Report: Patrick Sharp To Miss “At Least A Month”

According to the Tribune’s Chris Kuc, Hawks forward Patrick Sharp will miss at least a month.

Sharp, 32, had three goals and six assists in the team’s first 13 games to begin the season.

8 thoughts on “Report: Patrick Sharp To Miss “At Least A Month”

  1. As long as Sharpie doesn’t need surgery, the Hawks can get by with him missing month+. The main thing is to get him back at 100% for the stretch run and playoffs.

    If that report is true, then there’s no reason to not put him on LTIR which would give them the Cap room to do whatever they need to do regarding callups.

  2. Sharp is really the most versatile Black Hawk the only player who’s can be placed on any line and be productive, fit in with instant chemistry that flex will be missed. I wish him a speedy recovery but his two way game, offense, on ice IQ and fit will not be replaced.

  3. A lot of props for Sharp, but I’m not sure how bad this really is for the Hawks in the bigger picture.
    1. Yes, his game and skill will be missed in the short term, but he’s on the short list of candidates to be moved replaced in the summer to free up needed significant cap space to pay Saad and get younger (others eligible with significant cap hits are 7 and the combo of 23/32, and even CC- although I doubt anyone wants that $6×6, etc.)
    2. One could argue this allows the Hawks to see what life looks like without Sharp and give some kids more meaningful PT. Further, assuming he returns healthy, he’ll be well rested for the playoffs and able to contribute when really needed (again, assuming we get in the tournament.)
    3. The PP player shuffle will also be interesting as I’ve never liked Sharp at point.

    Wish 10 the best, but will be interesting to see who moves up, over and in and can handle bigger responsibilities. So who moves where?

  4. Richards on the PP point is way more frightening than Sharp. Not the shot Sharp has and seems like he enjoys chasing the penalty killers as they race towards Crawford after his turnover.

  5. sharp is one of my favorite players he is a star on this team get rid of him to pay saad is not the way i would go , also for his size he is one player that doesnt take shit from opponents unlike toews kane when kane got punched in the head by buff of course i didnt expect him to fight him , but break his stick over his head ala terrible ted lindsay or mikita in the early years just cuz your small doesnt mean you have to be a doormat look at shaw dave

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