Report: Patrick Kane Ready For Round One?


CSN’s Pat Boyle tweeted on Sunday afternoon that he expects Patrick Kane to be cleared for contact and ready for Game One of the Hawks’ first round playoff series against Nashville.

Mark Lazerus of the Chicago Sun-Times subsequently echoed Boyle’s optimism about round one, but placed his bets on a Game Three return. Either way, this is a game-changer for the Blackhawks heading into the postseason on Wednesday night.

Kane has been out since Feb. 24, but was starting to put himself in the Hart Trophy conversation as the league points leader before getting hurt. He had 27 goals and 37 assists for 64 points in 61 games during the regular season.

25 thoughts on “Report: Patrick Kane Ready For Round One?

  1. No loophole. Can’t deny he had a broken clavicle. Can’t deny he had surgery. Im sure he has the scar to prove it. He could be a fast healer, but it’s week 7 of 12. 12 weeks is standard for a broken clavicle.

  2. Ernie-The Hawks are not stupid. They would not force him back unless he was medically cleared. This is not even a consideration.

  3. According to the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons most people return to regular activities within 3 months (12 weeks). Sooo if 12 is the conservative high end and they can over deliver with 8 or 9 then that is pretty cool.

    He’s young and healthy. Plus he will get (has gotten) whatever witchcraft that may or may not help move things forward within the rules so 8 weeks isn’t unreasonable and 9 probably about right.


  4. Boyle was on the score last week and he was confident Kane would play in the 1st round. He said Kane been taking slappers for about a week. He also said Thursday would be 8 or 9 weeks so he was confident then. This confirms that confidence and having Kaner for game 1 is a game changer!

  5. Kane back at any level is great news! I am more than a little worried that the likes of SHEA WEBER will sort of, kind of, for sure focued on “Taking Kane Out” it will be interesting but I can easily see Kane getting killed especially when the Hawks go up 3 games to 1, look out. Weber and co. will have backs to the wall and look to run Kane up and out on the boards. Few teams do, they sort of let him dance . . . go KANER!

  6. Great news if accurate. Following Zucker’s recovery timeline, which was 7 weeks and 6 days after surgery, Kane would be ready to return the 4th game of round one.

  7. Glad to eat my words on the 10 to 12 weeks-Blackhawks must have access to great new science/equipment-TCB is right on, they must be confident!
    Who will be out?

  8. It would be large to have 88 back in the lineup ahead of schedule given drop in Hawks offensive punch since Kane went down. Q will have more cards to draw from with line combos, and it will make the Hawks a much more dangerous team for opponents to try and match up.

    I was invited this morning to the game Friday via business contacts that have Preds season tickets, so I’m driving South from Chicago Friday morning. Nice surprise, as I haven’t done a playoff road game in years. I think the Hawks take one of the first 2.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  9. In Jr. hockey I cracked my clavicle and didn’t require surgery. I played 4 weeks later because the playoffs started and I was fine. 12 weeks is a conservative protection for the medical industry against potential litigation. As someone else said, Kane doesn’t play unless he and the Hawks were convinced he was fine!

    As for this news, it puts the Hawks in a very enviable position heading into the playoffs as Vermette, Desjardins and Timonen are on the team because of Kane’s injury, and would not have been afforded any other way.

    The pressure is now squarely upon the shoulders of the Hawk’s coaching staff to deliver and Stan Bowman as the GM for being able to spend those kind of dollars at the trade deadline on a team stacked with elite players! There are no excuses for Hawk’s coaches and Mgt. this season and they should be held accountable! Q finally received the kind of help that he has asked for and Bowman had the time and money to choose from a WIDE LIST of players to fill the roster!

    With a healthy Patrick Kane from Day 1 of the playoffs, and players like Kane, Timonen, Keith and Toews all rested before the start of the playoffs, anything short of the WC final appearance will be a failure and should require consequences.

    As stacked as the Hawks are in Goal and at the Centre/Forward position, Defence is still the key to wining and in my opinion both Coach Q and GM Bowman did NOTHING significant all season long to deal with a problem they knew they had LAST YEAR, which is a weak 3rd pairing…if the Hawks lose because of this problem, there should be consequences to this team’s Mgt.

    Bowman could have made a myriad of moves at the deadline to help our Defence, but he wildly went after Timonen which has been a bust thus far…there were many solid moves he could have made to anchor that 3rd pairing but chose to hope that a 40 year old, a year removed from contact and suffering from blood clots, could find his game at a high level. We will see what happens!

    As for NSH, this tight series will come down to Special Teams, and the Hawks have been struggling there for the last 6 weeks! James Neal has owned us this season because he stands around the net and gets unlimited whacks at the puck without any Hawk defender touching him!

  10. I am pretty sure Rocky will not send Kane out unless he is medically cleared and Kane feels up to it. Let’s face it. As much as Rocky wants another Cup, he owes Kaner about $85mm over the next 8 years. He needs Kaner to keep the fans coming to the UC. My bet, if he is cleared is he plays in game 3.

  11. Even if he would be ready first for Game 3, it is much better than originally expected.
    Saad – Toews – Hossa
    Sharp – Richards – Kane
    Bickell – Vermette – Versteeg
    Teravainen – Kruger – Shaw
    Keith – Seabrook
    Hjalmarsson – Rozsival
    Timonen – Oduya

    As the playoff surprise, I have the bringing Pokka up to replace Rozsival…

  12. I like your 4 lines Moonshiner but 23 needs to get it together or sit. The question on D is do we want 2 excellent pairings 2/7, 4/27 and 1 bad pairing 32/44 or do we want 1 excellent pairing 2/7 and 2 mediocre pairings. I am leaning towards 2 excellent pairings and limiting the bad pairing to manageable situations such as face offs in the o zone. Of course this will be difficult on the road. With the return of Kane I believe the Hawks are again one of the favorites. Cumiskey, Runblad and Paliotta can’t be much worse than 32/44.

  13. If Kane is cleared to play, I would imagine he will be on the ice Wed night. If he wasn’t ready, he would not have been medically cleared. Every game counts, so why not bring your best roster out of the gate?

    Preds management and fans seem more concerned with Hawks fans going down to Nashville. More importantly now they should have some real cause for concern with Kane likely to be back in the lineup.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  14. Q quated as saying Kame might play in Game#1, he gave his familiar “we’ll see”.

    Kane said he hopes to play in Game#1.

    It will still come down to doctor’s clearance, and how Kane feels after normal participation in a couple practices.

    But, lines at practice indicate Q anticipates him playing. Vermette not among the top-4 lines though, so maybe a hedge on bet?

    Lines at practice today:


  15. Assuming 88 is back, would prefer lines revert to playoff tested formula of past with Bickel on line-1 (hopefully wake him up and put his a$$ in front of the net for 19/81 on the road), sit 23, keep Vermette in as C depth and keep the 4th line magic going as follows:

  16. That’s the thing. When 80 plays better and we need/want a matchup, he can play at center anytime just like 65 does. We have moar options and that is what matters. When having 80 on the 4th line with 16 can be like when 36 was. Quality depth, baaybay. When 29 gets rolling were going to have all sorts of options. 86 is going to be a surprise attack, he is something we didn’t have a couple yrs ago in addition to 67/42-11.

  17. SSHM– the one aquired player to make the line up is 40/yrs. old and SLOW!!!
    Now that is the funny thing!!!

    I think Vermette will start… perhaps- just a “call” from Q…

    Negzz- I think the “PO/1st line” line you are thinking of is 29/19/88

    I think 42 and or 86 will end up sitting 1st game for 80 and or 11… assuming 88 plays

  18. I would like to see the lines as follows

    and no Versteeg

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