Norm Maciver headed to Seattle

Scott Powers and Mark Lazerus of The Athletic broke the news on Tuesday that Norm Maciver is leaving the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Seattle Kraken subsequently confirmed their report.

Maciver, who had been with the Blackhawks franchise since 2006, joins the expansion Seattle Kraken franchise as the director of player personnel.

According to the report Maciver’s role has been diminished as Stan Bowman’s influence on the team has increased. He’s making a lateral move to Seattle but it’s time for him to move on.

Maciver was originally hired by the Hawks as director of player development. In 2011, he moved up to director of player personnel. And when Marc Bergevin left for Montreal in 2012 he was elevated to to assistant GM.

11 thoughts on “Norm Maciver headed to Seattle

  1. Kind of scary tbh. It seems Rocky and Danny worship Stan Bowman and he will almost have to resign on his terms if he ever leaves.

  2. Well I’m not surprised. There was no where else to go with the Hawks. Bowman as President of Hockey and GM had him blocked. I do have a thought on Bowman and McD. My guess is McD is the one who pushed for veterans and huge contracts. Stan has wanted to inject youth into this team but really could not succeed with McD’s presence. He had to go.

  3. For a guy who can fix anything with a rubber band, chewing gum and a paperclip – how come he couldn’t fix the Hawks?

  4. Well maybe we have an avenue that might help us move players out to the Northwest. Don’t mind sending Seabs with a body and or a low pick.

  5. Norm was a solid guy – once told me on the golf course that prospects are really “suspects” and you can’t be fooled with initial scouting reports. Quality guy as I had a chance to play golf with him (he is a 1 handicapper who hardly played since he was always working).

    Class act – I wish him success in Seattle.

  6. Maciver had a marginal at best role with the Blackhawks the past decade. It’s hard to be positive or upset about this move. Wish him well.

    Make no mistake, this is Stan Bowman’s team.

  7. Whitlock, when I was a kid I got to ride beverage cart in a tournament that my dad was in. There was some Flyers there and my dad played with Kerry Hoffman Scott Mellanby Rick Toccett.

    Hoffman and Mellanby were class acts.

    Toccett was a prick. Hes a Flatlander. If I ever see him anywhere I would throw something at him.

    Most are cool some are.

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