williams, Vrbata, Hanzal, Bonino, John Mitchell, Boyd Gordon.

    The only one’s that interest me are Oshie & Bonino.

    However unless the Hawks have some sort of fire sale, trying to sign them is darn near impossible…..

  41. Sounds like Hjalmarsson is the one that goes. Not liking that. But more than one person is saying that.

  42. Im with you Joey. The one name on there that might be feasible is John Mitchell. As terrible as the Avs were, they had good faceoff guys. Mitchell was 55.4%. I could live with his offensive production if hes 4c.

  43. I hope SB does not trade Nik Hjalmarsson my favorite of our d men as per rumors. If he does I hope it is not for draft picks and that a high quality impact player comes here in return. Hawks management haven’t exactly drafted well in recent years imo with too many little guys piling up with those picks. Forsling, Schmalz maybe have it? Saad and of course Shaw were the good ones that made an impact, but got away due to $$$. Otherwise, not much to show in the past 7-8 years.

    If it means tearing it down to build it back then up so be it. It all seems to be happening very quickly thanks to the cap and SB overpaying that is pushing the roster off the cliff yet again. Bowman certainly has his hands full this summer. Who knows what the roster will be when the puck drops to start next season?

    Joey Z I am a big Bonino fan as well, and I think he would look good in a Hawks sweater.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  44. Forsling wasnt a Hawks pick. Was acquired in a trade for Adam Clendening.

    Bonino is going to garner too much money. So lets forget about that. But the dude played with a broken leg. Stick taps there.

  45. Thx for the link phil. Rufus this is going to be a fire sale not likely a fair market return, Panarin may or not go at some point, but i said Anisimov because the front office reportedly thinks he is the easiest to replace and Hammer because even though i love the way the guy plays he takes a serious beating every game blocking shots and giving it up along the boards to move the puck up. With 2 years left on his contract you gotta wonder how long he will ( be able or want to) continue playing , so they make sense right now. I hoped maybe Hossa and his hit & recapture could go to Vegas in the draft but doesn’t seem to be going happen so just to get compliant is not the best time to get your best deal for Panarin

  46. Let’s pretend all these rumors are true and the Hawks are moving Hammer, that’s flat out cap mismanagement, here is a guy on a good contract, productive and in his prime (but with alot of wear and tear) and the Hawks need to move him because SB has overvalued and overpaid his players and flatout misread the market. Either way its a poor showing.

  47. Coulda managed the cap different and maybe not won 3 cups but don’t think anybody be any happier.

  48. @ IAN

    Completely valid point, I tend to look at it differently and believe had SB done a better job they could have won more. With the wealth of talent, the Hawks had drafted and acquired in early 2000’s they wasn’t any reason they couldn’t have won another cup or 2. Three is great and it was an exciting time, but I look at the team now and think this team isn’t even close, 50 wins last year or not. There are way more questions than answers on this roster. Who plays with Toews? Who is your backup goalie, Who is your 3rd line center? Who are your top 6 forward and top 4 Dmen? Then you are going to be subtracting to get under the cap that only creates way more questions.

  49. I agree going forward is going forward there is alot more questions than answers and finding the answers is not an easy fix.

  50. Southside your comments on Seabrooks contract turned out to echo what we are up against now but go back last fall before Panarin signed I was saying to get through this off season to offer him a one year cap friendly deal wuth a signing bonus to be paid next July 1st and forgo some of his cap hit this year due by next june 30th and moving Kruger would be all that would be required to be compliant and no fire sale needed and more able to absorb it next year. But thats just wasn’t considered a good way to do it I guess.

  51. It wouldn’t devastate me to see #4 moved. I don’t think he’s in his prime anymore.

    Plus his frustrating reliance on using his back hand to clear the zone has lead to many a turnover finding a home in the back of our net…

    Sadly TVR unless he had an injury looked really slow of foot, couple of times he even made #7 look swift!

    Hopefully the cores competitive fire gets lit again after seeing #87 raise the cup twice in a row…

    If the core can regain form & the kids are allowed to play & make mistakes we have a chance to get back to the finals….


  52. Of the core, only Kane and Crawford remain in their primes. Toews has been a rumor of his former self the last two seasons. Keith is still Keith, but clearly not the player he was. And Seabrook is in precipitous decline. Hjalamasson is a war horse, but is a high mileage defenseman at this point. Hossa is a 38 year old well entrenched in the sunset phase. Panarin? Well, he’s an offensive generator for sure. But he’s also a rather one dimensional player who was irrelevant two years in a row at playoff time.

    The core is no longer good enough to wins Cup. Not without a supporting cast that is superior to the rag tag team of limited size/skill plugger types and NHL jouneyeyman that make up the forward and defensive options otherwise. Maybe Schmaltz is something more than that? I’m not sure yet.

    The Hawks have officially entered NHL purgatory. Good enough to grab a playoff spot, not good enough to seriously compete, and not bad enough to accrue the high end draft picks that can fuel a rebuilding in hopes of delivering a next wave of true frontline talent that can combine with Kane, Keith, etc to compete for another Cup before they are completely reduced to dust or hang up the skates for good.

  53. I think it was a mistake to trade Saader and would be the same to trade Hammer. These are the type of players we need to keep and get that FW back.

    If it takes trading 72, 15 and 7 to do it you do it. Get the FW or D through ufa and the other through the trade, along with some picks/prospect.

  54. I wonder if the deal in place with LV could involve more than we are hearing maybe Hammer or another core player in a package for their no.3 overall and pick and even possibly a more cap friendly contract they drafted also coming back. At least have wiggle room to sign some depth too.

  55. So, if I understand Southside and his ilk, we should have let Seabs walk when his contract was up so we wouldn’t be in cap trouble. Curious as to whom he would have signed to replace him back then and at what price.

  56. I wouldnt be surprised if Craig was onto something with Carolina.

    One other possibility would be Montreal. Rumors have it theyre open to moving Beaulieu and Galchenyuk. Youd probably have to part with Anisimov and Hjalmarsson as the centerpieces. Both players coming back need deals. But would be cheaper than the 9 million the outgoing guys are.

  57. Rufus, other than your short change on Panarin I think your right about where the Hawks sit. They are caught in between.( But I kind of thought that about the Pens a couple years ago-of course they ran into a guy named Murray, and Crosby got great again.)
    They are in Purgatory-they won’t tank for many reasons and they have an aging core and a defense top 6 that isn’t going to wow anybody. Do they have one more run left-why not, as there aren’t any other viable options. At least they need to try.
    And they did us proud with three Cups if not.
    Optimistic, not really but there is always hope.

  58. @ WIRTZ

    I’ll play your what if game. At the time the rumor was the Oilers were looking at Seabrook. I would have interested in Oscar Klefbom, Darnell Nurse

  59. Reinhart carries a cap hit of just under $865,000 with performance bonuses of 2.65m that don’t have to count against this years cap. Buffalo reportedly interested in defence help and may be willing to move him. Would need a bridge contract next year.

  60. Any good young player we can get. Now is the time with the expansion team picks and extra trades because of that and the draft being Chicago. You know theres going to be something big and creative in the works. You can just feel it, with rumors of core player andtrades are almost always from left field. It does feel calm before the good storm.

  61. Interesting points made in this thread. Hard to say what’s next, who will go, who will stay, it’s all hot air, especially the stuff about Panarin’s insignificance in the playoffs- I think Ernie shut that down pretty well. All the doom and gloom about this team being done is piffle. One thing I do find interesting is the hiring of Samuelson (if and when it ever gets done). I can see him as the next head coach, as someone mentioned earlier. Also, and I have felt this for a long time, the NHL is the most poorly run major sports league of them all. I’d like to see a longer conversation about that. Bettman is a stooge who deserves the boos he always seems to get whenever he speaks at a game. We have franchises that are floundering ( AZ, FL Panthers, Carolina) and the league OK’s a new franchise in, of all places, Las Vegas. The last work stoppage in 2012-13 didn’t solve anything and another one is predicted by people who know more about this than me. The Olympic decision does not help the sport. And the salary cap sucks, for all kinds of reasons. Okay, I’m done.

  62. SIZE, speed, youth is the blueprint. Also buying into the system. Don’t care if you have best hands and head for the game, if someone is just as fast as you and knocking you off every puck cause they are bigger, they are gonna win.

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