Report: Patrick Kane Grand Jury Rescheduled

Patrick Kane’s attorny, Paul Cambria, told the Chicago Tribune on Thursday that a grand jury is expected to resume the sexual assault investigation of his client “in about two weeks.”

The Blackhawks’ training camp opens Sept. 18 in South Bend.

From the Tribune article:

The Erie County district attorney’s office postponed proceedings earlier this week, a move that raised questions about the direction of the high-profile case. Before the last-minute delay, Kane’s accuser and a friend who was with her at Kane’s lakefront home on the night of the alleged incident had been scheduled to appear before the grand jury Tuesday afternoon.

Kane’s attorney, Paul Cambria, said Thursday that he did not know why prosecutors canceled the grand jury presentation but that the move did not come at his request. He also said he was told the proceedings would resume soon, though he would not discuss any other aspect of the case.

“We were informed that it (the grand jury) was rescheduled,” Cambria said.

23 thoughts on “Report: Patrick Kane Grand Jury Rescheduled

  1. No Ernie, not at all. This is just another step in an onerous process. It does not mean negotiations have started, have stopped, are at a stalemate, or anything.

  2. So, does management ask Kane to lay low and stay away from training camp. If he’s there it will be a huge distraction. Does this put Bowman at a disadvantage in making deals to get cap space for Kruger because everyone knows the uncertainty he now has to deal with. Interesting times.

  3. This is a distraction whether #88 is in camp or not. It’s not like the media isn’t going to bring it up if he’s not there. And if he is there he will only state that he is unable to talk about it… This distraction is here until this situation is over or until #88 is gone.

  4. There is zero chance Kane is at camp. That isn’t even a debatable point by the Hawks or Kane and his people. He will remain underground or wherever he is right now.

  5. I know in a world of war and starvation , Kanes situation is miniscule .but being that im selfish and love to see him play hockey as only he can , and even better in an Indian head jersey . I hope he is acquitted and not only set free but but it is proven he was completely innocent B

  6. Hey, have I mentioned HOW FREAKING SICK I AM OF SPECULATING ABOUT THIS WHOLE SITUATION? Running all the angles and possibilities through my mind, trying to interpret every morsel or non-morsel of info, reading the damned tea leaves and coffee grounds….UGH!

    I’m reaching breaking point and want it to end. It’s been a summer of waiting and waiting…for Bickell to get traded, for Versteeg to go, for Kruger to sign, for the rest of the other moves to fall into place…and now for this intolerable, slow-moving, nearly-no-information-at-all fiasco to get resolved.


  7. Rarely do I agree w Rufus but i do here. Zero chance Kane is at camp w a pending gj trial.

    Likely he will be on a personal leave at his request.

  8. Meanwhile, Jarret Stoll will be in camp with the Rangers, after pleading out and doing his 32 hours of community service.

  9. It appears the Kane camp is firmly digging in and adamant that he is innocent. There is a school of thought that if Kane had settled, there would be an insuation that he admitted that he did something wrong to the woman. Translation : he paid her off.

    But with the criminal process continuing and hockey season moving on, clearly without Kane, he and his legal team appear to have decided to admit nothing, don’t give an inch, fight it 100 %.

    In that case, it will likely be a long drawn out process. Add to that, the Gary Bettman has said he will let the legal process run its course.

    And so we wait and watch.

  10. Craig, I don’t want to play devil’s advocate because he actually could be innocent. However I’ll throw this out there as well. Kane’s camp could be playing the numbers. They know what the evidence they have against him is. And they know they don’t have to prove innocence. They just need to raise reasonable doubt. The numbers of rape cases that end in conviction are pretty crazy because it is so hard to prove. They could refuse to settle to save that public perception that comes with a settlement even though he COULD have done it.

    Frankly I have no idea if he did or didn’t. I hope he didn’t. But even if he did the odds are in his favor even without a settlement just because it becomes a he said she said situation.

  11. Just to make us all feel great about a possible end…

    This guy had 2 issues in 2013. He was signed in 2014 despite the pending legal issues. His second incident was with a 16 year old 2 months after the first issue. I know it’s a different country so I don’t know how expedient Canada’s legal system is compared to the US, but this could potentially drag on for a long time.

  12. If Kane is to salvage any hope of playing for the Chicago Blackhawks under assumption that he honestly believes he did not go so far as to commit rape, then he has no choice but to fight this thing out via legal process and come out in the end fully exonerated. Those are the tablestakes for him. A financial settlement will ensure he isn’t hauled off to prison, but the tradeoff would be he is done in Chicago.

    I would think the last thing he is thinking about right now is his NHL career. He has a far greater battle on his hands.

  13. “Fully exonerated” or not, Patrick Kane may not be in the long term plans of the Chicago Blackhawks given his off-ice escapades.

    He had been warned in the past and although he may be completely innocent, he continues to do things that put himself and the team in a bad light.

  14. Agree with Pete. Her attorney(s) may be counseling about how painful a rape trial might be for her. Her identity would be revealed, the facts of the case would be revealed, and the back and forth of it would be made worse by the high profile nature of the accused. And settling does not reflect poorly on her intensions either, no matter what some may say. In a he said she said, it’s just a way to settle things so both parties can get on with their lives. An attorney friend mentioned all of this to me and just thought I’d pass it along for what it’s worth.

  15. Junkie- no way , Kane has NTC, only way hawks can be rid of him us to cut bait. As. Free agent I believe there are at least 31 teams that would take a flier on him. In the NHL pro sports are a business not a polically correct think tank. And that business is about winning end of discussion. All this BS talk about Blackhawks image being tarnished is ridiculous to say the least. Maybe fair weathered fans , feminist liberal fans care, but in the end the majority of fans always welcome back bad boys! Look at Mike Ribero in Nashville he raped his babysitter, big Ben with steelers, Kirby Puckett with twins, Adrain Peterson beats his kid, point is fans were dying to get him back and Vikings refused to trade him. Hawks would be stupid to cut him or trade if they could get his permission. You’ll never get full value. Now if he is found guilty this argument is mute, while different ball game. And all fans that say NHL is giving a double standard based on voynov case are crazy he is not a US resident so we can deport him and that’s not NHL that’s INS (Feds ) not league. I’m all for letting legal system play out m ” innocent until proven guilty” lets not forget he has not bee. Charged yet! And I agree with Darren Dreger ” no reason for him not to be in camp” all fair weather fans need to lock it in. Stop putting your personal feelings on spin on case. Facts not fiction!

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